2 – 3x Faster Solution to Fix iPhone Black Screen


Oh-no! Your iPhone screen turned black, giving no indication of what went wrong yet again! This definitely makes you worried about your precious iPhone and its data that you cannot afford to lose right?

Now, what will be your next move, thinking and wondering for a reliable solution? That’s the catch, all your worry and search ends here. Yes, definitely!

Before you move on to the solutions, let us also educate you on what exactly is iPhone Black Screen?

In short, iPhone black screen appears due to some hardware and software issue, that stops the functioning of the device, turns the screen into black screen of death even when the device is on.

Therefore it is really important to understand the norms of that issue. So, stay tuned to get the answers in detail.


Determine whether it’s a hardware or software problem

The first thing to do in order to resolve the iPhone black screen is determining its cause. If you have recently dropped your phone or if it has been accidentally soaked in water, then chances are that there could be a hardware-related issue with it. If this is the case, then it means a hardware component (mostly the screen) of your iPhone has been damaged.

If every hardware component is functioning seamlessly, then the reason behind the iPhone screen black could be software related. A software issue could have happened if your phone has been affected by a malware. A bad or corrupt update or an unstable firmware can also cause the same problem. Additionally, iPhone screen black can happen after getting an app crashed or working on low space as well.

Most of these issues can be resolved by resetting your device. We will discuss this in the coming section as well. Firstly, determine the reasons for having the black screen of death on your phone and take the respective course of action to resolve it.

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