The Top 8 Best Reasons To Drink Apple Cider This Fall Season


The Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Will Do More Than Just Leave A Good Taste In Your Mouth

Apple Cider Or Cider

Fall is a magical season. The leaves change color, families get closer, and (studies show) people often act (and get) a little bit healthier [1]. That’s most likely because cooler temperatures mean folks get outside more, and holidays spent together make people feel more supported by family — both of which can improve emotional and physical health [2, 3]. That said, it’s also flu season and the season of homesickness, which both (albeit temporarily) make your life a little less joyful.

Here at Fly Creek Cider Mill, we’re proud to do our part in helping make your fall season more joyful and more healthy by making the best apple cider around. Because apple cider is good for so much more than just your tastebuds! Drinking apple cider can reduce the risks, symptoms, and duration of both emotional and physical illness — which is why this delicious cure-all should earn a place in every household this season. Stop by or order online, today, to enjoy the benefits of drinking apple cider right away!

What Is Apple Cider & Why Is It Good For You?

Apple cider is a drink made from mashed, pressed fresh apples. Unlike apple juice, apple cider is not filtered to remove the apple pulp [4]. This is mostly what causes the benefits of drinking apple cider, as the pulp contains nutrients often absent from filtered juice. Because apple cider is unfiltered, it contains two to four times more of these healthful compounds than apple juice [5]. What’s more, fresh apple cider often contains far less added sugar and preservatives than apple juice, making apple cider healthy to drink both because of what’s in it and because of what’s not [6].

The Biggest Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider

You may suspect that the benefits of drinking apple cider are largely emotional (or strictly a placebo effect), but it also can have several positive physical impacts on your body. That’s because mashing apples makes these already highly nutritious fruits easier to digest and, consequently, makes their nutrients easier to access [7]. Additionally, the mulling spices frequently added to hot apple cider actually have a long history of medicinal use [8]. As a result, drinking apple cider can have numerous health benefits, including reducing stress and homesickness as well as helping diminish headaches, throat-aches, nausea, and indigestion.

Drinking apple cider also (amazingly) lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and some cancers, and also potentially helps to manage the symptoms of some chronic health conditions [9]. Keep reading to find out more amazing facts about what the benefits of drinking apple cider really are!

The Pleasant Taste Of Apple Cider Changes Your Brain Chemistry For The Better

Drinking apple cider can make you feel less stressed and more happy. This is because warm, soothing food and beverages naturally reduce stress anyway, yet some of the spices in mulling blends also literally reduce the amount of stress hormones in your brain [10]. Additionally, the carbs in apple cider can increase serotonin production in your brain, boosting mood [11].

Feeding Nostalgia (With Apple Cider) Is The Best Cure For Homesickness

Being away from home around the holidays is hard. Drinking apple cider (if it’s part of your family traditions/fond memories) can help prime your brain to feel better. That is, the familiar taste of apple cider tricks you into thinking you’re about to have a happy experience at home, so you feel happier in anticipation of feeling happier [12]!

Drinking Apple Cider Can Help Prevent & Cure A Hangover

Hot apple cider is a favorite among folks who want a beverage that warms but don’t want a hangover. So drinking apple cider instead of spiked drinks is a great (and tasty!) preventive measure. If you do happen to over-indulge, a glass of apple cider in the morning can help level out your blood sugar, reducing that sick feeling [13].

Apple Cider & Mulling Spices Help You Feel Better, Faster

Apple cider contains potassium, which can quickly and easily provide some relief for a stuffy nose [14]. Drinking apple cider (hot) is also a physician-recommended sore-throat remedy [15]. What’s more, mulling spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, star anise, peppercorns, and cardamom) all have unique historic medicinal purposes [16]. These include calming stomach upset and nausea as well as reducing inflammation.

Apple Cider Is A Great Source Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are probably good for your health. While we can’t really say if drinking apple cider will cure everything that ails you, it may help protect your cells from damage by free-radicals. Moreover, there is some evidence to suggest that antioxidants stave off age-related eye disease and vision impairment [17].

