ERP in Nigeria


West African Region is growing at a faster rate in today’s era due to the growing infrastructure and business. Eresource ERP is one of the best web-enabled ERP suit having presence in the Nigeria region from past few years. eresource ERP is perfectly designed to match to the altering verticals and business industry.

ERP in Nigeria

The solution developed by eresource ERP in Nigeria is the most advanced technology platform. The solution can be customized quickly, which perfectly fulfils the industry specific requirements. The main purpose of eresource ERP system in Nigeria is to support the business process, encourage inter and intra departmental collaborations and centralized flow of information.

eresource ERP is structured to integrate flawlessly with applications such as Mail Server, Attendance Recording Systems, Point of Sale (PoS) Terminals, etc. eresource has launched its extensively developed ERP system for Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, Pharmaceuticals etc in the African market.

Pacific Solutions and Technologies being the Channel Partners with eresource will be handing the overall sales and implementation process. The technical assistance will be taken care by eresource technical team located in the respective region. Eresource has partnered with Pacific solution and Technologies Limited to deliver the best solutions to industries and verticals in this particular region.


ERP in Africa


With the changing technology and time Africa represents a huge opportunity for ERP software. During the later years this continent was neglected due to lack of growth and stability. With the increase in demand for ERP in Africa region most of the companies are offering flexible solution that perfectly match as per the need of the region.

ERP in Africa

Eresource a leading ERP Solution provider has extended its successful operations in the African Region by partnering with Pacific Solutions as Channel Partners. This collaboration has enabled eresource to offer the best solutions in ERP in different verticals and customers in a much enhanced way.

Most of the mid-sized companies are growing and also desire to expand their business across the Africa region, hence they understand the need to get ERP implemented for their business and smooth growth. eresource InfoTech Private Ltd is there in the market from the year 2006 which is armed with talented team who are skilled in the respective fields of information technology.

Eresource is one among the fastest growing ERP solution providers in Africa with more than 160 professionals and consultants on board. The organization not only provides their products and post support services but at the same time offer ERP training sections. This gives a platform to individuals who actually want to be a master in this particular field.


Best ERP Software For Batch Manufacturing in Africa, Nigeria

Batch Pro

The Batch Manufacturing ERP system for mass production in the chemical industry provides its customers with operational advantages such as lead-to-cash, order-to-performance and purchase-to-pay operations. It brings its user products to market in a cost-effective manner while ensuring high quality and compliance with industry regulations.

One of the most powerful ERP systems in the system mass production module, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), helps improve the customer relationship and billing of the organization. The system allows its users to proactively resolve and improve any problem or requirement using real-time data. It simplifies many manufacturing processes, such as bill of materials (BOM), packing and batch entry of bills of materials, batch and bill processing, private label, custom orders, bills of lading, and more. Batch manufacturing software maintains an advantage over competing systems by using proprietary languages ​​and databases. Based on extensive research, development and testing by Microsoft, BatchPro has proven to be a powerful ERP system.

ERP for Batch Manufacturing

Data security in ERP for Batch Manufacturing

Data security measures have been highly valued, making it the best erp for manufacturing systems. Security features include masking data leaks and enabling users to grant and control access to information.

Lowest cost

BatchPro is designed for excellence with operational visibility and embedded support for a variety of manufacturing processes such as production by order, order-to-order, order-to-order, order-to-order, instant (JIT) batch manufacturing and material control, and lean Operation. The system is an advanced resource planning operation that is well suited to the effective competition of SMBs in the market on a global scale.

Achieve business challenges

Implementing an ERP system in Africa can immediately reduce inventory, operations and management costs. It improves organizational customer service and response times while addressing the issues of multiple branches in an organization. It also standardizes and accelerates the manufacturing process at all manufacturing locations. It simplifies the order fulfillment process and facilitates connections to partner and supplier enterprise systems.

Process of Manufacturing ERP Software, Modules and System Provider In Africa, Nigeria


Eresource is Nigeria’s top manufacturing ERP software. Eresource Xcel provides solutions that enable manufacturers to effectively compete with today’s intense business environment. Manufacturing ERP software systems support a variety of operational execution methods. It helps achieve operational efficiency by helping to effectively run business functions, reduce costs, launch products in the market, comply with regulations and improve customer relationships.

manufacturing erp software

Perfect manufacturing ERP Software system

Xcel software is easy to use and meets user budgets. It can be quickly integrated and does not contain any hidden fees or in-app purchases. Users can access this web-based solution software anywhere they feel convenient. Xcel is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.

Xcel is one of Africa’s trusted manufacturing erp software in Africa, where users will be able to achieve optimal business visibility throughout the process. The software allows users to keep up with inventory every day and manage production as needed. It simplifies business processes, accelerates growth, and immediately responds to changing consumer trends and changing markets. This is achieved by transmitting fast, accurate and transparent information between the various departments and locations of the user’s business.

