The Future of LED Lighting


LED lighting has received a lot of attention in the recent past. People in today’s world tend to use them for a variety of applications. The convenience delivered to the people with getting their day to day work done has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this lighting option. The LED Lighting suppliers in Saudi Arabia ( موردي الإضاءة في سعودي) and around the world also have a clear understanding about this fact. Hence, they have taken appropriate measures to experiment with the applications of LED lights and figure out how they can be improved to end up with even better applications.

Opple Lighting

It is worth to look at the LED lighting suppliers in Dubai and how they will revolutionize the applications of these lights in the long run. Then you will be able to keep your fingers crossed until those products come out and help you to make your life easy.

The LED lighting suppliers in KSA have realized that their products need to be more efficient and intelligent. In fact, there is a high demand for the LED lights, which can deliver such an intelligent and an efficient experience to the users. The users of LED lights don’t just need to adjust the brightness, but they are also interested in changing the color. Moreover, the consumers of LED lights prefer to see networking capabilities in the products, where the lights will be able to talk to each other.

Connected devices and IoT will be the future of technology. We see such devices and home appliances being used by people to make their lives easy. For example, we see this functionality in the machine vision systems, street lights, refrigerators and cameras. They can provide an enhanced experience for the consumers as well. Hence, it will be a trend setter in the future and you will be able to get amazing results at the end of the day.

LED lights are not being used for commercial applications in today’s world. In fact, they are being used for many other types of applications. The Saudi LED lighting manufacturers such as Opple Lighting (شركة أوبل للإنارة أعلى) are aware of these applications and they are trying to provide more value to the products that they offer. For example, the physicians who use LED lights to examine the patients will come across the need to control illumination or to change the colors that can be found in operating rooms or examination rooms. Likewise, the automobile manufacturers would come across the need to tweak the colors of car interior lighting with the help of LED lights. In addition, they will also come across the need to get smart headlights installed on the latest vehicles that are released to the market.

As per the prominent LED lighting suppliers, only electronic lighting has got the potential to cater these needs. That’s where you need intelligent controlling capabilities. To cater that requirement, the LED lighting manufacturers and project engineers are looking forward to creating a completely new breed of LED drivers.

The LED drivers are responsible for the functionality offered by the LED lights. However, they are not just responsible for the on and off switching of the lights. You will be able to get a more advanced functionality out of them. For example, you will be able to adjust the color intensity of the LED lights with the assistance of the drivers.  They are in a position to trigger most of the demands that the customers are in need of as well. Hence, it would be possible to do more experiments with the LED light drivers and end up with better solutions, which can benefit consumers in the future.

One of the key objectives of LED light users is to have a better current regulation along with time. The LED lighting suppliers in Dubai are working on it as well. Then with a single current calibration, it would be possible for them to get their hands on an excellent current regulation along with time. The new breed of LED drivers will improve existing functionality of applications as well. For example, they are in a position to work perfectly well with many different types of sensors. If your car has such improved LED lights, you will be able to make sure that your headlights are automatically dimmed according to oncoming traffic, so that you are not blinding the oncoming traffic. On the other hand, you can make sure that you get a clear view of blind spots when traveling. These are just few examples and you will be able to experience many such examples in the long run.


Getting to know the Dubai Property Market: Apartments for Sale in Palm Jumeirah and Villas for Sale in Arabian Ranches


Dubai-centric peace is the thing that fascinates people from all across the world to come and grab it. D&B Properties Dubai (العقارية دبى) is all set to present the most stunning and well-furnished apartments for sale in Palm Jumeirah

D&B Properties Dubai

Palm Jumeirah offers its residents a large variety of apartments with scenic waterfront views in a tranquil ambience. These spacious apartments are from the range of 1-3 bedrooms with the swanky buildings and best amenities.  All of these apartments are set for the sale.  All you will have to do is to go to the Palm Jumeirah to select the apartment with the locations that suit you.  You will surely find these apartments ideal for you to live a suburban and a perfect lifestyle.  Many of them are skyscrapers that give you the best views of the ocean waves as well as the glistening shoreline.

