Historic Mural Restoration in Dallas, Texas

  Local Iconic Art Treasure Receives A Refresh GRAND PRAIRIE – If you are familiar with the wall of the bridge underpass at Belt Line Road and Interstate 30 then you might be glad to know the iconic mural there is getting a facelift. Fine Art Conservation Lab Inc. is restoring the city of GrandContinue reading “Historic Mural Restoration in Dallas, Texas”

Antique Frame Restoration Salt Lake City

  https://www.fineartconservationlab.com/ :- Restoring a vintage, historical frame can be a very important part of preserving the story and the value of your restored heirloom. Let’s talk about your damaged art and frame. Call 805 564 3438 or faclofficemanager@gmail.com

Smoke Damaged Collectible Restoration Cave Fire Santa Barbara

If you have smoke damaged collectibles, do you want the same company who cleans your drapes and sofa to take a mop to your heirlooms, art collection and antiques? Check out this short educational video in this article. While some structures will be directly affected by the heat and flames, many more are affected byContinue reading “Smoke Damaged Collectible Restoration Cave Fire Santa Barbara”

Bringing Street Murals Back to Life

National Internet Radio Guest: Scott Haskins Director and Chief Conservator, Fine Art Conservation Laboratories Top of Mind by Julie Rose Broadcast Journalist and Interviewer BYURadio Colorful street art seems to have taken on new life thanks to Instagram. Tourists will make a special pilgrimage to an out-of-the-way spot just to get that perfect photo inContinue reading “Bringing Street Murals Back to Life”

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Painting?

  A quick example of why we have to do cleaning tests to determine the cost. Educational preservation and restoration blog for people who like museums, history, traveling, period films https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=Ba296h2sN1I&redir_token=4hnMcv4gsHdc-ujsCmYG5_kJR958MTU2MTcxMDM4OUAxNTYxNjIzOTg5&event=video_description&q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.FineArtConservationLab.com%2Fblog Click on SHOW MORE In this video are Oriana Montemurro from Turin, Italy; Virginia Panizzon from Brescia, Italy. Narrated by Scott M. Haskins, HeadContinue reading “How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Painting?”

Treasures in a Pile of Stuff Las Vegas, Art Restoration Testimonial

  See what valuable collectibles I found in a pile of stuff! Short art restoration testimonial from Las Vegas collector. Besides the unexpected treasures, I also found neglect and bad judgement of packers and shippers. Something to watch out for if you are hiring, moving, storing collectibles etc. Short art restoration testimonial from Las VegasContinue reading “Treasures in a Pile of Stuff Las Vegas, Art Restoration Testimonial”

3 Super Interesting Preservation and Restoration Mural Projects Stopping Flaking Paint

I blogged in January about two murals that we worked on that had a special social message to tell. One is on the Army base in El Paso, Texas and the other is in Houston.  The only thing that really connected them to me was their problem of flaking. The worst flaking I’ve ever seenContinue reading “3 Super Interesting Preservation and Restoration Mural Projects Stopping Flaking Paint”