iPhone Won’t Turn On?-I Tried this Guide And Even I Was Surprised!


Your iPhone won’t turn on and now you are worried about a fatal data loss.

A while back, I experienced the same issue when my iPhone won’t turn on even after several attempts. To resolve this, I first studied why won’t my iPhone turn on and how to fix this. There could be a charging issue with the device, a corrupt software update, or even a hardware issue. Therefore, with respect to its cause, you can follow a dedicated solution for iPhone not turning on. In this guide, you will find tried-and-tested solutions for this problem.

iphone wont turn on


Why won’t my iPhone turn on?

Before you implement various techniques to turn on your iPhone, it is important to diagnose why does the iPhone X/8/7/6 won’t turn on. Ideally, there could be any hardware or software issue related to your device. If your phone has been physically damaged or has been dropped in water, then it might have a hardware-related issue. There could also be a problem with its charger or the lightning cable.

On the other hand, if your phone was functioning fine and has stopped working out of the blue, then there could be a software issue. If you have recently updated your phone, downloaded a new app, visited a suspicious website, tried to jailbreak your phone, or changed system settings, then a software issue could be the root cause. While software-related issues can easily be resolved, you need to visit an authorized Apple service center to fix its hardware.

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