Using Tagging to Segment Customers in a Loyalty Program



The essence of creating a loyalty rewards program is to ensure customers feel special and find a reason to come back again to your store.

Understanding customers interests, specific needs and behavior patterns may be hard at times, with plethora of data available. A loyalty program makes this segmentation easier. Tagging functionality in a loyalty rewards program can help to segment customers based on different needs, interests or criterion.


Knowing your Customers


Starbucks is one such brand that takes the efforts to know their customers’ preferences and habits and using them to create a feedback loop that amplifies buying behavior. Starbucks Rewards program offers plenty of customization for users, including a free beverage on the user’s birthday and personalized suggestions based upon past orders. They know which days of the week their customers purchase, so they might offer a “Double Star Day” to you to get them in the store on a day they are not usually present. This gives customers 4 stars per $1 spent, not 2 stars. Other bonuses either reward behavior they want to promote preordering, for instance – or getting customers to try new products.

With every purchase using the Starbucks app, customers leave behind valuable data-

  • What drink?
  • How often?
  • What days of the week?
  • What time of day?

Starbucks uses this data to “gamify” the rewards system & this is all individualized.

Segmenting your Customers

Segmentation helps create a personalized approach that makes customers feel like you understand them. It also helps businesses identify which customers are going to need additional nurturing; for example, new customers versus established customers, or happy customers versus customers with a history of opening angry tickets. With this information, you are better prepared to handle customer service and quickly identify customer issues that may need to be escalated immediately. To refine these segments even further, compare the customer’s purchase habits, including their order frequency, average order value, and the number of discounts and reward points they use. This way, you can instantly identify the cost of maintaining relationships with these customers, so you can better allocate resources and time.

Segmentation can also be used to identify areas of improvement in a loyalty program. For example, you want your customers to feel as if they’re earning rewards at a good pace to prevent them from losing interest. If you have several customers that make a few early purchases and then seem to disappear, this could be a sign that they’re getting discouraged. To help bring them back, you could offer bonus reward points to this segment- or if it’s happening very often, rework your whole loyalty program to feel more rewarding.

Segmenting the shoppers on these attributes allows them to create groups of shoppers with similar qualities thus understand the shoppers in greater detail. This helps retailers address shoppers’ needs and behaviors. Tagging feature facilitates the creation of such segments.


Tagging your Users

Zinrelo helps customers assign tags to users. It allows customers to easily-

  • Tag a single user: Go an extra mile for your special customer.
  • Tag multiple users at a time: Analysis or promotions on your mind for a specific set of users? Instead of manually searching and tagging different users separately, select multiple users in one go and get started!


  • Search users using tags as a filter: Navigate through large sets of data in a breeze using tags as a filter.
  • Instantly act on crucial data from your loyalty program. The tagging feature simplifies tasks. Let’s
    take an example of Andrew from brand Aquas. While browsing through customer accounts, Andrew
    notices five customers making purchases>$1000 on your website every month you can tag these
    customer as ‘Above $1000 buyers’ and set a special loyalty rewards on their next purchase. At the
    end of the year, Andrew decides to offer a special reward his most loyal customers. He just selects
    the tag set ‘Above $1000 buyers’ and assigns something special for them in his Loyalty program.



Now, it’s easy to set different tags for convenience, it helps brands to easily track and bifurcate information into different buckets as & when needed. Streamline your Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards program using the tagging feature.


5 Writing Tips to Boost your Rewards Program Engagement



Recently, I was at the drive-up window at my bank. When the teller returned to the window with my deposit slip, she stated, “Did you know that you have 20,000 rewards points worth $300?” I had no idea. She then explained to me that if I have online banking, there is a link for the rewards program to the left of my landing page. I access my online accounts to check balances and to see what has cleared, to pay my bills, and to occasionally transfer money from one account to the other. Rewards program? I didn’t even know I was part of one. What could have worked better maybe is, a separate landing page with details of the program or communication from the bank, to keep the program in the top of my mind!

Majority of the companies are turning to rewards program with a two-fold objective to reward loyal customers (thus retaining them) and to “beat” the competition. It is common to find a plethora of loyalty programs across different industries.

