Budget Travel Tips for Traveling Solo

It is often said that one must experience traveling solo for once in their life. Aside from gaining a new sense of independence and liberation, solo travel has numerous upsides – more spontaneous decision making, loose schedule, less advanced planning, and a heightened awareness of the self and of your surroundings. This continues to be one of the main reasons why people travel solo – getting a better sense of yourself and your capabilities. But one of the downsides of this is the cost. There’s no one to split the bill with be it for food or a hotel room. Don’t fret, there is a way to still stick to your budget despite going solo. Before booking a flight to your next destination, here are 5 useful tips to keep your solo trip on the budget friendly side through and through.


 1 Ivan Saccomani

Source: Ivan Saccomani

The got-to choices for solo travelers are hostels with cheap rates, or living arrangements with one more person or more be it through homeshares, couch surfing and spending a few nights with friends and acquaintances living in the area. However, these are not always available and you may not be comfortable living in a communal set-up with strangers. You can try searching through major booking sites for the best priced single rooms in chain hotels, or go for independent hotels that offer smaller rooms specifically targeted for solo travelers.


 2 Magnus Brath

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Public transportation is the best option especially if the place you’re visiting has a reliable one. Buses and trains will get you almost anywhere a car could take you, and they cost way less than a car rental – which usually entails paying the daily rate, tolls, parking fees and fuel. Also, there are destinations that are best explored through public transportation. Don’t forget to research about the train and bus systems beforehand so you can plan your routes properly.

Now if you want to be one with nature while exploring your destination, renting a bike can be your next best option. You may need to stretch your leg muscles for this and dig deep into your endurance; but you get to save money while having the freedom to take detours and stops or appreciate the view and mingle with locals.

Free Stuff

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The best things in life are free – so don’t pass up the chance to try and take all the free stuff that you can especially since you are traveling on your own and you have your own time on your own hands. Take advantage of free museum days and hours, free concerts, street festivals and more. There will most likely be a tourist department that has all the listings of free attractions and free passes for solo travelers, plus dozens of coupons, welcome cards and free items to boot!

Food and Drink

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Shopping for and eating your meals alone may be awkward and boring; but it has a lot of good sides. You can learn a lot about the local culture as you shop for your meal in local stores which offer the just-right serving size for you. Give local favorites and staples a try as these are usually the ones offered in smaller portions.There are also restaurants or food stalls that offer lunch specials. Take advantage of those and get free samples or snacks in the process. And instead of spending alone time in the restaurant, bring your meal to a park bench or an area near a fountain – eating with a view at less cost.


 5 Erin Pettigrew

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Wi-Fi, specifically free Wi-Fi, will be your bestfriend when you travel solo. Check beforehand if your lodging has a free connection. Avoid using your mobile phone’s data plan as roaming charges cost a fortune. You can also opt to rest in coffee shops or dining areas that have free Wi-Fi connections.

To end, always keep in mind that traveling solo means that you are your own boss. No one is forcing you to spend money on an activity you uninteresting, food you don’t favor or a souvenir you find boring. There may be times that you tend to splurge a bit, you are your own master so you have the power to decide just how much you can spend. So even if you go a little over budget, the memories you make and keep will make it all worth it.

Why Frankfurt?

When asked for a travel bucket list, one is always sure to find a European city on the top 5 or 10. The usual choices are London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, just to name a few. Indeed, these are must-visit travel destinations; but there is more to Europe than the usual. Why not try and visit a city that never makes it to the list? Why not spend your vacation in Frankfurt? This city is often referred to as the gateway of Europe. To know what makes this city great, here are 7 reasons why you need to book that flight to Frankfurt soon.

Unique Atmosphere

 1 Debs

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Known for being diverse and friendly, Frankfurt has a unique atmosphere that is identifiable in German cities. There is a sense of community and inclusion – even if you are a tourist. Try to wander the streets and be surprised at how you will find yourself making friends and striking conservation everywhere you go. There may be a slight language barrier as German is the official language; but a number of locals speak English as well. And if you are want to explore without the crowds, Frankfurt can offer you that as it remains relatively untouched by the barrage of tourists. So you get to explore the city with comfort.


 2 Patrick Nouhailler

Source: Patrick Nouhailler

Being a prominent piece of the Holy Roman Empire, the Napoleonic Wars, World War II and the bubonic plague, Frankfurt is rich with history. Immerse yourself in the lives of the ancient gladiators at the Archaologisches Museum Frankfurt. Visit the special exhibition to know more about their daily lives to the fighting culture of these professional fighters. Make the Museum of Natural History another stop to know more about the history of Frankfurt. This museum in Senckenberg is the largest of its kind in the whole of Germany. It has thousands of exhibits ranging from Egyptian mummies to rare fossils. The dinosaur collection here is reputed to be the largest in Europe.


 3 Kyu

Source: Kyu

Bask in the beauty of European architecture that this city has to offer. Take a walking tour to better appreciate the structures. English-speaking guides will take you around the top sites, including St. Paul’s Church and Westhafen Tower – the skyscraper known as the ‘apple wine tower’ by locals.The tour lasts around two hours and shows the important sites of the old and new city. If you’re looking for a combination of history and architecture visitRomer, the historic city hall. There is also some spectacular architecture at local churches like St. Leonhardskirche, AlteNikolaikirche and Paulskirche.

Food and Drink

 4 Ben Sutherland

Source: Ben Sutherland

There are some staples of Frankfurt food that are a must-try. Sample the city’s most famous bratwurst sausage in the Kleinmarkthalle food market. In this food market, locals queue daily to buy their lunch and the stalls here sell a great selection of dishes from across Europe. Other must-tries are local treasures like HandkasemitMusik, a curdled, hand rolled cheese, andBethmannchen, a delicacy of biscuits with marzipan and almonds.

When it comes to drinks, applewine (or apfelwein) has been Frankfurt’s most popular drink for over 250 years. Served at taverns and wine tasting spots all over the city, it is made with a lot of care and enthusiasm and is said to have healing properties. Many mix the drink with sparkling water, lemonade or apple juice to improve the flavor.


