What is The Best Dating Site for Bisexual Couples?



The most famous, professional best and largest dating site for bisexual in the world is the www.bienjoy.com. It is a free registration dating site for both the bisexual and the bi-curious. It includes the bi singles and bi couple/couples, It’s aim is to provide you with a platform where you can look for a soul mate and a romantic relationship. There are many people who have met their soul mates through this platform. The site supports bisexual couples and they offer various advise and information to their members. Their goal is to change the misconceptions of the people on bisexual dating.


Bi enjoy which is the dating site for bisexual is growing very fast. The site is ranked the second best because it has been widely welcomed by most of the bisexual and bi curious. It has simple web-pages that attracts a lot of bisexual, this has made the number of its members to increase significantly. furthermore, the site does not only accept bisexuals, but also bi curious and bisexual couples.

One of its key advantage is its ability to be joined free of charge. This makes it easy for bisexual singles to meet with bi couples and singles, the bi couples are also free to meet with bi singles and bi curious.


  1. Guest membership: this kind of membership, allows free creation of the profile which includes photo uploading, ones ability to answer both incoming messages and emails, the usage of search engines features such as gender, range and age of a likely date within a short distance.
  1. Gold: This type includes all the features outlined in the Guest-membership with the following additions: ability to start communication such as in the emails and chats, has current search options, free listing of the search results, ability to hide the fact that you previously visited another person`s profile, able to see those who visited your profile and those interested in you, able to see the members who logged into the system last and ability to access dating advise tips .


The cost for the gold membership is relatively affordable and it is charged in terms of months, for instance one month membership goes at $ 29.95, three months is charged $59.95 and six months gold membership is $ 95.95.

For standard members the sign up is free, thus anyone can be able to join.


This is the fast-growing dating site for bisexual and it is popular to all the people. The site provides the members with the best and quality services. They offer free registration to all the members who are interested in bisexuals and bi curious. Due to its large number of members, a lot of people are able to meet with their preferred soul mates. They support bisexuals at all costs and offer them with advises and information that will enabled them to make informed decisions. The different types of membership also ensures that no one is left out, as bisexual will be able to choose one that best suits them in terms of affordability.


Bi-sexual Adult Dating Site is The Best Unicorn Sites



Are you feeling lonely and need to connect with your perfect partner?

Sometimes, sexual preferences and social-economic lifestyles hinder building of meaningful relationships for many people all over the world.

You may be too busy with work to attend the social events where people normally hook up. You may also have a sexual preference that is privy to few people in your community.


Unicorn dating sites cater for people from all walks of life. You can be sure of getting the perfect partner from the wide range of sites that comprise the unicorn dating network.

Bi-sexual Adult Dating


Bi-sexual dating

Although Unicorn dating network has a wide range of sites, you will get to learn more about the Bi-sexual dating sites and what you get from joining them.


Finding a unicorn who is bi-sexual is quite easy when you join Bi-Cupid, a leading unicorn site for bi-sexual people.

The challenges bi-sexual people face. It is not easy telling everyone that you are a bi-curious person. You enjoy being intimate with both men and women, and simply cannot come out of the closet. You end up sticking in a strict “normal” relationship, but your urge to venture to the other side of your sexual nature digs a hole in your heart.

What are you to do?

You need to join a bi-sexual site that gives you the space and freedom to explore both sides of your sexual preferences.

The Unicorn Bi-sexual Network

This site has been catering for the special needs of bi-curious men and women since 2001. The number of users has grown steadily over the years and membership currently stands at over 1.6 million.

The site is especially attractive to people who are looking for threesome engagement. Finding a unicorn on the site is safe and private, so you do not have to worry about your tastes becoming public.

As mentioned above, you may be reluctant to joining the site, but the numbers prove that the site is fully private.

You get to meet the perfect partners, chat for a while and get to know one another, before venturing out and satisfying your needs or curiosity.

Joining the site does not mean that you are an established bi-sexual. It is also open to those who are simply curious and want to try something new – call it striking one item from your bucket list of unusual things you want to do in life.

Some people want to climb mountains, and others want to visit exotic places. If trying out a bi-sexual encounter is your thing, then unicorn dating sites are where you should be.

The next step

Bicupid is the first and largest unicorn dating site for bi-sexual and bi-curious people. You get access to 24 hours customer service if you want to ask more questions, even in the middle of the night when you really want some fun.

You will meet some amazing people who have no qualms about accepting who they are, therefore giving you the best experience you can have in a bi-sexual encounter.

