Up-And-Coming Entrepreneur, KJ VanDerwerken

  KJ VanDerwerken was just recognized by Charlotte Agenda as one of 30 leaders, age 30 or younger who are impacting the city they live in, class of 2018. This follows his Elevate Lifestyle 30 under 30 award for future leaders of Charlotte in which he won earlier this year. As an Insurance consultant, KJContinue reading “Up-And-Coming Entrepreneur, KJ VanDerwerken”

Steven Goldmann – Features of a Network Management System

  At the moment, businesses rely on the network to effectively perform their tasks. Therefore, the choice of network management system depends on price, user preferences, functionality and other factors. By considering the salient features of your network management system by Steven Goldmann and determining its usefulness in normal business functions, you should create yourContinue reading “Steven Goldmann – Features of a Network Management System”

Restoration of Art Cleaning With Saliva Wins Harvard’s Chemistry Ig Nobel Prize for 2018

Painting conservation and cleaning artifacts with saliva is hard-pressed humor from Harvard. The tongue in cheek award was reported in “Chemistry World” which has been given out since 1991 and is called the “Ig® Nobel Prize”, “For achievements that first make people LAUGH then make them THINK” The award is not for a traffic stopping discovery…Continue reading “Restoration of Art Cleaning With Saliva Wins Harvard’s Chemistry Ig Nobel Prize for 2018”

Timber Venetian Blinds – Classic, Sturdy and Stylish

  Window coverings, without a doubt, make for an integral part of a home’s décor. The right type of window coverings in the right patterns and colourscan uplift the décor of a home and vice versa. Among different types of window coverings, timber venetian blinds are gaining popularity in Australia. They are classic, sturdy, andContinue reading “Timber Venetian Blinds – Classic, Sturdy and Stylish”

Dermatologos en Queretaro

Por qué necesitamos el mejor dermatólogo La Dermatologos en Queretaro es una rama importante de la ciencia médica. Con el tiempo, la dermatología se ha vuelto enorme porque las personas ahora se enfrentan a un mayor número de problemas de la piel debido al aumento de la contaminación en nuestro medio ambiente. Encontrar un buenContinue reading “Dermatologos en Queretaro”

Consultorio Medico Queretaro

Hay dos tipos de consultorio médicos Queretaro: uno sería independiente y el otro sería parte de un edificio de oficinas médicas. Las cerraduras de las puertas de las oficinas y la seguridad interna serían exactamente las mismas. La única diferencia sería si la oficina es parte de un edificio de oficinas médicas. En este caso,Continue reading “Consultorio Medico Queretaro”

What Makes a B2B Loyalty Rewards Program Successful?

  Gone are the days when businesses customers lasted for a lifetime. It is getting easier than ever for B2B customers to switch their vendors and suppliers. Not only can B2B customers easily search for competitive products, your competitors can easily find your customers and bombard them with targeted messages. A well designed B2B loyaltyContinue reading “What Makes a B2B Loyalty Rewards Program Successful?”

Kristos Andrews 27 Makes Emmy History With 7th Win!

  Actor and Producer Kristos Andrews, LANY Entertainment Sunday night at the 45th annual Daytime Emmy Awards when The Bay, The Series won Outstanding Digital Drama Series, at 27, Kristos Andrews became the youngest person in the history of the Emmy Awards (Daytime or Primetime) to win seven (7) Emmy’s! At 27, he also set another record becoming theContinue reading “Kristos Andrews 27 Makes Emmy History With 7th Win!”