 5 Oferico

Source: Oferico

Romerberg market place, often called “The Roman Mountain, is situated in the historic heart of the city, adjacent to the Town Hall. Destroyed in the Second World War, like many of the city center buildings, it has been rebuilt as an exact replica. The surrounding shops and cafés all give an insight on the lovely German culture and traditions reminiscent of centuries ago.

If you visit Frankfurt within fall or winter, don’t forget to pay a visit to the famous Christmas markets that pop up across Germany. Outside the square at Christmas time, you’ll find over 200 stalls for the Christmas markets that sell items such as hot mulled wine, cookies and homemade gifts.



 6 Sam Chills

Source: Sam Chills

There are a lot of sightseeing destinations in Frankfurt. It’s like a cultural playground for those who enjoy everything from art and opera to outdoor activities. Start off by visiting the birthplace of an eccentric inventor and a possible monster by the same name, Frankenstein’s Castle. Though now it is in ruins, with just the two towers, chapel and a functional restaurant, the place comes alive once a year in October, on Halloween night when it is said that the mythical ‘Frankenstein’ makes its popular appearance.

Make Palmengarten Botanical Gardens your next stop and be amazed by the horticultural marvel that transports you to all parts of the world. This garden has an amazing collection of plants from the African savannahs to the Brazilian rainforests and the best of Europe’s floral gardens.

Then discover the birthplace of Germany’s famous poet, Goethe. Senckenberg is as important to Frankfurt as William Shakespeare’s home in Stratford, England. This half-timbered home located in Innenstadt district is a beautiful four story structure where the young poet spent his childhood. If you simply want to enjoy the outdoors, go for the biking and walking trails, both within and outside of the city. Nearby mountains offer great hiking trails as well.

Skiing in Summer

Everyone loves surf, sand, sun and fun – everyone loves summer. But the summer heat can take its toll, especially when you feel the sun biting on and burning your skin. There are times that you simply want to soak yourself in an ice cold bath, or just be around snow 24/7. Turn these cold weather fantasies into reality, and add a bit of sporty adventure when you plan a getaway to a place that allows you to experience winter in summer. To help you beat the heat, here are 8 of the best ski resorts to visit during summer.

Les DeuxAlpes, France

 1 Ross Brimble

Source: Ross Brimble

Known to have one of the largest summer ski areas in Europe, Les DeuxAlpes offers guaranteed natural snow on a glacier culminating at an altitude of 12,000 feet. The Mont-de-Lans Glacier is open from mid-June to early September where a funicular railway transports skiers up to the glacier’s eight runs, which are served by chairlifts and drags. The snowpark rivals that of Saas-Fee’s glacier, with its snow skate zone, slopestyle, cool zone, half pipe and a smaller pipe for beginners. If skiing is not your thing, there are other activities you can enjoy like mountain biking, tennis, swimming and trampolining.



Hintertux, Austria

 2 Alenxander Lindquist

Source: Alenxander Lindquist

Book a flight to Austria and visit one of the few remaining glaciers that remain open 365 days a year that offers the steepest lift-serviced glacier skiing in the Alps, and some of the surest snow. Hintertuxoffers a good range of runs for all levels; but is famous for its steep, challenging terrain. If you’re into freestyle skiing, you can hit the half-pipe, fun boxes, table-tops and rails. Summer skiing here includes 22 kilometers of runs accessed by nine lifts that are capable of transporting 3000 skiers per hour. There is even a free bus service that can transport you from a certain point in the resort to the bottom of the glacier.


Tignes, France

 3 Charlie Hasslehoff

Source: Charlie Hasslehoff

This is home to the Grand Motte Glacier, a glacier with 22 kilometers of varied terrain (blue, red and black runs) accessible by chairlifts and drags. Book a flight to France and visit this resort which is open from mid-June to early September. It takes seven minutes to get to the base of the glacier through the use of the underground funicular. This snowpark appeals to freestylers, professionals and amateurs with its half pipe, rails, moguls, hip ramp, quarter ramps and rainbow rail. To get your skiing 101, Tignes has a summer ski school which runs five-day workshops and hour-long lessons each day.



Zermatt, Switzerland

 4 KosalaBandara

Source: KosalaBandara

With 25 kilometers of summer skiing available on the Theodul Glacier, Zermatt is open every day from May to mid-November. This glacier plays host to the highest altitude and largest summer ski area in all of Europe. There are 13 runs, divided into blues and reds, and there is Gravity Park which features a half pipe, kickers and rails. Get the chance to see the Alps most famous peak, the Matterhorn. Taking a lift up to the summit of Klein Matterhorn provides the opportunity to gaze at as many as 40 peaks in the Swiss, French and Italian Alps.



Timberline Lodge, Oregon

 5 Rachael Voorhees

Source: Rachael Voorhees

This is the only year-round ski area in North America, open daily  between late May and early September and with prime skiing available in June and July. Timberline Lodge sits on the south of Mount Hood and is the state’s highest mountain, rising to an elevation of 11, 239 feet above the coastal lowlands of western Oregon. It’s home to a number of glaciers, with summer skiing on Palmer Glacier popular with intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders due to its challenging runs and terrain parks. Many feel it has the very best summer snow scene on the plant, with everyone from Olympic athletes to freestyle enthusiasts heading here between the months of June and September.


Whistler, Canada

 6 Roland Tanglao

Source: Roland Tanglao

Book a flight to Canada and head up to Hortsman Glacier, open between mid-June to late July, to see what the rave is all about. Take a scenic 45-minute ride up to the glacier via three chairlifts, with views of the entire Whistler Valley from the top. This glacier has terrain park features, mogul field and groomed slops. What sets this place apart are the non-skiing activities which you can enjoy as well. Choose from mountain-biking, bear-spotting, zip-lining, kayaking, golf, or fly-fishing.

Portillo, Chile

 7 Marcelo Januzzi

Source: Marcelo Januzzi

Located in the Chilean Andes, Ski Portillo is the oldest ski area in South America and features over 1200 acres with 35 trails for skiers of all levels. This resort is popular for its exclusivity, social atmosphere and policy of selling only 450 lift tickets a day – making the long lift lines not a problem at all.Advanced skiers appreciate the chance to enjoy free-riding, with the area’s abundance of steep off-piste faces, as well as the heli-operations that can get experts to even higher elevations and descents.Book a flight to Chile and take in the breathtaking scenery during the months of June, July and August. This is the best time to see the mountains look like they are rising out of the aquamarine-hued lake – nature at it’s finest.