Apple Cider Increases Digestive Strength, Encouraging Weight Loss & Helping Prevent

Holiday Weight Gain

Apple cider is relatively high in carbohydrates, which can help stimulate the digestive system to have a stronger digestive response [18]. Though it’s not really an effective weight loss tool, drinking apple cider can help increase your metabolism during holiday feasts, potentially helping you keep off a pound or two!

Drinking Apple Cider Can Help Minimize Symptoms Of & Manage Chronic Health Conditions*

Because it contains pectin, drinking apple cider can help lower cholesterol [19]. What’s more, there’s also some evidence that drinking hot, mulled apple cider (the non-alcoholic kind) may reduce throat inflammation characteristic of COPD and asthma [20].

*Drinking apple cider is still not a substitute for a physician-recommended treatment plan!

Drinking Apple Cider Can Lower Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of drinking apple cider is its potential impact on heart health [21]. This benefit occurs because fresh-pressed, unfiltered apple cider, like whole apples, contains ultra-healthy, heart-disease-preventing polyphenols [22]. Because apple cider contains pulp, it also contains both polyphenols and the fiber and flavinoids necessary to their

bioavailability (that is, researchers suggest that fiber and flavinoids empower gut bacteria to break down polyphenols and prompt digestive tissues to absorb them) [23].


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Go the Green Energy Way – Using Thermo Chemical Gasification Technology


The increasing land temperature, carbon emission, and rising global warming are some of the top reasons which necessitate us to look out for novel techniques to lessen the load on a non-renewable resource. The efforts involved include making appropriate use of existing resources as well as waste, which can efficiently be converted into a valuable resource. Amongst the various methods available, the Thermo Chemical Gasification technology is one of the most profound methodologies which pose a lucrative medium to produce energy from waste.


The innovative technology is the result of the efforts of Mr. Himansh Verma, the Chairman of Navrattan Group of Companies. The young entrepreneur is the committed to developing and acquiring Intellectual Property Rights of Eco-friendly science & technological innovations.

So, what exactly does gasification mean?

Thermo Chemical Gasification is the process which utilizes products rich with carbon wherein they are heated in high temperature to produce cleaner energy such as heat and electricity. The Thermo Chemical Gasification process uses partial oxidation of carbon-rich materials, including biomass, which is broken down into gases comprising of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and much more. Navrattan Holdings Ltd offers consumers the resources used for carrying out the process.

Going back in time, this process isn’t quite old. It was used initially in the 1800s for producing town gas utilized for cooking and lighting the town. But the latest Navrattan’s Thermo Chemical Gasification technology is an innovation that much help in reducing waste while producing ‘Syngas’ which is 100% clean Gas and can be efficiently used for generating ‘green’ electricity. Navrattan Holdings Ltd is one of the renowned companies whose provision is to assist in handling and using the technology with the view of penetrating to regions where there is a dearth of electricity and gas for lighting street lights, houses, and cooking.

How is this technology beneficial?

The primary benefit of technology is making appropriate use of waste and utilizing it to produce energy. The technology significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Besides, it renders a platform for regions which is in the dearth of Electricity and other energy resources like cooking gas. The company offers a lucrative stop for students by provisioning users with all the essential resources which will be put into use and convert the waste accumulated through farming, animal waste, and sewage into green energy.

This not only helps in reducing the load of waste that gets deposited in the environment but also decreases its harmful effect on nature. Changing time calls for a different method that will bring about betterment for the planet. Thermo Chemical Gasification technique lays across a platform to create best out of waste thereby helping create green electricity for villages and users from remote areas to gain the advantage of producing cleaner, greener, and low-cost energy out of waste.


Guide To The Best Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo


If you are traveling to the great city of Tokyo, Japan chances are good you are interested in taking advantage of some of the local fare. The city is full of options and no matter how long your stay you’ll be left hungry for more.

Without question, the most popular cultural Japanese export to nearly every corner of the world is, you guessed it, sushi! While you can absolutely get fantastic sushi in nearly every major city at this point, the Japanese simply do it better. After all, they’ve been at it for centuries.

Tokyo is perhaps the epicenter of sushi worldwide, so you will certainly have you pick of the litter. That variance is both a great opportunity and something of a burden! How can you be sure that you are getting the very best?

Luckily, we have compiled a quick guide for you to take with you when you walk the bustling streets of Tokyo to find that holy grail of a sushi meal.

