Effects On Life Expectancy From Diseases Caused by Indoor Air Pollution


How long we live is dependent on the quality of air we breathe, so that leaves us with the question, how long would you love to live for? how precious is your wellbeing during your stay on earth to you?


“Around the world today, people are breathing air that represents a serious risk to their health. But the way this risk is communicated is very often opaque and confusing, translating air pollution concentrations into colors, like red, brown, orange and green. What those colors mean for people’s well-being has always been unclear,” said Michael Greenstone, the Milton Friedman Professor in Economics and director of EPIC.

A 2017 report by the Global Commission on Pollution and Health identified pollution as the leading cause of death and disability in the world. But researchers at EPIC have now further established that emissions of airborne particulate matter – a mixture of small particles and liquid droplets in smoke that can affect the heart and lungs if inhaled – pose the single biggest threat to human health globally.

In fact, air pollution’s impact on life expectancy exceeds that of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS, behavioral killers like cigarette smoking and even war, according to the study. The findings are based on EPIC’s new Air Quality Life Index, which charts the relationship between long-term exposure to particulate matter and life expectancy at the local level.

We cannot over emphasize the necessity of living a healthy live or managing our health conditions such as Asthma or our allergies to certain things, but one thing we can do to ensure we live a heathy life is to ensure that we have quality air in our homes.

A study conducted by a team of public health researchers and leading environmental engineers have determined that air pollution shortens the lives of humans by more than a year. This is the first study that looked at data from air pollution and lifespan in order to examine global variations on how they might affect overall life expectancy.

“While people can stop smoking and take steps to protect themselves from diseases, there is little they can individually do to protect themselves from the air they breathe,” said Greenstone, UChicago’s Milton Friedman Professor in Economics, in a statement.

AirRestore helps to give you this opportunity, the opportunity to ensure that we breathe in quality Natural Air while we sleep, eat and spend time with our family indoors.

Airborne diseases are tough ones to prevent from spreading, because they are caused by pathogens all around us in the air we breathe.

Handwashing is always important for helping prevent the transmission of illnesses. But no matter how many times you wash your hands, there will be germs in the air to worry about after someone coughs, sneezes or speaks.


AirRestore Air Neutralizers can help you keep those germs at bay. They help remove them from the air. Use the Air Neutralizer during cold and flu season in a room with someone who is ill to stay on top of the germs. Keep it running afterward to help the air continue to clean itself.

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You Can’t Own The Hottest Toy In New York


Action Figure Fans Are Losing It Over The Most Popular Toy At Toy Fair

By Gina Rathbourne / City News Syndicate


New York City- As the doors opened at the Javits Center on Saturday morning for the 116th American International Toy Fair, a swarm of reporters, influencers, journalists and celebrities rushed to the action figure aisle to catch of glimpse of the latest offerings from Mezco Toyz.

Mezco Toyz, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, hold a world record for their popular Living Dead Dolls, but it is their One:12 Collective line of super articulated, highly detailed action figures that has brought them armloads of awards and legions of rabid fans in recent years.


Following a century old tradition at Toy Fair, Mezco Toyz produces a special limited edition figure available only to attendees of the show. Not sold in stores, these exclusives fetch hefty and sometimes astronomical prices on the secondary collector market.

This year, attendees of Mezco’s 9am “Press Event” received a Gomez action figure developed as part of the One:12 Collective line.  Who is Gomez? According to a Mezco staff member, he is the Mezco Toyz mascot and a secret agant of an organization known as “The Void”. He can be seen in an animated teaser released for Toy Fair on YouTube



Because Toy Fair is a trade show, it is impossible for the public to buy tickets or attend. Attendees go through a vigorous screening process and are vetted by not only the Toy Industry but the Javits Center and a private security firm. This makes acquiring a Toy Fair exclusive, from any of the companies offering them, a challenge of the highest magnitude. Toy Fair Exclusive Legos, Hot Wheels Cars, and other items  given to attendees can fetch hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. After the press event ended several attendees disclosed that they had received offers of up to $5,000.00 US in exchange for their Gomez figure.  Said one professional covering the event for a Philadelphia based newspaper, “As a matter of journalistic integrity I can’t sell an exclusive I received for attending an event….but it is tempting”.


