Saving An Iconic Mural by The Most Famous Historic African American Artist, Dr John Biggers (1953)

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Fine Art Conservation Laboratories has been working with the Blue Triangle Multi-cultural Community Center, where the mural is located, on the logistics for the art conservation treatments of this high profile project.  Preserving and restoring this nationally famous mural in Houston, Texas done by renown African American artist Dr. John Biggers, has been a bit of a political process as the financing has been provided as part of Hurricane Harvey Recovery efforts and funded by The Houston Endowment, The National Endowment for the Humanities, The Texas Historical Commission and The Kinder Foundation. Special thanks to Head of Conservation, Mr. Steve Pine of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, for his valuable professional oversight and consultation on the project.

If you would like to collaborate on writing and publishing an article about this mural’s restoration, contact Scott M. Haskins 805 570 4140. The art conservation treatments were completed in January… so, this is current news… it seems valuable for this to be publicized during Black History Month.

The blog post on the website of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories is a good read: Professional mural conservation of Hurricane Harvey damage of “Contribution of Negro Women to American Life and Education”.

Would you like to contribute to this wonderful community center and their heartfelt efforts?


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See the article from the Houston Chronicle. Click on the link

While Alive, Michael Jackson Collaborated With Renown Celebrity Artist Kent Twitchell To Have His Memorial Painted… a 100 ft Mural!


See behind the scenes taping of how it came to be… and what happened to it!


Michael Jackson fans all over the world will soon have a new destination–pilgrimage to make somewhere in the world once the 12 story painted mural monument is adhered to the side of a building… somewhere! The Most Famous Man In The World envisioned the mural as a tribute to his legacy and a gift to his fans for generations to come. What makes this incredible work of art amazing is that Michael Jackson himself collaborated with artist Kent Twitchell on this monumental mural masterpiece… BUT, its been in storage for more than 20 Years!!!


The “King of Pop” died June 25, 2009 at his home in Los Angeles after receiving fatal doses of the drugs from his doctor. 2019 is the 10 year anniversary of his passing and world interest in highlighting his genius is alive and well. Jackson, one of 10 siblings in the famous Jackson family from Gary, Indiana, the Most Famous Man in the World, was a mega-global super-star; he was a best-selling music artist the year he died influencing international music and dance, and also the fashion world. Last year, Jackson was the #1 dead celebrity money maker in the work with an income of $85 million. His fan base in 2018 is greater than when he was alive.

The lost Michael Jackson Monument mural, a tribute to an American Cultural Hero, was never adhered to a building after Kent Twitchell, the artist who collaborated with the world famous entertainer, finished the 100 ft tall one-of-a-kind painting.

And what’s this about the Broken Heart Stone?!?! This video is the behind the scenes sneak peak of a documentary being made by director and producer Andrew St. Wilson on these two amazing, yet unknown, portrayals of his genius.



Effervescent movie director and producer Andrew St. Wilson, left, (Michael Jackson’s personal Kung Foo Trainer) author and doc film-maker works through taping, in this video, an interview with world renown monumental mural artist Kent Twitchell (right). Taped on location at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories. The documentary feature film will include the stories and drama behind the 12 story Michael Jackson Monument and Michael Jackson’s Broken Heart Stone.


Andrew St. Wilson is the author of the Broken Heart Stone of Michael Jackson:

Scott M. Haskins, renown mural art conservator restorer, as a valuable part of the consulting and installation team for the mural, was also interviewed and will be featured in the film.

The mural is available for installation anywhere in the world. Call Scott M. Haskins 805 564 3438


The eyes of Michael Jackson painted from a live sitting by artist Kent Twitchell

as they collaborated on the mural for a tribute of his legacy.

Andrew St. Wilson interviewing Scott M. Haskins, Art Conservator and consultant for this project.

More about Scott M. Haskins, Mural Conservator and Consultant on this project:

Conservation questions? Call Scott M. Haskins, Virginia Panizzon, Oriana Montemurro 805 564 3438

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Historic Mural Restoration and Consultation Services

Getting the correct information to plan for the preservation and restoration of a historic mural can be a problem… and getting the wrong info can be an expensive and time wasting process.  I recently was called by an Army base in Texas with a cautious request: How much would I charge to come to the base, evaluate and estimate the options for the art conservation treatments of a mural painted by a WWII POW?