But here’s the thing about loyalty reward programs. While people are quick to sign up for these programs, continued participation in them is less robust. Few reasons for this mentioned below-

  • It is sometimes up to the participant to check on his/her rewards and to figure out how to use them (think airlines).
  • Companies do not aggressively promote their rewards program and inform the participant their “points” or “cash buildup” and offer options about how to use those points or cash.
  • Customers today are part of numerous loyalty programs. They see the same types of rewards being offered by different companies they do business with, and they tire of keeping track of so many, put their little cards away and cease to even remember what rewards programs they are in. This is why discount coupons tend to work better.
  • Colloquy 2017 Loyalty consensus report states 36% abandon a loyalty program as the rewards program communications were irrelevant to them. Receiving excess of communications was a put off for 38% customers abandoning a loyalty program.
  • Customers are looking for experiences, brands offering just points or discounts are not able to engage customers for a long term in their loyalty rewards program. 53% users abandoned a loyalty program, as it did not offer them the rewards/offers they were interested in. (Source: Colloquy 2017 Loyalty consensus report)

But it does not have to be this way. Your customers should be so important to you that you will do all you can to keep them participating in your rewards program, benefitting from it, and loving you.

So, here are some writing tips to use, as you keep your customers involved in your rewards program.


1. Make It Easy to Understand

Your rewards program should be clear and simple. And it will need to be explained in writing. The key to this is transparency and language.

  • Customers should know how many points or cash they accumulate with each purchase amount or activity.
  • Customers should know how to check on their point or cash accumulation
  • Customers should know exactly how to redeem and what options they have for those redemptions

Schnucks Grocery Chain in Missouri has this as its landing page for its Rewards Program:


And here is how it is simply explained:


The Starbucks Rewards Program, My Starbucks Rewards is similarly simple to understand. Since rolling out the program in 2009, Starbucks has 16 million members signed up, accounting for about 40 percent of its business in the U.S. They have updated the rewards program a few days back. There is a pull-down arrow reading “rewards options” that tells you all the new variations on the program. This is explained under the headline, “Rewards You Can Get with Stars.”

Also, interesting to note is that Starbucks uses fun, hand-drawn illustrations to detail the benefits of joining, and to describe how points (stars) are accumulated.


When loyalty reward programs are revamped, communication must be clear and free from any ambiguities. Embracing change can often be complex!


2. Keep Customers Regularly Informed

At some retail establishments, especially places like grocery stores, a customer is told as he checks out what his accumulation is. This is not the case with a lot of other companies, like banks or credit card companies.

Customers should not have to search for their points summary. It should be clearly reported on the website or application with a page that allows customers to check their balance rewards points, what they are currently worth, what options they have for redemption and what it takes for them to move to the next level. And, again, this should be very simple and clear.

If you need help setting up your loyalty page or creating an explanation that is simple, clear, and written creatively, get some help. There are a number of writing services that have copy writing departments, such as Write Load or Canada-Writers. Or write your copy up and check it for readability, using an online tool.


3. Multiple Ways to Earn Points

The more ways a business can give customers to earn points, the better.


Come up with creative ways to do this:

  • If you have social media accounts, create an engaging post and offer rewards points for followers to share that post.
  • Offer a large chunk of points if customers download your app. Then you can use SMS to inform them of their point accumulations. This keeps your brand in front of your customers
  • Through the app, offer bonus points each time a customer accesses your app and takes advantage of a special discount or offer.
  • Give points on a customer’s birthday and notify them of the points on their special day, along with a birthday greeting.

Customers grow weary of only earning points by making purchases. You can set yourself apart by rewards for other actions. Sue McDonnell, head of marketing for Professional resume help says, “We give reward points every time a client returns for additional help/documents. But one of the most popular in our rewards program is a hefty number of points for referrals we offer. This doesn’t require a purchase and our clients like that.”

Reeboks recently launched ‘Reebok Unlocked’ program that also provides customers with several options for earning rewards. They can attend events, write reviews, purchase products, and interact with Reebok on social media to move up through the rewards program.


4. Use Email Regularly

Another way to remind customers of their point accumulation and the redemption options is through email. People do check their emails at least once a day. The key to keeping them engaged is to make sure they open those emails. And the way to get opens is to have a catchy, engaging subject line. How about something like, “Earn 500 rewards points with one click.”


