Worst art storage you’ve ever seen?

My mom used to tell me she would love to be a mouse in my pocket (I’m sure she had a Disney character in mind) or a fly on the wall to see all the interesting things I run into during my travels. Well, I thought or I hoped, you’d be horrified by this art storage facility so I shot a quick video clip of it for your shock and awe this morning. The person that owns this collection considers himself an experience “high end” knowledgable collector. If it weren’t so sad it would be funny. Fine Art Conservation Laboratories offers art storage and related concierge serves (including pick up and delivery) in connection with our painting conservation lab.

I can only image how many works of art in this room are dented, distorted, ripped, broken, scratched. Have you seen a worst art storage area? Leave a comment below!!! Check out the other photos below.

Art damaged by improper packing for commercial shipping, in storage or during private transport happens so often I can’t even start to tell you how many we get into the painting conservation lab a month or year. It pretty painful to swallow the bitter pill of the bill to pay the effort to make the damage disappear as if it never happened, especially when its easy to see how it could have been avoided.

FYI, homeowner’s insurance often covers family heirlooms and personal art (not considered decorations) that get damaged during a move. We can help you interact with your claims adjuster.

Questions? 805 564 3438 FACLOfficeManager@gmail.com

Wow… they saved a buck and spent $1,000s to fix valuable damaged items.

Saving a buck to store the art without taking the precautions to keep it safe.

Scott M. Haskins, Art Conservator, working on site in a storage facility to detach plastic stuck to the front of a painting.

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