Fun in Zurich

Known as Switzerland’s largest city and one of Europe’s main financial and industrial capitals, Zurich is well-known in economic and cultural terms. It’s also good to note that Zurich has a lot to offer to tourists. There’s the alpine mountains, the narrow alleys and quirky shops, the museums and renaissance buildings just to name a few. Before booking that flight to Switzerland, here is a list of some of the things you can do when you decide to have fun in Zurich.


Walk down Bahnofstrasse

This is a street popular with visitors as it is known as one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Walking down this 1200-meter street gives you a glimpse of how the rich and famous live – with underground bank vaults and elite shops that sell anything you can imagine. The lower half of the street (starting from the main train station), is filled with usual high street brands. Most of the luxury brands are located at the upper end of the street, close to the head of the lake. Take notice of the fountains, public art, trees and distinguished buildings that add to the look and ambience of this busy street.

Eat Swiss food

 1 Michael Lauridsen

Source: Michael Lauridsen

One of the first dishes you have to try in Zurich is fondue – one of the most recognized and most delicious Swiss dishes. This was invented as a way to use stale bread and aged cheese in the cold winter when fresh produce was unavailable.Visit one of the many shops that offer fondue or go on a cheese fondue cruise along the lake. If you’re a vegetarian, don’t miss the chance to eat at the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Hiltl has over 500 dishes when you choose to either order from the ala carte restaurant or try the buffet. Just remember that every gram will count in the buffet as they weigh your food to determine the cost of your meal. To end on a sweet note, don’t forget to pass by ConfiserieSprungli, the confectioner’s café that is a favorite of locals and tourists. Feast your eyes on truffles (made fresh everyday), bonbons, cakes and their signature macarons called Luxemburgerli. Thirsty? Quench your thirst by drinking from one of over 1200 unique fountains located around the city. No need to purchase bottled water as these fountains spew drinkable water 24 hours a day. Just stick your bottle or cup under the stream of water, and there you have it!

Explore the Old Town

 2 Dennis Jarvis

Source: Dennis Jarvis

If you want to see old-school European architecture and purchase traditional Swiss products, then a few hours in Alstadt is what you need. Stroll through the narrow cobbled streets, view the 19th century buildings and walk uphill to Lindenhof park to get a glimpse of the city. You can also visit St. Peter’s Church which stands on a little hill south of Lindenhof. This is the oldest parish church in Zurich that has a mix of Romanesque and Baroque architecture. Don’t pass up the chance to see the world famous Chagall windows at Fraumunster Church. This is a set of five stained glass windows, created by Marc Chagall, that bathe the chapel in a rainbow of light. Each window depicts a different Christian story which makes it one of Zurich’s most popular tourist attractions.


Take a train up Uetliberg

 3 DavideRestivo

Source: DavideRestivo

Located in the southwest portion of Zurich, Uetliberg is the most northerly summit of the Albis ridge and it rises to an altitude of 871 meters. Take the Uetlibergbahn, a mountain railroad, from the main station to the upper station where it is a 10-minute walk to the summit. Spend time at the observation point to see the best views of Zurich and get panoramic photos from all directions. If you visit during the daytime, you get a view across the Valais, Bernese and Glarus Alps with the Black Forest to the north and the Santis to the east. You can opt to take a cable car down to Adliswil to get even more photo-worthy scenes to end the mountain adventure.


Go museum hopping

 4 ActiveSteve

Source: ActiveSteve

There are a handful of museums that you can visit in Zurich. You can start with the BelleriveMusuem that houses the broad collections of applied arts from various historical periods. There are works of modern ceramics, textiles, marionettes by 20th century artists, even a collection of 200 historic musical instruments. Visit the Swiss National Museum, a castle-like building that showcases the cultural history of Switzerland. It has the most important collection of Swiss historic and cultural artifacts – more than 820,00 of them. This museum features everything from medieval to religious frescoes, weapons and Swiss clockmaking dating back to the 4th century BC. Cap off the museum tour with a stop at Kunsthaus. This is one of Europe’s top art museums which is run by the Zurich Society of Arts It has large collections of works by several artists like Van Gogh, Monet and Chagall. Expect to find a whole series of rooms dedicated to Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss artist and sculptor.


Visit Zurich Zoo

 5 Michael Bernath

Source: Michael Bernath

Considered by travel experts as one of the top zoos in Europe, Zurich zoo has more than 2000 animals and 360 different species from many geographic areas. Animals live as close to their own environments as possible – with snow leopards amid the Himalayan landscape, penguins swimming in chilly water, and flying foxes situated in a canopy walk amid 13,000 square meter of tropical rainforest.


Soak in a thermal spa

Get pure relaxation when you decide to spend a few hours in Thermalbad& Spa, where the water varies from 35 to 41 degrees Celsius. It is located in an old brewery and you can either choose to soak in the wooden tubs of the thermal baths, take in the view from the rooftop pool, or have an Irish-Roman spa ritual – complete with steam baths and shallow pools. Take note that it gets crowded on weekends, so make it a point to arrive early.


Hop on a boat

 6 Kuhnmi

Source: Kuhnmi

Ride one of the flat boats at Limmatschiffahrt to get a different view of the city – from the bottom up. These boats are built to pass below the seven bridges over the Limmat and these can take up to 51 passengers. It can get crowded when the boat begins its one-hour trip at Landesmuseum station, so make sure to check departure times and arrive early. Make it a romantic dinner cruise by boarding one of the Dreamboats. Take your pick of fondue, barbecue or vegetarian as you depart from Burkliplatz. Food and a good view of the city – a perfect way to end a fun trip to Zurich.

I Love the Nightlife

Nothing spells fun more than experiencing nightlife fun. It is also often said that the best way to immerse into a destination’s local culture is to do what the locals do. So why not combine the two – have fun while immersing in local culture? To help you decide which destinations to visit, here are the top 10 places with the best nightlife experiences.