Actor Michael Nathanson, one of the stars of The Punisher on Netflix, made a special trip to the event specifically to pick up his Gomez. “I knew being here was the only way to get one, so I made sure to be here”  said Nathanson, “I’m taking my family on a Marvel themed Disney Cruise later today but I had to come here 1st…I mean, it’s Gomez! Look at this accessories!”. Face Off star Tyler Green concurred “His boombox is a weapon…he has all those accessories…he is amazing!”.

One Toy Fair official who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the turnout and excitement at the Mezco Toyz booth was the largest and most fervent she had ever witnessed in over two decades at the event and the hashtag #MezcoToyFair2019 was trending above any other Toy Fair related tag.

Mezco Toyz spokespeople declines to say how many Gomez figures were produced but did confirm that the number is “Crazy low”.

Gomez graphic courtesy of Mezco Toyz LLC Photos by Dan Webber Photography


Ziyen Moves Into Operations Phase with First Oil in US


Scottish-American oil firm Ziyen has produced oil for the first time and is now officially classified as an operator in the US.

The company, which has operations in Aberdeen, has kicked off production at the Potts lease in Indiana.

Ziyen buys the “mineral rights”, giving it control of what is produced, but the farmers still own the land and receive an eighth of the proceeds from production.

Ziyen Inc

Ziyen intends use renewable energy to drive down costs.

The company was founded in 2016 by Inverness-born Alastair Caithness following his move from the north-east of Scotland to San Diego, California.

The business has built up a portfolio of 13 oil leases in the US.

Ziyen is about to close its second funding round, with a third round to follow. It has already attracted 350 investors, over half of whom are from Scotland.

The firm is targeting an initial public offering in 2019. It is in advanced preparations for Nasdaq stock market entry

Mr Caithness, chief executive, said: “The past year has seen Ziyen establish itself by increasing the number of oil assets the company now owns to 13.

“We have also attracted more than 350 investors for what is believed to be the world’s first start-up oil and energy company and who have all taken advantage of the opportunity to invest at the early stages of the company and secure equity at the best share price.

“With the closure of round two of funding and the move into oil production, this will allow Ziyen a higher valuation based under oil reserves rather than lease acquisition.

“This is another key part of the process of moving forward with our targeted IPO in 2019 in addition to the launch of our Ziyen Advantage programme in round three of funding, where we are positioning the company to be a leader involved in the transition of energy and the move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.”

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Thailand Approves CBD For Medical Use

Thailand Approves CBD

The legalization of use and cultivation of marijuana in Thailand has become the most debated topic of the time. Different products such as CBD oil and tablets have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in treating different health problems. The products derived from cannabis are gaining popularity for their medical uses and benefits. WHO (World Health Organization) has published a report on the health benefits associated with the use of CBD.

Thailand is a well-known place for its strict policies against drug trafficking and use of drugs. But now Thailand is one of the few Asian countries that have legalized the use of medical cannabis and marijuana.


How Thailand approved CBD

When more countries embrace the use of cannabis due to its medicinal qualities the Government Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand tried to pursue the federal government to allow studying the benefits of the drug so it can be used for its medical benefits after approval from the Ministry of Health.

According to a report of Dr Nopporn Cheanklin who is executive managing director of the GPO, about 20 years ago, the best strains of marijuana were imported from Thailand. But now Canada has cultivated that strain and Thailand can’t claim to be the top cultivator of the best marijuana strain anymore and to compete with Canada it has become really necessary to develop a unique strain that will maintain high standards and can be used to challenge the world. So, now Thailand Government is taking steps to maintain their reputation in the cultivation of the best marijuana strains in the world.

A proposal was submitted to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to revise the legal framework for the use of medical marijuana in Thailand. And Prime Minister has supported the plan which has made it possible to legalize the medical marijuana expectedly by end of first quarter of 2019. Cabinet of Thailand has approved draft legalization already in the month of May 2018 to allow more research on the medical effects of CBD. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization has started clinical trials with the aim of producing CBD based medicines on four conditions.

The cabinet of National Legislative Assembly of Thailand has also approved a proposal submitted for the approval of cultivation of cannabis in six different provinces in the northern region of the country which is a part of the project. They have to explore the uses of CBD for medicinal purposes.


Why Thailand has approved the use of CBD?

If you are thinking about the reasons of why CBD has been approved in Thailand then keep in mind that other than some surprising benefits of CBD, it is really cost effective. Thailand has the best marijuana to export in the world. Thailand was the top exporter of CBD of the world in 1980 and wants to gain the reward of more than 10 billion dollars from the marijuana market.