There is no need to be shy when finding a unicorn on the site. There are many people like yourself, so you will be comfortable in all your engagements.

Join the site right away and unlock the true nature of your sexual preferences.


About Unicorn Dating Sites


What is A Unicorn?

A unicorn is a cross-sexual or polyamorous lady, who willing to be explicitly and impractically included similarly with the two individuals from a couple in a shut relationship. A unicorn love to be with the two, and who might not permit be with some other accomplices. In this way, when a couple is interested in open connections, they might want to discover nearby unicorns for a ternion relationship. This site is a unicorn dating site for receptive couples and single unicorns to locate their three-way accomplices.

Why Unicorn Dating site?

In spite of there are numerous swinger dating locales on the Internet, There is not a webpage is simply custom-made for unicorns. When you are at this unicorn dating site, you don’t need to stress over our site will have other inconsequential individuals. Each swinger lady is a genuine unicorn and needs to discover a couple to a three-way relationship. Our couple individuals additionally simply trust meeting a unicorn. Along these lines, this unicorn dating site is your best decision to discover nearby unicorns.


Unicorn Hunters

Unicorn seekers are simply couples searching for a unicorn and be a ternion association with them. Now and then, numerous couples need to open their relationship and searching for a third to join after some hitched years. In any case, they trust meeting only an indiscriminate young lady who just is with the two, along these lines, these young ladies are called unicorns. Since finding a unicorn lady is extremely troublesome, all things considered, they regularly will in general search for a unicorn dating site this way.

How to Find a Unicorn?

Looking for a unicorn for a couple? As we as a whole know, an androgynous young lady who engages in sexual relations with a couple in the meantime is known as a unicorn young lady. In this way, numerous couples likewise need to discover genuine unicorn young ladies. Be that as it may, how to discover a unicorn, all things considered? This is a cerebral pain for some androgynous couples. In day by day life, you will never know where a unicorn young lady is and what sort of life she is living. Also, they don’t have the foggiest idea about what you are chasing.

Now with the improvement of the Internet. There have been numerous online stages that make it simpler to meet individuals throughout everyday life. For example, unicorn dating applications, unicorn dating sites, unicorn dating discussions. Unicorn applications might be helpful and basic, yet close to home security may not be immaculate. Here and there are numerous promotions in the unicorn discussions, and a few people who are superfluous. Along these lines, the best decision is the unicorn dating site.

Tips on looking for a unicorn In the first place, you ought to pick an online indiscriminate and trio dating webpage. apparently, www.lookingforunicorn.net is a famous unicorn dating sites. There are numerous bi couples and bi ladies on it. Pretty much consistently there are a huge number of individuals on the web, so you don’t need to stress over finding the correct individual to talk.

The unicorn dating site is planned explicitly for cross-sexual couples and single unicorns. This site is the most prevalent unicorn dating site for youngsters today. Numerous youthful androgynous and bi inquisitive individuals long for unicorn way of life, yet they don’t have a clue how to discover a unicorn for the couple, in actuality. In spite of the fact that there are many dating destinations currently, finding an appropriate unicorn dating site for youngsters is without a doubt extremely uncommon. Along these lines, this dating site will enable you to meet your neighborhood single unicorns and seeker couples who need to discover nearby unicorns.


First Steps In Building A New Horse Barn


Let’s begin with what style barn would best suit your needs. Most Aisleway Horse Barns — whether they are raised center aisle, gable or gambrel — need a fairly wide area to allow for the width of the aisle, the stalls on each side, and additional room for any desired turnouts. Aisleway horse barns are great for colder climates, as you can close up the aisle way doors and have a weather-protected area to care for your horses out of the elements. On the other hand, a Shedrow Barn has a more open feel and is great for warmer climates. The shedrow overhang gives the feeling of being outside, yet still provides shade from the sun and rain.

Once you have decided on your barn style, the next step is to determine what size barn you need. Of course you will want stalls for your horses, but what about a space for your tack? Do you want a wash area? And let’s not forget, do you need a space for hay and grain? These are just a few of the things that you will want to consider during the design process.

horse barns

Starting to feel overwhelmed? Please, don’t! Our design and sales staff will help you perfect all the tiny details, making sure your final design is just as you imagine. All Castlebrook barn quotes are itemized and include a design layout, making it easy to see what your new barn will look like and what is included in the proposal.

Once everything is dialed in and the barn of your dreams has been designed, we then transfer those details over to a contract for your review and signature. Once you are happy with the contract and design, the signed paperwork and a deposit are then required to move on to the next step.

