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The most popular examples are the best endless problems associated with popular superhero characters and free online games. Movie fans actively collect catwoman hentai, Batman Hentai, Harry Quinn, Spawn, Clown, John Wick, Wonder Woman, Takeda Samurai, John Taylor Christopher Star Wars and Justice League CGC Champion.

The list of the best hemtai includes every essay about Titan, Miracle, DC and dangerous Wanderer attacks. For myreadingmanga and mangabox collectors, you will find a variety of near mint fakku, also known as fakuu | faaku! | fukku | fuuku,



Another related class of deviantarts includes Naruto, Zenescope, Amryl, Action Labs, Grimm Fairytales, Cavewoman, J Scott Campbell and Elias Mendosa risque cover.

In addition, the most popular artists are Stanley Lau Artgerm | Julian Totino Tedesco | Adigranov | Andrea Sorrentino | Bill Sienkiewicz | and Buddha Root. Many readers will also be interested in Buzz updates from Conny Valentina, Devon Massey, Francesco Mattina, Frank Cho and Gabriele Dell’Otto.

Fresh face

In order to stay ahead in endless games, publishers have released new superhero characters for digital video content and stories. You’ll see Harley Quinn, Spawn, Joker, Wonder Woman, John Wick, Justice League, Batman and Magic Spider-Man’s role-playing expressions. Giuseppe Camuncoli and Greg Horn showcase their dynamic colors and art on the pages of Miracle, DC Hentai and nm + cgc comics.

No matter if you search for fuuku, faaku, all kinds of fakku stories will become vivid! , fakuu or fukku. Each page will enter myreadingmanga. Others hope that the new storyline includes incredible immortal Hulk, Cat Woman, Vampire, Red Sonja, and perhaps Lady Death. Kinky fans watch the wandering art of Dan Mendoza, Joshua Middleton, Stanley Lau Artgerm, Sana Takeda and Jenny Frison through free and dollar boxes.

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Fortnite Battle Royale Game Costumes From Our Cosplay Twitch Partners

FORTNITE was developed by the companies Epic Games and People Can Fly.  In 2019, it will become a free or free-to-play video game. Another game mode, called Fortnite Battle Royale, was released independently in September 2017 for the same platforms.

In the event E3 2018 it was announced that a version for Nintendo Switch would come out that would be available for download immediately.

For some reason one day, 98% of humans on earth suddenly disappeared, and the remaining population found that the skies were covered by a strange purple storm that has the property of creating monsters called carcasses ( husks). ), humanoid creatures similar to zombies that attacked living people.

The survivors found ways to build the Anti-Storm Shields, a field that cleared storm clouds from above, and reduced carcass attacks, and used them to establish survivor bases around the world. The player is a commander of one of these bases, in charge of leaving the anti-storm shield to find resources, survivors and other allies to help find a way to return Earth to its normal state.

In the metagame, the player has an inventory, with a scheme of weapons and traps, there are hero-like characters, defending characters and support characters, along with the resources collected. The schemes are used to build weapons and traps when they are in the field. The hero characters represent the characters from one of the four classes that the player can use during their mission, and they are also used to carry out the resource collection missions, which makes them unavailable until they return from the mission . Defensive characters can be summoned to help with the defense, but only if there are less than four players on a mission. Support characters are used to form several non-playable squads that provide passive bonuses to attack forces, construction speed, armor and health for the player, with additional benefits if the player can match certain attributes of characterization within a squadron.

The experience points and the resources obtained as rewards of the mission, from chests of boots (represented as a flame piñata), or other sources to level up and evolve the character schemes. For weapons and traps, this generally increases their effectiveness and unlocks bonus bonus attributes, while leveling up hero characters will unlock the special abilities that the character has on the field. Schemes and characters are usually assigned a rarity, which determines how much they can level out and evolve.

The inventory of schemes and characters of a player is limited, but players can choose to put one they do not need in a collection book to get their rewards when certain collection sets are completed; it is possible to use one or more of these schemes or characters to transform them into a new random element, or simply withdraw them to retrieve experience points and other resources, and to free the spaces from the inventory.

In the initial design of the game, Epic Games had used more spooky and darker designs for the Cascades and other enemies. Bleszinski stated that this would create a “very exhaustive environment”, which would be too bleak, and instead the overall design should take a more caricatural approach, while being spooky, so that players enjoyed spending time in the game world, and thus not try to compete with games like DAYZ. To do so, they used as inspiration in their designs various references such as works by Pixar, Tim Burton, and elements of the Looney Tunes.


