GST and Online Shopping: Demystifying The Matrix

It used to be that if you bought something online from an overseas retailer and it had a value of less than $1,000, you wouldn’t have to pay GST.

Naturally Australian retailers were upset by this because if they sold the same product online it would incur GST.  It put Australian retailers at a disadvantage because their goods were more expensive.  After all, who is going to pay GST if they have the option not to?

Now the rules have changed.  Going forward, goods that sold by overseas retailers with a value under $1,000 will also be subject to GST.

This is what you need to know if you are an overseas retailer or customer of an overseas retailer:

  • If you are selling an item with a value of AUD1000 or less:
  • If you are a non-Australian retailer and your turnover is above AUD75,000 per year you will be required to register for GST and pay GST.
  • Paying GST means lodging a business activity statement and GST annual return in Australia.
  • If you are selling to an Australian business which has an ABN and can claim back the GST, then the overseas retailer doesn’t need to charge GST (subject to certain conditions).
  • You will need to provide a receipt that complies with Australian requirements.
  • You will be able to access the simplified registration and reporting system.
  • If you are selling an item with a value over AUD1000, there is no change. You will need to fill out an Import Declaration, and pay duties, taxes and charges at the border.
  • You will need to pay duties and taxes on some goods (like tobacco or alcohol) regardless of their value.

You will need to pay duties and taxes on some goods (like tobacco or alcohol) regardless of their value.

If you are an overseas retailer that supplies goods through a platform or a re-deliverer, then it might be the platform operator or re-deliverer that needs to pay the GST instead of you, specifically the new rules:

  • treat the operator of an electronic distribution platform (EDP) as the supplier of low value goods if the goods are purchased through the platform by consumers and brought into Australia with the assistance of either the supplier or the operator
  • treat re-deliverers as the suppliers of low value goods if the goods are delivered outside of Australia as part of the supply, and the re-deliverer assists with their delivery into Australia as part of a shopping or mailbox service that it provides under an arrangement with the consumer

It will be interesting to see how this is implemented.

The rules are there but as is always the case in international taxation the question will be how the ATO is going to enforce these rules.  Additionally, how will many overseas retailers know that they need to comply with these rules?

There shouldn’t be a problem where the overseas retailers are large, and the idea of charging re-deliverers and EDP’s is a good one because they will have sufficient scale for it to be practicable to enforce the GST laws.  They in turn can enforce the laws on those using their platform or services.

In that case it would be worth the overseas retailers knowing and understanding what elections they can make and options that are available, such as the ability to claim input tax credits, so they don’t end up either over paying tax or spending more time on compliance than they are required to.

We offer a free 15 minute consultation to anyone who wants to talk about this issue.  After dealing with the ATO for so many years, and after earning a track record of success, we would be happy to share our experience.

Adam Ahmed is an Australian international Tax Lawyers Sydney. Adam has over a decade of experience working at 3 of the big 4 accounting firms and one of the top tax law firms in Australia. He is currently the managing director of Adam Ahmed & Co.


5 Mistakes You Might be Making in Your Skip Bin Hire Practices in Canberra

While most people in Canberra have opened up to the concept of using skips for daily waste disposal, most of them are prone to making certain mistakes when it comes to their skip bin hire services. This ends up costing them more money than if they were to avoid these fatal mistakes. Below, we have broken down these mistakes, helping people understand where they are going wrong and how they can avoid these mistakes and save more money:

  1. Not understanding the measurements of skip bins:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to skip bin hire in Canberra. You need to understand what the measurements are in order to purchase the correct variety of skips for your needs. One cubic meter means that the bin is like a box that has the width, length and height of 1m each. This gives you a fair idea of the size of the skip bin that is 3,4 or 5 cubic metres in size.

  1. Choosing the wrong size:

Since most people lack knowledge of the appropriate size of the skip, they make mistakes and order the wrong type of skip for their waste disposal. Skip bin hire in Canberra can be quite cheap if you know the tricks of making the most of the money that you are spending for the waste disposal. Often you might have certain amount of junk and you might want to hire a bigger size of skip. Talking to a neighbour and finding out if they need a skip for their waste disposal can be great way to save money. You can simply hire a bigger skip and split the cost of the skip with your neighbour, who is also using the same skip for disposing of their household waste. Instead of hiring separate skips, which would cost you both more, you can share the skip among yourselves.