For more details checkout also here :- https://castlebrookbarns.com/


Benefits of Avaya Phone Systems – Buy Avaya Phone in Dubai


Increase productivity

The Avaya phone system is reliable and reliable. When your network goes down, productivity stops: phones, fax machines, and emails don’t work. Customers cannot contact you or conduct business.

This does not happen when you sign up for Avaya. Active remote monitoring, self-diagnostics and self-healing systems enable the Avaya network to operate in 99.99% of the time. Take the time to think about the business, not your network.

buy avaya phones in dubai

Moreover, next-generation voicemail, more storage and industry-standard networking will make things go smoothly.

Unprecedented mobility

The avaya phones in dubai is compatible with a wide range of PDAs, and the phone is connected to the PBX for unparalleled mobility. When sales are on the road, their phones are like their desk phones, and they can use their laptops or PDAs to update their schedules.

In addition, with the “Find Me” feature, the network will call your mobile phone if you are not at your desk.

Save money and time

After connecting with Avaya, you only have to worry about one cable. Previously, you needed to maintain two lines: your phone line and the T1 line. But the Avaya phone system creates a converged network that uses a single cable to connect data and voice. It’s easier and cheaper.

Avaya’s rich history and traditions

The Avaya phone system is part of the legendary Bell Labs. No other phone company is close to matching Avaya’s R&D department. Bell Labs produces the highest quality products. When you choose Avaya, you choose a company that produces five patents per week.

Call Center

Buy avaya in dubai is the Avaya Phone System for Call Center is a dedicated application that provides unparalleled customer service to your business.

When the customer calls, their information will be entered into the database and displayed on the agent’s computer. This ensures that the agent has the right information, and that everyone who calls your business will contact the appropriate person to provide the right agent for the right customer.

Intellectual Property Office

One of the great things about Avaya is that you can create the right system for your company. IP Office is the ideal system for mid-sized companies, with employees ranging from 40 to 50 people. It has all the features of a larger system, but scales down to fit the size and needs of your company.

IP Office is for companies that want to have IP phones in the near future, but there is no time or money to achieve this. You can now install the framework, keep the systems you own, and switch when you are ready.

Media server and gateway

Avaya’s media servers and gateways allow businesses with multiple locations to own a single server. Install a server in a central location and place a gateway at each satellite location, all locations will be linked together.

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Gold Backed Cryptocurrency KBC-KCB


With the future of money moving in the direction of cryptocurrency, the surest form of investment that can guarantee an almost impenetrable investment plan would be a cryptocurrency backed by Gold. Guess what, it already exist and is thriving.


The attention of a wide audience is offered to the digital currency Karat Bank Coin (KBC), which is a reliable and stable electronic payment instrument, because it is backed by gold; one of the most traditional, secure and constant resource’s in terms of price as an asset. It is clear that this currency is designed for those users for whom gold is the equivalent of financial stability and success.

The exchange of this digital asset is easy, cost-effective, reliable and ongoing online. The coin compares favorably with its volatile “counterparts” by the predictability of the exchange rate, since the cost of the metal is quite stable. And this factor will also work to increase its value.

Karatbars ATM Pic

KaratBank Coin is a blockchain-based crypto coin that’s linked physically to the deposited gold; once the coin is linked to a specific weight of gold, it’s called CashGold. A specific number of KaratBank Coins can be exchanged for CashGold at any given time. In simple words, these crypto coins will be used as an electronic payment for everyone who knows that gold is a true, secure, traditional, value-stable medium. The best part is that this coin can be seamlessly exchanged for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies worldwide—the exchangeability of this crypto coin will definitely fuel its value.

Talking of this crypto asset’s exchangeability, we can’t fail to mention that it’s designed to be easily transferred borderless, securely, cost-efficiently, and in real time. While every digital currency value is quite unpredictable, KaratBank Coin is different in a good way. That’s because this digital currency’s value is predictable as the gold’s value has a rich tradition of remaining stable; for this reason, the volatility factor associated to this crypto coin goes out the window. And this feature will definitely boost this coin’s market value to a whole new level.

KB Bank Pic

Introduced in 2018, the KaratGold Coin (KBC) is linked to physically deposited gold in the form of CashGold, a gold standard. KBC was created by the KaratGold Cooperation, a world renowned Cryptocurrency giant, in order to address the inefficiencies and fragmentation of the existing payment system. Karatgold (KBC), together with the KaratGold Ecosystem, has been developed as a globally workable financial solution that is connected to gold.