Fortnite uses the technique of random generation of procedures to build maps for each mission. The game also includes an artificial intelligence as a director, which monitors how players progress and alters the difficulty of the monsters that send them according to their level of progression, decreasing if the players have greater difficulties to survive. At a time, the game had a Versus (PvP) based on the equipment, where each trying to build a base around a central target mode while trying to attack the target opponent after traversing the base. This element did not reach the final game.

The company Epic Games currently has multiplatform games between PC and PS4, and has established plans to allow independent support of Fortnite’s linked platform , for Xbox One and users with personal computers, but it has not been announced that it will become multiplatform. for the three platforms. However, for a few hours during a day in September 2017, the players discovered that they could play between the three platforms. Epic Games then corrected this, calling it a “configuration error”.

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Comic Book Movies and Heroes

News abounds every year about new movies that are released based on a comic book storyline or character.  Thanks to the proliferation of comic book stories and characters, media titans like Netflix, Apple, Warner Brothers… have tons of content to develop.  They continue to launch films and series that bring our favorite comic book heroes,  heroines, and villains to life.

Luckily Hollywood continues to support new projects based on all types of comic books.  The films are successful around the world and new records are broken each year.  The recent hit Aquaman proves that global fans are still ravenous for new comic content brought to life on the big screen.  Stats also show that consumers want more of this rich content on their small screens at home and on the road.  Digital viewing through home streaming and mobile phones also continue to skyrocket each year.



We are excited about upcoming movies that are base don Dc VS Marvel comic book heroes. Marvel Avengers Endgame hits theaters in 2019 for the 4th movie installment to conclude the series.  Captain Marvel is also set to release in 2019. Clint Barton (HawkEye) will assume the identity of Ronin in Avengers: Endgame (2019) played by Jeremy Renner. Ronin is an alias used by several characters in the Marvel Universe. The name Ronin refers to the Japanese term for a Samurai without a master, a solitary warrior.

Sounds like there will also be a Walking dead movie based on the hit series from Image Comics. We can also expect DC’s Shazam movie in 2019, along with the DC television series Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol.  Of course New Mutants and Glass will also launch in 2019.  Glass brings exciting villains to life that are sure to lure new fans to the comic book universe.

Spider-Man Far From Home hits theaters this year along with the long-awaited JOKER movie, which focuses on The Clown Prince of Crime’s origin story.  This story will be told through a very unique lens where Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is Arthur Fleck.  The villain starts off as a  failed standup comedian from the early 1980s.  He somehow is driven insame by his failures and leaves a trail of destruction and chaos throughout Gotham City.

Our hope is that more content launches from the sci-fi fantasy and comic book realm.  Stay tuned for the hottest comic book art on sale each week at Sofan Comics.  We supply global comic book fans with the best modern comics on earth.











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Anime Manga Fakku Cosplay T Shirts T-Shirts Fakuu Fukku

Cosplay ( コスプレKosupure) , Short for costume play (I interpret disguise), is a kind of representative fashion, where participants also called cosplayers, using costumes, props and costumes that represent a specific character or idea. Cosplay practitioners often interact to create a subculture focused on interpretation of roles. A broader definition of the term “cosplay” applies to any use of costume disguise roles offstage as well as designing or making the costume, regardless of its cultural context. Favorite sources for this include comcis, movies, books anime, manga, fakku hentail, and video games.

The cosplay has a specific cultural approach dedicated to the realistic representation of an idea or a fictional character itself; it can have different variants according to the intention and the context, usually making a physical and dramatic representation of a character. Among its variants are notably: the representation of anthropomorphic characters, and the anthropomorphic adaptation of zoomorphic characters.



The term cosplay originates from a contraction of costume, disguise, and play. Also know as costume play. cosplayer a person who practices cosplay.

Some versions on the origin of the term attribute the creation of the cosplay term to Nobuyuki Takahashi of the Japanese studio Studio Hard in 1984, during the Worldcon presentation in Los Angeles. Other versions mention that the first appearance of the word kosupure (コ ス プ レ) was in a number of the magazine My Anime in 1983.

The phenomenon of cosplay emerged in the 1970s in Japan’s Comic Book industry, which is based in Odaiba ( Tokyo ) and many places of purchase are called Dojinshi. This act continues to be carried out periodically. There, Japanese groups dressed up in their favorite manga, anime, comic and video game characters. So this practice has always been closely related to these products, but over the years, it was extended to cross the borders of the country of the rising sun and cover other fields to this practice where it is considered a Japanese subculture.

