Over 100 digital screens illuminate the route of 2020 metro stations

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai: The Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled for October 2021 and is likely to attract over 25 million visits. Gearing up to make this event a success, Pixcom Group of Companies has installed LED digital signage across new metro stations enroute 2020. Signages Complement the Modern Dubai Metro Stations. Pixcom has successfullyContinue reading “Over 100 digital screens illuminate the route of 2020 metro stations”

Introducing the Silent Salesman in Deira City Centre with Pixcom

Digital Display has taken over the market with better displays to improve branding and provide better engagement tools to expand the customer experience. Most of the brands are adopting LED Digital Signage Solution in UAE and this industry is buzzing everywhere. Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays keep following you to tell you what to eat,Continue reading “Introducing the Silent Salesman in Deira City Centre with Pixcom”

Pixcom LED Video Lighting – Illuminating Buildings & Creating Landmarks

Light-emitting diodes or Led Video Lighting have been around for many years and are mainly used for niche applications such as trinkets and indicator lights. However, because LED lighting has high energy efficiency, not to mention technically superior to other light sources, such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, it is also expected to surpassContinue reading “Pixcom LED Video Lighting – Illuminating Buildings & Creating Landmarks”

Transforming Organizations By Integrating Technologies by Pixcom

Thanseerahammed Ootikkal, Manager of Energy Department at Pixcom Group of Companies elaborates how integrating legacy technologies with new advance set of technologies enable efficiency and enhanced productivity System integration is a crowded and very competitive space; how would you position yourself in the market? System integration can be a crowded space, but when it comesContinue reading “Transforming Organizations By Integrating Technologies by Pixcom”

Digital Signage Company in Dubai, UAE – Pixcom

Now that most of the company’s budget is spent on advertising, business owners like you should become smarter when choosing the best platform that should be implemented. This is one of the main reasons why you need to know more about digital display before you start using it in your business. Unfortunately, due to busyContinue reading “Digital Signage Company in Dubai, UAE – Pixcom”

How Smart Police Stations Helped Residents Amid Covid

When the Covid-19 pandemic restricted face-to-face interactions last year, it had been easy for the Dubai Police to serve the public because it already had the platforms needed for digital transactions. One of its innovative projects in particular, the Smart Police Station (SPS), has proven to be a big help to the community. More thanContinue reading “How Smart Police Stations Helped Residents Amid Covid”

Digital Signage Makes Customer Experiences in Retail More Comfortable

Shihas Kizhisseri, the Chief Executive Officer at Pixcom Group of Companies, speaks about the state of digital signage industry in the region In terms of signage and digital signage which products and solutions are your focus areas this year? Our primary focus for the next two years will be on big events which are happeningContinue reading “Digital Signage Makes Customer Experiences in Retail More Comfortable”

Pixcom Outdoor Display Systems Providers Dubai – Bring Business To An Area

Any form Outdoor Display Systems Providers is currently one of the most effective forms of advertising available for enterprises and organizations. This is because there are many functionally important elements in these LED signs. Each of these factors is an effective advertising technique, and combining these elements has been proven to create extremely successful signage.Continue reading “Pixcom Outdoor Display Systems Providers Dubai – Bring Business To An Area”

Landscape Light Solution – Pixcom

Benefits of Landscape Light Solution Landscape lighting aims to reveal the concealment of the night, and should improve the house, extend the entertainment time, and provide safety protection for the owners and residents. In addition to the obvious benefits of enjoying the yard in the evening and during the day, illuminating your house can alsoContinue reading “Landscape Light Solution – Pixcom”