Bucky Coin Partners

Bucky coin is proud to announce a list of block chain companies that have decided to integrate Bucky coin payment in their system.   Vega entertainment Vega entertainment is a famous block chain company from India. The company acquires and produces Indian movies, music and videos. Vega entertainment has a library of 2000 movies inContinue reading “Bucky Coin Partners”

Animation Companies Signed with Bucky House

http://fivelittlespuds.com/ http://supercolorkids.com/ http://babypigs.in These three companies have signed an agreement with Bucky House to keep their animation content on Bucky House Platform. BUCKY House is a total de-Centralized Content Distribution and Services Network stage. The Dashboard – Account synopsis data, My Nodes, My Content, Content Stats, Usage Report, Sub-Users and Domains, Market Place for EBooks,Continue reading “Animation Companies Signed with Bucky House”

Recent Agreements of Bucky Coin with Various hotels & Restaurants

Bucky House is fully de-centralized content Distribution and services network platform (dCSDN) which works in the field of content management like, e-books, animations, short movies, music, educational videos for skill development.  From the production house of Bucky House, one can get quality content. The services provided by the Bucky house are used by individuals asContinue reading “Recent Agreements of Bucky Coin with Various hotels & Restaurants”

Bucky House – The Link with Blockchain and Entertainment

BUCKY HOUSE PLATFORM The global media entertainment industry is one of the most profitable industries in the U.S.  The industry contributes more than 500 billion dollars to the U.S economy. Online streaming is on the rise.  The old medium of content distribution like cable TV is fading away. Large entertainment groups have troubles keeping upContinue reading “Bucky House – The Link with Blockchain and Entertainment”

5 Ways Blockchain Technology is Disrupting Entertainment and Media

The technological applications of blockchain technology are continually being tried and tested in a variety of ways on new unsuspecting industries. Entertainment and media are next in line, as individuals and groups worldwide are exploring ways to apply blockchain principles and adopt its ethos of decentralization, democratization, and distribution. Read on for the 5 waysContinue reading “5 Ways Blockchain Technology is Disrupting Entertainment and Media”

A Decentralized & Democratic Blockchain Solution – Bucky House

The Entertainment Industry Today Centralized Revenue, Growth in Online Content and Blockchain Solutions At present, the global media and entertainment industry – including film, TV, radio, music, news, and literature – is valued at around $2 trillion USD. That’s a lot of green by any measure, but the sector is currently experiencing changing dynamics thatContinue reading “A Decentralized & Democratic Blockchain Solution – Bucky House”

Unclear Billing, Changing Dynamics, and the BUCKY House Model

Block chain technology is already proving disruptive, and for the good, within finance, banking and investment. With new industries being penetrated by blockchain enabled innovations and industry giants mulling their options, whether to adopt blockchain applications or not, one industry where changes are already birthing, is entertainment and media. Online Entertainment: the Current Dynamic TheContinue reading “Unclear Billing, Changing Dynamics, and the BUCKY House Model”

Democratizing Entertainment with BUCKY House

BUCKY House and BUCKY Coin (BUCKY) have ambitious plans to harness the blockchain potential within the entertainment and media industry. As the founders put it, their aim is to: “Empower Digital Media Participants via Blockchain Technology” How exactly do they plan to achieve their laudable aim, especially when the industries they are tackling are dominatedContinue reading “Democratizing Entertainment with BUCKY House”