Benefits of Transparent LED Displays Supplier in Dubai


If you actually work in any retail form, it’s very likely that you will keep large ticket items in a display case. Whether you’re selling mobile phones, iPods, jewellery or baked goods, display cases are a great way to showcase your merchandise without the risk of being stolen, fingerprinted or excited and unattended. However, if your box does not have the right lighting quality, you are likely to lose a lot of sales. Believe it or not, the right lighting in your situation can actually make your product more attractive to consumers. This is why it is highly recommended to use Transparent LED Displays lighting.

So, what is the difference between the LED display cabinet lighting and the lighting you are using? The short answer is everything. transparent led displays supplier a clearer, more natural source of illumination. They do provide better clarity and clarity, which means your consumers can easily view the details of the item. With clearer lighting, your customers can better understand your products without having to ask for all items to be removed from the display case for further inspection; this saves your staff a lot of time while protecting your items Protect from fingerprints, damage and theft.

Transparent LED Displays

Transparent LED Displays lighting also has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting options. For example, halogen lamps emit a lot of heat and consume a lot of power. They also provide a very unnatural source of light that may make it difficult for customers to actually see the best products in your product. Incandescent lamps are very similar, and fluorescent lamps only bring about minor improvements. LED lighting is the power source for the best HDTVs on the market today, for a reason – they just provide a better choice.

Of course, no improvement should be made to the retail store without considering the cost. This is where the LED lights really start to shine again, without puns. Whether you’re lighting under the cabinet, LED lighting or bay lighting, LED lighting has amazing cost-effective purchases. But the real savings are the operating and maintenance costs. LED lighting rarely requires maintenance because these lamps burn longer than other types of lamps. You will also find that they consume very little power and are hardly hot during operation.


Business Owners Satisfied With Avaya IP Office Platform Providers in Dubai


Avaya IP office platform providers has been working on the telecommunications industry for many years to develop a variety of handset models to provide customers with the choices they need. Your company needs good communication to grow and can provide the right system at the right price.


Should you use a wired phone for a wireless connection or be grounded? Your options also allow you to choose your phone model based on the intended end user, from executives to secretaries to visitors and customers. You can also choose to use a traditional digital phone system or choose a new era of Avaya IP phone systems.

By carefully considering the various groups of people who will use your business phone system, you will be better able to meet all of their individual needs without damaging the bank.


The number of models offered by Avaya phones in Dubai will make executive officers happy and efficient. The execution model has a clear, easy-to-read display and numerous function keys just to get started. Both digital and IP models are available. The IP model provides internet access and uses a variety of different applications. Take advantage of our full range of accessories and accessories to add more communication capabilities.

Production line management and employees

Your staff will need their own phone number, which is what the following Avaya phone system does. With features such as one-click call processing and Internet access, these phones will bring good news to employees at all levels. Each user can customize their personal phone to suit their individual needs and tastes. With the choice between traditional digital phones and IP phones, your choice is limitless.

Secretary and receptionist

Once the new phone system is installed, the speed at which the receiver can now handle incoming calls will immediately show up. Not only can they manage all incoming and outgoing calls, they can also quickly set up conference calls and forwarded calls. If necessary, increase the total capacity of the management phone system. Whether you have a dedicated manager or whether you assign these responsibilities to many of your employees, this phone system can provide you with everything you need.


Custom Interactive Indoor Outdoor Kiosk System Providers In Duabi UAE


Interactive Indoor Kiosk

Designed for 24/7 applications, our commercial-grade touchscreen indoor kiosks feature elegant design and functionality for easy self-service and customer interaction. These kiosks can easily replace traditional printed posters/banners or any visual effects that require frequent communication or shouting. These are one-time investments that can immediately bring you a return on your investment.

Kiosk System Providers

Interactive Outdoor Kiosk

Our high-brightness outdoor interactive kiosk is the perfect solution for all outdoor advertising needs. Their unique features such as corrosion protection, theft protection, automatic light sensors for brightness control, intelligent air cooling systems and connections make them the perfect choice for any outdoor location.