Las Vegas

 1 David Stanley

Source: David Stanley

Flights to Las Vegas are as abundant as the number of nightlife activities present in the so-called Sin City. It is said that new clubs sprout up almost daily, and there are bars and casinos at almost every corner. There is a good mix of upscale bars with sophisticated setting – from extensive cocktail choices to an elegant ambience – to hip bars with lively setting – from multiple club rooms to the latest dance music. You also have the option to let the buzz die down in one of the many casinos this city is known for. Try your luck at any card game or in one of the slot machines – the winner gets dibs on the next round of drinks.



 2 Swaminathan

Source: Swaminathan

With a reputation for being rowdy after-hours, Bangkok is still a nightlife wonder. There are a number of flights to Bangkok just as there a number of within budget and upscale local bars that offer a sophisticated late-night experience. There are downtown bars situated on rooftops that offer a great panoramic view of the city while enjoying a drink or two. If music and dancing until the wee hours is you kind of thing, go for the rock clubs near Ratchathewi or the dance clubs just off Sukhumvit. If you prefer trendy pubs, go to Thlonglor and Ekamai. You get the best of both worlds in Bangkok.




 3 Pedro Szekely

Source: Pedro Szekely

If you want a little of everything, book a flight to London because its nightlife scene is just for you. There are comedy cabarets and swanky boutique bars where you can enjoy late-night revelry with class. Be entertained by soothing live music and surrounded by romantic décor as you sip one of the drinks from the cocktail menu. If you want something more comfortable and simple, visit a pub to get the traditional pub experience of beers, ale, and a laid-back atmosphere. If you want to something more on the arts and culture side, spend time in the opera houses to witness nightly performances as you enjoy a drink. Indeed, you get to stay classy as you enjoy a drink in London.




 4 GanMed64

Source: GanMed64

Party all night is what Ibiza is all about. Book a flight to Spain if you want to experience the much-talked about party circuit that lasts all day. Why? Because in Ibiza, you attend beach parties in the day, go to hotel bars in the evening and dance to the best DJs in the world all night. There is no place like Ibiza as this is the only place where you can slide on dance floors covered in soapsuds or be, one with pool revelers under a suspended DJ cabin. Also, don’t be in shock when you find a wind tunnel built into a dance floor, or parade floats and foams dropped from the ceiling. Again, this is Ibiza – where everything goes.



Buenos Aires

 5 Nestor Galina

Source: Nestor Galina

Called the “Paris of the South”, Buenos Aires is not for the faint of heart. Book that flight to Argentina when you can keep up with the nightlife experience of eating dinner at midnight, heading to the bar at 1 or 2 am, and returning home in the morning. There are bars that offer music, dancing and food all at once. You can go for the upscale bars, where you might be lucky to catch a tango cabaret show complete with live orchestra and a three-course meal. If you want a more relaxed experience, visit local bars that double up as record stores or restaurants. Get to experience good music, good food and good drinks all in one night. Definitely a bargain!




 6 Rodrigo Soldon

Source: Rodrigo Soldon

When you book a flight and get to Brazil, you have two choices: Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. If you choose Sao Paulo, you get to visit the cultural hub of Brazil. Walk to the nearest club or joint and start shaking the night away to samba, bossa nova or Brazilian thrash punk music. Don’t forget to grab a meal and drink before you do so as these dances last a long time. If you opt for Rio de Janeiro, you get to visit the city of Samba in Brazil. There are upscale bars that offer a pristine view of the sea while you finish one of their well-crafted cocktails. Take note that there is a chance you get to mingle with some of Rio’s most elite as they frequent these bars. If you want a spot of culture to go with your drink, spend the night in one of the cultural center where art exhibitions, theater performance and music recitals are held. Culture, drinks and fun all in one!




 7 Hussein Abdallah

Source: Hussein Abdallah

The cold doesn’t bother the locals of Montreal from having a good nightlife experience. Book a flight to Canada and get to be a part of a vibrant nightlife scene even when temperatures dip below freezing. If you prefer drinks of all kinds, visit bars that offer creative drinks made by an expert mixologist. Aside from the cocktails being handcrafted to fit every taste, the menu is these bars change to reflect seasonal ingredients. If you prefer wine, there are sophisticated wine bars. Finish a glass or a bottle while surrounded by wine glass chandeliers, fur-covered bar stools, and wooden tables. New or classic – both are available in Montreal.



New York City

 8 Kolitha De Silva

Source: Kolitha De Silva

Dubbed as the city that never sleeps, booking a flight to New York literally means just that as this city has a lot of options to offer for its nightlife experience. There are warehouse parties in Brooklyn where you get to mingle with the low-key crowd, and there are mega-clubs in the Meatpacking District where you get to rub elbows with the in-crowd. Also present are trendy hipster joints in the East Village, hotel lounges, loft parties and college bars. If you want a good mix of music and drinks, there are indie rock shows, hip hop and jazz clubs, plus heavy metal and opera bars. There is no limit to the number of ways this city can entertain you, which is what makes it New York.




 9 Alexander Chalenstein

Source: Alexander Chalenstein

The parties never end in Berlin. If you want to experience partying all days of the week, then book a flight to Germany as soon as possible. There are late night venues that are open until the early hours of the morning – with a line of people still waiting to get in. Don’t freak out when you find clubs with beds installed on its bottom floor (so customers can sleep without having to leave), clubs with ceilings completely made of LED lights, or clubs with a swimming pool next to the dance floor. Quirky is the way to go in Berlin




 10 Pug Girl

Source: Pug Girl

The City of Lights continues to light up after hours. After booking a flight to France, one of the first places to visit when it comes to the nightlife experience is Moulin Rouge. Get the chance to watch a cabaret show while sipping champagne and tasting the sample cuisine from one of the gourmet tasting menus. If you want something more exclusive, visit one of the most exclusive nightclubs created by a movie director. Club Silencio is a secret club that only allows members and guests until midnight; but then admits the general public right. Take the chance and you might be lucky enough to mingle with some of the Parisian society and Hollywood’s elite. If you want something more low-key, visit any of the local Parisian pubs or bars. All the lights never go out in Paris.

