4 Ways to Unlock iPhone without Passcode


You may get stuck with any emergency situation if you do not know how to unlock iPhone 6 without passcode. It can happen under any circumstances, for example, if you repeatedly change the passcode, the worse situation is you may forget the iphone passcode or in some situation, your spouse changed your passcode, your naughty child accidently locked your iPhone.

how to unlock iphone passcode

Normally you can try entering the passcode to access your iPhone. However, when you has entered an incorrect access code 10 times, you will receive a message “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”. In this circumstance, the only way to unlock your disabled iPhone is to restore it. And that is a situation none of us would like to be in right? Hence, in this article, today, we will elaborate the ways on how to unlock iPhone without passcode or restore.

Part 1: How to unlock iPhone without passcode with an iOS Unlock tool?

Under this section, we will use an important tool for the iPhone lock issue. Thus, instead of breaking your head in trying to unlock iPhone without passcode, you can use dr.fone – Unlock to do the needful.



5 Solutions to Reset your iPhone Password (iPhone XR/XS Included)


Setting a password on your phone is a smart thing to do. Your password will pretect your phone from intruders or use if it is stolen or lost. Forgetting or losing your iPhone password can be a stressful experience. Your phone is in your hand, but you can’t access it or use it in any way!

If you forget your password, you must reset your iPhone XR, XS (Max), or any other iPhone model in order to use it again. That said, if you do this incorrectly, you could lose all of your data – that includes messages, contacts, photos and videos. Thankfully, we have some solutions for you! In this article, we will cover all of the choices that you have when resetting or bypassing your forgotten iPhone password.

forgot iphone passcode

Also, check out how to backup iPhone without password before we reset iPhone password.


Part I: How to Reset your iPhone Password (if You Remember Your Password)

If you remember or have access to your current password, resetting your iPhone password is really simple.

All you have to do is go to Settings > General > Touch ID > Passcode (iOS 9/8/7) or Passcode Lock (iOS 6). Just enter your current password and select “Change Passcode.” At this point, just choose a new passcode. Simple! You’re all set.

Part II: 5 solutions to Reset iPhone Password if you have forgotten the passcode

Ok, so you can’t remember your passcode – it’s still no problem! You just need to restore your device from its backup. If you reset your iPhone passcode without restoring the information, you will end up wiping your phone clean and lose all of your data. It’s definitely a good idea to back up your phone on a regular basis.

When you restore your iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max), or any other iPhone model, it will erase the content from your device (and this includes your password) and will replace it with a backup that you have saved in the past. The success of this method relies on you having a backup file available (another good reminder to always back up your phone)!


How to Reset a Locked Android Phone


There might be some moment when you have accidentally locked your phone and have no way to recover the phone’s functionality without resetting. This moment is very much irritating to any of you. If your phone is locked and you can’t run your phone due to forgetting the password, you don’t have to be dumbfound. There are some ways by which you can recover your phone to its previous state. In this article, we will show you how to reset a locked phone.

Part 1: How to Hard Reset Locked Android Phone

The most common way of resetting an Android phone screen lock is by hard reset. You can hard reset your Android phone in order to unlock it. Remember hard reset will erase all the data stored on your phone. So hard reset will unlock your phone, but you will not get your stored data back on it. So if you have no recent backup for your phone data, beware of that before going for a hard reset.

Here you can learn how to reset a locked phone from different brands as different models or brands have unique methods of resetting.

how to unlock samsung phone lock password


  1. How to reset a locked phone HTC?

Now we will show you how to unlock HTC phone by hard reset.

You will have to press and hold volume down button along with power button. Keep holding until you see Android images. Then release the buttons and then follow volume down button to go for factory reset, afterwards select the power button.

  1. How to reset a Samsung that is locked?

Press and hold volume up key along with power button and home key. You will see the Samsung logo onscreen. Go down to wipe data/factory reset by holding the volume down key. Now choose Yes. You could delete all the data on your phone by tapping on the volume down key. Your phone will start rebooting.