Custom Kiosk

The advantage of a custom designed self-service system is that you are free to build a functional and usable system while adding brand-specific elements. Custom kiosks can really be your personal statement.

By designing the concept of a kiosk system from scratch, you can enhance your brand with the look and feel of the unit. Pixcom’s team of designers and engineers work together to create the best solution for you. Our engineers can implement advanced features into a system that remains modular and visually appealing.


Kinetic Indoor Outdoor Display System and Providers in Dubai, UAE :- Kinetic is helping brands connect with, and activate, their audiences while they’re on the move. Kinetic understands the customer’s physical journey better than anyone.

Facade Led Video Lighting And Supplier in Dubai UAE :- Modern industrial buildings can not only be functionally illuminated with a custom light solution but can also be displayed in an attractive way. Light is used to accentuate architectural details and to place the focus on complete buildings and objects.

Buy Avaya IP Phone Maintenance And Support by Pixcom in Dubai UAE


The management of business telephone systems is something that many companies want to put in the hands of third parties and never consider them. They can do this when they get Avaya maintenance and support from a licensing service provider. When companies take advantage of Avaya maintenance and support by implementing a fully hosted or managed telephony network, it receives the following important services that ensure the system is properly configured and provides the highest level of functionality.



The first benefit companies get when implementing a fully hosted or hosted network is professional installation, which includes: installing a phone in a workstation, installing a PBX (private switch) device in the field, and programming the system if the customer chooses to host the network. The biggest feature. Because it ensures the proper use of network resources, professional installation is one of the most important third-party phone services that businesses can receive.


Avaya phones maintenance in Dubai is another benefit of implementing a fully managed or managed telephony network. Authorized providers of Avaya telephony maintenance provide a full range of communication management services, including: remote response system alerts, on-site response when remote alarms cannot be resolved, repair or replacement of faulty hardware, improved programming of system functions, and scheduled service checks to ensure resources Normal operation and proper use.

Stand By

As mentioned above, the service provider will remotely monitor the functionality of the network. This can quickly solve technical problems and achieve a high success rate. With the right diagnostic tools, Avaya Phone Care Providers will resolve over 90% of system alerts without having to touch the customer’s property. Remote monitoring provides different levels. Some companies only need to monitor the telephone network during business hours, while other companies need to monitor around the clock. Service plans can be customized to meet the needs of each customer.

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Custom Indoor Outdoor Led Display Supplier and Solution Providers in Dubai :- The Pixcom LED Screens are brighter and sharper than ever before. Even in desert sunlight, brighter sunny days in the Middle East which are the most challenging environmental light condition for any LED Screens. Our LED displays are designed for fast and easy maintenance from both front and rear. Each module can be released by 2 turns of 180 degree from back or rear.

Get The Best Digital Signage Solution For The Retail Industry in Dubai, UAE


What can an advanced digital signage solution do for you?

The secret lies in the software. The per-identification solution will include business intelligence software integrated into your inventory software. This integration allows for highly intuitive marketing applications to help you increase sales to your on-site customers when making final purchase decisions at the cash register. This is accomplished by presenting the customer with an attractive visual image of the up-sell offer of the target that matches its original purchase.

Digital signage companies in Dubai combine LCD screens with business intelligence software to enable you to measure the effectiveness of specific promotions and enhance the look and feel of retail stores to increase return visits.


How does it work?

A new generation of digital signage solutions connect directly to your cash register, analyze each customer’s purchases to determine the best matching upsell offer; then, display an upsell offer to your customers on a customer-facing LCD screen Attractive visual image. The analysis is based on predefined rules set according to your business strategy.

For example, in a clothing store, the system can be programmed to promote slow moving items, provide sweaters on rainy days before the rainy season, or sell on the fashion line of the previous season. Then, before the actual purchase, the matching quote will be displayed to your customer when the customer receives the payment.