In Thailand, once marijuana was classified as a traditional herbal medicine to cure different health issues. But marijuana was re-categorized in a narcotic of class 5 under the act of narcotic drugs, due to which the production, sale, consumption, and possession of CBD was banned. Although drug laws are very tough in Asia in general, Thailand is moving in the opposite direction.


Art Restoration Fundraiser for the Historic Mission Inn Foundation Features appraisers from Bonhams Auction house


By Danielle Trynoski, Guest Blogger, Director Marketing Mission Inn Foundation


Connect one-on-one with professional appraisers from Bonhams Auction House for an appraisal of the estimated value of your art, antiques, heirlooms, or collectibles! All proceeds will support the Mission Inn Museum’s conservation efforts and collections care.

Each ticket is valid for the appraisal of one object – sets such as flatware, tea cups/saucers, matching figurines, etc. will be counted as one object. We request no more than 4 objects per person. No physical tickets will be issued. Upon check-in, please be prepared to show a printed or electronic copy of your ticket receipt.

Items accepted for appraisal: Fine Art (19th Century, 20th Century and Contemporary Paintings and Sculpture), Fine Art prints, Fine Art photographs, Asian works of art, furniture, ceramics, jewelry including precious gems, glassware, metalware, folk art, or clocks.


Excluded from this event: all weapons, including swords and knives, traps (like leg-hold); Nazi memorabilia, coins and paper money, toys, costume jewelry, sports memorabilia, musical instruments, or Beanie Babies. Please call 951-788-9556 with any questions.

All appraisals will happen at The Box, 3635 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501. Please park in Garage 7 on Level 2 ( Prices and map available here) then walk across courtyard to the Box Theater entrance. Parking is not included in event ticket.



Your support is crucial to achieve our goal of conserving and restoring the Museum’s Chinese Pagoda (above, in undated archival photograph), a Landmark Object in the collection. This delicate wooden sculpture represents the long history of goodwill between the Mission Inn, Riverside, and Asian nations. Help us restore this national treasure

by allowing us to help you Save Your Stuff!

VIP Reception, Friday, February 15 – DETAILS HERE

Specialty Tours with Scott Haskins of the Mission Inn’s Rescued Art, Sunday, February 17 – DETAILS HERE


Without the knowledge of renowned fine art conservator Scott Haskins, a significant portion of the Mission Inn’s artwork would not be here today. His expertise saved the Henry Chapman Ford Mission Paintings from years of water damage and neglect, and over the last 30 years his team has cleaned, conserved, and rescued numerous other works now displayed in the building.


Come join Scott for an exclusive art tour of the Mission Inn, only available during the Save Your Stuff! Appraisal Weekend. This will be a fun, great event! Kick off a celebration of fine art, antiques, and preservation! Join us on Friday evening for our kick-off reception where the Museum will unveil a recent conservation project completed by Fine Art Conservation Laboratories under Scott’s direction, plus delectable eats and one of the best views of the city from the gorgeous home of Chuck and Sally Beaty. VIP reception at private home, address revealed after ticket purchase. Unveiling of recent conservation projects, one-on-one time with conservator Scott Haskins, dinner & open bar included. One of the *best* views of the downtown core! 5:30-9:00 p.m.



Adopted by the Mission Inn Foundation Board of Trustees, June 28, 2008. The Mission Inn Foundation preserves, interprets, and promotes the cultural heritage of the Mission Inn, Riverside, and the surrounding southern California communities through its museum services, educational programs, and outreach activities.



The Mission Inn Foundation was incorporated in 1976 to assist in the preservation and restoration of the Mission Inn, and originally, to manage the hotel during ownership by the City of Riverside’s Redevelopment Agency. The Mission Inn Hotel Spa is now privately owned by Duane and Kelly Roberts, and the Foundation has a unique role of operating a non-profit museum within a for-profit hotel. The Mission Inn Museum, operated by the Mission Inn Foundation, was opened in 1993, simultaneous with the reopening of the Mission Inn after seven years of extensive renovations. In addition to the museum, the Mission Inn Foundation interprets the history and significance of the Mission Inn through daily hotel tours, monthly public programs and special events, the Hands On History educational initiative, and the continued stewardship of the hotel’s expansive art, artifact, and archival collections.