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Some of the apartments are made with direct access to the seaside.  If you are fond of sitting on the shoreline to enjoy the waves, then the Palm Jumeirah apartments are the things that you should not leave behind without considering.  Apart from that, the developers of the Palm Jumeirah apartments focused on the location that is away from the noise of the main city and gives a peaceful environment.  That’s why, undoubtedly, the Palm Jumeirah is considered as the most iconic place among others in Dubai.

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The D&B Properties team offers its valued customers potential ways to make wise decisions and select the desired apartment in The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.  Living in the apartments, located in Palm Jumeirah, is an experience like no other.  All appreciations to the developers who made it possible for the residents to live an opulent lifestyle.


6 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home Anywhere

Buying overseas real estate often comes with increased responsibilities. Hence you need an efficient local real estate agent

While you might be a real estate guru in your home country, buying real estate in a foreign country can get messy without a knowledgeable local real estate agents


Here are just three ways things could go wrong when buying overseas property:

Over-the-top valuations: A foreign buyer probably doesn’t have the stats on comps and recent sales that would help him make the best decisions on pricing. Locals might see this as a chance to price the property above market value. Without an agent on your side and banking on exchange rate advantages, sellers might feel justified to charge you more.

Taxes and paperwork omissions: In countries like Spain where there could be local rules and taxes regarding foreign home ownership, it’s easy to ignore a few details. Not having the necessary licenses and permissions can be very costly.

Lopsided Communication: Sure your developer wants to come to terms quickly, which you find appealing as you don’t want to hang around too long. However, you don’t want to sign any form or contract without understanding what it entails. It’s always important to get expert advice before signing on the dotted line.

You should have two people on your side when buying foreign real estate, a lawyer, to help with legal complications, taxes and paperwork and a real estate agent to guide you through the home buying process. You might want to ignore an agent’s services as a way to save on agent charges. But here are six reasons why hiring a real estate agent for foreign property purchases is vital:

  1. Full access to the market: Buyers in North America who work with agents have a full access to the Multiple Listing Service (A service that offers access to information regarding market value, comps and properties on the market). While some countries do not have a property listing service, a good agent will likely have a slew of properties and connections with other agents. This ensures he can secure a property that fits your criteria.
  1. Detect overpriced properties: Where there is no MLS to set pricing, sellers and their agent often pad the asking price on their properties. Especially when the buyer has no agent on their side. Even in countries with MLS, ignorance can be a justification for an agent to charge you up to 40% above asking price. You can take advantage of an agent’s market knowledge in this case. An agent has comps and data coupled with market experience and should be able to tell you instantly when a property is overpriced. However, do not neglect to do your own research about properties that catch your fancy. This will help you keep unethical agents in check.
  1. Help with securing mortgage: One of the risky aspects of buying property abroad is getting financing. When considering going for a mortgage, your real estate agent can give you the low-down on mortgages for foreigners. He or she might also be able to connect you with bankers. An agent can also facilitate your loan by helping you with the necessary paperwork. This is one major reason why the services of a real estate agent are invaluable when you’re buying a house overseas.
  1. Negotiating and drawing up an offer: Negotiating tactics you have mastered in the US might fail to work when negotiating with sellers in Japan. The reason is that there are culture and language differences which can be difficult to fathom. So instead of trying confrontation or hard sell tactics, it is usually best to hire a professional agent who understands your situation and can persuasively represent this to a seller.
  1. Help with finding good deals: You’re probably trying to scoop up a good deal on a property. However, it’s unlikely you’ll find great deals by driving around a neighborhood. Agents have connections with other agents and access to a lot of properties. Hence it’s much easier to find great deals by working with them.
  1. Recommend trusted professionals: A trusted real estate agent would probably have a number of reputable service professionals in his network from inspectors, lawyers, handymen, mortgage lenders etc… This would be highly beneficial since you have little experience in the neighbourhood and might be susceptible to pseudo professionals.

Caveat: When choosing agents to work with, work with vetted professionals. Don’t just go with the agent down the street as that might turn out costly. This is why we periodically recommend agents in select communities who are vetted and have significant market experience to make your foreign property dream come true.