5. Test and Test some More

This is certainly not a writing tip. But it is important. You must track responses to the content you use to engage your customers in your loyalty programs. Data from a loyalty program can help brands to proactively tweak the program. It’s important to understand the best performing activities, possible tactics to cater to the changing needs of customers. But the best overall evaluation, comes from tracking the actual redemption rate of your customers and identifying the factors hampering them from enrolling.


When All Is Said and Done…

Getting greater participation in your reward program is not just what you offer. It is how you convey all that you offer to your registrants that will engage them. The way you present your program, the way in which you keep your customers engaged, is directly related to your writing. Don’t take this for granted.


More About The Author: Amanda Sparks


Amanda Sparks is the head of the marketing department at Essay Supply company and blogger. She is passionate about developing innovative and customer-friendly solutions for brands.

You can follow Amanda on Twitter.


What Does Vaping CBD Feel Like? Effects of CBD Vape



How Does Vaping CBD Make You Feel? CBD Vape – Feel the Rush…NOT If you’ve never tried vaping CBD hemp extract, you’re probably curious. You want to know what it feels like.

Will you get a head rush? Are you going to see visions? Does it put you in a euphoric state?

No. If that’s what you’re after, you need THC. No, what vaping CBD feels like is….normal.

Feeling Normal is Wonderful Sounds boring, right? But for a lot of folks, normal is awesome. Millions of people would LOVE to just feel fine, to feel like they used to.

No pain, no anxiety, no depression. Feeling normal is what they dream about.

And vaping CBD holds hope for them – finally. Vaping CBD is not a habit or recreation. It is a wellness tool to make the suffering go away – fast.


On the other hand, if you are a healthy, energetic, upbeat, pain-free person, there’s no reason for you to vape CBD. You should take a 30mg tablet for other benefits CBD provides, but vaping CBD is for fast relief, not for fun.

But let’s get back to the people who need help pronto and how vaping CBD feels.

Thinking about it though, the title of this blog post is really concerns two things – the actual vaping process and CBD’s effects.

The Act of Vaping CBD


You might want to know what inhaling CBD vapor is like – aside from its effects.

First off, if you’ve never smoked, or if you’ve tried cigarettes and didn’t like them, you might be surprised by how pleasant the act of vaping CBD feels. Mindfully breathing in the CBD vapor is actually part of the whole calming experience.

If you want to know how to inhale CBD hemp extract, here is a post about it. How to inhale CBD.

Secondly, there are many ways to vape CBD and hundreds of products to choose from. Furthermore, manufacturers make hundreds of different flavors.

So Your experience could be a small wisp of minty vapor, a voluminous cloud of banana bread, or a heady puff of hempy kush flavor.

The point is – your options are virtually limitless. If you don’t like the first thing you try, I can almost guarantee there’s something else out there for you.

The Effects of Vaping CBD

Keep in mind, it is against FDA regulations to make claims about a product that has not been approved. Vaping CBD may or may not work for you.

But I can tell you about my experience with vaping CBD. I can also tell you that many other people I’ve spoken to have had similar experiences.

As I said before – vaping CBD doesn’t get you high, but it can bring you to normal.

I vape CBD mainly for anxiety and depression. For me – vaping stops the cycle of worrying thoughts. It calms me down. Because of this, my sleep has improved greatly.

Just the other day I had a call to make that I knew was going to be confrontational.  I have a hard time with stuff like this. My heart races, my breathing becomes uneven. It’s the old fight or flight response.

I took some puffs of CBD before making the call. Within 5 minutes I was relaxed and was able to have a rational, normal conversation. I have also used my vape pen to stop bouts of depression that I could feel coming on.

People with migraines have told me that it works the same way for them. Remember – vaping CBD feels normal.

Again – this is not proof. These are anecdotal experiences. The only way to know if vaping CBD works is to try it yourself.


So if you asked me “What does vaping CBD feel like?”, I would say: relaxing, centering, balancing – in other words normalizing relief.

For me and others, vaping CBD can help flatten out that wavy line on the emotional graph.


Normal is good.

Breath in the goodness of CBD

John Astrab


All information, content, and material of this blog post is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

Remember – the decisions about your health are ENTIRELY up to you.

