Up-And-Coming Entrepreneur, KJ VanDerwerken


KJ VanDerwerken was just recognized by Charlotte Agenda as one of 30 leaders, age 30 or younger who are impacting the city they live in, class of 2018. This follows his Elevate Lifestyle 30 under 30 award for future leaders of Charlotte in which he won earlier this year.

As an Insurance consultant, KJ has helped over 3,000 Charlotte (and extended areas) residents in their home buying process – by assessing their insurance needs, educating them on different coverage options and implementing policies to protect, for most of them, the single largest investment they will ever make. In doing so, he’s produced and is currently servicing a personal lines (insurance) book of business exceeding $2,500,000.

KJ VanDerwerken

At age 22 he started a real estate holding company, VanDerwerken Properties. His main focus has been investing in long-term residential rental properties. He recently founded a marketing company, geared towards helping small businesses grow their social presence.

He’s extremely active in the Charlotte/Carolina sports scene. As a die-hard Panthers football and Tarheel basketball fan you can catch him at almost every game, many time mingling among the athletes.

He has a bright future ahead of him, and I can’t wait to see what he does next. You can follow along at https://www.instagram.com/carolina.kj/


Steven Goldmann – Features of a Network Management System


At the moment, businesses rely on the network to effectively perform their tasks. Therefore, the choice of network management system depends on price, user preferences, functionality and other factors. By considering the salient features of your network management system by Steven Goldmann and determining its usefulness in normal business functions, you should create your own list of preferred tools. This article will highlight the important features that such systems must have to ensure proper business operations.


Simple interface

Everything you want to work with must be easy to access and you don’t need to switch to multiple data collection options. The best option is to find an effective network management, take advantage of the online interface, and tailor it for multiple administrators.

Ability to establish effective baselines

For reporting errors and security-related issues, it should be able to identify common network tasks through a security baseline. The ability to distinguish between anomalous events and normal events reduces the range of false positive reports.

Report important information

When it reports any type of event, it should also have the necessary tools to execute the event correctly. There are other valuable features that can be customized to the specific requirements of each network system.

Effective network configuration

Configuring and optimizing a single network is a challenging task, and any type of error can cause previous work to be interrupted. Any type of import and evaluation of the network management system allows seamless integration of the current configuration within the network. It also allows you to restore your configuration to its original settings.

Policy-based deployment and configuration

Another advantage of using this type of system is that it can effectively save you time and it is designed to accomplish this specific task. By developing a single strategy for multiple devices, you have the opportunity to spend time and resources on other activities. With the help of this type of system, the ability to write strategies from the current template seems to be very simple and easy. In addition, it can help you update and change these strategies without any difficulty.

For more details or Connect with Steven Goldmann here


Restoration of Art Cleaning With Saliva Wins Harvard’s Chemistry Ig Nobel Prize for 2018

Painting conservation and cleaning artifacts with saliva is hard-pressed humor from Harvard. The tongue in cheek award was reported in “Chemistry World” which has been given out since 1991 and is called the Ig® Nobel Prize”, “For achievements that first make people LAUGH then make them THINK”


The award is not for a traffic stopping discovery… its been part of the restoration processes, probably, for millennia. This year’s chemistry Ig Nobel prize has been awarded for showing that human saliva is a good cleaning agent for paintings and historical artifacts.

Paula Romão, Adília Alarcão and César Viana’s, three Portuguese conservation scientists, showed in their 1990 paper how they measured saliva’s effectiveness at removing dirt from antique gilded sculptures. It is also used for many other artifacts including paintings. They acknowledged that saliva is often used as a cleaning solvent when working with delicate materials such as gold leaf and ceramics.

“I know that it seems quite improbable, but human saliva is indeed an effective cleaning agent for surfaces like paintings, sculptures and gilded wood. But don’t try to use it on your kitchen counters,” Romão said in an acceptance video that was played at the awards ceremony at Harvard University.  “The cleaning action is in part due to an enzyme in saliva, α-amylase, which breaks down starch into simple sugars.”


Painting Conservator Oriana Monemurro, in the photos, who has discovered through small sampling tests, that that the gray on the painting is most safely removed with saliva, especially in the areas of the flowers which seem to be the most sensitive to cleaning.

