Hosting a Special Event? Grab the Burge Binyamina Advantage

You’ve exchanged rings and vows with your soul mate, and now it’s time to celebrate your anniversary to renew your pledge to remain together. Or you want to ring in the birthday of your little one in style. Although playing the perfect host comes to you naturally, ticking off the checklist and keeping a sharp eye on every aspect can take the fun out of hosting an event. Burge Binyamina addresses your concerns and makes the process of planning your event a hassle-free affair. We go through every detail minutely so that you can enjoy the day with your loved ones.


About the Burge: A Truly Unique Event Destination

If you’re wondering what’s so special about Burge Binyamina that sets it apart from other destinations, a visit to our venue will set your mind at rest. It can become your chosen destination for both public parties and private gatherings. It can be the ideal destination for vintage or retro themed parties or the perfect choice for connoisseurs of modern themes. The surrounding gardens and architecture present a harmonization of the contemporary and classic styles to host celebratory events of varied flavors.

Fine Dining with All the Amenities You Need

The little details always let you add a personal touch to any event. Burge Binyamina offers a variety of world cuisine to let your guests savor the best in fine dining and enjoy sweeping views of the exotic locale. Whether you are a quintessential foodie or strong patron of gourmet cuisine, we take your taste and experience in gastronomical delights to the next level. If you fancy a smoke, designated smoking areas can cater to your needs. The venue is wheelchair accessible and has ample parking space.

Beautiful Terraced Open Garden to Host the Perfect Event

Venues can be the clincher in making or breaking any event. If you want to host not just an event but a memorable celebration, the quaint terraced open garden lets you party like never before.

Hundreds of Guests or Just a Few — They’ll Just Love the View!

Your guests can enjoy their celebratory drink or simply enjoy the picturesque scene. If you wish to entertain a large number of guests or choose to enjoy the company of handpicked ones, Burge Binyamina gives you the complete experience of setting the mood and partying in style.

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