Using Tagging to Segment Customers in a Loyalty Program

  The essence of creating a loyalty rewards program is to ensure customers feel special and find a reason to come back again to your store. Understanding customers interests, specific needs and behavior patterns may be hard at times, with plethora of data available. A loyalty program makes this segmentation easier. Tagging functionality in aContinue reading “Using Tagging to Segment Customers in a Loyalty Program”

5 Writing Tips to Boost your Rewards Program Engagement

  Recently, I was at the drive-up window at my bank. When the teller returned to the window with my deposit slip, she stated, “Did you know that you have 20,000 rewards points worth $300?” I had no idea. She then explained to me that if I have online banking, there is a link forContinue reading “5 Writing Tips to Boost your Rewards Program Engagement”

What Does Vaping CBD Feel Like? Effects of CBD Vape

  How Does Vaping CBD Make You Feel? CBD Vape – Feel the Rush…NOT If you’ve never tried vaping CBD hemp extract, you’re probably curious. You want to know what it feels like. Will you get a head rush? Are you going to see visions? Does it put you in a euphoric state? No. IfContinue reading “What Does Vaping CBD Feel Like? Effects of CBD Vape”

Restoration Apostle – Prays for Devastated Sri Lanka

  Over 200 dead and 600 injured, in 8 coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka. Who has done this?…is the question on everyone’s mind as the devastating News hit the airwaves on Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2019. According to CNN and other credible News outlets, still no trackable concrete evidence as to those responsible for theContinue reading “Restoration Apostle – Prays for Devastated Sri Lanka”

How to Find a Unicorn for Couples

  If you are into polyamory, finding the right unicorn for you and your partner can be quite hard. If you do not know what “Unicorn” means, in terms of dating unicorns are bisexual individuals who are willing to join an existing couple’s relationship. Some people find this disturbing most especially the “conservative” ones. ButContinue reading “How to Find a Unicorn for Couples”

Choose a Threesome Dating Service

There are such huge numbers of dating destinations out there, hundreds if not thousands, how would you even start to choose where to enroll and begin your web-based threesome dating background? You could simply pick one at irregular, make a profile, and kick back and trust that different individuals will beat a way to yourContinue reading “Choose a Threesome Dating Service”

Behind The Winning Investments – HULT Private Capital

Leading private equity firm, HULT Private Capital, offering bespoke client benefits as investors plan to put more into more money into the private equity asset class in 2018 HULT Private Capital is one of the leading providers of fund management service with a proven track record of delivering excellent services in the private equity investmentContinue reading “Behind The Winning Investments – HULT Private Capital”