  1. How to reset a phone that is locked LG?

To unlock your LG Android phone, you will have to press and hold the volume key and the power or lock key. You have to release the Lock or power key when you see LG logo on the screen of your phone. Just after that, press and hold the power or lock key again. You can release all the buttons once you see factory hard reset on the screen.

  1. How to reset locked android phone Sony?

You have to confirm that your phone i switched off. Press and hold three keys altogether. The keys are Volume Up, Power and Home keys. You have to release the buttons once you see the logo on the screen. Now follow volume down to scroll down. Power or Home key is used for selection. Choose factory reset or wipe data.

  1. How to reset locked android phone Motorola?

First of all, switch off your phone. Then press and hold power key, home key and volume up key. After a while, you will see the logo on the screen, just then release all the buttons. For scrolling, you can use volume down key and for selecting, you can use either home or power key. Now select factory reset or wipe data.

Whatever your model or brand is, keep in mind that hard reset will delete all your valuable data from your phone! So if you want to unlock your locked phone without losing data from it, then follow the next part.


Best Way to Unlock Android Phone Forgot Password without Any Data Loss


Smartphones are mushrooming in today’s world, and it is like everybody is using these kinds of phones. Android phones are the most popular phone used by millions of users across the globe. As an Android user I am sure you are keen to protect the data on your phone or preventing an unauthorized person from using it. One method to protect your phone data is to lock your phone screen.

android forgot pattern

This is a good feeling since you will be the only one accessing your phone since you may even not share the password to your child or even your spouse. Unfortunately, this usually ends up with forgetting Android lock password. You may enter all the passwords you know and your phones get locked. What will you do? In this article, we will show how to unlock Android forgotten password safely using software called dr.fone – Android Lock Screen Removal.

Dr.fone is an all in one tool that allows you to completely recover lost files from your Android device and also unlock Android forgotten password. It recovers different data types like messages, videos, photos, call history, audio and contacts from a wide range of android phones like Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Motorolla, Google Sony and LG just to mention a few. The beauty of this software is that it works on both rooted and unrooted android devices. Moreover, this cross-platform software can unlock a phone which you forgot Android password. This inbuilt feature allows you to remove Android forgotten password while safeguarding the data files on your Android device. Above all, as the best phone unlocking software, it is cost effective and easy to use.


Ultimate Guide to Android Device Manager Unlock

So, what is Android Device Manager?  Android has this amazing native tool to help you locate and remote wipe your lost or stolen phone. We lock our phones via passwords or patterns or fingerprints to maintain the security but what if someone dares to meddle with your phone or unfortunately, it gets stolen?

Don’t worry, all you need to do is let Android Device Manager unlock your Android phone. For this, it just needs to be enabled on your phone (before you unluckily locked yourself out of it). Android Device Manager unlocks your phone in a small amount of time, saving you from all the troubles.

android device manager unlock

In addition to this, the Android Device Manager also unlocks your password/pin-encrypted phone if you have forgotten the passcode by chance. The procedure is quite simple; all you need is a Google account to set this up onyour phone and then you can make use of any other online device to track down your lost or stolen phone or to even wipe all data in it. Phew!

Using the Android Device Manager to track a lost phone

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8 Methods to Hack – Bypass Android lock screen Pin, Pattern, Password

While there are various ways of locking Android devices, it is a pain to breach the lock screen and get inside. But there obviously are various ways lock screens can be breached or bypassed and that needs use of some steps and a little bit of effort. Though there are various ways one can bypass the lock screen, all these ways are not effective for all the Android devices that we see around us these days.

Screen Lock Bypass

It is not an impossible task to break into a locked device. What’s required is to sift through some applications and tools which can serve the purpose. Fret not as you don’t have to do the research, we have compiled the 8 best services to hack or bypass Android lock screen etc. already. Below given are some ways on how to bypass lock screen on Android devices.