Top 6 Golden Week Destinations

Just a few more days until April ends and May begins – this can only mean one thing: Golden Week is fast approaching. This is one of three busiest holiday seasons in Japan – with a majority of people having a number of days off, thus making it a popular travel season. With crowded train stations, airports, highways and sightseeing destinations, this is the best time to travel abroad and explore. To help you decide, here are six of the best places that you can avoid the hustle and bustle and simply relax:

  1. Peru

 1 Eder Fortunato

Source: Eder Fortunato


With the end of the rainy season, the month of May is one of the time to visit Peru, especially the Machu Picchu. The valleys of this World Wonder are still green and lush at this time of the year, plus you get to take it all minus the big crowds – which usually arrive in June. Experience hiking the Inca Trail – which is the best way to see the Lost City of the Incas; but book your flight to Peru as soon as possible because no more than 500 people per day are allowed on the trail. Permits need to be filed and granted months in advance. Most of the guided walks on this trail cover 26 miles in four days, where you get to marvel at nature’s beauty through steep sections and the chance to sleep at over 3000 meters.

  1. Western Australia

 2 Adon Buckley

Source: Adon Buckley


Long days of sunshine and clear blue skies greet you when you book a flight to Australia in the month of May. This is the beginning of winter or the dry season. It may not snow here but you get to see a different side of this country and of this season. Also, this is a good time to visit this part of the country due to the annual Whaleshark Festival at this time of year. This marks the return of these marine giants to the Ningaloo Reef. Festivities abound from parties and live music to float parades and discounted tours, where you can see the gentle giants as they bask over the reef. Be one with nature as you get to explore parks, sanctuaries and lagoons within the area.

  1. Italy

 3 Thomas Fabian

Source: Thomas Fabian


With perfect weather and with the celebration of festivals, Tuscany is the perfect Italian destination in the month of May. Flights to Italy are available and not as full since not a lot of organized tourist groups visit at this time of year. Roam the streets of the birthplace of the Italian language and marvel at UNESCO world heritage sights, medieval country houses and ancient cities – a living and breathing museum at every corner. Try to bask in the warm, country air in a sundress as you walk through Chianti growing vines and Tuscan rolling hills. And don’t forget to indulge yourself with a scoop or two of gelato!

  1. Greece

 4 Pom Angers

Source: Pom Angers


Discounted room rates, less crowds, comfortable days and cool evenings are what will greet you when you visit the island of Crete in the month of May. No need to worry because flights to this eastern Mediterranean treasure, called Greece, are accessible. If you want to bask under the warm sun of the longest sandy beaches, head to the northern part of the island. If you want to challenge yourself, head to the southern part of the island and start a hike to the Samaria Gorge. Know more about the island’s rich culture by visiting the Minoan palaces of Knossos and Phaistos, old towns like Chania and solemn destinations like Arkadi Monastery.

  1. Bahamas

 5 A. Duarte

Source: A. Duarte


May is the best time to visit the Caribbean with rates starting to drop, the weather still good, the water warm and zero chances of a hurricane. Flights to the Bahamas are as hot and available as its weather. Get the chance to experience perfect beach weather in Eleuthera, one of the islands known as a prime hunting ground for idyllic strips of sand. Let’s not leave out Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island as it is recognized as one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Treat yourself to a fantastic beach getaway – minus the burning heat of summer and the presence of bugs and mosquitoes.

  1. Morocco

 6 Juan Antonio Segal

Source: Juan Antonio Segal


Before the country starts experiencing the hot and sweltering summer heat waves, the month of May is an ideal month to visit Morocco. Book a flight as soon as possible to explore the cities of Marrakesh and Essaouira and enjoy warm spring days and cool nights. You also have the option to head on over to the Mediterranean coast and get a much-needed sunbathing session. Be one with the locals and attend the Rosa Festival in one of the small towns along the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Immerse yourself in three days of traditional songs, dance, sword-fighting and feasting. Celebrate until the end to get a glimpse of the nearby Vallee des Roses – a region blanketed in pink flowers every spring.

Travel As An Art Lover

For an art lover, nothing speaks more to his soul than to be surrounded by the most creative and breathtaking masterpieces. For an art lover and a traveler, visiting a museum or a gallery is the best way to hit two birds with one stone – appreciate the best art the place has to offer and learn more about that place’s culture and history. If you are that kind of person, here are 7 of the top destinations to satisfy your artistic craving and wanderlust.

Florence, Italy

 1 Chris Yunker

Source: Chris Yunker

Art is everywhere in the city of Florence, which is considered as one of the best cities in world for art lovers. From the city, public piazzas to the galleries, you won’t be disappointed. Visit Galleria dell’Accademia to get a glimpse of David by Michaelangelo, the main draw at this gallery. You also get the chance to see the other sculptures of Michaelangelo and a collection of Renaissance paintings. Spend time at Uffizi Gallery to get a glimpse of the world’s greatest collection of Italian Renaissance art and Loggia deiLanzi to behold an open-air museum that showcases antique and Renaissance cultures. Stroll through the city itself to admire incredible architecture found in numerous buildings and churches. Don’t forget to keep your camera ready as these structures take on a magnificent glow when day breaks and when the sun sets.


Paris, France

 2 MoyanBrenn

Source: MoyanBrenn

Where does one even begin to explore the art that the city of Paris has to offer? You can start by being more familiar with the fascinating history of Paris by visiting the MuseeCarnavalet. Then you can hop on off to several museums in the neighborhood. Take your pick from Musee Picasso, which has works by Pablo Picasso, and MaisonEuropeenee de la Photographie, which has works of contemporary photographic art. You should not miss out on the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay especially if it’s your first time in Paris. The Lourve is one of the largest and most visited museums in the world. A tour in this museum can take days since it has over 35,000 pieces of art including famed pieces like the Mona Lisa, Liberty Leading the People, and The Lacemaker. Musee d’Orsay, on the other hand, features the works of Monet, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, and more; plus, France’s national collection of art from the impressionist, postimpressionist and art nouveau periods.


London, England

 3 Pedro Szekely

Source: Pedro Szekely

Home to many incredible art museums and galleries that are free admission, it would take more than a page or two to enumerate all that the city of London has to offer. The National Gallery should be a part of that list as it is located strategically in Trafalgar Square. You can stop briefly while sightseeing and enjoy over 2,300 works of art. Hop on off to the Victoria and Albert Museum and beamazed with seven floors filled with works that range from sculptures, ceramics and glasswork to jewelry, furniture and fashion. Make it a point to visit both Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Tate Britain boasts of the largest collection of British art in the world; while Tate Modern offers worldwide modern and contemporary art. Don’t forget to stop by the National Portrait Gallery and get the opportunity to come face-to-face with royalty, politicians, musicians and actors that have shaped Britain. If you want more modern and funky interpretations, explore the area for up and coming artists in galleries in Soho.