Cosplayers in Harajuku (Tokyo) dressed like the members of the band Malice Mizer.

The number of followers of cosplay has always been increasing. It is becoming more common to see cosplayers in any celebration, and it is not uncommon nowadays, to see them during premieres of the great film productions. Many groups gather in their own costumes and best galas in movie theaters.


Cosplay contests are very common in anime conventions and in some you have the opportunity to enter for free by wearing the costume. Of course, in such events there are many so-called kameko( kamera kozo , camera boy ), (although there are differences, since kozo is a rude way of calling a child, others believe that they are called kameko by “Kamera Otoko” , which means man-camera) that are dedicated to taking pictures of cosplayers, after which, depending on the customs of the place, they offer copies as a gift or incorporate them into the galleries of these people.

The most attractive cosplayers are the most photographed and usually surround themselves with fans, who follow them to every act they attend; and they happen to become “Idols”. These cosplayers are made in a certain way professionals; but many times attempting against copyright to collect money in the acts where they are invited and without paying rights for the use of the image and / or brand of a character to the creator or company.

Cosplay also includes the furry fandom

Cosplays of the Flintstones family in the city of Punto Fijo, Venezuela

The importance of cosplaying around the world is reflected much more in young people considered as generation Y, or millennials. Young people who seek to find a more globalized identity without focusing on a single lifestyle; therefore, there are cosplayers that can be considered rockers, graphic artists, DJ’s, etc.

Within cosplay there are some trends where you could highlight crossplay, which is to wear a character of the opposite sex, or the furry, which is disguised as an animal with human characteristics.



Cosplay contests are organized in various countries, often at a cartoon or anime event.  Higher scores are awarded to the best costume or the best representation of the character.

It is common for cosplayers of one nationality to travel on their own to other countries to participate in cosplay contests.

Given that cosplay has become a widespread practice in almost any country that has an act related to anime, some companies have taken advantage of international competitions such as the World Cosplay Summit held in japan or the Yamato Cosplay Cup, which is celebrated in Brazil.



Crossplay is a popular term that refers to a type of cosplay in which the person disguises himself as a fictional character of the opposite gender.

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Anime Cosplay Costumes From Our Cosplay Partners


Manga ( 漫画 or ま ん が? ) known as the Japanese word for comics and comic books. Outside of Japan it is used both to refer to comic strips of Japanese origin and to the style of drawing used in them.

The Japanese manga is one of the three great historical traditions worldwide, along with the American and French/Belgian. It covers an extensive variety of genres and reaches diverse audiences. It is a very important part of the Japanese publishing market and motivates multiple adaptations to different formats: animation series, known as anime, or real image, movies, video games, and graphic novels.

Each week or month with deliveries of new magazines are published each series, the melodrama style featuring heroes whose adventures entice readers. Since the eighties they have also been conquering Western markets.


Hentai ( 変態) is a Japanese word which means pervert/perversion or ‘transformation / metamorphosis. In addition, hentaiis the name given to the adult and mature manga and anime hentai genre of content.

The amount of drawings illustrating sexual activity in manga or anime fakku hentai can vary greatly. It also varies the type of sexual activity and the characters involved, who undergo very few restrictions when dealing with fictional characters.

The common meaning it has in the West comes from the Japanese use of エ ッ チ ( etchi , often written echhi, Japanese approximation of the English pronunciation of the letter H), which is believed to be an abbreviated form of hentai comic that was used as a euphemism for 60 years. Although its origins are not entirely clear, not even in Japan. The “H” in Japan is used to refer to any content or sexual activity (equivalent to the ‘X’ in the West), so “H manga” is manga with sexual content. However “H” and “hentai” are not synonymous, and you can not change one for another.

Wikipe-tan character that contains stereotypes of a manga hentai and anime style drawing.


Anime , also written anime and anime , in Japanese : ア ニ メ (abbreviation of animation (the kansas or animēshon : ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン), which is the Japanese adaptation of the word animation . Its use on the part of the foreign public to refer to the Japanese animation has ended up by popularly converting it into a term that identifies Japanese animation.