The ancient Roman, Plini the Elder, philosopher, art historian is reported to have declared that more works of art have been damaged by inept over-aggressive cleaning that all the floods, fires, volcanoes and earthquakes in the history of the world. He was well acquainted with disasters; he died in a pyroclastic ocean surge while trying to rescue friends from the erupting of Vesuvius in 79 ad. Saliva would have been a welcomed and acceptable safe method of cleaning to Plini.


More interesting research taking up the time of Harvard research students and perhaps their grant monies, the Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded annually to celebrate improbable scientific research across a variety of disciplines. Among this year’s winners are Marc Mitchell and David Wartinger, who were awarded the medicine prize for using roller coaster rides to hasten the passage of kidney stones, and an international team who won the biology prize for demonstrating that wine experts can smell the presence of a single fly in a glass of wine.

For interesting short painting restoration videos of stories and processes click here for the YouTube channel of Fine Art Conservation Laboratories.

Questions? Call Art Conservators Oriana Montemurro, Virginia Panizzon, Scott M. Haskins at 805 564 3438 faclartdoc@gmail.com

Timber Venetian Blinds – Classic, Sturdy and Stylish


Window coverings, without a doubt, make for an integral part of a home’s décor. The right type of window coverings in the right patterns and colourscan uplift the décor of a home and vice versa. Among different types of window coverings, timber venetian blinds are gaining popularity in Australia. They are classic, sturdy, and stylish; all these features make them an ideal choice for any type of setting.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Top Reasons to Choose Timber Venetian Blinds

Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics of timber venetian blinds that are helping them to become the top choice of people in Australia and the reasons you should select them:

Reasonable Rates

Undoubtedly the best part of buying timber venetian blinds is that they are easy on the budget. If you are looking to add an element of class and style to your home, you can opt for these blinds and get the desired result.

A Combination of Warmth and Style

Timber venetian blinds offer a unique blend of warmth and style. They can improve the décor of your home with their appealing look. Any style you want with these blinds in your home, you can have it. They are available in both modern painted colours and style finished with traditional stains.

Total Light and Privacy Control

Timber venetian blinds offer much more than uplifting the look of the room they are installed in. They have wide 50mm slats due to which they offer total light control. You can adjust them at any level and let the amount of light enter your room through the windows that you feel comfortable in. Furthermore, these blinds can also protect them from unwanted and annoying peeks and glares from the onlookers as they offer enhanced privacy control. All you have to do is to set them at the level you desire and no one from outside will be able to peek in.

In addition to that, these blinds are UV protected; hence, the harmful ultraviolet rays cannot enter your home.

Easy to Operate

While there are some blinds and curtains require quite an effort to be operated, same is not the case with timber venetian blinds. They are extremely easy to operate due to their push and pull cords.

Improve the Décor of any Environment

Timber Venetian Blinds can improve the décor of any type of environment with their classic and elegant look. This feature makes them suitable to be installed in both homes and offices.

Why Blinds and Curtains Online for The Best Quality Timber Venetian Blinds?

Numerous companies in Australia offer these blinds but for the best ones, you have to go nowhere but to contact us. We have experience in making high-quality, durable blinds for 50 years.Our timber venetian blinds are made to order just for you. All you have to do is to place an order with the right measurements, specifications i.e. colour, size, and style etc. and you will get them easily with a 3-year manufacturers guarantee.

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Dermatologos en Queretaro

Por qué necesitamos el mejor dermatólogo

La Dermatologos en Queretaro es una rama importante de la ciencia médica. Con el tiempo, la dermatología se ha vuelto enorme porque las personas ahora se enfrentan a un mayor número de problemas de la piel debido al aumento de la contaminación en nuestro medio ambiente. Encontrar un buen dermatólogo es una tarea exigente estos días. Es debido a la razón de que hay muchos médicos a nuestro alrededor que dicen ser especialistas en cuidado de la piel.

