What Is Sunless Tanning, And Why Should You Consider It?


Basking out in the sun is fantastic and it feels so good. However, if you want to enjoy this without the risk of getting skin cancer from a real tan or a fleeting color of a bronzer, the only solution is using a sunless tanning product.

Sunless tanning, otherwise known as self-tanning, is the effect of suntan without the sun. When the skin comes into direct contact with sunlight, the UV rays produced by the sun can cause skin cancer. Because of this, you need a product that can help absorb these UV rays on your skin without affecting your skin’s glow. Sunscreen product absorbs UV light and prevents it from hitting the skin which prevents tanning,


How do these sunless tanning products work?

The only way you are getting a tanned look without being exposed to the harmful UV light is by using sunless tanning products. They are mostly sold as lotions and beauty products that you apply on your skin. You can also opt for professional spray-on tanning if you can’t keep up with the creams and sprays.

Most of these sunless tanning products have an active ingredient known as dihydroxyacetone. When it’s applied on the skin, it reacts with the dead skin cells in the surface area of the skin and temporarily darkens the skin stimulating the tan. After a few days, the coloring fades off.


Does the self-tanning product protect from sunburn?

Using the sunless tanning products to prevent a sunburn is not effective. If you want to protect your skin from sunburn, use sunscreen lotion as most of the sunless tanning products don’t have sunscreen. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, using sunscreen is essential, but it’s only active for a few hours, not days.


The safety of sunless tanning

Tanning products are safe as compared to the alternative, which is sunbathing. However, they are safe as long as you use the products as directed. The FDA approved DHA for external skin applications, but the ingredient should not be applied to areas such as the nose, lips, areas around the eyes, or inhaled as the damages that can occur as a result are unknown.

There are sunless tanning pills, and these are not considered to be safe. They contain a color additive that isn’t safe for the body if taken in huge amounts. The active color ingredient in the pills turns the skin orange or brown and causes liver damages, hives, and impaired vision. SO consider hiring a sunless tanning company today!


Best Way to Apply Sunless Tanning


Self-tanning is an excellent alternative to sunbathing and lasts longer too. However, you must know how to best apply the self-tanning product, so you don’t leave some areas of the skin uncovered or have streaks running all over your body. Most sunless tanning products come in form of lotions and spray, so applying isn’t as challenging but has to be done carefully. Here are the basics of applying sunless tanning:

  • Using a washcloth, exfoliate your skin before you apply any self-tanner. If you can use an exfoliating product, it’s much better as it helps remove most of the dead skin cells. Make sure to exfoliate from head to toe. This prevents your tan from fading unevenly and looking splotchy. Oil-free exfoliators are best as oil creates a barrier between the skin and the tanning product leaving it streaky. Concentrate more on exfoliating the elbows, ankles and knees as this is where the skin is thickest.
  • Apply lotion. After taking a shower and thorough exfoliation, apply oil and fragrance-free cream on your hands from the wrist to the fingertips, on your elbow and knees as well as the back of your heels. These are the areas with thick and dry skin, and if you apply the self-tanner before applying lotion, the skin on these areas absorb more pigment as compared to other parts of the body which causes unevenness.
  • Apply in sections. To get the best results (even and unstreak tan) apply the tanning product in parts. Gently massage the product into the skin and in a circular motion. Apply the tanner to your different body sections such as the arms, the legs, and torso. Avoid applying the self-tanner as if you are applying body lotion. To avoid discoloring your arms or having orange arms, wash your hands using a lot of soap after applying in every section.
  • Dry yourself. While applying self-tanner, do it in a cool and dry place. After using the self-tanner, give your skin some time to dry off. Wait for at least ten minutes before you get dressed. Wear loose clothing for the next three hours or so to avoid sweating.

After applying the self-tanner, it’s good to apply sunscreen every day. The self-tanner doesn’t protect your skin the same as the sunscreen. Make sure the sunscreen is water-resistant and offers broad-spectrum protection.

For the best results it is  recommended to hire a sunless tanning company. A sunless tanning company will make the tan more even and will  last loner.