Ripped Oil Painting Art Restoration Ventura Thousand Oaks

Testimonial for professional repair of badly ripped treasured oil painting Click on SHOW MORE Another testimonial: My husband and I were very cautious when looking for a professional art restorer ( we learned that the actual professional term is art conservator) to whom we wanted to entrust our inherited ripped painting. After several disappointing attempts, we found FACL’s great website and interesting educational videos and we were very hopeful. Scott Haskins came to our home in Dana Point and explained clearly the options, processes and we enjoyed the visit very much. Today, just as FACL promised, our painting was returned to us and I was very amazed at the exceptional repair. Our painting looks better than we expected! The rip is completely non detectable with no patch. I couldn’t be more amazed at the magic of the wonderful work and professional service. Thank you!!!! Santa Barbara, CA Call to chat about your art conservation questions: Scott M. Haskins and Virginia Panizzon 805 564 3438 #RippedPainting @Scott M. Haskins @VirginiaPanizzon @FineArtConservationLab #ScottMHaskins #ArtRestoration #ArtConservation #PaintingRestoration #PaintingConservation

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