Pero la pregunta es quién es el mejor especialista en cuidado de la piel. Puede encontrar fácilmente un buen especialista en cuidado de la piel si conoce los atributos que hacen de un médico el mejor dermatólogo. En este artículo, vamos a discutir qué es lo que hace mejor a un dermatólogo. Siempre debe seleccionar un dermatólogo que tenga una calificación y experiencia adecuadas en el campo.

Los nuevos participantes en el campo pueden no ser capaces de ofrecer lo que necesita. Si el médico tiene la experiencia en el campo correspondiente, él o ella podrían curar su problema. Si su dermatólogo tiene presencia en línea, búsquelo en Internet. Podrá leer comentarios de clientes sobre su médico. Aquí hay consejos importantes para encontrar un dermatólogo.

Consejos para encontrar el mejor Dermatologos en Queretaro

Acaba de leer sobre la importancia de seleccionar un buen dermatólogo que sepa cómo ofrecer los resultados deseados. Ahora es el momento de analizar los pasos que deben tenerse en cuenta mientras se encuentra en la búsqueda de un dermatólogo.

Búsqueda en Internet: cuando se trata de encontrar un buen dermatólogo, internet es un recurso importante. Los buenos dermatólogos ahora tienen presencia en línea y puedes encontrar un dermatólogo sentándote en tu casa. Podrás encontrar algunos buenos dermatólogos aquí.

Buscar a través de Clasificados: no piense que el periódico está obsoleto. Millones de personas todavía leen diariamente un periódico y es por eso que muchos médicos anuncian en diferentes periódicos. También debe echar un vistazo a los anuncios clasificados en los periódicos grandes que le rodean. Seguramente encontrarás algunos buenos dermatólogos allí.

Consultorio Medico Queretaro

Hay dos tipos de consultorio médicos Queretaro: uno sería independiente y el otro sería parte de un edificio de oficinas médicas. Las cerraduras de las puertas de las oficinas y la seguridad interna serían exactamente las mismas. La única diferencia sería si la oficina es parte de un edificio de oficinas médicas. En este caso, la seguridad de las cerraduras y la seguridad de las puertas externas del edificio correrán a cargo del propietario o gerente del edificio.

Una oficina médica tiene mucho que proteger, como registros médicos que contendrán nombres, direcciones, fechas de nacimiento y números de seguro social de todos sus pacientes. También podría haber cantidades limitadas de medicamentos y equipos médicos, incluidas computadoras. Existen grandes incentivos para que los médicos conviertan sus oficinas en registros electrónicos, pero hasta que lo hagan podrían ser responsables si se produce un robo de identidad en sus prácticas.

La primera línea de defensa son las puertas exteriores. Todos deben tener una cerradura de alta seguridad de buena calidad con teclas limitadas. La oficina debe tener un sistema de alarma de alta tecnología con grabación de video y audio monitoreada. Todas las ventanas y puertas deben ser monitoreadas. Deberían considerarse cámaras de vigilancia exterior y cámaras de sala de espera.

Las puertas de la oficina del doctor, sala de medicamentos y sala de registros también deben tener cerraduras de alta seguridad instaladas. Estas claves deben ser limitadas y contabilizadas. Cualquier archivador que contenga información del paciente debe estar bloqueado. Si la oficina tiene sus propios servidores, deben estar en una “sala de servidores” separada y esa sala debe estar protegida con un seguro de alta seguridad. El personal médico debe estar limitado en cuanto a las salas a las que tiene acceso.

Si la oficina tiene un sistema de software médico, deben proporcionar capacitación sobre la seguridad de las contraseñas y otras medidas para proteger los datos del paciente alojados en sus servidores. En términos generales, cada usuario debe tener su propio nombre de usuario y contraseña. Los sistemas deben requerir cambios de contraseña al menos dos veces al año. Cualquier inicio de sesión debe ser rastreado. Los usuarios deben estar limitados a lo que tienen acceso, solo deben tener el acceso necesario para realizar su trabajo. Si usa una computadora en las salas de examen de pacientes, debe cerrar la sesión a menos que haya personal médico en la habitación con un paciente. Nunca se debe dejar a un paciente solo en una habitación con registros médicos en la pantalla, incluso los suyos.

What Makes a B2B Loyalty Rewards Program Successful?