Increase productivity by making erp modules

Xcel from eresource Manufacturing ERP providers helps their users track their entire supply chain movements. It also provides users with remedies to ensure that manufacturing activities are completed successfully by identifying any interruptions in the production process.

Xcel Process Manufacturing ERP unstructured processes that convert daily transactions according to company policies, such as electronic approval of purchase orders.

Xcel manufactures erp systems that transfer information over long distances quickly and easily. Regardless of geographic distance, branches of the same organization can conduct transactions and analysis on the same server.

The Xcel manufacturing module in erp allows for a variety of market analysis, such as predicting market demand based on statistical models, capturing hidden market trends and identifying potential areas for improvement. It can hold a lot of information. It works with task sequence libraries and is capable of executing multiple tasks simultaneously. It tracks task status, input and output in detail.


ERP Software For Construction Industry and Infrastructure in Africa, Nigeria


Eresource Nfra – Construction and Infrastructure ERP

From project planning to project execution, today’s construction industry faces many challenges, such as project costing, effective coordination of agreements with suppliers, and regulation of contractors’ calls on large amounts of visible cash flow, pricing, and more. These challenges may have to be managed correctly to ensure the best success.

NFRA is an erp software for construction industry and infrastructure related businesses to ensure maximum profit for builders and contractors. It includes modules on outsourcing, plant management, mobile assets and labor, to name a few.

erp software for construction industry

Infrastructure and erp software for construction industry

Eresource’s African architecture NFRA ERP enables its users to improve the visibility and efficiency of their architectural projects. Currently, companies in the global construction industry are using the system for certification to ensure smooth business operations and maximize return on investment for the system.

NFRA simplifies the business functions of construction projects for its users. It allows easy and transparent functions such as land analysis and complex approvals and sanctions. It provides temporary assistance to identify potential customers in advance and update NFRA users based on their preferences.

Complete end-to-end solution

NFRA-erp for the African construction industry is an end-to-end architectural erp software in Africa with a clear understanding of on-site and off-site related work. The construction industry needs to be fully visible, as it is well known that this cycle of growth and decline and costs outweigh the high risks of operation.

Automated processes for the construction industry and infrastructure

Africa’s NFRA ERP system processes business data electronically, eliminating paper and manual processes that may prove inefficient. It is a cloud and web browser-based ERP system that makes it easy to access its users anytime, anywhere. Users can use the system in real time, providing easy workflow and decision making. Therefore, the system is time efficient and easy to make decisions for its users.

NFRA erp is used in the construction industry and infrastructure, including user-friendly layout management of user projects, accounting, sales and marketing, bidding and on-site management of the basic modules. Some of the construction company’s ERP functions include generating accurate and timely completed work invoices, providing detailed information on daily schedules through multi-site project management functions, accounting details, material management, warehouse management, and heavy machine tracking and transportation.

Multi-faceted construction and infrastructure Construction erp software in Nigeria

NFRA is the construction company’s erp software, which focuses on multi-company organizational structures, on-site services, maintenance and maintenance operations, diverse project management requirements, and processing contract types such as EPC and ERP under construction. These services can be extended to the oil and gas industry, making NFRA a multifaceted system.

Building Africa’s NFRA-erp aims to achieve controllable growth in construction and infrastructure, oil and gas, manufacturing and chemical industries. The system was originally introduced in India and is now also available in the Gulf States. It is now expanding to the African region. It is currently used in some organizations in Nigeria and Nairobi.


ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management in Africa, Nigeria


3GL- TOP Fleet Management Software in Africa

With the advent of the eresource fleet management ERP, the confrontation facing the fleet industry witnessed dawn and rapid changes. With a reputation as a pioneer, eresource develops such extensive and comprehensive software for the fleet and transportation industry. This ERP for fleet management is Nigeria’s most advanced fleet management ERP, which can help business grow and guarantee a return on investment.

ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management

Affordable and user-friendly fleet ERP system

3GL is a user-friendly vehicle or ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management that transforms small and medium-sized fleet/transportation management organizations into large, successful companies with guaranteed return on investment. The fleet erp system provides a functional and reliable solution for all vehicle operations, trucks, cars and other commercial vehicles, regardless of the strength of the user-organized fleet. It helps to overcome administrative costs, accidental damage repairs, and downtime for neglected fleets and equipment. It is a fleet of maintenance history, fuel usage, driver details and asset management, inventory, LR and off-the-shelf resources related to motor vehicle operators and other mechanical assets. 3GL is a powerful and affordable fleet management ERP that allows users to easily create personal vehicle configuration and maintenance plans.


Eresource Xcel Manufacturing Software

eresource Xcel Manufacturing Software offers solutions that empowers manufacturers to strive and succeed in today’s aggressive business environment. The software facilitates functionality to the extent that the solution can be readily adapted to support a wide range of Operations, Execution and style.eresource is designed with operational efficacy in mind.