Budget Travel Tips for Traveling Solo

It is often said that one must experience traveling solo for once in their life. Aside from gaining a new sense of independence and liberation, solo travel has numerous upsides – more spontaneous decision making, loose schedule, less advanced planning, and a heightened awareness of the self and of your surroundings. This continues to beContinue reading “Budget Travel Tips for Traveling Solo”

Skiing in Summer

Everyone loves surf, sand, sun and fun – everyone loves summer. But the summer heat can take its toll, especially when you feel the sun biting on and burning your skin. There are times that you simply want to soak yourself in an ice cold bath, or just be around snow 24/7. Turn these coldContinue reading “Skiing in Summer”

Fun in Zurich

Known as Switzerland’s largest city and one of Europe’s main financial and industrial capitals, Zurich is well-known in economic and cultural terms. It’s also good to note that Zurich has a lot to offer to tourists. There’s the alpine mountains, the narrow alleys and quirky shops, the museums and renaissance buildings just to name aContinue reading “Fun in Zurich”

I Love the Nightlife

Nothing spells fun more than experiencing nightlife fun. It is also often said that the best way to immerse into a destination’s local culture is to do what the locals do. So why not combine the two – have fun while immersing in local culture? To help you decide which destinations to visit, here areContinue reading “I Love the Nightlife”

Top 6 Golden Week Destinations

Just a few more days until April ends and May begins – this can only mean one thing: Golden Week is fast approaching. This is one of three busiest holiday seasons in Japan – with a majority of people having a number of days off, thus making it a popular travel season. With crowded trainContinue reading “Top 6 Golden Week Destinations”

The Underrated Side of America

When one thinks of the United States of America, these images and cities come to mind – the sunny weather of Los Angeles, the bustling streets of New York, the theme park extravaganza in Orlando, the sprawling views in San Francisco and the coffeehouse scene in Seattle. These are the popular and most often visitedContinue reading “The Underrated Side of America”


Theme parks, shrines, local markets, tall and large structures – these are just some of the places that one usually goes to when taking time off in a new travel destination. What is often forgotten or left last on the list are places that make one closer to nature, specifically gardens. Walking through a beautifulContinue reading “GIVE GARDENS A CHANCE”

Where to go this 2017?

Only a few days have passed since the start of year and you’re probably still an eager beaver working on your new year’s resolution. One of the things present in everyone’s list is traveling, more traveling, and even more traveling. Imagine experiencing foreign cultures, making new adventures with friends, having a family getaway and eatingContinue reading “Where to go this 2017?”