ERP in Nigeria

  West African Region is growing at a faster rate in today’s era due to the growing infrastructure and business. Eresource ERP is one of the best web-enabled ERP suit having presence in the Nigeria region from past few years. eresource ERP is perfectly designed to match to the altering verticals and business industry. TheContinue reading “ERP in Nigeria”

ERP in Africa

  With the changing technology and time Africa represents a huge opportunity for ERP software. During the later years this continent was neglected due to lack of growth and stability. With the increase in demand for ERP in Africa region most of the companies are offering flexible solution that perfectly match as per the needContinue reading “ERP in Africa”

Best ERP Software For Batch Manufacturing in Africa, Nigeria

Batch Pro The Batch Manufacturing ERP system for mass production in the chemical industry provides its customers with operational advantages such as lead-to-cash, order-to-performance and purchase-to-pay operations. It brings its user products to market in a cost-effective manner while ensuring high quality and compliance with industry regulations. One of the most powerful ERP systems inContinue reading “Best ERP Software For Batch Manufacturing in Africa, Nigeria”

Process of Manufacturing ERP Software, Modules and System Provider In Africa, Nigeria

  Eresource is Nigeria’s top manufacturing ERP software. Eresource Xcel provides solutions that enable manufacturers to effectively compete with today’s intense business environment. Manufacturing ERP software systems support a variety of operational execution methods. It helps achieve operational efficiency by helping to effectively run business functions, reduce costs, launch products in the market, comply withContinue reading “Process of Manufacturing ERP Software, Modules and System Provider In Africa, Nigeria”

ERP Software For Construction Industry and Infrastructure in Africa, Nigeria

  Eresource Nfra – Construction and Infrastructure ERP From project planning to project execution, today’s construction industry faces many challenges, such as project costing, effective coordination of agreements with suppliers, and regulation of contractors’ calls on large amounts of visible cash flow, pricing, and more. These challenges may have to be managed correctly to ensureContinue reading “ERP Software For Construction Industry and Infrastructure in Africa, Nigeria”

ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management in Africa, Nigeria

  3GL- TOP Fleet Management Software in Africa With the advent of the eresource fleet management ERP, the confrontation facing the fleet industry witnessed dawn and rapid changes. With a reputation as a pioneer, eresource develops such extensive and comprehensive software for the fleet and transportation industry. This ERP for fleet management is Nigeria’s mostContinue reading “ERP Software Solution For Fleet Management in Africa, Nigeria”

Eresource Xcel Manufacturing Software eresource Xcel Manufacturing Software offers solutions that empowers manufacturers to strive and succeed in today’s aggressive business environment. The software facilitates functionality to the extent that the solution can be readily adapted to support a wide range of Operations, Execution and style.eresource is designed with operational efficacy in mind.