Please note, Japan is one of the most intact cultures in the world, so don’t be surprised if you’re waiter does not know a single word of English! For help with ordering, see Unseen Japan’s guide to ordering anything at any restaurant in Japan

Here is your guide to the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo in 2019.

Best Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo


If you are looking for an experience that is both luxurious and uniquely Japanese, head to the two Michelin star rated Taku. Perhaps the most delectable option on the menu are their grilled and simmered fishes along with their sweet crab. They also integrate maitake mushroom and lotus root for a unique and fresh-to-the-palette flavor. This is a firm favorite of mine and I make sure I check out this restaurant whenever I’m in town. Its recommended to book well ahead!


Sushi Sugita

Takaaki Sugita has long-been championed as one of the entire city of Tokyo’s top sushi chefs, and that reputation is well deserved. He is now working at his brand-spanking new Sushi Sugita and is certainly at the top of his game and at the center of attention when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

With fresh flavors, and an impeccable ability to blend traditional and new, this is certainly not a place. Just like many of the options on this list, however, you are going to want ot make sure to get your reservation in ahead of time – or simply line up early on – because this place is beloved by both tourists and locals alike and it can be quite hard to score a seat during the dinner rush.


Sushi Takahashi 

Not only is this place always bringing some of the best sushi Tokyo has to offer to their guests, but they are willing to get a little wild as well! This restaurant is known as one of the best sushi spots if you are also looking to break out the sake and have a night on the town. Chef Jun Takahashi is known for having a fantastic taste in sake and he makes sure that his patrons never go without.


Sukiyabashi Jiro 

The name says it all. This three Michelin starred icon is simple and serene. It is also quite strict and steeped in Japanese culture. Before you head here, make sure to hop on their website and read their 12 rules. Do not expect to be wowed by the unhemming décor of this space. Though, by the end of your meal you may almost believe that its simplicity is the point. That way, you can focus entirely on what you are experiencing on the plate in front of you.


Ryu Zushi

What sets this place apart from many of the other options on this list are two thing: its freshness and its price. The reason why the fish is so incredibly fresh here is because it is actually situated just outside the Tsukiji outer market, where many of the city’s sushi chefs get their ingredients from.

Beyond that, the prices are truly reasonable which allows this counter-only restaurant to be just a simple meal as opposed to a massive experience that you have based your entire day – or even trip – around.


Sushi Take 

Something fascinating about this sushi chef is that it features one of only Tokyo’s two female sushi chefs. Takeuchi trained at Sushi Shimizu in Shimbashi and certainly turned heads when she decided to open Sushi Take in 2014.

Now, she’s turning heads for the food that she is offering. She combines the precise technique and traditional style with her own personal flare. It results in a balanced and delicious experience that you will be sure to want to return to.


Sushi Yoshino

This tiny spot is one of the best places in the city to get sushi in the “kojinmari” style, with a single counter and one table.

Here,  you can indulge in the authentic Edo-style sushi including their Otoro, which is the fattiest part of the tuna. It is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth.


Sushi Kimura 

The one thing that is unique to this Tokyo spot is the fact that it offers aged fish. This delicacy will open your eyes and palette to a completely new way to experience fish and seafood.

On top of that, another aspect of Kimura that is fascinating is that it focuses only on fish that are currently in season. So, if you do happen to miss out on sea urchin or tuna, you may be lucky enough to try some aged fish that will knock your socks right off!


Sushi Saito

There are few sushi masters throughout the world that hold a higher reputation that Takashi Saito. His three-Michelin star status is a reflection of his skill and the incredible taste he offers on his nigiri sushi. Other than his food, the one thing that sets him so dramatically apart from his colleagues and contemporaries is that his restaurant is quite comfortable and relaxed, as opposed to rather strict.

If you are interested in dining at Saito, make sure to get your reservation in months ahead of your trip. Otherwise, you will likely be on the outside looking in at this nine-seat establishment.



Don’t let this locale’s modest façade and interior fool you, the food is top-notch. Not only does it offer fresh-as-can-be urchin, abalone, and other seafoods, but Fukamachi also is an expert in batter-fried morsels and perfectly cooked vegetables.