Located at the corner of Main Street and Mission Inn Avenue, the Mission Inn Museum features exhibitions examining the hotel’s history and lasting impacts on the Riverside community and beyond. The museum’s collection is significant in demonstrating the periods of Mission Inn development from its beginning as an adobe boarding house in 1876 to the present. Frank Miller, the original owner and developer of the Inn, was an early proponent of the Mission Revival movement, an avid collector of art from around the world, an aviation enthusiast, an original thinker, a marketing genius, and a strong community booster. Miller and his family’s vital role in the development of Riverside as well as the Mission Inn’s place as a center of Riverside civic life for over a century gives the museum a broad range of topics to explore in their revolving exhibitions. The Mission Inn Museum is also the starting point for all docent-led Mission Inn tours and features an extensive museum store with one of a kind products from local artists, unique Mission Inn souvenirs, in addition to a wide selection of books on Mission Inn and local history.


The story of the Mission Inn stretches over more than a century and began with the Miller family, migrants to California from Tomah, Wisconsin. In 1874, civil engineer Christopher Columbus Miller arrived in Riverside, began work on a water system, and with his family, began a small boarding house in the center of town. In 1880, his son Frank Augustus Miller, bought the property and gradually improved and enlarged it. Working with prominent architect Arthur Benton, financed by railroad baron Henry Huntington, and inspired by the growing popularity of California Mission tourism and Mission Revival architecture, Miller opened the first wing of the current Mission Inn building in 1903. The building grew in several stages, each new wing demonstrating regional architectural trends and Miller’s own travels throughout Europe and Asia. By 1931, the Mission Inn comprised four wings in a labyrinth of gardens, towers, arches, and winding stairways that encompassed an entire city block. The interior was filled with art and artifacts purchased by Miller from across the nation and around the world, displayed throughout the hotel to enchant and delight guests.


Following his death in 1935, Miller’s family continued operating the Inn for the next two decades until 1956 when it was sold to San Francisco hotelman Benjamin Swig. In an attempt to revitalize the failing Inn, which was losing business to growing tourist hotspots like nearby Palm Springs, Swig sold nearly 1,000 artworks and artifacts from the hotel’s collection and redecorated the Inn in the latest midcentury styles. This effort did little to restore the Inn’s popularity and the hotel struggled through multiple owners and unending financial crises. It was even transformed from a hotel into dorm rooms and private apartments.

Fearful that the hotel would be permanently shuttered and its interior collections destroyed, in 1969 a group of concerned citizens formed the Friends of the Mission Inn , a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting hotel business and safeguarding the historic collections. As the hotel’s financial woes persisted, the City of Riverside’s Redevelopment Agency purchased the Mission Inn in 1976. In 1977, thanks to the efforts of local advocates and government officials, the Mission Inn was designated a National Historic Landmark by the federal government, officially marking the Inn as a site of national historic importance.


After keeping the hotel afloat for nearly nine years, the city sold the hotel to a Wisconsin-based private development firm, which closed the Inn in June 1985 to begin what would become a seven- year $50 million renovation project. With restorations nearly complete in December 1988, the hotel was once again plagued by bankruptcy and languished for three years without a buyer. In late 1992, local Riverside entrepreneur Duane Roberts purchased the Mission Inn and successfully reopened the landmark hotel for business. It was Mr. Roberts that contracted with Scott M. Haskins and Fine Art Conservation Laboratories to undertake the preservation and art restoration of the 100s of items in the Mission Inn historic art


Save Your Stuff! brings celebrated fine art conservator Scott Haskins to the Mission Inn Museum and his expertise will be available just for YOU during this special weekend.

Be aware also of the opportunity to donate artwork (for significant tax benefits of the donor) to the Mission Inn Foundation which may be sold at auction for the benefit of the MIF in April. For more information please call Scott M . Haskins at 805 570 4140

For the opportunity to support this very active enthusiastic historic foundation with its grass roots Friends of the Mission Inn, click here to make a donation.


Historic Mission Inn Foundation Save Your Stuff Art Restoration Fundraiser with Scott M. Haskins and Bonhams Auction house


The Historic Mission Inn Foundation holds a fun filled weekend activity for owners of collectibles, artwork, antiques, family history items to raise support for art conservation and collection care.

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How Stablecoins Strike a Balance Between Crypto and Fiat


There appears to be no end to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and its related technology. The real world uses and applications of crypto are increasing and blockchain technology has found use outside, instead of just being a basis for the recording of crypto exchange. More ICOs are in development and a wider range of working cryptocurrencies is becoming available to the growing crypto community. The advent of crypto technology is not just a trend that people are getting hyped up about, it is an actual breakthrough in technology.


