Top 10 Best Smartphone Accessories


Smartphones today are packed full of great features. From great cameras to apps for everything, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with a smartphone. But,it doesn’t matter how many features your phone has, the right accessories can make it better. If you want to enjoy longer battery life, or take even better photos, the following Best Smartphone Accessories will definitely appeal to you.

  1. Smartphone Case

The only thing worse than dropping your phone is picking it up and discovering a cracked screen. Click here to get a phone case and prevent drops and bumps leading to a cracked smartphone screen!

  1. Car Mounts

Having a car mount for your smartphone is very important, especially if you spend a lot of time in your car. Great for road trips, or to simply have a hands-free ride.

  1. Screen Protectors

This is a great alternative for you if you’re not willing to invest in a phone case – or if you’re risk averse like me – you can get both! It goes a long way preventing any cracks appearing from when you drop your phone.

  1. Selfie Sticks

Embrace selfie sticks, they are here to stay. Through the years, they have evolved and now come with a variety of add-ons, in compact sizes, and are sometimes even waterproof.

  1. Handheld Video Stabilizer

Like to document your day? If you love taking videos, then you need a handheld video stabilizer for your smartphone!It helps make filming steady andsmooth,so you can create shake-free videos.

  1. Car Chargers

Imagine being lost or just driving through unfamiliar territory and not knowing the right directions because your smartphone is out of battery! Even if you only forgot to charge your phone last night, car chargers are a great way to bring your phones back to life.

  1. Waterproof Case

Prevent disaster at the beach or on the pool with a waterproof case for your smartphone. I’m partial to pouch dry bags because it gives you plenty of space to stash other things and it wraps easily around your neck.

  1. Wall Chargers

This is especially important for frequent travelers. Airports can be crazy and looking for an empty outlet can sometimes feel like competing in the Olympics. A wall charger may just be your saving grace, especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time at the airport.

  1. PowerBanks

Phone batteries have a thing for running out of juice at the worst possible times, if you’ve ever been a victim, then we don’t have to emphasize the importance of power banks to you. Power banks help ensure that not matter where you are or what time it is, you never hit the red zone again.

     10. Cable Chargers

Yes, cable chargers are not sexy or exciting, but they are probably one of the most important items on this list. Plus, they seem to be improving every year, both in design and durability.


Nick Festari New Hit Single Dance All Night About To Be Released – Dance All Night – Gio King


If you are a Eurobeat, para para or Italodance fan, you probably have come across the name Nick Festari. Nick Festari is famous for his massive writing and singing talent and production of music. Due to his efforts, he has become one of the most successful figures not only in Japan but in Europe and beyond. Although he started his career back in 1992, the HI-NRG ATTACK label changed everything for him and propelled him to greater heights. With all the talent he has managed to become an accomplished songwriter, singer, and producer to this day.

Being a guru he is, Nick is not planning to back down from music anytime soon. In fact, the time that all his fans have been waiting for is here. For those who are familiar with Super Eurobeat, you can brace yourself for something you have been looking forward to the release of Nick Festari new hit Dance All Night. Like other Nicks songs, he took his unique production qualities and sound as an artist to come up with one of the most entertaining songs ever.

With initial D, Nick plans to make his songs, especially the new song to be listened to by his fan far and wide. The new song comes in three versions: the

  • Dance All Night (Extended Version)
  • Dance All Night (Instrumental Version)
  • Dance All Night (A Cappella Version)

The extended version is a 6:31-minute long, 6:30 minutes instrumental version, or the 3:03 acapella versions. All in all, the version you choose is meant to give you pure entertainment with less effort.

If you are a record label, an aspiring musician or a music fanatic, there is no better way of enjoying the new song that clicking on sites like:

  • ITunes
  • Spotify
  • AmazonMP3
  • Google play
  • Shazam
  • Tidal
  • Traxsource
  • Deezer
  • Napster
  • Beatport
  • Juno download
  • Apple Music

This single will be easily available on these sites. You will find all the versions of the song on these sites.