In its beginnings, around 1907, the Japanese animation receives the name of senga eiga (literally “films of drawn lines”), later it will be known with the term Doga (“images in movement”) and, finally, on 1960 it will pass to called animeeshon (originallyアニメーション[ animēshon ]. Hence be shortened to “anime” (アニメ). on the other hand is believed to be a word of French origin. The anime is a means of great expansion in Japan, being while a product of commercial and cultural entertainment, which has caused a cultural phenomenon in masses and a form of technological art.

It is potentially aimed at all audiences, from children, adolescents, adults, to classification specializations essentially taken from the existing one for “manga” (Japanese cartoon), with base classes designed for socio demographic specifications such as employees, house, students, etc. Therefore, they can deal with subjects, themes and genres as diverse as love, adventure, science fictions, children’s stories, literature, sports, horror, fantasy, comedy, and man others.

Anime is traditionally drawn by hand and at first the processes carried out digitally were very specific (retouching and editing). However, currently the most common tasks within the production of an animation, such as coloring or visual effects (brightness, shadows, ambient light, etc.), are made with digital applications, which allow greater control about work and help to speed up the work of artists at unsuspected levels in a traditional animation process.

Anime scripts include a large part of the genres of fiction and are transmitted through audiovisual media ( tv broadcasting , distribution in home video formats and films with audio). The relationship of the Japanese anime with the manga is narrow, because historically a large number of series and anime works are based on popular manga stories. In addition, it also has a close relationship with graphic visual novels.

Anime is characterized mainly by the particular use of the so-called limited animation, the expression in plane, the suspension of time, its thematic amplitude, the presence of historical figures, its complex narrative line and above all, a peculiar style of drawing, with characters characterized by large and oval eyes, very defined line, striking colors and reduced movement of the lips.


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Grading Comics – Collect NM+ Comic Books

Comic book grading standards are based on Overstreet’s Grading Guide and our best estimate.   Comic Book Grading is very subjective with varying opinions.  CBCS, PBX, and CGC are the most popular grading services in the USA.


Professional comic book grading eliminates concerns about grade misrepresentations by providing a professional assessment of condition and quality. Certified comic books by CGC are graded by the hobby’s most experienced and trusted team, according to well-established grading standards. Every CGC-certified comic book undergoes a thorough restoration check by leading professionals during the certification process. When restoration is detected, it is fully noted on the certification label.

Once certified by CGC, a comic book is encapsulated in a state-of-the art, tamper-evident holder, providing superior protection and stability for long-term preservation.

CGC employees are prohibited from commercially buying or selling comic books, eliminating any potential conflicts of interest. CGC was the first impartial, third-party certification service.

Over one hundred thousand comic books are submitted to CGC each year. Books are carefully handled and tracked through the grading process, and always fully insured while on our premises. You can explore comic book grading by tracing through the grading process.

CBCS is another popular grading service which offers impartial grading and certification for comic books. From the moment your books enter their CBCS facility, they are handled with the upmost care by highly trained and professional staff. Their facility boasts a heavily fortified, climate controlled vault, and state-of-the-art security cameras that record and save, the actions of every CBCS employee in every room where comic books are during the certification process.

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Fakku Fakuu Fukku

Fakku (styled as FAKKU!, or simply F!) is the largest English-language hentai publisher in the world.

At its core, Fakku provides users with manga anime and doujinshi from Japan.  The content and work is shared across the fakku anime manga community, which is now a huge audience. The fan base is passionate about the anime comic books, graphic novels, and movies.  They get together at meetups and conventions and roleplay with their colorful and creative cosplay outfits.

Dōjinshi (同人誌, often transliterated doujinshi) is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or graphic novels. Dōjinshi are often the work of amateurs, though some professional artists participate as a way to publish material outside the regular industry. Dōjinshi are part of a wider category of dojin including art collections, anime and games.  Groups of dōjinshi artists refer to themselves as a sākuru (サークル, circle). A number of such groups actually consist of a single artist: they are sometimes called kojin sākuru (個人サークル, personal circles).