For more details checkout here :- Vaping too much CBD


Restoration Apostle – Prays for Devastated Sri Lanka


Over 200 dead and 600 injured, in 8 coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka. Who has done this?…is the question on everyone’s mind as the devastating News hit the airwaves on Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2019. According to CNN and other credible News outlets, still no trackable concrete evidence as to those responsible for the attack.

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, told reporters that this may have been a deliberate attack on Christians. Maithripala Sirisena (President of Sri Lanka), informed authorities, in a desperate effort to crack down on the attackers that, all Police “Leave of Absence” is canceled until futher notice….Get the full story, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

For more details checkout also here :- Donald Trump, Sri Lanka, Twitter, pray, Prayed, Tweet, Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, Maithripala Sirisena, Police, president of Sri Lanka, Apostle Johnson Suleman, OFM Worldwide


How to Find a Unicorn for Couples


If you are into polyamory, finding the right unicorn for you and your partner can be quite hard. If you do not know what “Unicorn” means, in terms of dating unicorns are bisexual individuals who are willing to join an existing couple’s relationship. Some people find this disturbing most especially the “conservative” ones. But the act of finding a good and stable poly relationship is as good as any other relationships. They discuss and consent with each other like all other relationships. So how can you find a good unicorn?

If you and your partner are looking for a unicorn, you are then called “Unicorn Hunters”. As the title suggests you are hunting for a great candidate to spice up your sexual life. Having a third person join the party can be a great experience. The unicorn should be suitable for both the male and the female of an existing relationship. You and your partner must first discuss and list down the traits each of you are looking for. This should be done with full respect towards each other and both parties must agree on the unicorn they will be having. Ideally they will want to have the unicorn’s traits to be skinny, gorgeous, submissive, preferably red hair, have a great sexual personality and sexual appeal. Many unicorn hunters often have a hard time finding a unicorn, this is because they do not mutually agree on the traits of the unicorn they will be having. So if you are planning to get yourselves a unicorn, mutual agreement towards what kind of unicorn you are ideally going to have is the first step in finding the right unicorn.

After you have finished discussing what kind of unicorn both of you mutually wants, you can now start the hunt! Imagine how much more your sexual life can become? That fantasy serves as the fuel for your hunt. Never give up! It can be hard and take a lot of time in searching for the unicorn you just really need, but persistency is the key. The second step of successfully getting your ideal unicorn is having resolve, as you continue the hunt.

There are a vast lot of bisexual females who are willing to join a couple in a threesome. You can low key invite them. In other words, send hints like in jokes or gestures, and if they send positive feedback, then it’s a go. Do not get overexcited especially during your first time, prepare your body and prepare mentally for the sexual euphoria you will soon experience! Make sure to have your body as clean as possible and blow off some load right before sex so you can last longer, making sure both females can be satisfied. Whether you’re a male or female, make sure that both partners are having fun and equally at that. This way you will have a great experience as well as for them too. Make sure the target unicorn finds pleasure in your first threesome, so she would like and agree to join your relationship as a personal “Unicorn”. If the unicorn had fun, you can ask him or her if they would like to be your unicorn. And if you do well, congrats! You’ve now got yourself your very own “Unicorn”.


Choose a Threesome Dating Service

There are such huge numbers of dating destinations out there, hundreds if not thousands, how would you even start to choose where to enroll and begin your web-based threesome dating background?

You could simply pick one at irregular, make a profile, and kick back and trust that different individuals will beat a way to your email inbox. Who knows, you could luck out and it may work out the first time. Be that as it may, even a little piece of examination in advance could spare a great deal of time and disappointment!

Try to be readied. You most likely wouldn’t head out to purchase another vehicle and begin by trawling around businesses at arbitrary, you would as of now have a thought regarding what kind of vehicle you need – how enormous, how quick, how a lot of cash you needed to spend, etc. In view of these criteria, you would have a smart thought of which vehicle showrooms to visit to locate the correct kind of vehicle for your specific needs. So the main thing to ask yourself, is what do you look for from a dating site? Sounds self-evident – a date! In any case, what kind of date? Is it true that you are searching for a genuine relationship perhaps prompting marriage? Or on the other hand, would you say you are after an easygoing accomplice and you’ll see where it leads? Or on the other hand, maybe you simply need some uncomplicated fun. Fortunately, among the horde of administrations out there on the web, there is something to provide food for each necessity. A few locales will suit all preferences, however, there are numerous that practice and the more explicit you are about what you need, the better your odds of discovering it.