Amsterdam, Netherlands

 4 MoyanBrenn

Source: MoyanBrenn

When one thinks of art and Amsterdam, there is one place that immediately comes to mind: Rijksmuseum. This is a Dutch national museum that displays 8,000 items from a collection of over one million pieces. Some of the highlights are works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. Then march over to a nearby Van Gogh Museum if you want to see more of his work, specifically hundreds of paintings, sketches and letters. You can make yourself more familiar with the art scene in Amsterdam by visiting Museums of the Canals (a series of small museums housed in canal mansions), MuseumVan Loon (a look at how a rich and powerful 17th-century family lived), and Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (a collection of impressive photography exhibits). To make museum hopping easier for you, purchase anAmsterdam City Card to get free access to numerous museums and attractions.



Berlin, Germany

 5 Zoetnet

Source: Zoetnet

Known for its vibrant art gallery scene, Berlin is the best place for art lovers with a modern taste. Book flights to Berlin along with your artist-friends and start off by visiting Hamburger Bahnhof which used to be a former train station and features the large collection of Berlin entrepreneur Dr. Erich Marx. Take Galerie Open as your next stop and marvel over the works of young, unknown contemporary artists who could most probably be the next big names. If photography is your passion, hop on over to C/O Berlin and see the works of both relatively unknown and world-renowned photographers. Stop at me Collectors Room as this gallery showcases works from a variety of mediums and periods that are the personal collection of Thomas Olbricht, one of Europe’s most esteemed collectors. For some local flavor and history, visit BerlinischeGalerie and see the new exhibitions and permanent collection of works by Berlin artist from 1870 to today.



Rome, Italy

 6 MoyanBrenn

Source: MoyanBrenn

Art is Rome, and Rome is art. Make it a trip to remember by exploring the Vatican Museums which is one of the largest museums on the world with 54 galleries. This museum is famous for the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the gallery of maps, the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, the gallery of statues, the Papal Throne and the Saint Peter’s Basilica. You can stop by the Borghese Gallery next but make sure to make an advanced booking since visitors are limited to two-hour intervals. Stroll through the city streets as you admire obelisks, fountains and statues. The most iconic fountain in the city is the Trevi Fountain; but don’t forget to stop by the three fountains of Piazza Navona and the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola. Despite the storied history, Rome has also gained appreciation for modern art. Visit MAXXI to see a museum devoted entirely to the art of today, and a structure that it as modern and impressive as its contents.



St. Petersburg, Russia

 7 Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

Source: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

A must on every art lover’s bucket list, St. Petersburg is home to incredible art – be it celebrated or newly discovered. The State Hermitage Museum is a must visit as it is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. Here you can fine the stunning Winter Palace and five additional historic buildings along the Palace Embankment. With over three million items at its disposal, only a fraction of these are permanently on display in 360 rooms If you want a different kind of art adventure, visit the Faberge Museum which houses over 4000 works like paintings, porcelain, gold and silver; but what makes it different are the fifteen Faberge eggs – with nine of these as Imperial Easter eggs made for the last two Romanov tsars. Don’t forget to stop by the many incredible palaces and cathedrals around the city to discover both the new and the old.

The Underrated Side of America

When one thinks of the United States of America, these images and cities come to mind – the sunny weather of Los Angeles, the bustling streets of New York, the theme park extravaganza in Orlando, the sprawling views in San Francisco and the coffeehouse scene in Seattle. These are the popular and most often visited cities in the USA that, more often than not, saying the word America is almost synonymous to the cities mentioned. Since flights to USA are frequent and readily available at the click of a button, give yourself a chance to discover a different part of America by visiting any of these 5 underrated yet wonderful cities.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

 1 John Fowler


Source: John Fowler

Known as the most populous metropolis in New Mexico, Albuquerque is home to picturesque mountains that act as the skyline’s backdrop and an Old Town that holds remnants of adobe buildings. This city is considered an affordable destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to the almost perfect weather and the chance to hike Sandia Mountains, which has more than 100 miles of hiking trails and the Sandia Peak ski area. One can also opt to take the Sandia Peak tramway, the world’s second longest tramway, to the summit of the range for an epic view of over 11,000 square miles of New Mexico terrain. Pedestrian friendly and lively with a booming restaurant, art and cultural attractions scene. Book your flights to Albuquerque in the fall when they celebrate the hot air balloon festival.




San Diego, California


 2 Jason Rosenberg

Source: Jason Rosenberg

With Los Angeles and San Francisco taking the spotlight in the golden state of California, San Diego is often left in the shadows. This city can be found between the jutting peaks of the Rockies on one side and the North Pacific on the other. You get the best of both worlds since you have the choice to hike or to spend a day on the beach on any given day. In fact, you are guaranteed a breezy and laidback visit and a great tan to boot since you have unrivaled access to the best beaches in the state. You also have the option to spend the time in world famous museums and zoos. As for food choices, get to try an authentic Mexican meal since this city is close to the Mexican border.




Buffalo, New York


 3 Doug Kerr

Source: Doug Kerr

This is an upstate city in New York which is best known for its vibrant arts and nightlife scene with a ramped up festival calendar and streets filled with amazing architecture. In terms of food and drinks, Buffalo is the leading craft-beer producer and the locals are known to have perfected the pizza pie (a mix of the New York thin crust and the Chicago deep dish) which makes the local variety of craft beer and pizza a must-try. Let’s not forget the legend of Buffalo being the home of the chicken wing, hence Buffalo wing sauce. If you’re up for a side trip, another good thing about Buffalo is that it is a short trip away from Canada, particularly the Niagara Falls. So spend a few hours just to see this famed tourist destination.