  1. Using the skip wrong:

A lot of people are not using their skips up to the fullest extent. They don’t understand the science that goes behind packing a skip properly and hence end up with extra junk that could be fit into the skip bin. Disposing of this extra piece of garbage can often lead to an additional expenditure. However, if packed correctly, your skip could take a lot more junk than it currently does. If you are disposing certain pieces of old furniture, these need to go first into the bin. After this, you must fill up the additional space left in the sides and bottom with the junk left behind.

  1. Putting all sorts of junk into the same bin:

This is one the mistakes that can cost you a lot of money. If you have mixes of cement or bricks in your junk, it is important that you mention this beforehand to the skip handlers. Also, there are certain substances that you must never dump into these bins without taking the permission of the skip hire organization you have chosen. These materials include toxic chemicals, acids and phenyls, etc. These might leech into the soil and cause permanent damage to the land.

  1. Not using the skip at all:

One of the biggest mistakes when hiring a skip is not using the skip for the purpose of waste disposal. Many people lose a lot of money by simply ordering for a skip and then not using the skip for the purpose of waste disposal. But this can easily be prevented by making sure that you have the junk ready to be disposed of when hiring the skip bins. Unless you do this, you are very likely to procrastinate till the last minute and then lose a ton of money simply because you now have to extend the pick-up date for the skip bin you have hired.

While all of these mistakes might not be common to you, most of us can agree of being guilty of one or the other mistake mentioned above. However, all of these are mistakes that can easily be taken care of and one can save a lot of money once all of these are eliminated from the skip bin hire practice.


Ropa Para Correr

Si te gusta correr, probablemente hayas notado que realmente no necesitas ningún tipo de ropa especial para correr. Definitivamente necesitarás un par de buenos zapatos para correr. Incluso si son un par viejo, mientras estén en buena forma, puedes correr en ellos.


Lo que sucede al correr es que no necesariamente se debe gastar una gran cantidad de dólares en el equipamiento para correr que usan los corredores de las Olimpiadas. Un par de zapatillas buenas y decentes se puede comprar por menos de cincuenta dólares. Cuando se trata de prendas de vestir, todo lo que debe usar son pantalones cortos y una camiseta. Por razones de seguridad, las mujeres deben usar un sujetador deportivo y los hombres deben usar suspensorios deportivos. Cuando corra en invierno, tendrá que usar capas adicionales de ropa.


Para aquellas personas que corren largas distancias bajo el calor del verano, puedes agregar una visera, una gorra de béisbol y un par de tonalidades baratas para bloquear el sol desde la visión de tus ojos y es posible que desees aplicar un poco de bloqueador solar para evita que tu piel se queme del calor y los rayos del sol.


Si el área en la que se está ejecutando está habitada por insectos, es posible que desee aplicar un repelente de insectos para evitar que esos insectos lo muerdan. No querrá contraer la fiebre h en ningún momento de su vida, ¿verdad?


Una prenda opcional es un monitor de frecuencia cardíaca. Úselo solo si quiere verificar sus estadísticas vitales.


Para más detalles aquí : Ropa para correr

Mallas Deportivas

Una pieza versátil de tela, Mesh se utiliza en diferentes tipos de prendas de vestir, artesanías y artículos de utilidad. Mesh es en realidad una tela de agujero abierto que se teje a un estilo en forma de rejilla. La tela se puede diseñar en una falda o una parte superior. También se puede usar para hacer bolsas vibrantes de diferentes colores o redecillas. Si ha configurado una tienda de ropa y accesorios, puede ser una buena idea mantener algunos conjuntos y accesorios hechos de malla. Lea y conozca todos los 5 tipos diferentes de malla que están disponibles en el mercado, y comúnmente usados ​​por los fabricantes de 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric para confeccionar ropa y accesorios.

Tela de malla de poliéster

Se usa comúnmente como insertos de paneles laterales en atuendos deportivos. Este tipo de tejido es transpirable y puede absorber fácilmente la humedad de la piel mientras lleva a cabo diversas actividades deportivas y deportivas. La tela transparente también es utilizada por los diseñadores de ropa de moda en forma de superposiciones para agregar dimensión y textura a los tricot y otros materiales con un tejido plano. Las partes delicadas del cuerpo se pueden camuflar haciendo uso de dos capas de malla.