Writing a melody, playing instruments, and turning it into something people want to listen to and enjoy is not an easy task, but it is attainable. Whatever the beginning is, step by step is all it takes to give your audience what they want. It is exactly how Nick Festari produces his songs. With him being a guru in Eurobeat, italodance, Japan, para para, Super Eurobeat, you can rest assured that you will get the best out of this new single.


You’re My love – Skarlett O’Neal

Introducing You’re My Love by Skarlett O’Neal

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here! That’s right; Melody Castellari has made a huge comeback to the Eurobeat scene. And we are super excited to let you know that the much-awaited You’re My Love by Skarlett O’Neal was released by NickTheBeatMusic on 18 June 2018.


About the Song (You’re My Love)

Written and produced by the celebrated Eurodance genius, Nick Festari, the Eurobeat hit single is now ready to grace the airwaves and spice up your playlists. In this single, Melody Castellari (aka Skarlett O’Neal) is the lead vocalists with Christian Borgoglio on the guitar.

It was mixed by the producer himself, Roberto Festari, and the marvellous cover art was done by artist Jason Schwartz.

The release is a track list of three captivating versions of the Eurobeat recording:

  1. You’re My Love (Extended Version; 6.16)
  2. You’re My Love (Instrumental Version; 6.16)
  3. You’re My Love (A Cappella Version; 2.39)

The song itself brings together melodic vocals and modern Eurobeat classic beats with a touch of Italo-Dance influence. The whole thing comes together to make the perfect Eurodance music that’ll knock your socks off.


About Skarlett O’Neal

Skarlett O’Neal is the stage name currently used by Italian female songstress and producer, Melody Castellari. She was born on 10 June 1975 in Bologna, Italy to a family that is deeply entrenched in the world of music. Her father, Corrado Castellari, was a famous author, performer, and composer with lots of work to his name. Her mother, Norina Piras, was a singer, songwriter, and vocalist, all rolled into one.

Family life aside, Melody Castellari goes by many aliases, including Amy, Skarlett O’Neal, Castellari, M. Castellari, M. Castellari, M.Castellari, Melody, and Melody C., just to name a few. Skarlett O’Neal began her music career in the 1980s. At a tender age of 15, she took a role as a backing vocalist, as well as working on unreleased singles.

As a vocalist, she has previously worked for the Italian house and dance label, New Music International and under the S.A.I.F.A.M. Having written songs for music recording artists like Fabrizio De André, Mina, Milva and Ornella Vanoni, Skarlett O’Neal is no shabby as a songwriter.


Where can I Get You’re My Love by Skarlett O’Neal?

You can now buy and download the Eurobeat hit from several music channels, including Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, and Junodownload. What’s more, you can listen to You’re My Love on Spotify and NickTheBeat Music official release page.


She’ll Be Wild


I came across an artist named Nick Festari a few weeks ago and his style of music has really grown on me. This style that is popularly known as Eurodance or Italodance, has been around for a long time, but Nick has really put a unique sound to the genre.

His newest cut is She’ll be wild and it is an awesome display of musical talent that must be heard. The cut clocks in at 6 minutes and you will be bopping around the entire time to the up tempo beat that you would normally find in Eurodance. I was pleasantly surprised though that not only is there then song

She’ll be wild on Spotify, but also a fully instrumental version as well as a bonus Cappella version which is indeed  a rare treat to hear. Please be sure to visit Nick Festari at his website to hear this new song as well as links to his many other music creations.


10 Bands – Rapper Eddie G

Music video of a rapper finally coming up in the rap game.

Music video to Rapper Eddie G’s new song “10 Bands”

Eddie G is a new rapper making a name for himself in the rap game with the song Ten Bands and many more. Be on the lookout for this rapper’s new music. Not to be slept on

10 Bands Available for purchase and stream on Itunes and many more music platforms. Click the link below to purchase on



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Captivating, Romantic, Sightseeing and Guided Private Tour of Paris

Paris proudly celebrates its heritage by maintaining the Cities cultural landmarks, world-class art collections, and formal French gardens. This City has a unique way of romancing tourists with captivating sightseeing Paris guides showing the magical ambiance of Tours in France’s Capital.  Parisian people are known to love the finer things in life, and that shows through in the exquisite award winning cuisine, boutique cafe’s, stylish fashion houses and historical sights.