Another great aspect of this restaurant is that it is actually open for both lunch and dinner, so you have much more time to hit it, and re-hit it if your heart so desires.


Himanshu Verma Fraud – Pilatus Aircraft Deal – Fraud Case Against Sanjay Bhandari

The Central Bureau of Investigation has booked controversial arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari and others in connection with the alleged corruption in the Rs 2895 crore deal of 75 Pilatus basic trainer aircraft for the Indian Air Force in 2009, officials said on Saturday.

The agency has carried out searches at the residence and office of Bhandari and the details of further searches have been withheld by the agency for time being, they said.

The action comes after findings of a three-year-old inquiry by the CBI showed a prima facie case of corruption against the accused. The agency has also booked unidentified officials of the Indian Air Force, the Defence Ministry and Switzerland-based Pilatus Aircraft Limited in the case, they said.

The CBI has alleged that it had entered into a criminal conspiracy with Bhandari and Bimal Sareen, both directors of Offset India Solutions Private Limited, and dishonestly and fraudulently signed a Service Provider Agreement with Bhandari in June 2010, which was in violation of the Defence Procurement Procedure, 2008.

It was allegedly done to get the contract for the supply of 75 basic Trainer Aircraft to the Indian Air Force. The agency has alleged that the company made a payment of CHF 1,000,000 in the account of Offset India Solution Private Limited with the Standard Chartered Bank, New Delhi in two transactions in August and October 2010.

In addition, Rs 350 crore was also transferred in Swiss Francs from 2011 to 2015 in the bank accounts of Dubai-based Offset India Solutions FZC, also belonging to Bhandari.

Pilatus dishonestly and fraudulently signed a Pre- Contract Integrity Pact on November 12, 2010, with the Defence Ministry, deliberately concealing the facts about service provider agreement with Bhandari, the agency alleged

The inquiry showed that Pilatus allegedly concealed payments made to Bhandari’s companies in India and Dubai, they said.

It is suspected that the commission amount was allegedly paid to influence the officials of the IAF and the MoD and Government of India associated with the procurement, they said.

Pilatus bagged the contract on May 24, 2012, for Rs 2895.63 crore.

“Offset India Solutions Pvt Ltd. and other Indian companies of Bhandari and his wife Sonia Bhandari received Rs 25.5 crore from June 2012 to March 2015 in lieu of cash provided by Bhandari from various companies of Deepak Aggarwal,” it said

Bhandari allegedly routed money through the purchase of various companies and cash transactions involving Aggarwal and one Himanshu Verma, it alleged.

“There is a strong suspicion that the aforementioned huge cash amount was the part of the commission amounts paid by Pilatus Aircrafts Limited to Bhandari to obtain the contract, it alleged.

Besides Bhandari, the CBI has also booked his companies Offset India Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Offset India Solutions FZC, UAE, Aggarwal, Verma, Sareen and unknown others for criminal conspiracy, cheating, and provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act, they said.

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Profit on trading traditional commodities and cryptocurrencies with Jubliee Ace


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AQUA Features

Let’s have a look at the individual features of AQUA for both commodities and cryptocurrencies.

  1. AQUA for cryptocurrencies trading

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  1. AQUA for commodities

AQUA is also available for traditional commodities and works in almost the same way by keeping an eye on the market trends. Commodities can be anything like gold or silver, AQUA has intelligent and smart working trend and it makes a decision based on the latest trends of the commodities and helps to come up with the very low-risk trading solutions, making you great profits.


Jubilee Ace Promises Profitable Returns

Jubilee Ace is a well-known arbitrage company that benefits its users from profitable trading. Starting with simple commodity trading, Jubliee Ace soon realized the potential benefits of cryptocurrency trading. With its highly reliable and intelligent software systems, Jubliee Ace makes the best profits on your investments.

Earning great profits in little or no time was just a dream before, but in today’s digital world, making profits has become easier than ever. The rise of cryptocurrency has enabled the world to be faster in terms of earning great rewards just by simple trading. These profits are so enormous and reliable that even a beginner with cryptocurrency will be able to make huge profits within no time. In the conventional world, you had to wait for months or years for the market to fluctuate but with Jubliee Ace highly intelligent software systems, it is no longer that complicated.

How Jubliee Ace makes you profits?

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