Bitcoin, the first functioning cryptocurrency, was developed in 2009 by an anonymous party known as Satoshi Nakamoto. The main goal of this new “currency”? To function as an international currency, created with the hope of minimizing costs and increasing efficiency of exchange through the development and use of a decentralized public ledger that distributes the verified records. This makes it a permanent and immutable documentation of what has happened to each and every bitcoin that has been mined and exchanged.

The new concept of decentralization is one of the breakthrough innovations of bitcoin which has been put to use in many other ways. However, too much emphasis has been placed on the investment and earning potentials of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Owed to how it was able to gain popularity as being the digital currency that bore millionaires from investments that were once worth a few pennies, there is a large majority in the worldwide community that know about Bitcoin but fail to comprehend what it is and why it was created in the first place. Alarmingly, there are quite a number of people who are so quick to join the bandwagon of investors, hoping to get in early, as profits are rising for those already investing in Bitcoin, but have not equipped themselves with the necessary know-how for managing their bitcoin. Aside from being a recipe for failure for these individuals investors, it also negatively impacts the real purpose of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency as it is unable to function as an actual currency.

The value of Bitcoin is dependent on the interrelation of two things – supply and demand. Getting into where the supply of Bitcoin comes from would take too much discussion. The important thing to note, however, is that there is a finite supply of bitcoins and, because of the rise in its value late in 2017, there has been a rise in its demand. The seesaw between supply and demand markedly changes the value of Bitcoin, making it a volatile currency. This means that it’s value changes, not just every day but consistently throughout a day. As an investment or commodity, this makes it one of the favorites for many investors or traders since it provides a great opportunity for trading. With the rises and falls in the market, it provides great trading opportunities.

It’s not just Bitcoin that follows this trend, other crypto currencies are also very volatile. However, this has now defined the crypto world as being more of a world of trading than as one made of alternative currencies.

Luckily, there are now a few cryptocurrencies with values are so closely linked with a fiat currency that they do not behave like the others. For a trader, these are the cryptos to avoid, as there is little to no growth in your investments, but, for the person looking for a way to store, instead of invest, their assets, these stablecoins such as Tether (https://www.cryptoversal.com/currencies/tether-usdt) provide the advantages of both fiat and crypto – stability and efficiency.


From their names alone, stablecoins are stable or not as volatile as other cryptocurrencies. They are “stable” in a sense that although there are still rises and falls to their market values, these are not as frequent or as big a change. As introduced earlier, these coins are linked to an existing fiat, which helps to steady and maintain their values.

Crypto “currency” also defines its purpose by name. It aims to function as a currency, a medium which can be used to exchange goods, services and the like. However, due to the volatility of a majority of crypto, using it as a mode of payment is difficult. There is a need to constantly update the prices on items, based on the value of a certain crypto. Purchases that are made over a span of a few days may seem cheap and affordable on the first day, but upon finalization of payment may turn out to be too costly. With a currency that has a value that changes at an hourly rate, would one really prefer to pay items through bitcoins?


The underlying technology that supports Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies – the blockchain – provides many advantages that still make it a good mode of payment. Not only is it a secure method, due to its decentralized system of verifying any transactions, but it is also a fast method of exchange, which can be done at a low cost. Saying that it is efficient is an understatement as it removes the need for costly transactions that have to be checked, confirmed and processed by a centralized body. Add to the fact that there is always room for error in these centralized systems and there has been not just one incident where issues on the management of finances have come up. Putting too much trust on a single company to handle your money may be what we have become used to, but having a public ledger which is immutable and secure surely changes things.

What are stablecoins again?

They are cryptocurrencies with fiat properties. They are both stable and efficient alternatives that provide wallet owners with the best of both worlds. Are you a trader looking to find a storage for your assets without having to transfer it into your bank or are you just someone who dislikes the centralized banking system but would prefer not to hoard cash at home? Storing your assets online as a stablecoin may be a great option. Check out more in our cryptocurrency section at https://www.cryptoversal.com/currencies

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Cricket World Cup Is A Fantastic Event of 2019


Cricket is a fantasy game that almost everyone cherishes. People like to watch more cricket matches during the World Cup. Although there are many board fans, only a very small number of people spend time watching in their daily work. During the World Cup, you can enjoy the festive atmosphere of the World Cup. Many countries compete with each other to win the World Cup. For a country that won the World Cup, this is a question worthy of respect. Winning the World Cup has brought so much reimbursement and allowances to players and the country.