Some of the most compelling investment features of the coins are stated below:

Today 100 KBC coins cost $4 – $7 (.04 -.07 cents per coin), and today 1 Gram of Gold is $41-$45, with the price of gold projected to go up.

Logo KB

​On July 4, 2019, for every 100 KBC coins, you will get 1 Gram of Gold. This is unprecedented, as for the first time in history there is a Guarantee in writing that a Cryptocurrency is backed by a true tangible asset – 24K, 999.9% gold.

On October 2019, there would be a favourable Hard Fork for investors, as: The KBC and KCB will merge into one coin, the new Gold Standard Coin (GSC).

Every 1 KBC coin will convert to 1 GSC coin (EX: 1,000 KBC = 1,000 GSC coins).

In 2023, every one coin will = 1 gram of gold.  If you don’t trade your coins in until then, you will have 1,000 grams of gold, and at today’s price, 1 gram of gold is about $45.  Even if the price of gold stays the same as a today, in 2023 you would have 1,000 X $45 or $45,000, for an investment today of just $40-$50.

Referral Bonus also exists and are fully optional.


My First Pilates Class


What do I need to know before my first Pilates session?

My First Pilates Class

“It is not about perfection. It is about making yourself a priority. We know it is hard and intimidating stepping into a new studio. We go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable starting with your very first session. Be proud knowing you are taking care of yourself and leave the rest to us.” 

What should I wear to My First Pilates Class?

Our motto is “zero pretension” so ignore the hype and be yourself. We want you to move freely and comfortably and feel the same. There are no exclusive “Pilates only” clothing brands so we will leave you with these simple tips to make it easier:

  • Your clothes should be comfortable enough allowing you to move and stretch fully
  • Loose is ok, baggy is not recommended. This will allow our instructors see your body well enough and correct alignment if needed

Do I need to bring anything with me to the Best Denver Pilates Studio?

Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. We have a water fountain in our studio for you to refill your bottle as many times as needed.  We do not have showers at our location however most of our workouts won’t soak you. If you need to freshen up after class, our oversized bathroom is stocked with necessities such as dry shampoo, deodorant, “shower in a napkin” make up remover etc.

What results will I get from Pilates?

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference. In 20 sessions you will see the difference. In 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.”

Leave all intimidation behind the doors of our studio. We use simple terminology to get you acquainted with basic principles essential to your Pilates practice. And, when you move – we move, which means we demonstrate every exercise for you.  Expect to feel muscles you did not know you had during your first session as well as trying to engage your abdominals more then ever before. While you may not be pouring sweat at the end of the session, you will feel your muscles “speaking” to you the next day.

Speak Up

There is a lot of talking in Pilates. The talking is done by the instructor. Nevertheless, we can not say this enough – we want YOU to speak up. It gives us a break from speaking and we want to get to know you. Our other motto – we make it personal. Not sure what you may need to tell us? Here are a few pointers:

  • Tell us if you have an injury or are recovering from one (including PT treatments)
  • Tell us if you are pregnant
  • During your session, is something not feel right? Please let us know. You will not hurt our feelings.
  • Are you unsure what to do even after we just went through an exercise (i.e. what muscles to engage) – let us know an we will do it all over again

How Do I Stay Motivated to Workout?

Patience, consistency and your mindset are key to your success. Here are the best tips to keep you on track:

  • Schedule your next session at the end of your visit while your motivation is at its highest Make new friends you can sweat with. Join our community – the personal bond you create is guaranteed to boost your motivation
  • Hold yourself accountable and let the world know about your commitment to Pilates by telling your friends and family and posting on social media
  • Studies have repeatedly shown working out with a friend helps you hold one another accountable and committed, yielding to faster results


How Laminate Flooring is Different From Other Floorings


Whether you’re looking over a new house, walking through an open house or just trying to impress your friends, you should know the difference between laminate and hardwood flooring. Both types of flooring have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon your values and style which makes you feel more comfortable, you should make a decision.


Hardwood is more expensive and requires a lot of maintenance, but it looks so amazing as it is a plank of solid wood. On the other hand, laminate flooring us synthetic, more affordable and it’s also more durable than hardwood. Laminate flooring has become standard for most of the new home communities, it is considered as the upgrade or gives a more professional look to the luxurious projects. It makes sense to use it, especially in condo buildings, because of the affordability, ease of installation and durability.