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How To Get A Beautiful Bridal Glow on Your Big Day


Here at Roiii, we are experts on all things wedding.  If you need your wedding dress, party dress, formal dress, or wedding party dress then look no further.  We have put together the most amazing collection dress options that can be used for a wedding dress or formal dress or anything in-between. We have searched the globe for the best dresses available to bring you a classic collection of dresses that will make you feel like the queen that you are.

We want to help you get your perfect bridal glow on your big day, and so to that end we have put together some of our best tips and tricks to help you do that.  Let’s dive right in and look at some of the best ways to get your bridal glow on your big day.  Now, we could go on and on about specific products that you should buy to get the glow, but instead, we’d rather focus on things you can do that don’t require a specific product.  Who knows, maybe not everyone has access to the same products or has the same budget- so let’s focus on what we all can do to naturally help get that amazing glow on your wedding day.  After all, you want to look gorgeous in your wedding dress and you absolutely should be the star of the whole show!

It’s kind of ironic that we will talk about some of the tips and tricks we’ll talk about.  Half of them fly in the very face of the crazy, pre-wedding planning and preparation that happens.  Sure, we can tell you to relax more but you’ll probably want to punch us in the face for saying it.  However, if you can get past your urge to roll your eyes and tell us to shut up- we’ve got some great tips that will help you look your very best.

1 formal dress


Let’s talk about what you are eating

The number one thing you can do to get glowing, radiant and beautiful skin for your big day is to watch what you are putting in your mouth.  Diet plays a huge part in skin quality and how much you do or do not glow.  In the months leading up to your wedding, you will definitely want to eat healthy and clean.  Ditch all the processed foods, additives, preservatives and sugar.  I know, I know, you are thinking, “how in the heck can I get through these stressful planning months without some sugar or comfort food along the way?”  We get it.  But trust us, your skin will thank you.  Make sure you are taking your daily vitamins as well as eating a lot of whole fruits and veggies.  They are full of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  These foods are not just for a svelte figure and health either- these things will make your skin look radiant and glowing.  Be sure you add a lot of fresh leafy greens to your diet as well.  If you can’t eat them, then blend them into a green smoothie and drink them down.  They are loaded with Vitamin A, which will help repair your skin and leave you looking fabulous.  Also, avocados and bell peppers and other veggies like these are full of Vitamin E, which is amazing for your skin and helps protect against sun damage, and other free radical damage. Nuts are also a great source of Vitamin E.


Water is your new best friend

Girl, if you aren’t staying properly hydrated, the first place you are going to show it is in your skin.  Water not only makes you look great, but it’s absolutely essential for your bodily processes and cell turnover.  If you aren’t properly hydrated you will also be tired, sluggish, hungry and cranky.  No one wants that.  Make sure you are getting enough water every day.  If you feel thirsty, it’s probably too late and you are already dehydrated.  Get yourself a water bottle and carry it around with you, it will make sipping water easy through out the day.  You can also brew some green tea, which is also amazing for your skin to help get more water in.  There are also all sorts of fruits and veggies that are higher in the water content and can help you get enough water in every day.  Think melons, celery, cucumbers etc.

Say goodbye to alcohol and caffeine for a while

I know, I know, those are totally fighting words.  But those two things dehydrate you further, which doesn’t help your skin.  Also, alcohol can give you a puffy face look, which we are pretty sure you don’t want either.  Try to limit both of these.  Lay off the energy drinks and endless amounts of coffee during your planning stages and don’t go nuts at the bachelorette party with alcohol.  If you are going to partake, limit your amounts and make better choices.


Make Omega 3’s your friends

If you can add more Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet, your skin will thank you.  You can up your amount of salmon, chia seeds, and flaxseed for an easy way to get more Omega 3’s.  Not only is it good for your heart, but also it’s perfect for your skin and will help you stand out on your wedding day.

2 Ditch excess salt and sugar

Ditch excess salt and sugar

Not only will these two things not help you fit into your dress, but they can also cause a puffy face and unwanted inflammation.  Most people who have skin reactions or acne see that they clear up immensely once they cut out sugar and other processed foods.  If you eat too much of these it will also make you look tired, which is something we definitely don’t want.

