Mural Removal Testimonial By Project Manager

This post is for project managers, general contractors administrators who are looking for background information on our 45 years of professional mural conservation/restoration which includes the removal of murals from their walls and locations (usually to save them).

Since last March we’ve had an explosion of activity at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories that could really change our future. It started off with this very interesting project of removing two 30 foot long murals from the lobby a medical center in Austin Texas in order to save them for the community prior to the building’s renovation. With the community protest and pushback from saving murals at a medical center in the bay area recently, I recognize and applaud the administration of this renovation project and the medical center for their sense of community and preserving history. The two murals are Mexican masterpieces painted in 1967 in Mexico City.

Here is the testimonial from the Project Manager of what it was like to work with our team at Fine Art Conservation laboratories:

Hi, I’m Carrie Holt, I’m the General Manager with Lillibridge Health Care Services for all of our properties in Austin, Texas, including the Medical Park Tower Office building, where we recently had the pleasure of working with Scott Haskins and his team from…

We’re doing a renovation of a 55-year-old building, all systems and all surfaces of this building are getting touched. And as part of that, we had to make some determinations on how we were going to navigate our front lobby, which had some very special murals in them that were commissioned by the original developer. So, we did some significant research mostly through the internet and talking to a local art experts’ who finally referred us over to Scott. And through I’m not even sure how many conversations and consultations we had with Scott, we did determine that he was the right person based on his experience, and checking references and all of the people we’ve talked to talk to him, that have worked with him that he would be the right facilitator and conservator of this art. So, we engaged Scott to come and remove the murals from our building. And, frankly, the process went incredibly smoothly. His team showed up when they were supposed to, they did exactly as they had proposed to us, they had an outline, they told us how they were going to do it, what they were going to do step by step, they followed it, they were on time. The murals, frankly, were removed from the wall way more smoothly than I would have ever expected them to be. Scott was fantastic about keeping us updated throughout the process, sending us photos, documenting it. So, all in whether it was his office staff that we were working with and signing contracts and negotiating things, or Scott himself and doing the removals and the consultations, they were fantastic to deal with, extremely knowledgeable about their business and what they do. And we are thrilled with the outcome of how the murals were removed. We could not be more thrilled with the outcome with our process and how everything turned out. And at the end, we know we’re giving a building to the community that they will appreciate while preserving some of the history of the city.

Other information on our professional working background on mural restoration over the last 45 years.

Questions call Scott M. Haskins or Virginia Panizzon, art conservators 805 564 3438 office, 805 570 4140 mobile,

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