6 Independent Stylist Secrets You Need To Know


Have you ever tried your luck at a parlor as a stylist which turned out to be nothing short of a disaster? If yes, then you must know what factors actually influence an independent stylist to become an independent stylist. Today, we are unraveling the secrets of successful independent stylists so if you ever think of starting your own career as an independent stylist you can always look back at these pointers to start your new journey with! Without further ado, let’s get started.

If you are renting a place to start your business, then you must know that time is everything; time is money. You need to understand that the more productive you are each day, the nearer you are to earning profits. So, plan every day wisely. Work fast, and ensure profits that go into your pocket and not the renter.

Here are a few ways through which you can make maximum profits:

  1. Increase client loyalty

Whenever a client comes to you, make sure you give them the best possible treatment that you can on their first visit. Make them feel at home. Make them feel special, so much so that they think you are the one for them. After two to three visits offer them a 5% discount card for the services they get at your place, this will make them spread the word about your styling skills like wildfire – hence two things will be done at the same time: you will have a loyal customer along with a ton of new customers.



  1. Stock – restock

To ensure that you are always equipped with your pixie dust, make sure you restock on time – and whenever there is a chance of stock out, order your products in time so that you are not left with empty buckets and brushes for a beauty emergency.



  1. Quick services

This service is best suited for increasing profits. Provide swift and high-quality service by using products that work in no time and provide results without having to wait much longer; for example instant hair dyes, and services like eyebrow plucking and fruity facials.



  1. Sell what you are best at

Know your strength and advertise that. If dying hair is something you are good at, be alert, be on the look for all ladies that have grey hair and have come to you for getting something else done – take them by the hand and show them what you are capable of.



  1. Reexamine your prices

It is very important to keep track of market prices, overpriced services will cost you clients and underpriced services will cost you money. Keep up with the market when setting prices to ensure success.



  1. Stay always a step ahead of your clients

While it is true that client knows best, but sometimes clients’ depend on stylists for advice, so make sure you are well read in latest trends, so if a client mentions a specific look that they need you to recreate then you know what to respond.


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Appointment Booking App For Independent Stylists


If you’re an independent stylist, it can be quite hard to manage your clients and deliver the best possible service. That’s why it’s a much better idea to employ the use of an appointment booking app. Ring My Stylist is an appointment booking app designed to help independent stylists manage their customers quickly and in a much more efficient way.

Gone are the days when you had to write down each appointment or when you had to create a list with the customers for each day. Thanks to Ring My Stylist, you get to have immediate access to all those features very fast and with great results.


What can Ring My Stylist do for you?

The thing that makes Ring My Stylist stand out is the app allows you to keep your clients in a single place. Client management is a lot easier this way, you can also send appointment confirmation to your clients, and they can book your services online without even calling. In addition, you can also have a client database where you can easily handle all client preferences. This way you can offer a much better, customized service that your clients will enjoy. As you may imagine, this will help you get more clients in the long run, and the experience will be a great one for both parties.


Can your clients use the Ring My Stylist application?

Yes, the Ring My Stylist app is available as a free download for clients as well. As we mentioned earlier, the app allows clients to book your services; they won’t have to worry about talking with you or calling. They will see a schedule with the available time slots, and they will be able to pick the right timeslot per their needs.


Should independent stylists use Ring My Stylist?

The primary benefit of Ring My Stylist is that you get to manage your clients a lot easier. Not only that, but you also get to retain your clients in the long term. Since you can offer them a much better way to book an appointment, they get to save a lot of time. Thus, they will know that the entire process is fast and easy when they work with you. And this is the best way to retain clients and provide them with the best possible experience or results.


In addition, the Ring My Stylist platform also offers a services overview, before and after images, reminders and easy booking. All of that makes it easier for any independent stylist to gain new customers and retain the current ones in no time. Gone are the days where it was very hard to keep your clients as an independent stylist. By using the Ring My Stylist application, the entire process is streamlined and customized to deliver better results and a much better experience. Start using the Ring My Stylist application as quickly as possible, and you will be more than impressed with how easy it will be to gain new clients and generate return business from returning customers as well!