Tela de malla de malla

Se usa para hacer vestidos que necesitan que el cuerpo se seque al aire rápidamente. Puede proteger la piel y las pertenencias de las picaduras de insectos. Naturalmente, se utiliza para la construcción de equipos de campamento y equipo y numerosos artículos como bolsas y mochilas que necesitan el uso de tejido transpirable.


Este es un tejido de red de malla fina que se utiliza con mayor frecuencia para la fabricación de velos de boda. También se usa en la decoración de vestidos de boda, arreglos florales, favores de la boda, vestidos de noche, lencería, disfraces, cortinas, sombreros y regalos. Este es un tipo de tejido versátil que ha estado en uso durante más de 300 años.

Para más detalles aquí  : Mallas deportivas         

Chevrolet Lost Key Baltimore MD

Are you looking for the ignition displacement, will you lose the last Chevrolet key or do you need a key decoder? The MDC Key Locksmith process is available 24/7 in Baltimore MD and can reach your location within approximately 25 minutes of your dispatch center! Our services can be declared on site! Escape the vehicle and drag it to your local dealer. Our locksmiths can arrange a range of key compensation or vehicle lockout answers to help save you money, time and hassle.

We are close to all the complex equipment and computers, and our solutions can be used in loose Chevrolet models and vintages. Our equipment can neatly solve key replacement, door unlocking or ignition problems. We will provide you with emergency vehicle locking activities in the safest way.

About Chevrolet Lost Key Baltimore MD

Chevrolet, a US-based automaker based in Detroit, Michigan, enters the market with outstanding mainstream cars, trucks and commercial vehicles that will use the best-selling cars ever to be applied to transponder platforms. Chevrolet built its first motor vehicle in 1903, using popular metal locks and key technologies. In 1997, it received the transponder infrastructure for its transponder remotes and keys, recently using Passive Entry, Passive Start. Its intelligent keyless entry channel tool.

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Twenty four hours parking

With the normal transformation of ignition, key and vehicle computer technology, door locks often change and become more complex. With all these conversions, the routines we use to unlock the door are still clearly protected and secure like a normal key. Are you in Baltimore MD, your key is locked in the car? Our vehicle lock picking service can help you solve problems without disturbing your car’s discrete windows, door frames or power locks in any way! We are the trust of the truck fleet for all your luggage and door lock unlocking needs.

Panic Bar Installation Washington DC

Welcome to MDC Key Locksmith! If you track this site, you may be the property owner or manager who checks and trusts the Panic Bar installation migration solution to your key and lockbox 24 hours a day.

good news

MDC Key Locksmith offers a variety of panic bar installation services for many universities, office buildings, construction projects, hospitals and schools in Washington, DC, and is intended for safe locations. We limit ourselves to commercial keychain technology in the Washington, D.C. subway and adjacent areas to provide services to government agencies and business congregations, and to serve residential businesses when needed.

Panic Bar Installation Washington DC

Commercial panic bars are recommended as they allow export hands-free and accessibility. The reason for the convenience and safety is why the putters are usually opened in many commercial districts such as cinemas, hotels, restaurants, bus stops and hospitals in Washington, DC. Our ultimate skilled and top quality export locksmiths will use unprecedented access arrangements and key locks to push the boundaries and enhance your outer door to ensure pain. Our customer service operators are sufficient to arrange some primary putter value judgments and recommendations, and deploy high-quality personnel for your scenario within 25-30 minutes to build or rebuild a new or existing crash barrier.

Mailbox lock change

If you lock or lose, you may even be kidnapped by an intruder. At MDC Key Locksmith, we quickly react to the spectrum of backlog containers and mailbox locks to ensure your full availability. We can reach your site in approximately 25-30 minutes to balance your huge locks and manage lock and key adjustments, lock fixes and lock supplements to resolve all mailbox issues in your location and re-use new technologies Regain outdated technology. Our locks are the first quality gravel that meets US Postal Service.

Uetx.Com – Ad Fraud Protection Tool

Unfortunately, fraud has infected the entire online advertising environment. Advertisers are spending a lot of money to get their message out to consumers. Experts estimate that 35% of all online ad traffic is fraudulent. Imagine how incredible your performance could be once we are able to remove all that fraudulent ad traffic. Nonhuman traffic:

Simple Bots:

These are basically scripts that are generated from a particular server, such as Amazon Web Services. They are called “simple” because they are fairly simple to identify: they have a static user agent, IP address, cookie ID, and etc. All these features make it fairly easy to fingerprint and block them.

