Hotels and Period Houses in Venice Italy

Venice Italy is probably one of the most romantic places to be in and apart from its historic and artistic structures, there is just something about Venice that can make a person gaze at the city with awe.  It may be the small streets with no vehicles, or the canals dominated by gondolas, or theContinue reading “Hotels and Period Houses in Venice Italy”

Stay In Paris

When you plan a long stay in Paris for any length of time, you should look into a few things before getting started. You will find many things to do as the seasons change. How to choose sports in Paris: Unbelievably Paris offers 360 different sports. You can check with your nearest travel agent andContinue reading “Stay In Paris”

Le concept Appart hôtel

Le concept “Appart hôtel” est aujoud’hui un produit en mesure de répondre pleinement aux besoins des entreprises dans le besoin de logement des professionnels en déplacements pendant leurs voyages d’Affaires. L’appart hôtel présente aujourd’hui une configuration pleinement hôtelière. Le concept “minimum stay” n’est plus nécessaire et la réservation est possible à partir même d’une seuleContinue reading “Le concept Appart hôtel”