The International Cricket Council first organized the World Cup cricket match in 1975. The West Indies team defeated Australia in the final and won the game. The one-day cricket match was born from a test match. Although the day of cricket is short, it is very appealing. The event is held every four years. World Cup cricket is a world-class prime minister, competing for the world title between countries.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is the most popular in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. The International Criminal Court is expanding its wings in other parts of the world, bringing more and more countries to the World Cup. The International Criminal Court is focusing its development plans on Africa, Asia and the United States, with the aim of bringing more countries into the club. There are currently 16 countries participating in the World Cup. Every country has complete dedication and creates new records. Players are in a foreign country and they represent their country. This is a platform on which they can prove their abilities and bring credibility to the country.

For board fans who want to enjoy the World Cup cricket match, there are many benefits. The hotel is reasonably priced. You can get these offers online; you don’t need to hire an agent. Simply log in to the websites that offer booking tickets and other amenities. Tickets and hotels are affordable, so you can enjoy a complete and enjoyable trip.

Cricket sports can be seen everywhere during the World Cup. People listen to channels about cricket discussions or live matches. You will find people around you talking about cricket. Even if you can hear the World Cup live broadcast on FM and local radio channels. All TV channels discuss cricket with experts. It’s all about cricket hot, you go cricket, talk about cricket, sleep cricket, eat cricket. You can get cricket news on the internet, newspapers, sports and news channels.

Australia is the most successful three-victorious team, then the West Indies won twice, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan each won. Everyone is crazy about the scores the team has made. This is one of the important events that everyone wants to know. The World Cup cricket match is one of the most challenging events for them to prove their players. For a player playing World Cup cricket, this is a dream come true.

The ninth Cricket World Cup was hosted by the West Indies. They are organizing this event in a very pleasant and interesting way. Through this event, they are also promoting their tourism. This Caribbean West Indies will create many new records and scores. The World Cup cricket timetable is being conducted on the Internet, magazines, newspapers and TV channels. You can access any media to get the latest news on World Cup cricket.


Experience with Sharp Circles


Sharp Circles is a digital marketing company located in Melbourne, 180 Lonsdale Street, Floor 19. It provides several different services, all pertaining to search engine optimization and improving website rankings on search engines. SEO services are split into different packages that vary in terms of length and price, amongst other factors, depending on what the client needs, all with the purpose of improving the search ranking of websites when using certain keywords. Other services include a free SEO audit tool. The company consists of a team of senior and junior consultants, supported by sales, customer service and administrative staff.

Sharp Circles

In comparison with other Melbourne SEO company sites, main difference I can find is the other sites have the tendency to showcase current and former clients. Other digital marketing companies sometimes have a wider range of services to provide, such as PPC and content writing, depending on their size.

Don’t have any suggestions for the company to speak off, as I lack knowledge on the specific workings of Sharp Circles, and on what makes a successful company in general. A potential suggestion would be trying to increase their media presence, though from what I’ve seen there’s already an effort to do this. Melbourne Marketing Consultants

During my time with Sharp Circles, my activities at the company can be summarized as the following

  • Being taught the basics of SEO, contributing to a DIY SEO guide, and editing a WordPress website.
  • Research on WordPress, as well as ways in which websites can be optimized to be faster.
  • Edited the coding of the WordPress themes directly – that is to say, I added HTML and PHP code to the default files of a placeholder website.
  • Working on the presentation slides.
  • Research on white label SEO tools that could be added to the company’s websites.
  • Helping with the presentation and updating Excel client reports.
  • Research on server migration and FTP tools.
  • Editing the recordings of the presentation and transcribing the content.

During my time at Sharp Circles I learned a lot, especially regarding search engine optimization and websites. I benefitted a lot from the amount of freedom that was given to me during WordPress web development, since I was allowed to make changes and suggestions based on my own judgment. When given the task to research potential solutions, such as the white label audit tool and certain plug-ins, I felt like my input and research was considered and valued when making decisions. If I had to give constructive criticism, it’d be on the times where I didn’t have tasks to carry out, though that was usually on quiet holiday days. I’m overall very satisfied with my experience here.

