Mark Hayes The Legendary Comedian

  Mark Hayes is an Irish comedian who is most famous for his TV show The Adventures of an Irishman in LA. This brilliant entertainer shows how much fun a random Irish dreamer who fantasizes can have and is busy living the life in LA. His character goes so far on his adventures, it’s enoughContinue reading “Mark Hayes The Legendary Comedian”

Mark Hayes The Next Big Name in Comedy

  Being a stand-up comedian isn’t simple, and Mark Hayes has managed to become a master of this field. Hayes has worked as a comedian for years, to the point that he did a satire where he plays clips and episodes of showing his great sense of humor on display. The RanDumb Adventures of anContinue reading “Mark Hayes The Next Big Name in Comedy”

Mark Hayes Is The Ultimate Comedian

  Mark Hayes is somebody who truly stands out in the world of satire, and he is also the voice of Irish comedy. He can make audiences roar in comedy clubs all over LA. And Hayes also hosts a show called Luck of the Irish Night, which is an outstanding club at the center ofContinue reading “Mark Hayes Is The Ultimate Comedian”