Sophisticated Bots:

Sophisticated bots are much more difficult to track down because they use more sophisticated methods like random proxies in order to alternate IP addresses, alternating user agents, to mimic normal CTRs, and sometimes even mimic actual mouse movements that have been captured from browser activity. These tactics make it quite difficult to fingerprint so they can be blocked.


Botnets are comprised of a large group of personal computers, usually residential, that have somehow been comprised by unsavory individuals. These people have gotten control of these computers and use them to load and click on ads. This activity generates what looks like legitimate impressions and clicks on ads, but in reality they are all fake. will detect and combat fraud in all its forms so that all that remains are real users, people making real clicks that get you real results. Sharing your hard-earned profits will soon be a thing of the past!

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Nick Festari – A 30 Years Long Career in Eurobeat and ItaloDance Music

Nick Festari is an accomplished writer, producer and singer known throughout Japan as well Europe. As a young teen, his musical talents started to catch the attention of players in the music industry which played a role in his developing producing career even to this day. Although his music writing actually started in early 1992, it was the birth of the HI-NRG ATTACK label that really propelled this talented producers career to the next level. Nick has proven himself to be a guru in the Eurobeat genre as he has close to 800 songs that he personally wrote and that is not including cover songs and compilations that includes his songs. Now that Nick has started NIckTheBeat music, his creative style of Eurobeat is now the one of his solo career as he is producing more of his own unique sounds and music. If you are an inspiring musician, a record label or anyone that has a love of music, feel free to visit Nick Festari at his website or find his music on Spotify.

Collectibles and Family History Objects Saved and Protected During Disasters – Tips Shared on Art and Antiques Radio Program

1Santa Barbara New Press Radio KZSB 1290 AM interviewed Scott M. Haskins, Author and Expert, this morning with veteran host and art appraiser Elizabeth Stewart on the “Art and Antiques Radio Program”


Given the abundance of very destructive disasters in our area recently (two wildfires and the Montecito mudslide since last December) the focus of the program was preparing for disasters. Not a very sexy subject but it is compelling when you think about the items in a household that tell the family’s history and there are collectibles that could be worth more than the house.

Of course, none of the discussion was canned advice from a website. Personal stories were abundant, and it was a lively and fun interview, not drab or philosophical at all as you might expect with Elizabeth Stewart who is really fun in real life. Great tips were shared in this radio interview of saving collectibles from disasters with author and expert, Scott M. Haskins.

Fine Art Conservation Laboratorieshas a division of its services that focuses on disaster response. Since the Thomas fire last December,they prepared about 60 insurance proposals for clients. Of course, each client has a property full of smoked or muddy items and in all, we estimate that we’re talking about the clean-up of about 7,000 – 8,000 art related objects.They have been working with Service Master and ServPro, mostly in the Santa Barbara area. They’ve also worked with Rainbow International.

The question always arises whether an item is “worth” the money and effort to bring it back into “pre-accident” or “pre-existing” condition. That question is more easily answered when it’s a collectible that you buy in a store, auction or gallery. But what about the items that can’t be scheduled on an insurance policy that tell the family’s story to later generations and the “things” remind us of those memories? In effect, the items we pass down contain our memories to retell the stories and pass on the heritage of our families.

There are ways to be prepared for a disaster with family treasured documents and heirlooms and we discussed and told stories about personal examples.


Elizabeth also interviewedLuke Swetland after my interview. He is the President and CEO of the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. He came to Santa Barbara after a long and distinguished career at the Japanese American National Museum (for whom we are the painting conservator), the Autry Museum (for who we have done painting conservation), the Getty Conservation Center (for whom we have done special projects and research for).

To hear the radio program, search for August 3 2018 on this webpage:click here

For more media information for Scott M. Haskins, Head of Conservation, at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, click here

For art conservation/restoration questions call Scott M. Haskins, Oriana Montemurro, Virginia Panizzon Art Conservators 805 564 3438

Facebook page:

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For a quick video tour of Fine Art Conservation Lab:

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories provides professional art conservation services throughout the Santa Barbara-Ventura areas, Los Angeles area, Orange County and even into San Diego, Monterey-Carmel area, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City area. We provide pick up and delivery in these areas. FACL also provides mural conservation services nationwide and even internationally.