Prior to taking a gander at the destinations on offer, consider how you will compose your own profile. Scribble down a section or two about yourself, your interests, and your desires for an accomplice. At that point compose a couple of words about what you are searching for in a potential dating match. Doing this disconnected will enable you to structure as far as you could tell what kind of threesome dating date you are searching for, and after that when you proceed to see some unicorn dating locales, you’ll effectively have the capacity to choose those that offer the most obvious opportunity with regards to giving what you need. The additional advantage obviously is that with regards to filling in your profile on the web, you will be arranged and won’t be sat before your screen lost for words. Rather your profile will peruse in an exceptionally normal and genuine way.

I would dependably prescribe finding a unicorn for threesome no less than two locales to enrol with and put your profile on, all things considered, they are practically all allowed to begin with – you possibly need to choose if you need to pay when and in the event that somebody of intrigue turns up and you need to reach.

Behind The Winning Investments – HULT Private Capital

Leading private equity firm, HULT Private Capital, offering bespoke client benefits as investors plan to put more into more money into the private equity asset class in 2018


HULT Private Capital is one of the leading providers of fund management service with a proven track record of delivering excellent services in the private equity investment space. In addition to its wide range of premium quality active management services, the firm offers several benefits to its clients including no management fees, tax-free best investments, and guaranteed growth. The private equity firm is once again in the forefront of service providers as investors look to plough more money into private equity in 2018.


Private equity is one of the asset classes that have grown in popularity and acceptance in recent times. This is particularly due to its profitability and this claim was substantiated with the figures recorded in 2017. The figures released by HULT Capital showed a remarkable 16% portfolio return on private equity, reiterating the profitability of private equity investments as well as the company’s competence and dedication.

A survey conducted by adviser Rede Partners revealed that more investors are looking to plough more money into private equity. The 166 investors surveyed by Rede Partners have more than €6.4 trillion (£5.7 trillion) in assets under management, with around €1.3 trillion allocated to private equity. The survey did not only show that investors intend ploughing more money into private equity, but also expect to more returns from fund managers in the next 12 months.

Hult private capital - understanding your needs

While global investors have expressed their support for private equity, investors based in the UK, Nordics, the United States and Benelux have been identified to show the strongest support for the asset class, with US investors showing more positive sentiments as compared with their European counterparts.

“Through a year of tax reform, buoyant equity markets and political uncertainty, investments in the asset class have outperformed,” said Rede Partners’ Scott Church.

“As equity volatility has been reintroduced to the market in 2018, we can expect institutional investors to continue to allocate to private equity over the coming months to anchor more stable returns.”

“At HULT, we focus on providing superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients through a true open architecture platform. Investments are changing and the world continues to bring new ideas to the table. Having a management firm like HULT Private Capital on your side allows you to invest smart without having to worry about diversification, 360, or tax implications. We take care of management needs and perform exactly how you would expect a World Class Fund Management company to,” says Lewis G. Hill, HULT Private Capital Fund Director.

HULT Private Capital’s successful track record has made it a leading service provider in the industry and the firm has continued to be one of the most sought-after private equity firms in the industry. “Our mission is to go above and beyond client expectations by providing world-class financial services. We’ve built lifelong relationships with our clients — friendships founded on trust, respect, and integrity,” says HULT’s Capital Fund Director, Lewis G. Hill.

HULT looks to continue in its excellent service delivery and leadership position in the industry in 2018 and beyond as investors globally are already seeking the services of the firm. This is particularly easy with HULT Private Capital having offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

More information about HULT Private Capital and the services provided can be found on the website as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.


About HULT Private Capital

Hult Private Capital is a leading private equity firm with a successful track record. The firm believes that solid business execution and patient capital is a winning combination for long-term success. The company is dedicated to doing everything possible to give clients the best chance for investment success.

Media Contact

HULT Private Capital

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Tel: +44 20 8123 5164