Witchcraft (Hentai Manga) May 23, 2019 by Yamatogawa

School Love Net Jul 4, 2018 by Keito Koume

Shady Dealings Jun 13, 2018 by Gy

Wild at School May 1, 2018 by Michito Bota

Honey Pot Style Dec 1, 2017 by E-Musu Aki

Melty Maiden Jul 4, 2017 by Toroshio

Ecchi Sketch! Jun 20, 2017 by Leopard

Capture Me May 1, 2017 by 801 Media

Bashful Break Apr 1, 2017 by Homunculus 

Metamorphosis Mar 1, 2017 by Shindo L

A Healthy Appetite Jan 4, 2017 by Sugaishi

Kira Kira 2016 by Hamao

After School Vanilla Sep 16, 2016 by Key

Vanilla Essence Oct 11, 2016 by Various

Meaty Minxes Aug 31, 2016 by BoBoBo

Deep Stalker May 29, 2016 by DATE

A Strange Kind Of Woman Vol. 2Sep 2, 2014 by Inu

Welcome to Tokoharu Apartments Manga Mar 1, 2015 by Kisaragi Gunma

Stop Quibbling about love Graphic Novel Sep 10, 2018 by Kerorin

It’s a Straight Line Once You Fall in Love! (Hentai Manga) Jul 1, 2016

The Lion and the Bride Vol. 1 Nov 7, 2017 by Mika Sakurano

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend May 22, 2018 by Toshio Maeda

Urotsukidoji – Legend of the Overfiend Nov 1, 2016 by Toshio Maeda

Tokyo Ghoul Complete Box Set: Includes vols. 1-14 with premium  Oct 16, 2018 by Sui Ishida

A Silent Voice Complete Series Box Set Dec 19, 2017 by Yoshitoki Oima

THE TROUBLE WITH MY BOSS Vol. 1 Dec 12, 2017 by Mika Sakurano

Claymore Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-27 with Premium Oct 20, 2015 by Norihiro Yagi

Ouran High School Host Club (Issues) (18 Book Series) by Bisco Hatori and Nancy Thistlethwaite

Attack on Titan Season 1 Part 1 Manga Box Set Apr 24, 2018 by Hajime Isayama

Naruto Box Set 1: Volumes 1-27 with Premium Aug 26, 2008 by Masashi Kishimoto

Death Note Box Set (Vol.s 1-13): Volumes 1 – 13 Oct 7, 2008 by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

My Hero Academia, Vol. 1: Izuku Midoriya: Origin Aug 4, 2015 by Kohei Horikoshi and Caleb D. Cook

Rosario + Vampire Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-10 and Season II Volumes 1-14 with Premium Nov 3, 2015 by Akihisa Ikeda

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Box Set Nov 6, 2012 | Box set by Hayao Miyazaki

Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set Oct 31, 2017 by Katsuhiro Otomo

The Manga Artist’s Workbook: Easy-to-Follow Lessons for Creating Your Own Characters Oct 13, 2009 by Christopher Hart

Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley: 30 drawing lessons from the creator of Akiko Feb 8, 2012 by Mark Crilley

Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga: The Craft of Creating Manga Jun 13, 2017 by Hirohiko Araki

How To Draw Shojo Manga: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Drawing Shojo Manga VOLUME 2 Aug 19, 2012



At the age of seventeen, Yukito Kishiro was nominated for the “Best New Comic” award by Japanese publisher Shogakukan’s. He created other popular series like Aqua Knight, Ashen Victor, Battle Angel Alita…  He is known for strong characters, intricate and detailed settings, and very lifelike artwork.


Kōhei Horikoshi (堀越 耕平 Horikoshi Kōhei, born November 20, 1986) is a Japanese manga artist known for creating the shōnen manga series Ōmagadoki Dōbutsuen, Barrage, and most recently My Hero Academia.   He is a graduate of Nagoya University of Arts and a native of Aichi Prefecture. Kohei was a former assistant for Yasuki Tanaka, creator and author of the manga series Hitomi no Catoblepas and Kagijin.

Horikoshi’s favorite manga series include One Piece, Naruto, Boys on the Run,  Akira, and Tekkonkinkreet. Horikoshi is also an avid fan of Marvel Comics and American superhero comic books.


Akira Toriyama (鳥山 明 Toriyama Akira, born April 5, 1955) is known for changing the history of manga.  His books are very popular and influential. His masterpiece Dragon Ball is cited as a source of inspiration by many manga artists. Akira is a Japanese manga artist, character designer, and game artist. He reached mainstream appeal for his manga series Dr. Slump, and later went on to create Dragon Ball.  Akira was a character designer for the popular video gamesBlue Dragon, Chrono Trigger, and the Dragon Quest series

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Amryl Cavewoman Caveman

The story of Cavewoman is rooted deeply in science fiction and fantasy.