Gone are the days when businesses customers lasted for a lifetime. It is getting easier than ever for B2B customers to switch their vendors and suppliers. Not only can B2B customers easily search for competitive products, your competitors can easily find your customers and bombard them with targeted messages.

A well designed B2B loyalty rewards program is now critical to retain your customers. Businesses are quickly realizing that the traditional B2C marketing strategies are equally, if not more applicable to B2B vertical as well. After all businesses are run by people!

For B2B companies, the customer pool is significantly smaller, which means that losing just one customer can be catastrophic. Therefore, customer retention needs to be the number one priority for any B2B business.

As per a research study by Bain & Company, a 5 percent increase in the customer-retention rate can result in a 25 percent-to-95 percent increase in profits for B2B businesses. Another interesting point to note is It is 25 times more expensive to bring on a new customer than to keep an already existing one. B2B companies dread working on the customer-turnover rate and seemingly will do anything to avoid it.

The above highlights why B2B loyalty rewards programs are on the rise. Let us look at some B2B Loyalty programs that have created a niche for themselves.


HP Planet Partners Rewards Program

HP Planet Partners Rewards Program is available in more than 60 countries and territories around the world.

The program’s objective is to reward companies for returning used original HP print cartridges to support HP’s recycling initiative. It goes beyond just rewards for an organization. This program is enabling organizations to contribute towards social and environmental responsibility efficiently.



About the program:

  • The objective is 3-fold: Companies get rid of the empty cartridges, in the process they earn HP credits and contribute their bit in creating a safer environment by opting for the safe recycling option.
  • The program is open only to select MVC accounts as appointed by HP and offers multiple options to return and recycle HP cartridges.
  • Only qualified Original HP Ink and Toner Cartridges are covered in this program
  • On a monthly basis, the used original HP inkjet and LaserJet print cartridges are picked by HP’s designated collection agency.

The used original HP inkjet and LaserJet print cartridges are counted, and points awarded basis the slab below:


The earned points can be redeemed by companies for HP Gift Vouchers which can be used to purchase HP products from select authorised channel partners, thereby saving organisations money and resources as the recycling is free.

What makes the program work?

  • It is a simple but brilliant strategy. Companies feel good about recycling and earn HP credits in the process. This creates a compelling reason for them to buy HP products again and the cycle continues.
  • The program is simple, designed in such a way to make it convenient for organizations
  • It is enabling companies to be socially responsible in business dealings by minimizing their impact on the environment
  • Leveraging partnership with collection agency to ensure a seamless pick up process
  • Participating companies are recognized for their initiative


American Express Partners Plus

American Express Partners Plus is a referral-based partnership program between an organization and American Express Global Corporate Payments. American Express awards organizations with incentives if they successfully refer one of their business contacts for their Global Corporate Payments program.



About the program:

  • This program gives B2B companies and professional associations an opportunity to partner with American Express and offer their business clients financing and expense management solutions from American express.
  • Customers reap many benefits when they refer new accounts.



What makes the program work?

  • Simple and straightforward for customers to understand
  • Establishes and deepens a trusted partner relationship with clients
  • Creates a win win situation for customers and clients
  • Provides more credibility in the market being associated with a brand like American Express.


Know Your IBM (KYI)

Know Your IBM (KYI) is IBM’s primary B2B loyalty programme, targeting resellers in its distribution channel globally with rewards for completing product educational activities and selling eligible IBM solutions. KYI is critical to building relationships with business partners, increasing their knowledge of products and services, and growing overall revenue.

About the program:

  • KYI is structured into two components: learn and earn, here participants are rewarded with points for completing year-round online learning modules, sell and earn which rewards participants for selling certain IBM products/services.
  • On completion of each module, business partners are rewarded with points that can be exchanged for gifts from participating merchants.


In 2017 KYI participants consistently sold 3x more IBM products than their non-participant counterparts. 


What makes the program work?

  • Members can expand their professional network, continually refine their IBM solution expertise as well as achieve fantastic rewards.
  • Participant engagement is driven by fusing innovative gamification techniques with e-learning to drive participation.