Even for the commercial purpose, people like to install laminate flooring. One of the reasons for using laminate flooring is an affordable price. Considering other flooring options, laminate flooring is cheap because it’s largely synthetic flooring that’s easily mass produced using low-cost materials. It’s easy to install because most laminate uses click and lock assembly for installation which means no nails or glue and you can float it over most existing subfloors while you’re installing. Additionally, it is easy to clean and care for because of the thick and clear wear layer that covers the surface of the flooring. It is generally not a good idea to install laminate flooring in any place where you tend to get a lot of water or higher humidity level. A laminate is a hard surface, it is important that the floor or subfloor underneath is level and relatively smooth. If it isn’t the laminate flooring will move a lot when you walk on it and it is too bumpy or sloped underneath, it can even crack or break.

Same like hardwood flooring, laminate floors should acclimate in the home before it’s installed. It should be in there for at least 24 hours, but ideally 48 or more hours. This timing will allow it to set properly either expand/contract for the conditions of that room. During that time period, the room should be set to normal temperature/humidity conditions for that time of the year. Laminate stands for scratch resistant wear layer which makes it best among all the flooring types. Even in the category of durability it stands first. These tough floors can withstand heavy foot traffic and are becoming more resistant to moisture. Laminate flooring is far easier to maintain than engineered or hardwood flooring. Installation of laminate flooring doesn’t require any nailing or glue, like other flooring techniques.


How to Use A Sex Doll


What does a sex doll feel like? How do sex dolls work? How to use a sex doll? What does sex with a sex doll feel like?

Are you also interested in these questions? Fine, in this article, you can find out everything you will ever need to know about how to have sex with a sex doll.


  1. Buying a sex doll for yourself

If you haven’t made a purchase, check out our 2019 sex doll buyer’s guide.


  1. Items to purchase before using a sex doll

Don’t forget that your sex doll is also an investment, and you need to care for your new toy in the best ways possible to get the most out of your new sex toy. Before using your sex doll, ensure you have the following items.

  • Lubricants

To prevent injury on your skin and enjoy vagina, anal or oral penetration with your penis the best way you can, ensure the orifice is properly lubricated.

Lubricants are of two types; silicone lubricants and water-based lubricants. Water-based lubricant is highly recommended for use because it is more hygienic, easy to clean, and it will not go everywhere unlike silicone lubricants. Another thing is that some individuals are allergic to silicone, and I am sure you don’t want to discover if you have silicone allergy the hard way when using your sex doll.

You can choose to use a silicone lubricant with a silicone sex doll, but you will get a better sex experience if you use a water-based lubricant. Cleaning your sex doll is a lot easier, especially when it involves afterward routines you and your sex doll might get engaged in.

  • Anti-bacterial soap

Keeping your sex doll clean is essential; thus, you need soap. Make sure there is no bacteria or microbe on the soap you are using, so it will not get to your doll. Note that TPE sex dolls are usually more porous than other sex dolls, so you have to be extra careful. Ensure you give your doll a light bath with this since it will reach everywhere easily.

So it’s essential you get what you can apply gently on your doll’s skin. Try not to rub this, it will only make your doll’s skin rough, and you won’t feel the gentle, soft skin that came with the doll the first time you got it. It’s advisable you take this important since you will be using it quite often.

  • Vaginal irrigator

A vaginal irrigator looks more like an enema to be used in the vaginal region. You fill this item with water and soap, then use it in cleaning the orifices. Having a vaginal irrigator is essential, especially if you plan on using it for a very long time.

Using a vaginal irrigator makes cleaning much easier, especially if it’s your first time using one. You will also find this tool interesting if your doll does not have the removable small inserts. You can also use this item even if your doll has the removable inserts. Regardless, this tool allows you to clean the inside of your sex doll deeply.

  • Renewal powder

Renewal powder is another item you may want to consider before using your sex doll. You apply this item on your sex doll to keep the skin appearance petty and luxurious. Usually, when you use a doll, the oils and grime from your body are deposited on the skin, and the doll’s skin starts to lose its luster over time. Thus, their appearance depreciates over time, and they don’t look as beautiful as they were when you purchased them. Applying this power on your sex doll ensures the skin remains soft and smooth. Renewal powder is an item to add to your list of items if you want your doll’s skin to look young and beautiful.

You can also apply this power to the inside of your doll. Your doll may feel a little used and not as nice as silky as it used to after a rough round of sex, using this power can help with this. It can dry the dust area, restoring its beautiful and new look.

Besides giving your sex doll a good look, using renewal powder can also reduce the wear and tear action of your doll. It keeps your doll’s skin tighten, and it also keeps the penetration area intact after a rough sexual encounter with them.

