NFL Betting Strategies 2019


The anticipation for the new NFL season is nearly over. The teams will be taking to the gridiron in preseason this week and the 16-game regular season begins in September. If you are looking for well-thought-out NFL betting strategies for 2019, then you have come to the right place.

These NFL betting strategies should help you make profits all season long and into the playoffs.

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Dissect the Numbers

NFL teams play just 16 games with six of those match-ups coming against divisional rivals. Due to teams not playing the same football sides, or all of the league’s team during the season, it makes it is often difficult to fully measure just how good a team is.

If you are looking at records and win ratio, you can be fooled when an average team defeats a string of poor NFL sides. An average team defeating a run of weak teams can overinflate just how good it is.

When betting on a win market, you should look at the two teams’ head to head records. In addition, look for opponents they have had in common and study the results they had against those like opponents. This should help you make good bets during the season.

Bet the Totals Market

If you are new to betting or just a novice NFL fan, then betting on the totals market could be one of the best NFL betting strategies in your arsenal.

The totals market deals with the total number of points scored in an NFL game. When betting on the totals market you must decide on the over or under of a set number. For example, the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are set at an over/under of 46.0. Bettors must decide if the game will finish with over 46.0 points or under 46.0 points.

When making a totals bet, you need to research the offenses and defenses that will be competing in the contest. If the teams have high-powered offenses, you may want to back the over. If the teams possess strong defense, you may consider the under. The over/under totals bet can be a safer bet than the outright winner. It can also be a fun bet that is hugely profitable.

Bet on the Home Team

Many sports bettors fall into a trap of repeatedly betting on the home teams during an NFL season. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Statistics from 2018 show that betting on the home team can be profitable depending on the away opponent.

In 2018, 19 of the NFL’s 32 teams had a 57.1% home win percentage or greater. The New England Patriots were a perfect 100% at home in wins.

Only eight teams in 2018 had a home win percentage lower than 50%. Meanwhile, five sides were dead-on 50% in terms of home wins.

Interestingly, only seven teams had an away win percentage of 57.1% or greater. Meanwhile, 22 teams had an away win percentage below 50%. The NFL is dominated by home teams and home-field advantage. Knowing which teams are near locks at home can be highly profitable.

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NFL 2019 Countdown – Are the Cleveland Browns Really AFC North Favorites?


The countdown to the NFL 2019 season is on and sportsbooks have released their futures odds for the regular season.

The NFL 2019 season kicks off on September 5th as teams fight it out for a place in Super Bowl LIV.

Sportsbook futures always lead to talking points and perhaps the biggest this summer is the Cleveland Browns. The AFC North team leads odds to win the division. On the surface, many NFL followers will question how the Browns become sportsbooks’ favorites to win the AFC North. Yet, it isn’t much of a mystery when we dive a little deeper.

Can the Cleveland Browns continue on last season’s success?

The Browns surprised their own fans last season by finishing 7W-8L-1T. Rookie Baker Mayfield didn’t start the season under center but by week 3, he had solidified himself as Cleveland’s No. 1 when Tyrod Taylor went down with an injury.

History was against Mayfield when he became Cleveland’s starting quarterback. He was the franchise’s 30th different starting quarterback since the Browns re-entered the NFL picks as an expansion franchise in 1999.

Mayfield went on to throw for 27 touchdowns and 3,725 yards. It was a remarkable turnaround to the countless rookie quarterbacks who failed time and again in a Browns jersey.

Cleveland finished last season with a 3W-2L-1T record in the AFC North. Their three division wins tied AFC North winners the Baltimore Ravens divisional wins record. Head coach Freddie Kitchens may just have a team poised to breakout for the NFL 2019 season.

Have the Cleveland Browns improved?

On paper, the Browns’ trade for New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr was a masterstroke. Beckham is just 26-years old and in the prime of his career.

Last season saw Beckham return from an injury that cost him 2017. The Giants weren’t great even with Beckham back in the lineup for 12 games. New York finished 5-11 with Beckham recording 1,052 yards on just 77 receptions. He also tallied six touchdowns.

Beckham gives Mayfield a top receiver to throw to. The three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver is a game changer and the duo could be unstoppable.

Although Beckham’s signing looks great on paper, he is unhappy with the Giants trading him to Cleveland. According to reports from the NFL Network, Beckham hasn’t learned the offense and skipped OTAs this spring.

With a new offensive coordinator, the Browns seem to have some confusion with their offense. The good news is, it is spring and the NFL season is still over two months away. This is what preseason is for.

Can the Browns really win the NFL 2019 AFC North?

The simple answer is ‘yes’ the Browns can win the AFC North. Leading sportsbooks have the Browns as +125 to win the division and carry on their success of last year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers missed the playoffs last year but still gave 37-year-old quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a crazy $68 million contract with a $37.5m signing bonus. Can he still lead the Steelers to the playoffs?

The Cincinnati Bengals are the Bengals and the Ravens are anyone’s guess. Consistency will be key for the Browns. Although favored by sportsbooks, it doesn’t mean they will come good and win the division.

AFC North odds

Cleveland Browns +125

Pittsburgh Steelers +150

Baltimore Ravens +250

Cincinnati Bengals +1400

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