Nashville, Tennessee


 4 Rschnaible

Source: Rschnaible


Dubbed as the Music City, Nashville is the stomping ground for America’s country music icons and deserves to be recognized for its concerts and live music scene. This city is good fusion of the old and the new with established acts available at the legendary Grand Ole Opry and rising singer-songwriters at open mic nights. In terms of local warmth and welcome, Nashville locals are low-key, kind and friendly people with a deep-seeded love for music. As for food, this is the best city to get amazing barbecue food complete with the Nashville experience of a lively nightlife scene – cowboy boot-clad people, neon lights and red brick buildings on historical streets.




Providence, Rhode Island


 5 Timothy Burling

Source: Timothy Burling

Far from the hustle and bustle of the New York life is the quaint next-door neighbor of Providence in Rhode Island. The most recommended stops in this city are the quality bakeries, craft breweries, food trucks and innovative bars aka a food trip extravaganza. Considering the city’s size, exploring by foot is the best option as you can discover more about the historic neighborhoods and waterfront. Be one with the locals as you drink their favorite fuel, coffee milk – their take on chocolate milk that dates back to the 19th century.


Theme parks, shrines, local markets, tall and large structures – these are just some of the places that one usually goes to when taking time off in a new travel destination. What is often forgotten or left last on the list are places that make one closer to nature, specifically gardens. Walking through a beautiful garden leaves you with a special and refreshed feeling. You get peace of mind, undeniable joy and a deeper sense of appreciation for nature. Aside from the rows of beautiful flowers and lush green plants plus the chirping of birds and fresh breeze, gardens are a wonder to behold considering the history that comes with it. Give yourself a chance to experience their beauty and relive history by visiting one (if not all) of 5 of the world’s best gardens.

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

 1 Artotem

Source: Artotem

Flights to the USA are as readily available as entrance to this world-renowned desert garden. Founded by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society in 1937 and established at its site in 1939, the Desert Botanical Garden displays a large collection of arid-land plants mainly from the deserts of Southwestern North America. It has also been designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride that offers a unique glimpse of a variety of desert flora. It spans 140 acres and has more than 21,000 desert plants from 139 different species. It is also renowned for its collection of 169 rare species of desert plants and 1350 different types of cactus plant.

Walking is made easier for visitors since there are well-maintained paved trails, but be prepared for the heat and dryness. It is good to note that the desert garden welcomes plenty of beautiful butterflies every spring season.

Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, Northern France

 2 Harvey Barrison

Source: Harvey Barrison

Located in the property of Oscar Claude-Monet, a well-known painter and the founder of French Impressionist painting, this magnificent garden was designed by the painter himself as inspired by his Japanese paintings – brightly colored patches that are messy yet balanced. Claude-Monet started designing his new garden in 1890, where he diverted the river near his house into a beautiful pond garden filled with water lilies. He also built a bridge across the bridge.

If you plan to book a flight to France soon, make sure that you get to visit thegarden that is divided into two parts, a flower garden and a water garden. The flower garden, located in front of Claude-Monet’s house is mixed with lots of flowers from different species. The climbing roses and the number of fruit trees are two of the main attractions in this garden. The water garden contains a lot of willows on the bank of the pond. The small bridge covered with beautiful wisterias and the clear water in the pond are breathtaking scenes you should not miss.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

 3 Katie Hannan

Source: Katie Hannan

Originally designed by Princess Augusta (Mother of King George III) in 1759, the impressive Royal Botanic Gardens encompasses 326 acres of land and has more than 50,000 different species of plants.

Visit the palm house, the most attractive green house in the gardens. It is an impressive glass house that is home to many tropical rainforest plants.Make it a point to drop by the Princess Wales conservatory –a greenhouse that contains 10 different climate zones controlled by computers. You can find desert plants, carnivorous plants and different types of orchids in this conservatory. There is also a 59 feet high treetop walkway that brings a beautiful view of the surrounding places. Also, get a chance to explore the art galleries, greenhouses, unique edifices and climatic zones.

NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya City, Thailand

 4 Thrillseekr

Source: Thrillseekr

Make it a point to visitNongNoochTropical Botanical Garden – a popular tourist attraction in Pattaya City. This is a 500-acre botanical garden with a symmetrical design,which displays the largest collection of flowering plants in the country from more than 670 native species.

Get to explore its beauty by taking the 1.1-km long walkway. Be in awe of the bonsai, ferns, palms, cactuses and orchids as they are distributed in separate sections in the garden. You can also see perfectly trimmed shrubs while walking through the garden.

Apart from beautiful gardens,it also offers a Thai cultural show, car museum, fishing pond and elephant show for the visitors. You can also enjoy cycling, elephant riding and boat paddling in the garden.

Gardens of Versailles, France

 5 Jason Burmeister

Source: Jason Burmeister

Known as one of the most beautiful and largest gardens in the world and as an outstanding example of formal French garden design, the Gardens of Versailles is a magnificent garden that spans across 800 hectares of land. This was commissioned by Louis XIV in 1661 and took forty years to complete. UNESCO recognized the gardens of Versailles and the palace as a world heritage site in 1979. It contains 300 hectares of forest, hundreds of acres of flower beds, 35 kilometers of canals, 600 fountains and 372 statues. It is also home to 200,000 trees and more than 210,000 flowering plants.

There is a 1.5-kilometer long Grand Canal located in the lower level of the garden, where you can see many oak trees, wild cherry trees and ash trees on the bank. Take note that the boat trip in the Grand Canal offers a magical view of the vast Gardens of Versailles.The fountains are another attraction at the gardens of Versailles. All main fountains in the garden feature colossal statues that depict mythological characters including Saturn, Cupid, Ceres, Flora and Neptune.

Flights to France are readily available so missing the beauty of this garden is not an option. In fact, be one of the more than six million visitors that this garden has in a year – making it one of the most visited public sites in France.

Where to go this 2017?

Only a few days have passed since the start of year and you’re probably still an eager beaver working on your new year’s resolution. One of the things present in everyone’s list is traveling, more traveling, and even more traveling. Imagine experiencing foreign cultures, making new adventures with friends, having a family getaway and eating various authentic specialties- exciting, right? So why not claim 2017 as your year of discovering many exciting destinations around the globe!

We won’t be able to plan your vacation itineraries for the whole year in detail, but we can help narrow down the most amazing and breathtaking vacation spots all year round.

