Captivating, Romantic, Sightseeing and Guided Private Tour of Paris

Paris proudly celebrates its heritage by maintaining the Cities cultural landmarks, world-class art collections, and formal French gardens. This City has a unique way of romancing tourists with captivating sightseeing Paris guides showing the magical ambiance of Tours in France’s Capital.  Parisian people are known to love the finer things in life, and that shows through in the exquisite award winning cuisine, boutique cafe’s, stylish fashion houses and historical sights.

Paris Custom tour guides will enchant you with their knowledge of the grand monuments such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and the beautiful Champs-Elysées.  Try a walking tour along the quaint cobblestone streets trimmed with lovely lush trees or a night cruise along the River Seine, and you will see this stunningly romantic City at its best.

Visiting Paris with a guided Paris private tour company is not complete without a trip to the famous Moulin Rouge for a captivating night of musical theater and fine dining. Parisian’s are very laid back, but their stylish lifestyle can rub off on any tourists, so order a coffee in a quaint cafe and take in the style and elegance of beautiful Paris.


Custom Tours at the Moulin Rouge for Captivating Musical Theatre in Paris

Paris City private specialist tour companies will customize your trip to the infamous Moulin Rouge for a night of musical theater with the famous Doris girls executing the “Can Can” with fabulous flare.  There is an excellent mix of entertainment with some international acts and a choice of fantastic French cuisine from various menus.  Moulin Rouge translates to Red Mill and has been a staple of entertainment in French culture since 1889.

Paris has been a leader in couture since the 19th century with famous fashion houses like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior, a visit to see these Chic salons with tour guides is a must. Even though Paris is a city of couture and is full of historical culture, there is a lot more to see and do, for endless family fun head to Disneyland Paris for a little piece of Florida fun in Europe.

Most Paris City Tours will take visitors to the Bohemian Montmartre district near the Latin Quarter, explore the lovely shopping stores or visit any one of the cafe’s at the Saint-Germain-de-Pres and start your lifetime affair with this loveable city. Paris private tour

Step Back in Time to Discover Ruins & Romance on Rome Private Tours

See haunting and historic ruins and step back in time to discover the romance and history on Rome private tours, explore and enjoy this stunning ancient city. Discover the mix of vibrant street life, antiques from the Christian Faith are at every turn on your guided private tours of Rome. Italy’s capital is classed as one of the worlds most inspiring and popular destinations to visit.

It was just a dream for me after finishing 39 Episodes of Spartacus in 3 weeks to find my self in Rome. Joining a big group to explore the city was a big mistake, I didn’t actually know what I was expecting.

After making an on the spot decision in a short time to book and come to Rome, I was not planning to meet Spartacus and Crixus, but a girl can dream. I decided to stay an extra week in Rome and do everything recommended with a Rome private tour guide, all I can say If you really want to see the haunting ruins, vibrant street life and smell the 3000 years of history to you must definitely book private tours of Rome. Helena Tye    


Explore Greatest Highlights & Hidden Secrets on Guided Rome Private Tours

When you are deciding where to go and what to see and do on any holiday, it can be challenging but with so many best private day tours from Rome available for you, make sure to try to see as much as possible in a short time. You can visit the ruins of Pompeii, or drive along The Amalfi Coast on a private tour. You may also want to see the ethereal light on the Tuscan hills on a day sightseeing tour from Rome and do not miss a visit to the magical and romantic island of Capri on a full day trip from Rome.

With so many sites to see in Italy’s most famous city, the only effortless way to get a complete picture and experience of the Eternal City is to pick any one of the best private tours Rome has to offer. We definitely recommend you to choose the skip the line Rome private tours book early in the high season as it is guaranteed to be very crowded.

While enjoying your day tours in Rome try some of their famous food or book a gourmet tour and see the fun of Rome’s modern yet classic dishes. Pizzas, Espresso Coffee and Gelato, are just some of the delights you can immerse yourself in a while admiring the historical splendour of Rome. Tours to the Colosseum one of the most fearful arenas in the world at the time of the Roman Empire are most popular with families so the kids can see where the Lions would come out to the stadium.

Of course, there is St. Peter’s Square where the Pope gives his weekly address is a top attraction for every Catholic Tourist. The Mouth of Truth where Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck had one of the most acclaimed and best movie scenes in history in the movie Roman Holiday. Through three coins in the Trevi Fountain make a wish and see if your dreams come true even for the short time you are there. The parks and nature reserves around the city are lovely and are a favourite stop off on most Rome city tours. Sometime during your holiday take a seat in a piazza, order a coffee and watch the world go by.

It is No Mirage the Wonder and Allure of Private Taj Mahal Guided Tours

The Taj Mahal in Agra is an architectural wonder. This is one of India’s most famous attractions. When you arrive at the private Taj Mahal Guide, you fully understand why it is one of the seven wonders of the world.

This is not only its magnificent charm, it will enchant you with the many sightseeing tours offered by the Taj Mahal, and it is also a romantic story behind its creation.

This white marble, symmetrical monument is majestic, especially from the main portal when you arrive at the private Taj Mahal. There are hotels on both sides of the mosque, with four spires in each corner.

The interior of Taj Mahal’s private culture tour is impressive. This is a very grand, symmetrical and enjoyable experience, including grave.

Finally, if the monument is not enough, then there is a symmetrically arranged garden for hiking on the Taj Mahal.

When deciding to visit here, you should really plan to use private Sunrise Taj tours. This is the most spectacular moment of the day and sees all its glory and romantic wonders!

It is worth the early start of a private sunrise Taj tour to see the United States

Taj Mahal

The romantic story behind the construction of the Taj Mahal began in 1607 when it was the son of the fourth Mughal emperor in India. Shah Jahan, 14, had met with 15-year-old Muslim Persian Princess Arjumand Banu Begum and fell in love with her at first sight. Their game was grandly held in 1612.

After becoming an emperor in 1628, Shah Jahan entrusted Arjumand Banu with the royal seal and called her Mumtaz Mahal, which means “the gem of the palace.”

Shah Jahan also has other wives, and Mumtaz Mahal is his favorite and she carries with him, including participating in military operations.

Mumtaz Mahal passed away due to complications from the birth of the 14th child. It was on her deathbed that Shah Jahan promised to never remarry and built the best mausoleum on her grave.

After 22 years of hard work with 22,000 workers, the world’s most beautiful mausoleum was completed and the Shah Jahan shoulder tomb and Mumtaz Mahal died in 1666.

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