Is Winning Everything?

  If your competitor made a mistake and stopped 10 meters before the finish line would you let them know? On December 2, 2012 Abel Mutai, a Kenyan athlete, stopped short 10 meters before the finish line in the Burlada cross-country race. Spanish athlete Ivan Fernandez Anaya could have easily surged past Abel to winContinue reading “Is Winning Everything?”

Forever Young? Gas Up the DeLorean!

Ellen Langer, created her own time machine in 1979 at a New Hampshire monastery. The now Harvard professor invited a group of elderly men to visit the monastery. The men were divided into two groups, and one group figuratively gassed up the DeLorean to travel turn back in time. Everything about their week-long stay reflectedContinue reading “Forever Young? Gas Up the DeLorean!”