Check this list now, try to book your flights early, and fill your 2017 with new memories!


January-Bangkok, Thailand

Start your 2017 right with a quick tour of Asia’s land of smiles! January is a good time to visit Bangkok, since its dry and warm climate makes it very conducive to explore museums, parks, andtemples like the Lumpini Park, Wat Arun, Grand Palace and the Bangkok National Museum. Try visiting on the last week of January and take part in their weeklong Chinese New Year celebration where Thai-Chinese people gather and celebrate through dragon parades, acrobat performances and firework shows


 1 JeZZada M

Source: JeZZada M



February –  Maldives

Are you seeking for a romantic getaway during the love month? Feel the heat of Maldives in time for Valentine’s day! February is the sunniest month in Maldives making it perfect for beach sunbathing and water sports activities like parasailing, snorkeling and island hopping.  Maldives is also one of the world’s premier scuba diving resorts so definitely try diving in their clear blue waters and marvel at the incredible beauty of the underworld filled with coral reefs, captivating marine life species and golden sand beaches!

2 Eric

Source: Eric


March – Tokyo, Japan

If you’ve been planning to visit Japan for the longest time, spring season in March is the best time! Fall in love with thebreathtakingbeauty of cherry blossoms as they start to bloom all over the city. You should also witness the biggest and most celebrated festivals that reflect Japan’s beliefs and traditions like the Awashima Doll Floating Festival, OmizutoriFestival and St. Patrick’s Day. If you get to visit Hokkaido where snow is still present, experience skiing and snowboarding too!

3 cpo57

Source: cpo57

April –Seoul,South Korea

Be amazed with South Koreaonce the vast green surroundings start to bepainted with pink cherry blossoms in April. The blooming of these cherry blossoms is one of South Korea’s main highlights. This is also the perfect time to go around the city’s main attractions like Seoul Tower, Nami Island and Changdeokgung Palace. If you happen to be in South Korea within the last week of Mach, try catching The Ultra Korean Music Festival happening on March 24-26 this year.Secure your tickets and watch the world’s hottest DJs play their music live!

4 Dietmar Krauss

Source: Dietmar Krauss

May- Santorini, Greece

If you’re into swimming, sightseeing and island hopping, Santorini is the perfect destination for you. Santorini experiences the warmest weather in this month – perfect for island hopping and feeling refreshed while exploring the city’s best beaches like Kamari, Perissa and Amoudi Bay.  Hiking is also a good idea this month -reach the peak of Trail Fira and take as much photos of the amazing 360-degree view of blue waters, mountains and different towns. Also, don’t miss the much talked about sunset in the town of Oia! Can’t wait to book your flights to Greece for May?

5 MintsTime




June- Norway

Get your swimsuits ready and experience a warm and sunny June in Norway! Join Norwegians in their own version of summer as they go skinny dipping in beaches and enjoy eatingtheir typical summer dish of mackerel with sour cream and fresh potatoes. At night, join the locals in their bonfires and merriment while drinking bottles of beer. Also, watch out for their upcoming festivals like North Norway Festival, Norwegian Wood and MidnightSun Marathon!

6 Robert Schoenfeld

Source: Robert Schoenfeld

July- Iceland

July in Iceland can only mean two things -summer time and s long days.Take this chance to admire the city’s beautiful natural landscape. Enjoy discovering the outdoors such as swimming in the blue lagoon, berry-picking and exploring the highlands of Landmannalaugar and Kerlingarfjöll. July also features a lot of activities and festivals like Laugavegur Ultra Marathon, The Golden Circle Challenge and Music Festival Reykholt.

7 Fabrice Trinite

Source: Fabrice Trinite

August- Hawaii

With the numerous beaches, falls and water activities that Hawaii flaunts, it is best to explore this country on its warmest season – August! Soak under the sun and sport your swim wears in Hawaii’s beaches and falls like Waikiki beach, Ala Moana beach park and Rainforest falls. Interact with marine life species through snorkeling in Sea Life Park and Hanauma Bay. Cap your tour with the annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament which is typically held in August.

 8 Katya Watchel Journalist

Source: Katya Watchel Journalist

September – Lisbon, Portugal

Discover the best of Portugal under its warm weather this September! Join a tour and be charmed with its famous attractions like the Braga’s baroque churches, Coimbra and the district of Alfama.

Adventures are also conducive during this season, so try exploring their amazing cliffs like the Cabo de São Vicente where a spectacular view of windswept beaches can be seen. Valleys like The Douro Valley, where marvelous vineyardslie, is also a great sight to behold! You can also catch some of Portugal’s religious events like the Our Lady of Nazaré Festival and Minor pilgrimage to Fátima.

9 Francisco Aragao

Source: Francisco Aragao

October- Bali, Indonesia

Bali is quiet in October which makes it the perfect time to savor the peace and tranquility of the island. Hotels are also cheap and easy to book during these days! Experience the best of Bali and meditate in temples like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu. Visit the area of Ubud and check out the Tegallalang Rice Terraces and art market. Their annual festivals like Bali Vegan Festival and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival are also a must see!

10 Uwe Schwarzbach

Source:Uwe Schwarzbach




November- New York

Aside from the usual landmarks and attractions to see in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, NYC has a lot more in store for you in the city’s November 2017 events calendar!  Spend the first day of the month in NYC’s nightclubs wearing your scariest costume in time for the Halloween. Shop on your favorite stores and avail great discounts during the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Day sale. You could also join their famous outdoor events such as the Veteran’s Day and New York Marathon!

 11 Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Source:Metropolitan Transportation Authority




December –London

Spend your Christmas holidays in a winter wonderland! Glide around London’s famous ice skating rinks filled with festive lights like Hampton Court Palace and Wembley Park. Feel the holiday spirit even more as you watch one of many musical concerts held in Royal Albert Hall. You should also go museum hopping and check out the traditional Christmas attractions for the year! A lot of great finds are on discount (sale alert!) so don’t miss the Christmas markets too!

12 David Davidian

Source: David Davidian

Feeling hyped now? Can you feel the waves, mountains, and various elements of nature calling out your name? Are you ready to soak in the numerous experiences the world has to offer? Plan your trip with family and friends now and create lasting memories while exploring the best wonders of the world!