3 Roiii

Other foods to add to your diet to give you the picture perfect glow:

  • Pineapple- lowers inflammation, reduces toxins and ups natural collagen production
  • Salmon- adds glow, helps skin, nails and hair, firms skin, great source of Omega 3’s
  • Broccoli- high in antioxidants, makes skin glow, high in omega 3’s, folate and calcium
  • Turmeric- totally lowers inflammation, repairs sun damage, heals skin
  • Garlic- helps reduce skin irritations, fights of infections
  • Beetroot- High in Vitamin E, calcium, potassium and Vitamin A, helps skin look younger by promoting new cell growth, repairs skin cells
  • Legumes- helps detoxify, high in fiber, keeps skin clean

4 Weeding Dress

A few other things to consider before your wedding day

Ok, you’ve got the wedding dress.  You’ve got the bridal party dresses; you’ve got all the other formal dresses, you’ve got the flowers, the cake, and the invitations- but have you got the glowing radiant skin?  There are a few other things you can do to make sure you look your best.  Exercise in the months leading up to your big day.  It improves circulation, gets the feel good hormones going and will help reduce water retention and will flush out toxins.  Make sure you exfoliate your whole body.  It also will get circulation flowing, helps tighten skin, sluffs off all the dead skin cells and will help your skin naturally glow. Absolutely be sure you get enough sleep.  Enough said.  Sleep is good.  If you aren’t getting enough your skin will show it.  Also, if you have time, consider getting a deep cleansing facial a couple of weeks before you big day.  It will help detoxify, balance your skin tone and pull any toxins or hidden pimples to the surface.  That’s why you want to do it a couple of weeks ahead of time so that you give your skin enough time to clear up in case the facial pulls any gunk to the surface.

We are totally excited for your big day.  You are going to look amazing in your wedding dress, and we’re sure it will be a fantastic day that will go off with out a hitch.  It will be a day you remember forever.  If you have any last minute dress needs, let Roiii Acq help.  We have every kind of formal dress you could possibly need and can help you make your wedding day perfect.


Fitness Quotes And Nutritional For Health


In this era of our lives, people have been paying attention to gaining and maintaining health as never before. As more and more research points to the impact of health and nutrition on our overall health, research results become more difficult to ignore. There is no doubt that the food we eat and the physical activity we perform can significantly affect our weight and overall health and longevity.

fitness quotes

When you see the consequences of fitness quotes, and nutrition and neglecting its importance, it’s not hard to see how much they play a role in our health. First, it is important to understand how the diet strongly influences us. Natural whole foods – such as fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein – provide our body with the vitamins needed for effective functioning. When we eat well, we have energy. When we have energy, we burn fat. A proper diet allows us to maintain a healthy weight and maintain excessive heart pressure; it also allows us to keep our blood pressure and cholesterol levels within a healthy range. Most importantly, good nutrition allows our body to store antioxidants against various diseases including cancer.

wallpapers with quotes

But nutrition does exist alone; fitness quotes, and nutrition go hand in hand to achieve health. As we stay active through a consistent exercise program, we are increasing our body’s ability to metabolize food and lose weight. In addition, good health means strong and soft muscles and a strong cardiovascular system. Exercise can also lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Learning how to work with fitness and nutrition for optimal health means a commitment to a particular lifestyle. You must change your eating habits to eliminate fat, high sodium and processed foods, and replace them with fresh, natural and even organic foods. But remember, fitness and nutrition are best for teamwork. Implement consistent physical activity in your schedule, including cardiovascular work, stretching, weight training, and even yoga or pilates.


As you truly understand the importance of health and nutrition in your life, you will understand the importance of these lifestyle changes for a long, healthy life.

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Is Winning Everything?


If your competitor made a mistake and stopped 10 meters before the finish line would you let them know? On December 2, 2012 Abel Mutai, a Kenyan athlete, stopped short 10 meters before the finish line in the Burlada cross-country race. Spanish athlete Ivan Fernandez Anaya could have easily surged past Abel to win the race, but sportsmanship and compassion guided him to signal to Abel to finish the race.