Paris Custom tour guides will enchant you with their knowledge of the grand monuments such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, and the beautiful Champs-Elysées.  Try a walking tour along the quaint cobblestone streets trimmed with lovely lush trees or a night cruise along the River Seine, and you will see this stunningly romantic City at its best.

Visiting Paris with a guided Paris private tour company is not complete without a trip to the famous Moulin Rouge for a captivating night of musical theater and fine dining. Parisian’s are very laid back, but their stylish lifestyle can rub off on any tourists, so order a coffee in a quaint cafe and take in the style and elegance of beautiful Paris.


Custom Tours at the Moulin Rouge for Captivating Musical Theatre in Paris

Paris City private specialist tour companies will customize your trip to the infamous Moulin Rouge for a night of musical theater with the famous Doris girls executing the “Can Can” with fabulous flare.  There is an excellent mix of entertainment with some international acts and a choice of fantastic French cuisine from various menus.  Moulin Rouge translates to Red Mill and has been a staple of entertainment in French culture since 1889.

Paris has been a leader in couture since the 19th century with famous fashion houses like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior, a visit to see these Chic salons with tour guides is a must. Even though Paris is a city of couture and is full of historical culture, there is a lot more to see and do, for endless family fun head to Disneyland Paris for a little piece of Florida fun in Europe.

Most Paris City Tours will take visitors to the Bohemian Montmartre district near the Latin Quarter, explore the lovely shopping stores or visit any one of the cafe’s at the Saint-Germain-de-Pres and start your lifetime affair with this loveable city. Paris private tour

Step Back in Time to Discover Ruins & Romance on Rome Private Tours

See haunting and historic ruins and step back in time to discover the romance and history on Rome private tours, explore and enjoy this stunning ancient city. Discover the mix of vibrant street life, antiques from the Christian Faith are at every turn on your guided private tours of Rome. Italy’s capital is classed as one of the worlds most inspiring and popular destinations to visit.

It was just a dream for me after finishing 39 Episodes of Spartacus in 3 weeks to find my self in Rome. Joining a big group to explore the city was a big mistake, I didn’t actually know what I was expecting.

After making an on the spot decision in a short time to book and come to Rome, I was not planning to meet Spartacus and Crixus, but a girl can dream. I decided to stay an extra week in Rome and do everything recommended with a Rome private tour guide, all I can say If you really want to see the haunting ruins, vibrant street life and smell the 3000 years of history to you must definitely book private tours of Rome. Helena Tye    


Explore Greatest Highlights & Hidden Secrets on Guided Rome Private Tours

When you are deciding where to go and what to see and do on any holiday, it can be challenging but with so many best private day tours from Rome available for you, make sure to try to see as much as possible in a short time. You can visit the ruins of Pompeii, or drive along The Amalfi Coast on a private tour. You may also want to see the ethereal light on the Tuscan hills on a day sightseeing tour from Rome and do not miss a visit to the magical and romantic island of Capri on a full day trip from Rome.

With so many sites to see in Italy’s most famous city, the only effortless way to get a complete picture and experience of the Eternal City is to pick any one of the best private tours Rome has to offer. We definitely recommend you to choose the skip the line Rome private tours book early in the high season as it is guaranteed to be very crowded.

While enjoying your day tours in Rome try some of their famous food or book a gourmet tour and see the fun of Rome’s modern yet classic dishes. Pizzas, Espresso Coffee and Gelato, are just some of the delights you can immerse yourself in a while admiring the historical splendour of Rome. Tours to the Colosseum one of the most fearful arenas in the world at the time of the Roman Empire are most popular with families so the kids can see where the Lions would come out to the stadium.

Of course, there is St. Peter’s Square where the Pope gives his weekly address is a top attraction for every Catholic Tourist. The Mouth of Truth where Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck had one of the most acclaimed and best movie scenes in history in the movie Roman Holiday. Through three coins in the Trevi Fountain make a wish and see if your dreams come true even for the short time you are there. The parks and nature reserves around the city are lovely and are a favourite stop off on most Rome city tours. Sometime during your holiday take a seat in a piazza, order a coffee and watch the world go by.

