Nick Festari New Hit Single Dance All Night About To Be Released – Dance All Night – Gio King


If you are a Eurobeat, para para or Italodance fan, you probably have come across the name Nick Festari. Nick Festari is famous for his massive writing and singing talent and production of music. Due to his efforts, he has become one of the most successful figures not only in Japan but in Europe and beyond. Although he started his career back in 1992, the HI-NRG ATTACK label changed everything for him and propelled him to greater heights. With all the talent he has managed to become an accomplished songwriter, singer, and producer to this day.

Being a guru he is, Nick is not planning to back down from music anytime soon. In fact, the time that all his fans have been waiting for is here. For those who are familiar with Super Eurobeat, you can brace yourself for something you have been looking forward to the release of Nick Festari new hit Dance All Night. Like other Nicks songs, he took his unique production qualities and sound as an artist to come up with one of the most entertaining songs ever.

With initial D, Nick plans to make his songs, especially the new song to be listened to by his fan far and wide. The new song comes in three versions: the

  • Dance All Night (Extended Version)
  • Dance All Night (Instrumental Version)
  • Dance All Night (A Cappella Version)

The extended version is a 6:31-minute long, 6:30 minutes instrumental version, or the 3:03 acapella versions. All in all, the version you choose is meant to give you pure entertainment with less effort.

If you are a record label, an aspiring musician or a music fanatic, there is no better way of enjoying the new song that clicking on sites like:

  • ITunes
  • Spotify
  • AmazonMP3
  • Google play
  • Shazam
  • Tidal
  • Traxsource
  • Deezer
  • Napster
  • Beatport
  • Juno download
  • Apple Music

This single will be easily available on these sites. You will find all the versions of the song on these sites.

Writing a melody, playing instruments, and turning it into something people want to listen to and enjoy is not an easy task, but it is attainable. Whatever the beginning is, step by step is all it takes to give your audience what they want. It is exactly how Nick Festari produces his songs. With him being a guru in Eurobeat, italodance, Japan, para para, Super Eurobeat, you can rest assured that you will get the best out of this new single.


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