  • Stain removers

Well, it’s obvious that your doll may get stained from time to time as you make use of it; therefore, you need to include a stain remover in your list of items. Having a sheet, clothing or probably carpet stain remover is not a bad idea. This is nice if you desire something a little different and kinky with your doll, alongside your general cleanup. Using stain removers can help remove stains from your doll’s cloth; it also helps in cleaning lubricants as ease. In addition, most of these stain removers have ant-bacterial features, making it more hygienic.

Hygiene and sex toys are super important, and it is vital you consider this. Your doll is also a sex toy, although some people may not really agree with that. Note, the more you take good care of your doll, the longer the lifespan, and the more you enjoy using it.


  1. Sex Doll Unboxing and Assembling

The day you have been waiting for has come. You are really excited about seeing your package on your porch. You hardly notice the person in charge of delivery, and your hand is shivering as you sign to receive your product. The only thing on your mind is the box you just received and what’s in it. Hello there! Slow down. Before you get down with your new spouse, there is one important step you to note down. You have to be careful during the unboxing process and assemble your new lover correctly.


Step 1: Move your package to a space in your home carefully, ensure the room has a lot of floor space.

Most people are always surprised about the weight of their package when they receive it for the first time; it’s pretty heavy. Most full-size sex dolls weigh between 50-70 pounds including all the packaging weight. Expect your fully packaged sex doll to weigh about 80 pounds upon arrival. In case you have a form of disability, or you are much older, or you live in the 5th floor or so with no lift provision, you have to be well prepared for how you will transport your package to your home. You could receive assistance from a close friend, your you can pay the delivery man to assist you.

It’s advisable you unpack your sex doll in a room with lots of floor space because you need to lay your new lover flat on the floor beside the box.


Step 2: Use a box cutter or knife or any sharp object in opening the box along the seams

To open the package, cut the tape along the top edges of the box using a knife, box cutter or any object of choice after placing the package on the ground in your room. Be careful when using the knife to avoid cutting too deep so you don’t damage your product. The box will open up after you are done cutting the tape along the seams.


Step 3: Wash your hands

Since your new sex toy is set to be transferred from the box, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to mark or smudge her pristine skin with dirt on your hands. Thus, it’s advisable you wash your hands before you touch your new sex toy.


Step 4: Unpack the head of your product

You will find the head of your sex doll resting on the upper thigh of your product; it is placed in a sized sphere of packing foam. Remove the foam used in wrapping the head with care and take the head of its bag. Place the head of your sex doll on top of the bag on the ground close to the box. You will get back to it when you take the body out.

TIP: You can use the bag to store the head when you are not using it.


Step 5: Take out any other accessories in the box

Sometime, you may find some added accessories in the package such as clothing, cleaning tools, and a closet storage system. Take these items out of the box and place them elsewhere. After removing any added accessories, only the doll’s body and the blanket she’s placed on will remain in the box.


Step 6: Use a pair of scissors in removing the foam from the doll’s body


Step 7: Lift your sex doll out of the box using the blanket

Lift your new sex doll out of the box by wrapping your arms around the doll and blanket, place the doll on the ground gently.


Step 8: Attach the doll’s head to the body and wear your doll the wig

If you are here to read about the main activity, then that’s it. However, there may be some exceptions, many of our clients buy these sex dolls for realistic, sexual companionship. These dolls are created for this purpose, and they can offer you the pleasure and excitement you desire. The secret is to adopt some best practices to have the best experience, and you will enjoy the comfort of your sex doll for a very long time.


  1. Dressing up your sex doll
  2. Wig

You can buy some wigs for your doll, doing this makes her appear different and beautiful. There are many styles you can select from. The hairstyle and color can brighten up and represent your ideal partner accurately.

Buying a wig for your love doll with height 140-160cm is easy. Your sex doll can wear the real wig. Most wigs for Cosplay are beautiful and cheap. And you can purchase them online without stress. Smaller dolls with a short height between 100-130cm have a small head circumference. Getting a child’s wig is more suitable, and they are difficult to purchase. You may need a special sex doll wig for other mini-sex dolls like 65cm, 80cm, and so on. The Wig used by BJD three-pointer is a typical example.

  1. Clothing

You can purchase clothing like lingerie, kinky costume or fetish wear for your doll to transform her looks. Get something that will fit on her perfectly, probably go for something smaller to make her appearance unique.