Meriem Cecilbie Cooper is born in July 1980 to parents Robert Addam Cooper and Gail Nicole Reicher, in the fictional town of Marshville, Oregon. After Robert dies of unknown causes, Gail turns to drugs, which leads her to fall in with an unsavory secret group of government agents. Eventually wanting to sever her ties with this group for Meriem’s sake, Gail seeks the help of Meriem’s scientist-inventor grandfather Francis Peacock Reicher affectionately called “Gramp.” After first being thwarted, Gramp makes a mysteriously superhuman return, defeating the agents easily and taking 8 year old Meriem away on a hovercycle from the future.

At Gramp’s laboratory, Meriem discovers a time machine and a body-enhancing device that allows a living being to pass through the time stream. It is here that she first meets Klyde, Gramp’s 15 ft. gorilla who has been accidentally altered by the body enhancer. Gramp then enhances Meriem as well, but accidentally instead of going 70 years into the future Gramp, Klyde and Meriem are transported 70 million years into the past. Thus the trio begins an ongoing adventure through time while on the run from dinosaurs and a secret branch of the government.

Meriem and Gramp settle in a large cave and begin a struggle for survival. As events transpire, Gramp is killed early on by a Tyrannosaurus and Meriem leaves the cave. After a fierce fight with local carnivores, Meriem ends up naked when her clothes were torn off during the fight.

After more than ten years, and growing into a buxom 19-year-old, Meriem lived in the local jungles naked, savage, happy, and free. Dinosaurs were taught to fear her. Meriem becomes reunited with Klyde, who attacks her and almost kills her. She then returns to the cave. Not wanting to be naked and savage anymore, she eventually makes a jungle bikini (with dinosaur teeth hanging on the strings) out of a leopard-printed snakeskin blanket. She also avenges her grandfather by slaying the Tyrannosaurus responsible for killing him, but rescues two Tyrannosaurus hatchlings from Velociraptors. One named Harmony becomes Meriem’s companion while the other named Peace became her enemy.

Later, the whole town of Marshville is transported into a prehistoric past. When this takes place, Meriem becomes their guide and protector in the prehistoric world. The civilians had to protect themselves from the dangerous dinosaurs by building an electric fence around Marshville. She eventually leads most of the Marshville citizens safely to the Pangaean Sea.

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Fakku Manga Anime Cosplay Dojinshi Fortnite Comics, Books and Movie have Massive Appeal

Fakku (styled as FAKKU!, or simply F!) is the largest English-language hentai publisher in the world.

At its core, Fakku provides users with manga anime and doujinshi from Japan.  The content and work is shared across the fakku anime manga community, which is now a huge audience. The fan base is passionate about the anime comic books, graphic novels, and movies.  They get together at meetups and conventions and roleplay with their colorful and creative cosplay outfits.


Dōjinshi (同人誌, often transliterated doujinshi) is the Japanese term for self-published works, usually magazines, manga or graphic novels. Dōjinshi are often the work of amateurs, though some professional artists participate as a way to publish material outside the regular industry. Dōjinshi are part of a wider category of dojin including art collections, anime and games.  Groups of dōjinshi artists refer to themselves as a sākuru (サークル, circle). A number of such groups actually consist of a single artist: they are sometimes called kojin sākuru (個人サークル, personal circles).

Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a combination of the words costume play, is a performance art where participants called cosplayers wear self-made costumes and accessories to represent a specific character.  Cosplayers often interact to create a role-playing subculture.  Outfits are inspired by anime, cartoons, comic books, manga graphic novels, movies, television, and popular video games like Fortnite. The Fortnite video game phenomenon has led to an explosion in the # of cosplay characters throughout the world.  Keep an eye out for the next cosplay convention coming to a city near you.

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Bill Sienkiewicz – Comic Book Artist & Fan Favorite at SOFAN Comics

Words can’t explain the impact of this man’s stunning artwork. His unique images evoke swells of emotion.  Bill Sienkiewicz has the rare ability to capture the deep essence of his characters and convey it through paint strokes onto canvas.  We find ourselves staring at his comic book covers looking for truth and inspiration.

Collectors from all over the world seek out his rare comic book covers to display in their personal collections.


Boleslav William Felix Robert Sienkiewicz (/sɪnˈkɛvɪtʃ/ sin-KEV-itch), better known as Bill Sienkiewicz, is an American artist known for his work in comic books.  Sienkiewicz’s work in the 1980s was considered revolutionary in mainstream US comics, due to his highly stylized art that verged on abstraction, and made use of oil painting, photorealism, collage, mimeograph, and other forms generally uncommon in comic books.


Please support and follow this iconic comic artist below:



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