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Clean Your Social Media Presence with My Big Clean


In today’s society many people are turned down by employers and recruiters because of their social media pages. The reason behind is because they have undesirable posts from the past, having lack of guidance in posting, and posting things that may damage their public image. Our service can help eliminate these problems by clearing the history of their posts, monitoring their page, and by providing guidance on what to post for their targeted audience. My Big Clean searches your tweets for inappropriate or damaging content and allows you to quickly view and delete them.

clean online presence

Your social media posts might win over or make you lose friends, but according to a recent CareerBuilder survey, they could also have a big impact on prospective employers. Seventy percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates (on par with last year), while seven percent plan to start. And that review matters: Of those that do social research, 57 percent have found content that caused them not to hire candidates.

The national survey was conducted online on behalf of CareerBuilder by The Harris Poll between April 4 and May 1, 2018. It included a representative sample of more than 1,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries and company sizes in the private sector.

Who’s Checking and Why?

Broken down by industry, those in IT* (74 percent) and manufacturing (73 percent) are more likely than those in retail/non-retail sales* (59 percent) to do social networking digging on potential job candidates. But it’s not just the social sites that are fair game – 66 percent of employers say they use search engines to conduct their research on potential job candidates.

Nearly half of employers (47 percent) say that if they can’t find a job candidate online, they are less likely to call that person in for an interview – 28 percent say that is because they like to gather more information before calling in a candidate for an interview; 20 percent say they expect candidates to have an online presence.

For more details :- http://press.careerbuilder.com/2018-08-09-More-Than-Half-of-Employers-Have-Found-Content-on-Social-Media-That-Caused-Them-NOT-to-Hire-a-Candidate-According-to-Recent-CareerBuilder-Survey


Novi.Digital Kicks off 2019 with Exponential Growth and New Client Acquisitions


2019 is shaping up to be a big year for the company. novi.digital has today revealed its new client acquisitions and new service offerings.

Since 2009, novi.digital has seen double digit exponential growth consistently every year and based on the excellent start to 2019, this growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 2019 now sees novi.digital’s clientele and service offerings further expand. The company also revealed today several new hires to support their rapid development. novi.digitalhas now managed over £6 million in advert spending on behalf of its clients. That number is only likely to multiply as the company grows further.


In addition, B2B review platform Clutch named novi.digital as a top 2019 B2B service provider in their latest report. Clutch uses a mix of independent client reviews and market research to determine its rankings.

novi.digital’s latest clients:

novi.digital introduced its two latest clients today. Herbalife Nutrition is a highly successful health and wellness company. They aim to provide personalised nutrition to millions around the globe. Also a leader in their field, Cox Motor Group supply cars and motorcycles across the north-west of England. Their success comes from producing “exceptional service, value and expertise” for the customer.

Managing director Aaron Crewe said of the companies:

“A warm welcome to our latest clients Herbalife Nutrition and Cox Motor Group. We look forward to providing our many years of experience to our new clients. We’re ready to deliver the high-quality results that make our agency so well regarded”.

novi.digital’s new services:

novi.digital also announced today that their range of services is expanding. They will now be available to manage your Google Shopping accounts. Google Shopping is a key promotional tool for e-commerce businesses. Additionally, the agency will be offering ads and management services for social media. These new services will complement the PPC and SEO work the company delivers. “These services provide businesses with new avenues to build brand awareness and revenue”, the company says.

novi.digital’s latest hires:

Jake Ward – Digital Marketing Executive

“Coming from a background of digital and brand design, Jake brings passion, creativity and knowledge to novi.digital” explains director Aaron Crewe. After seeing outstanding freelance work from Jake, Aaron and the senior management team at novi.digital decided to hire him on a full-time basis. He went on to say that “Jake brings previous creative agency experience and further digital marketing expertise to novi.digital”.

Jessica Mitchell – Account Manager:

Jessica says that she loves to “generate real impact and push preconceived limits”. “These values are key to the success of novi.digital”, says Ethan Giles, the senior operations manager at novi.digital. He went on to remark that Jessica “has experience sweeping across the scope of business development and marketing. Her passion for innovation brings a wealth of ideas to the table”.

Aaron Crewe and the senior management team additionally welcomed new team expansions in freelance and intern roles. “Training is a big part of the service novi.digital offers. We run regular SEO and PPC training workshop programmers to develop the teams within our clients’ organisations. We also mirror this training within our company with regards to internal training of new recruits”.

novi.digital are a data-driven and psychology-focused SEO and PPC agency.

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