You can buy real women clothes if your sex doll falls within the height of 150cm or above. However, know that the general sex doll shape is much smaller than a real woman. Pay close attention when shopping for clothes for your doll. You don’t expect the size of different brands to be the same. For instance, your doll is size S when wearing A brand. When putting on B brand, it may change from XS due to different versions. You can buy children’s clothes for your doll if its height falls between 100-140cm. Children’s cloth size is usually divided into children (110-110cm), middle children (110-130cm), big children (130-150cm_, and so on. All the closes are good-looking and fashionable. We trust you will find a nice cloth that will suit your doll perfectly. Mini-wavy dolls are also unique products. Just like wigs, you can turn to the clothing of BJD three-pointer.


  • You can purchase a few inexpensive materials of clothes to know the actual size before going for the ones you really like. By doing this, you won’t spend a lot of money on something that won’t fit perfectly.
  • Safety pins can be very useful. You can use them in pinning skirts and back shirts that are too big a bit. This will create a gorgeous silhouette.
  • The doll’s feet differ from the face, body and sex organ that are well taken care of during its production. Thus, it’s possible you will not like the feet. In that case, you can purchase a sexy pair of sock and wear it on her to cover the feet. Black, nylon stockings are sexier, combined with high-heeled shoes.
  1. Jewelry

You can make your doll more attractive by wearing it a nice bracelet. But you need to be careful. Do not use jewelry or accessories that could stain or injure your doll, or jewelry that is too heavy. Take off any accessories when you’re done. It’s not advisable to store your doll with any jewelry or accessories on.

  1. Perfumes and colognes

It’s completely normal if you want your doll to smell good when you penetrate her. You can become more aroused sexually from the smell of a nice perfume or cologne. We don’t plan on stopping anyone who wants to enjoy their doll to the fullest. However, we advise you to avoid items that will cause unintentional damage. If you’re going to use perfumes, apply them on the dolls clothes and not on the skin of the doll. These items consist of alcohol, which is not good for TPE or silicone. It’s possible for the scent to seep into the material of the doll, causing damage. And I’m pretty sure you won’t be happy if that should happen.


  1. Having sex with a doll

People usually ask questions like how to get laid with a sex doll or how does it feel to have sex with a doll. And sometimes they are usually shy to ask these questions. You don’t have to be afraid, we have gone through nice sex doll forums and communities to offer you great ideas concerning different types of sexual sensation.

Having sex with a doll is a beautiful experience (which you will discover below), there is no much difference with the real deal, and some individual usually prefer sex dolls – no stress attached, you have all the comfort, no need turning the lights off. But if you desire something fascinating, then you will have to pay about 1000-2000 pounds for a realistic experience. If you are only after the body, you can pay less, but you will get little pleasure from cheap models and inflatable dolls.

(Click here to learn:  8 Amazing Sex Positions You Can Try With Your Sex Doll )


(1) Selecting the right lubricant for your sex doll

For first-timers, It’s advisable you use a lubricant when having sex with your doll; this is to prevent you from harming your skin and causing damages in places you will not want to. For instance, do you want to have injury after having anal sex with your doll on your penis?

Try applying lubricant on any spot you plan on penetrating. Keep it at minimal, don’t overuse it. You will only get your doll too sticky and messy.



  • If you feel you need to add more lubricant, it’s better you add only a little amount of warm water. This will reactivate the lubricant you applied, and it may be the only thing you have to do to continue with your experience.
  • Water-based lubricant is highly recommended. Do not use petroleum-based, oil-based or silicone lubricants; this type of lubricants will only cause harm to your doll. (To select the perfect oil for your doll, we advise you purchase a small water-based lubricant bottle first and experiment. Continue testing different samples until you find the best brand).
  • Some people do prefer a dryer approach. They make use of powder for this reason. Friction is reduced, but the sexual experience is totally


(2) Kissing and touching your sex doll

The feeling from kissing a sex doll is so real, the face is soft, realistic and the doll’s mouth can open, allowing you to put your tongue in her mouth and also feel hers. Of course, the sex doll will have a tongue and teeth, as well as a deep throat.

Silicone sex dolls and modern TPE are designed to give you a realistic experience. They have soft-realistic skin, soft boobs that’s round and squeezable, soft nipples and a great ass.


(3) Vaginal sex with your sex doll

One of the common ways people enjoy sex with their dolls is through vaginal sex. Most attention is directed to the vaginal of a realistic sex doll. The vagina of these dolls is created with soft material that the skin of a woman in an anatomically precise way to give you the appearance and feel of a real vagina. When blindfolded, you may not be able to tell the difference between the vagina of a sex doll and a woman.