  • The program offers fun and rewards at the same time. Example, in 2017, KYIBINGO involved completing specific e-learning modules via digital BINGO cards. Players were rewarded with the opportunity to share in 200,000 KYI points pot, earn bonus points on the top ten leader board.


The Lenovo Lenovo Expert Achievers Programme (LEAP program)

Another interesting and successful B2B program is The Lenovo Lenovo Expert Achievers Programme (LEAP program).An innovative B2B channel program, designed to drive resellers’ loyalty in selling Lenovo’s server solutions.



About the program:

  • The key objective has been, to ensure resellers (known as Business Partners) are as technically proficient as possible, empowering them while selling complex server solutions to their clients. This fuelsin revenue generation and market share growth.
  • Points can be redeemed for MasterCard gift cards or reloadable cards and retail vouchers.
  • A specific 2017 target was for LEAP to join forces with eight coalition partners – a relatively new concept in B2B loyalty, participants earned bonus points for selling Lenovo servers, or completing education modules, bundled with complementary vendor products. This target was exceeded as 10 coalition partners joined LEAP, contributing to a significant drive in engagement and revenue.

The program hit the right chord, it impacted partner sales efficacy; partners sold seven times more Lenovo products than non-participants


What makes the program work?

  • Program is structured in a way to provide the business partners multiple options
  • Two-fold benefit- Learn & Earn which awards participants with points for completing education modules online; and Sell & Earn which rewards participants for selling eligible Lenovo server products.
  • Learn from anywhere anytime as per their convenience provides them the flexibility.


Priority Partnership

Nufarm Limited is one of the world’s leading crop protection and specialist seeds companies. They produce products to help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease. Priority Partnership is a rewards program rewarding Nufarm NZ customers. Itwas launched to reward customers for purchasing products, to provide product information, offer product specials and much more. This is now an institution within the farming community.



About the program:

  • Nufarm operates through national merchant/ retailer channels the Priority Partnership Members Services team
  • Priority Partnership members nationwide receive special product and service information through the program
  • Priority Partnership members have been members of the program for more than 19 years on average. They are highly engaged with over 90% annual points earn to spend (earn vs. burn ratio).
  • The program has helped in improving the efficiency, service and functionality at Nufarm


What makes the program work?

  • The available data and insights offer better decision making and foster closercustomer relationships.
  • Priority Partnership was taken to the cloud at a time when many local B2B programs were still spreadsheet based.
  • Customers get access to customised reward specials and a chance to redeem from more than 5,000 reward offerings. Keeping a balance between exciting and delighting customers!
  • Customers can maximize profits with Increased rebate opportunities
  • A wide selection of high-performing herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators included in rewards.
  • The ability to leverage customer data, develop insights and offerings to better serve customers has helped them have loyal customers over the years.
  • Special membership offers, and promotions makes the program lucrative for customers

All the above programs show the different approaches companies are taking in designing their loyalty rewards programs and the reasons that make the program stand out for their customers. Companies are now recognising the immense value in the same. Loyalty represents the source of all profits for an organization. By focusing on providing ongoing value to customers, identifying opportunities to improve that value, preventing the risk of customers from defecting, and reactivating profitable customers when they do defect- these activities will ensure maximum shareholder value.


Kristos Andrews 27 Makes Emmy History With 7th Win!


Actor and Producer Kristos Andrews, LANY Entertainment


Sunday night at the 45th annual Daytime Emmy Awards when The Bay, The Series won Outstanding Digital Drama Series, at 27, Kristos Andrews became the youngest person in the history of the Emmy Awards (Daytime or Primetime) to win seven (7) Emmy’s!

At 27, he also set another record becoming the youngest person in the history of television to receive 10 Emmy nominations (2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018). He has been nominated a total of eight (8) times for his work on The Bay, The Series (Amazon) and two (2) times for his work on the hit Pop TV series This Just In.

In addition, Kristos and co-star Mary Beth Evans tied the record for most Emmy wins in the shortest amount of time, in the history of the Emmy awards (Daytime or Primetime) winning seven (7) Emmy Awards in four (4) years.




For more details also check here : https://medium.com/@jr_46460/kristos-andrews-27-makes-emmy-history-with-7th-win-451216a6a6c1