How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster? Traveling With A Pet?

Paula Sand Live TV6 Interviews Scott M. Haskins Author and Pet Care Expert to discuss the frightening statistics of treasured pets hurt in car accidents.

Travelling With a Pet? Protecting your pet is not only about the care of your pet. Scott Haskins, co-author of the important book, How To Save Your Pet from A Disaster, joins PSL to talk about how driving with your pet in the car is the most likely way (statistically) that your beloved pet could suffer significant injury and cause the same to other family members. Watch the interview video to learn more. There are links to order the book or find out more information about.

According to the National Safety Council, if a car crashes at a speed of 25 mph, an airborne dog or cat can develop projectile forces equaling 40 times its weight. For example, a German Shepherd weighing 75 lbs. can impact with a force of 3000 lbs. This is enough force to be lethal for a driver or passenger and in the least, cause great damage as the pet is thrown through the cabin and, sometimes, out the front windshield. Additionally, the animal can be a distraction while you are driving, causing a more serious situation than it would be otherwise, which often involves children. Also, besides experiencing whiplash, the driver would be hit with the pet which has become a projectile.

How To Save Your Pet from A Disaster (website link)

Available on Amazon HERE.

How To Protect Your Pet from A Disaster

As co-authors of the How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster and co-authors of specialty spin-off articles like “Traveling With A Pet” awarded our team, Diane Stevenett (co-author) and Khola Malik (co-author of numerous articles) and myself, the prestigious, vetted “Expert Author Award.” Here is our blog post about the award and watch the Pet Crash Dummy video at the end. Its chilling if you love your pet or travel with a pet:…/expert-author…/

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