The sex with a doll is the same as expected. You place the sex doll how you want, and then insert your penis the way you usually do. The friction and pressure will give you a fantastic experience during sex.

People usually ask if it’s okay for men to ejaculate in their dolls. Absolutely, you can. This practice is very common, and our sex dolls were built for it. We will talk about maintaining your sex doll much later when we are through with this part.



On fansdolls.com, you can choose sex dolls with fixed or removable vagina. Looking at the sex doll from outside, both the fixed and removable vagina appear the same. However, choosing the type of vagina you want for your sex doll depends on your preferences for ease hygiene or realistic sex.

Sex dolls with a fixed vagina have a barrel molded during the manufacturing period. A fixed vagina offers a more realistic feeling during sex and a more realistic type of body.

Replaceable or removable vaginas are recommended because you can clean them easily, and it is essential that you keep your doll’s vagina clean to prevent sexually transmitted diseases/infections and also for long-term usage.


(4) Having anal sex with your doll

A lot of people dream about having anal sex. For most people, it is normal, pleasurable and healthy. But the sad truth about anal sex is finding a partner who is willing or even finding someone who enjoys being the receiver. You have nothing to worry if you desire an anal experience, both our female and make dolls are designed to serve this purpose. The anus is just like the vaginal, the anus it anatomically accurate and stimulates the real feeling one may experience during anal sex. It is much tighter, and the sensation is entirely different from the front.


(5) Oral sex with your sex doll

Regardless of what you are into and the type of sex doll you have, you can derive pleasure from oral sex. Some sex dolls are created with deep throat, and with a little heat and lubricant, they can feel like the mouth of a human. A love doll, however, cannot stimulate the suction you get from a real person, and you don’t need to worry about your sex doll’s gag reflex, whether the doll’s neck becomes stiff or her reaction when you are done.


Note: You need to be careful during oral sex because the oral cavity can tear easily.


  1. Other interesting things you can do with your sex doll

How to use a sex doll? You know, there are still other exciting things you can do with your doll beside sex, especially if you are moody and you need some companionship. This section will teach you how to use your sex doll in other ways apart from sex that might be interesting to you.

Firstly, your sex doll can be used as your companion.  The urge for companionship and physical intimacy can rise to a point where controlling it becomes difficult, especially if you are single for a long time. You can reduce the stress with your sex dolls. You can cuddle, hold and sleep with a realistic sex doll, and feel the company of a faithful companion. You can take your sex doll on a date if you want to. You can take them anywhere, to the park, to eat, any location you please. If you want to get wet with them, you can since they are waterproof. This is one of the interesting ways you can use your sex doll.

Secondly, you can use your doll for art. Some photographers out there have done extensive work with sex dolls. Also, some fashion designers have used sex dolls to test their outfits to know how their clothing will look when people wear them. Generally, these dolls serve as a bridge between fantasy and reality without compromising social ethics.

It might be somehow strange building a strong bond with sex dolls, but it is usually encouraged if you feel like bonding and getting close with your doll. You can use your sex doll to alleviate stress, for companionship, as art, and so on. Everything eventually boils down to what you need your sex doll for. It’s your property; you have the right to do whatever you please with just like any sex toy, but ensure you clean your doll properly after use.


  1. Clean your sex doll after using

Please link to the article: How to Clean Sex Dolls?


  1. Store your sex doll after use

How do you store your sex doll after use? Continue reading to know how.

To be honest, there is no best or perfect method to store your sex doll. You store your doll based on what’s convenient for you. Some people may want to store their doll in their closet vertically, while some people with plenty of space under their bed would want to put the doll back in the box and keep under their bed. I will inform you about the two most common ways of storing sex dolls.

  • Lying

Lying your sex doll has just one point. You cannot lie your doll on the “hard plane.” Always remember to put a cushion under your doll regardless of how you lie it, whether on the bed, on the floor or in the storage box. Doing this will prevent the curve on the back or buttocks to become flattened or deformed which could happen as a result of long-term compression by weight. Ensure you place your doll on a cushion, especially for TPE sex dolls; it’s impossible to rebound if the body gets deformed.

  • Hanging

This is the best method to store sex dolls. When you hang your sex doll, no side will be altered or squeezed by the doll’s weight. You can store your doll in this position if you have a closet or shelf in your home. There are different hanging methods for different models of sex dolls. You can contact us for advice when you have the hanging requirements.

Regardless of how you want to store your sex doll, either handing or lying, make sure it’s dust-proof. At all times, cover your sex dolls with an easier to clean.