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The Scent You’ll Never Find At Yankee Candle

New York Author And Artist Creates Chloroform Scented Candle As Halloween Treat

New York- Believe It Or Not, he’s been immortalized in one of Ripley’s comic strips as well as several of their books. He’s been featured on episodes Oddities on The Discovery Channel, and had his home profiled in Time Out New York. He has even been called upon by government agencies to utilize his arcane knowledge. So it should come as no surprise that author and artist Mike Drake created a special holiday candle that would cause the staff the local Yankee Candle outlet to faint; a chloroform candle.

Drake created the chloroform candle as a “Halloween Treat” (or is it a trick?) for 50 of his friends and after being featured in a short video by social media influencer Jennifer Hoffine they have become the “must have” item of the holiday season. This isn’t the first time one of Drake’s waxworks has created a commotion. After Academy Award winning director Guillermo del Toro proudly displayed one of Drake’s gillman shaped candle during an appearance at The Museum Of The Moving Image he was inundated with inquires to produce more.


Drake, known for his modern cabinets of curiosities, created the chloroform candle’s label to be reminiscent of that on a patent medicine bottle. “The jarred candle should fit in nicely with any display of vintage apothecary wares” remarked Drake. Drake has no plans of marketing the candle or of producing more. He insists it was a one time Halloween treat and creating more would cheapen the sentiment of the gift.

But the question remains, do they really smell like chloroform? “No” explains Drake, “Chloroform is sickly sweet and very medicinal smelling. If the good folks at Koo-Aide made industrial disinfectants they would probably smell like chloroform. The candles that bear my Dr.VonDrake Original Chloroform Scented Candle label are rose, lavender, and green apple scented. In this case, the fun is the label not the actual scent.”

Drake is currently working on a new book focusing on the legend of the FeeJee Mermaid and reminds everyone to obey the four rules of Halloween.

Smärtfri golf

Som golfspelare är det vanligt att uppleva smärta i bland annat ryggen, handlederna, axlarna och armbågarna. Detta beror på att det är dessa delar av kroppen som huvudsakligen belastas när man spelar golf. Av den anledningen är det också viktigt att ha verktyg för att kunna undvika att detta sker.

Axelsmärta upplevs ofta som en strålande smärta på överarmens utsida. Det är vanligast förekommande på ens ledande arm, men kan även förekomma på den andra. Det kan förebyggas genom att stabilisera kulan i axeln, vilket kan göras genom att töja axelns rörlighet med hjälp av cuffmusklerna.

Smärta i handlederna känns främst på handledens baksida. Även här är det vanligast att den ledande handen drabbas: om du slår från vänster kommer den högre handleden drabbas och vice versa. Smärta i handlederna kan förebyggas genom att ha en bra styrka i handlederna. Vid träning kan man försöka undvika att slå på utslagsmattor med mycket slitage.

Även armbågarna påverkas vid golfspelande, och smärta i armbågarna märks ofta på armbågens utsida och vid muskelfästet. Åkomman kan förekomma på båda armbågarna, vilket också gör att denna skada är mer vanligt förekommande än vissa andra skador. Om man upplever mildare besvär med detta kan det räcka att stretcha muskeln och muskelfästet lite extra. Det kan också vara bra att du är mer noggrann med ditt grepp på golfklubborna, och att golfklubborna har en storlek som passar just dig och inte är för tjocka eller för tunna. I vissa fall kan även teknikförbättringar göra så att armbågssmärtan minskar.

Ländryggen är en av de delar av kroppen som påverkas mycket när du spelar golf. Det kan upplevas som en strålande smärta som drar sig mot både höften och skinkan. Ländryggssmärta kan förebyggas genom att man tränar bålen och stabiliteten av denna. Även styrketräning kan vara bra, då i synnerhet träning av rygg, mage och bålens rotation.

Kika in kinexit för en smärtfri golf