The caller was first stupefied that I would charge so little. Then was reticent to tell me they had just finished dealing with an historic preservation firm in Florida that charged them $45K to evaluate and plan the work. They did a battery of scientific tests and analysis and then gave them a bid that was more than triple the reasonable amount AND did not answer their questions or meet their needs. What an administrative mess it created.

I was surprised that they, after having spent the time and money, would still want to move forward with getting the job done right. In the end, we split the project into phases for easier budgeting and they spent less for us to estimate the project AND complete the 1st phase than they paid for just the $45K  1” useless report alone.


Click on this very short video introduction and example of consultation

One of the complications on a project like mural conservation that can arise is the balancing of interests from several different entities that are associated with the project in one way or another. An experienced conservation professional with good communications skills is a major asset that doesn’t reflect in the budget.

Scott M. Haskins has been consulting on mural projects and has been performing the preservation, conservation and restoration work on murals since 1975. The professional expertise that he has acquired is indeed versatile and can be put to work for your project. In fact, much of the reputation of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL, Inc.) is based on difficult problem solving both on the wall and is based on our ability and determination to work well as a team member on a construction site. However, in order for Scott Haskins to be interested, the potential project does not need to be high profile, have difficult problems and be a logistical nightmare. Small, straightforward projects will also get the due respect and attention.


WPA mural, 1939, saved from demolition in Lamesa, Texas. To see a short testimonial click on the photo

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories is made up of two experienced office managers, 3 experienced art conservators (all over 15 years after training), a conservation technician and other support personnel as needed. On large projects, team organization and working with numerous committees is an important ability. In these cases, an excellent quality team of professional associates comes together to contribute a great depth of experience in craftsmanship and talent, problem solving expertise, analytical capabilities, professionalism and art connoisseurship.

As can be seen on the Mural Capability Statement below (click on the link), mural restoration projects have been performed in Italy, England and in 14 states in the US.  Traveling great distances, even internationally, to inspect, plan and review your project is not a problem.


Here are some remarks from clients, other art conservation professionals, contractors and project administrators:

Mark Garrido, Project Manager for the General Contractor on the project posted the following on linkedin for Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL, Inc.).

“Scott and his FACL staff of highly competent professional art conservators performed the critical salvage and restoration of a very valuable, irreplaceable historic mural in the main lobby of the Burbank, CA Police/Fire headquarters (as a sub to the general contractor for the City of Burbank). This restoration was a major component of a large water damage correction project that included replacement of the curtain wall system, stone flooring, planters and memorial monument in the middle of and surrounding the mural. Project scheduling was very tight and coordination critical and complex. Under Scott’s hands-on leadership, FACL’s restoration of the mural was flawless, their performance timely and seamless and their cooperation and team work exemplary. Without reservation, I give Scott and FACL my highest recommendation.”   Service Category: Art conservation. Year hired: 2009  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I am working primarily on mural projects these days. You are truly an inspiration in our field! Thanks Scott for your videos! Deborah Uhl, Mural Conservator, Colorado

“The monies spent for your services are the best money we ever spent (consultation, collection survey, project proposals and reporting materials)” Wendy Adair, VP of University Achievement, Texas Southern University, TSU), Houston, Texas

“Scott, you may be the best conservator I know in the country. I have enjoyed working with you more than I can express.” Perry Huston, Past AIC President, Dallas, Texas

“This was a very politically charged project in the City of San Francisco for over 10 years. We needed someone beyond reproach that we could count on to “knock the ball out of the park.” That’s why we chose Scott Haskins and FACL. Mr. Al Albano, Consultant, Piazzoni Mural Project, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.

Scott and his staff performed perfectly and did superb quality conservation work on this very delicate painting conservation project. His skills as Conservation Team Leader were superb and much appreciated. Dr. Carl Grim, Chief Conservator, De Young Museum


Scott M. Haskins, Mural Conservator, on a 75 ft. boom lift

to evaluate the condition of Anthony Quinn as the “Pope of Broadway”

Murals that are commonly included in renovation contracts are paintings that were created as part of the Works Projects Administration and are known as “WPA Art.”  The specialized expertise presented in this article and video is of most interest to maintenance department directors, historic preservation architects, construction firms and general contractors that do historic preservation work and government agencies letting contracts that include mural restoration. Whether in the private sector or an organizations in charge of the care of public art collections, those renovating historic homes with decorative painting and murals will find this of interest.

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