Life Coaching Washington DC

Ivan later said, “I didn’t deserve to win it. I did what I had to do. He was the rightful winner. He created a gap that I couldn’t have closed if he hadn’t made a mistake. As soon as I saw he was stopping, I knew I wasn’t going to pass him.”

In 2013, Helen Wang, a graduate student in clinical psychology from University of Wisconsin- Madison, created a study around compassion. “Our fundamental question was, ‘Can compassion be trained and learned in adults? Can we become more caring if we practice that mindset?’” The study concluded that yes, “It’s kind of like weight training … we found that people can actually build up their Learning Compassion ‘muscle’ and respond to others’ suffering with care and a desire to help.”


With skillful Life Coaching Washington DC, and meaningful discourse, compassion can indeed be taught, even to the most willful participants. It’s a life skill and a ready Mindset,  and flexibility is essential to any dilemma. Participants shared their regimen for successful collaboration within the program—most found the irony is in taking care of yourself first. And most admitted to failure on at least 1 or 2 occasions from which they had gained new knowledge, a host of resources, and a repertoire of alternative approaches. “Daily maintenance is essential,” commented one seasoned staffer, “for a healthy balance.”

If compassion can be enhanced with training and practice. What will you do today that builds your muscle of compassion? Are there small ways that you can integrate acts of kindness in your day?

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ERP in Nigeria


West African Region is growing at a faster rate in today’s era due to the growing infrastructure and business. Eresource ERP is one of the best web-enabled ERP suit having presence in the Nigeria region from past few years. eresource ERP is perfectly designed to match to the altering verticals and business industry.

ERP in Nigeria

The solution developed by eresource ERP in Nigeria is the most advanced technology platform. The solution can be customized quickly, which perfectly fulfils the industry specific requirements. The main purpose of eresource ERP system in Nigeria is to support the business process, encourage inter and intra departmental collaborations and centralized flow of information.

eresource ERP is structured to integrate flawlessly with applications such as Mail Server, Attendance Recording Systems, Point of Sale (PoS) Terminals, etc. eresource has launched its extensively developed ERP system for Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, Pharmaceuticals etc in the African market.

Pacific Solutions and Technologies being the Channel Partners with eresource will be handing the overall sales and implementation process. The technical assistance will be taken care by eresource technical team located in the respective region. Eresource has partnered with Pacific solution and Technologies Limited to deliver the best solutions to industries and verticals in this particular region.


Forever Young? Gas Up the DeLorean!

Ellen Langer, created her own time machine in 1979 at a New Hampshire monastery. The now Harvard professor invited a group of elderly men to visit the monastery. The men were divided into two groups, and one group figuratively gassed up the DeLorean to travel turn back in time. Everything about their week-long stay reflected 1959. The essential question behind the study: If your mind travels back to when you were younger, does your body start to believe it?

Forever Young

By Logan Williams

On Sept. 25, 1965, Satchel Paige became the oldest player to pitch in the major leagues. The 59-year-old Paige allowed only one hit in the three scoreless innings he pitched for the Kansas City Athletics against the Boston Red Sox. “Age is a question of mind over matter,” Paige said. “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”


Time travel and the fountain of youth are stories that intrigues us. The top grossing film of 1985 was Back to the Future, staring Michael J. Fox who plays a teenager from California named Marty McFly. In the film, Marty accidentally initiates the DeLorean time machine, sending him back to 1955 where he meets his parents. His adventuresome encounters with various hurdles eventually lead him back to his own future.

In another example, Ellen Langer, created her own time machine in 1979 at a New Hampshire monastery. The now Harvard professor invited a group of elderly men to visit the monastery. The men were divided into two groups, and one group figuratively gassed up the DeLorean to travel back in time.

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ERP in Africa


With the changing technology and time Africa represents a huge opportunity for ERP software. During the later years this continent was neglected due to lack of growth and stability. With the increase in demand for ERP in Africa region most of the companies are offering flexible solution that perfectly match as per the need of the region.

ERP in Africa

Eresource a leading ERP Solution provider has extended its successful operations in the African Region by partnering with Pacific Solutions as Channel Partners. This collaboration has enabled eresource to offer the best solutions in ERP in different verticals and customers in a much enhanced way.