The benefits of digital signage solutions:

Increase the average sales per customer. Provide the right product for your customers at the right time. The interactive signage system provides customers with an attractive visual image of the product to complement the products they have purchased. This visual image forces customers to buy additional products because they feel they are bargaining. By providing customers with products that complement their original purchases and meet your marketing strategy, you can increase your revenue immediately.

Optimize inventory usage. Promote slow-moving products to unlock valuable space in stores and storage. Advanced signage solutions allow you to program rules into your system that will trigger the promotion of messages that are more difficult to sell. Smart solutions will give you maximum control over your inventory usage, so you can keep your inventory in the way that best suits your business needs.

Promote impulse buying tendencies. Force your customers to purchase additional unplanned items by leveraging their impulse buying preferences. If the customer is exposed to the relevant up-sell offer when making a purchase decision, then your customer will be more likely to purchase the unplanned product at the time of the incentive.

Instantly modify live promotions. Take advantage of every marketing opportunity presented to you by tapping the button and taking advantage of changing environments such as vacations, inventory or weather. The ability to instantly change promotions is more effective than relying on outdated marketing methods such as promotional window posters or pop-ups.

Increase the return visit rate. Make sure your customers get back to your business through the day’s promotions and make customers feel more appreciated, thus improving the overall atmosphere of the branch. Advanced digital signage solutions bring a stylish, modern feel to every retail store and provide customers with a personal style that suits their taste.


Kinetic Lighting and Indoor, Outdoor Display System Suppliers in Dubai


Kinetic Indoor Lighting Solution

Kinetic is helping brands connect with the audience and activate them on the move. Kinetic knows more about the physical journey of the customer than anyone else.

An example of our dynamics solution is the display block in the tower structure that draws the attention of visitors, especially in malls, airports, indoor stadiums, etc., changing the way you interact with customers through innovation. It is a unique combination of industrial kinetic energy robots and large LED screens for superior display in indoor locations.

kinetic outdoor display system

Kinetic Outdoor Lighting Solution

Our outdoor dynamics structure has the power to interact with your customers in a unique way. Our power sculptures enhance the commercial space and impress visitors. Our creative talent team, solution engineers, project managers and internal general contractors guide projects during the design, manufacturing and installation process to provide brand solutions that communicate with their audiences when they move.


Benefits of ICT Solution & Services Provider in Dubai


Pixcom is one of the leading solution providers in the UAE. We offer a wide range of ICT solutions including business, management solutions and managed services.

We understand the needs and needs of our customers and provide the services based on the best solutions in the region. We offer complete turnkey solutions to meet the expectations of each industry. Pixcom emphasizes vertical industries such as BFSI, SMB, corporate, oil and gas, government, banking and finance, and education.

Benefits of ICT Solution & Services Provider in Dubai

IT infrastructure

With the ever-changing IT infrastructure in the region, any enterprise upgrade must be carried out in every industry, especially in the UAE. Pixcom helps companies design their current IT structures and upgrade them as needed to justify their business goals. We focus on designing, installing and recommending the best solution to perfectly match the smooth operation of your IT environment and business.

We have launched several IT infrastructure projects in the UAE. Pixcom works with a number of well-known solution providers in the region to meet the specific needs of its customers and to perfectly integrate their technology needs within a nominal price range. Pixcom follows a unique assessment that improves the manageability, flexibility and efficiency of any business or industry. We value our customers and follow the full pre-sales, execution and post-support processes. Our recommendations are well designed, including the overall scope of work, warranty, terms and conditions, payment process, project execution and handover time, support packages and commitments.

Software solution

The integration of top-level commercial software applications is Pixcom’s expertise. We follow the “smart thinking and smart action” approach and continue to develop groundbreaking software solutions to change the direction of our business.

Pixcom’s software division focuses on integrating applications with existing customer ERP systems to seamlessly monitor employee performance, call monitoring solutions, attendance, employee portals, finances, and more in a user-friendly manner. Pixcom is committed to improving and enhancing the customer’s existing business processes.

Our mission is fully supported by a team of highly qualified engineers and designers who understand the core intent behind it.