Google’s August 1, 2018 Algorithm Update: Everything You Need to Know, and Who did it Impact The Most


Every time Google comes up with a major update, there has always been series of mixed reactions on the usefulness, or demerits of the supposed improvements. While a number of people can only see the disadvantages of the package for them, another set of website owners would come out to talk about how ingenious and profitable, the update has been. As far as the public is concerned, the usefulness of the developments as presented by the technology company is not particularly determined, until the concerned individuals and other stakeholders have been able to come up with their own individual assessments. This is what subsequently forms a pool of opinions from which necessary feedback is derived. If a lot more people think it is favorable, then the company is lauded on the overall. Otherwise, people can only complain and resent the decisions.

The most recent Google update was released on August 1 and has been implemented in continuous phases. Although details were not made too explicit, website users and SEO analysts have continued to highlight the impacts of the update- both in the short term, as well as in the long run.

But then, it is important for every website manager who finds a unique use of the Google search engine, to know and understand the details of this update. This would help them know the best actions to take, to build or maintain search engine results relevance.

Google’s August 1, 2018 update “Medic”

The newest Google update- just like the major ones before it, is also a full core algorithm update that would perform some similar fundamental functions. However, it is mentioned to be one of the most critical updates to shape the way Google search operations work, with a massive impact on the platform’s robust community of users. Following seeming tradition, SEO players and stakeholder on this front have referred mainly to the update as “The medic updates,” with widespread skepticism about reasons for the update action.

According to analysts and SEO professionals, the medic core algorithm update design has had effects on both of the organic and local search result tendencies. Google had earlier made announcements on its intention to release an update, after observation and calls from various quarters on the inconsistencies experienced with website rankings and traffic. This update comes as the third major broad core algorithm update that would be implemented this year. It should be noted, however, that the broad core algorithm updates are different from the other preliminary minor updates that are being implemented from time to time.

Consequent to the rollout of the medic algorithm updates, certain websites seem to have been the targets and have fallen heavily under the hammer. While some websites seem to be beaming with increased SEO advantages and traffic, others have fallen below their initial standards.

The impact of the update, and the main partakers of it

Although Google has continually insisted that the recent core algorithm update would cut across all engine search- especially as the implementation takes full force, the immediate impacts as we can see, have dealt a blow on a specific type of sites. Meanwhile, Google has mentioned in a number of instances, that the updates were intended to perform a holistic function that updates all of the company’s search events. This explanation comes after speculators have continued to mention that the update was specifically targeted at health-related sites. In fact, this is the reason why people have christened the update by its nickname.

However, further findings have shown that a reasonable number of other “your money or your life (YMYL) websites have also been affected by the update. With these occurrences, the update is now being considered to be more of a “directed broad core algorithm update attack.”

How the YMYL sites have become affected

YMYL sites as defined by Google are the websites that publish contents that are important, and likely to affect how a person’s disposition and way of life turns out. They include sites that publish articles on health and fitness, finance and spending, legal advisory content, DIY instructive articles, amongst other. Google has placed emphasis on the importance of displaying original and valid content, that are incapable of misinforming or educating article consumers, wrongly. In view of this, the core algorithm update has been designed to carry a framework that prunes out unreliable or unverified information sites. By this, YMYL sites content are expected to be published by experts who have an understanding of the particular niche. Hence, sites with levels of questionable expertise would definitely be closed to traffic.

Google company’s advice to users on the update

 While Google has not stated in fresh details what approach it is using to prune down on websites, the company’s representatives have only emphasized on the need for website owners to “continually create good content.” However, feelers think this suggestion is too generalized, without specific details that could help website owners fix their properties.

In addition to this, the cooperation has mentioned that no reactive “fix” action was required by website owners, especially by reason of possible drop in SEO traffic. It explained that traffic drop for certain websites was likely due to the fact that some under ranked website had rightly taken their place, and hence displacing the others.

Although there is no other information as to the working modalities of the new core algorithm update, stakeholders on the SEO market, have emphasized further on the importance of the E-A-T google guidelines, in its activities.