Most of the mid-sized companies are growing and also desire to expand their business across the Africa region, hence they understand the need to get ERP implemented for their business and smooth growth. eresource InfoTech Private Ltd is there in the market from the year 2006 which is armed with talented team who are skilled in the respective fields of information technology.

Eresource is one among the fastest growing ERP solution providers in Africa with more than 160 professionals and consultants on board. The organization not only provides their products and post support services but at the same time offer ERP training sections. This gives a platform to individuals who actually want to be a master in this particular field.


The Pros And Cons Of The Marketplace Model For E-Commerce


E-commerce is here to stay. There is no denying this. But as investment and innovation continue to grow within the industry, we’re starting to see new models take shape under the e-commerce umbrella, the most popular being marketplaces. The list of companies that have successfully leveraged the marketplace model to facilitate access to goods and services is impressive. Some of these include eBay, Uber and Airbnb, to name a few. The model has clear advantages, but also plenty of challenges.

Black Startups

From a business perspective, traditional e-commerce ventures can be capital-intensive because of inventory costs. Whether you make the decision to curate and sell third-party brands or you’ve created your own branded merchandise, there is an inherent cost of building up a stock of inventory that you will inevitably offer for sale. There are also a number of ancillary costs related to this, like inventory forecasting tools, inventory management, shipping, logistics warehousing and the list goes on. But marketplaces circumvent all this quite well by putting the burden of product offerings on the various sellers who are participating on the platform.

And this is the core tenet of this operating model, which cross-functionally applies to product and service-focused marketplaces alike. In fact, even before the proliferation of marketplaces, the team behind Skype, specifically Jonas Kjellberg, created a whole philosophy around this principle, which he coined “innovating in zeroes.” This simply means finding ways to reduce onerous costs to get competitive advantages and make your business more viable. Skype did this in two ways: The first was to use a user’s existing internet connection to place the calls, which significantly lowered server costs. Another was to eliminate customer service completely, as he found users were often just as angry or unsatisfied after speaking with customer service. So why not get rid of it altogether? Within the context of marketplaces, Airbnb has innovated in zeros. They have no hotel maintenance costs, and they pay nothing to clean one of their listed apartments.

But these platforms come with many challenges as well. For starters, depending on the complexity of the marketplace, they can require a great deal of capital to build in order to support a wide range of functionality. Consider, for example, a marketplace that operates globally: It would need to be able to translate all content and product data into a user’s native language. It would need to support multiple currency conversions, and it would need a constant awareness of regulatory considerations, depending on the market the user resides in. Moreover, if the platform allows users to upload product data, it would need a central mechanism to standardize all this data that would be coming from a wide range of different sources, in different formats, etc. Quality assurance would become a real challenge. Groupon had a case in which a seller published a product listing with offensive language that the company only detected after the fact, when the damage was already done.

The challenges aren’t just technological. When discussing marketplaces, the concept of “network effects” will more than likely come up. It describes the phenomenon of scale achieved when enough people have joined a network to make it beneficial for others to also join. Achieving this singular moment is every marketplace’s end game. But establishing this can be devilishly difficult, especially in two-sided marketplaces — with, say, buyers and sellers — because acquiring enough users in tandem to create some semblance of equilibrium is beyond tricky. If the dynamics become lopsided — more sellers than buyers, or vice versa — it can cause attrition, which is the complete opposite of network effects.

Whether your view of marketplaces is positive or negative overall, the ability to construct an environment and observe how two parties interact with one another is fascinating on both a technological and behavioral level. As leading marketplaces mature, there is a growing sentiment calling for the central operators to take a more active approach in order to improve the overall user experience. This may take the form of implementing additional measures to reduce fraud, partnering with a logistics operator to standardize shipping operations or making future membership more selective. Etsy dealt with this firsthand in a case in which a group of investors had sought to recoup their investments because of how widespread the sale of counterfeit items was on the platform — which had implications on the company’s reputation. As the sheer number of niche marketplaces continues to increase, it will be interesting to observe their ability to compete with larger, more generalist platforms like Amazon or Alibaba, whether they use a hands-on or a hands-off operating approach and which other industries they can continue to disrupt through centralization.

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