The E-A-T google search guidelines


E-A-T is an acronym that symbolizes the outlined requirements pointed out by Google, as a basis for meeting up with quality traffic and online engagement. The acronym stands for ‘expertise,’ ‘authoritativeness,’ and ‘trustworthiness.’ The Google SEO guidelines were first introduced in 2014 and has since then served as some form of a determinant in whatever SEO results a running website is able to get. Now, every page quality assessment made by Google makes use of these parameters, and they have become the basic guideline for every updated web content developer.

Since the importance of these elements in achieving search relevance cannot be overemphasized, it is important for users to sufficiently understood what is meant and required in each of the terms.

  •    Expertise

Many website owners may have thought that having a website that dishes out important and insightful information, is that easy to build. If it used to be, then the recent Google update may soon be changing the trends, and in an enormous way. In order to enforce its stand on propelling authentic information, content that would top the results on the search must have been put up by people with the corresponding qualifications to do so. What this means in essence, is that you must be an expert in your field before you can get the traffic.

Carefully considering this factor, we may be able to explain a reason why medic and YMYL sites seem to be more affected by the recent update. Consequently, the implementation of this action could considerably limit the number of website and blog owners who would just open a health or professional service blog, without the real technical know how.

  •    Authoritativeness

Now, another important ingredient to the mixture is how much authoritativeness is being portrayed in displayed content. It doesn’t seem enough just to have the expertise, but also have the perfect delivery methods of the subject. Google takes consideration of how much relevance you’re able to bring to the table. Websites and blog pages with user engagement should now see more reasons to interact meaningfully with their user base.


 Besides the type of relevant content solutions coming from your organized site, an added advantage comes from how much overall internet user recognition you’re able to gather for your site. Websites with the influx of comments and good reviews may have just set it’s steps on the path to google search optimization.

With the ever changing dynamic world that we’re in, people everywhere are more likely to pay attention to solution providers who are well grounded in what they know and are able to pass the necessary information across in the most impressive manner.

  •    Trustworthiness

This is another factor that needs to be evaluated by the web content owner. Start with considering how much people are able to rely on the information you provide, as well as the offers you make. Google considers it germane, that website owners are mandatorily able to build high levels of trust between themselves and the several internet users who would be visiting the sites on a daily basis. As a website or blog owner, one of the ways to evaluate your trustworthiness is by the amount of response you get from such things as your call to action.

Trustworthiness for your website could also come from when you’ve adopted online security measures for the site. This would assure your visitors of more hacker proof functions, and would then be able to trust your site enough to carry out some functions like credit card purchase.

In all essence, these three broad factors have become the known basic driving force for whatever results are obtained, each time a Google searcher punches in their search words.

Merits of the August 1 broad core algorithm update

Even if the larger populace of internet content providers has not reckoned so much with the importance of the Google algorithm updates, it still does not remove the fact that this move may have been geared towards providing more value for Google search engine users.

For instance, since the E-A-T guideline is now wholly implemented, internet users seeking information via the Google search engine are assured of obtaining more authentic content. The search results would now carry more reliable results, with less contrasting story occurrences.

If this is well pulled through, then the algorithm update could then be termed as a perfect regulating tool, especially against unverified content providers.

Your call to action

In order to pick up and get back on course, there are certain inputs that must be effected on your website content, and as soon as all the google resetting has been concluded with. This would help bring your site to the stipulated conditions while helping it rise amongst the ranks.

Firstly and depending on the type of content service you’re offering- whether news and updates or YMYL content, ensure that all published articles are accompanied by an author with a profile. Also, note that it is not just about fixing an author, but ensuring that the authors have traceable online profiles, where the validation of claims can be made.

Other ways to show the relevance of your website content is to give correct descriptive details about the purpose of the site, and the team behind it. This talks about the importance of the “about us” page, and other information that can serve as some pointer to the type of activities you specialize in.

In conclusion:

Website owners and online content providers must be able to provide proactive solutions to the ever-changing internet use peculiarities. By this, they wouldn’t be caught unaware by sudden updates, and change in operation protocols. The truth is, getting back up after a decline in situations like this, requires apt decisions and methods that would allow the website owners to regain or retain their online relevance. It is even better if a roadmap has been prepared beforehand. This is why website owners have continually been encouraged to make use of professional SEO service providers. These service providers are consequently expected to stay up to date with event tendencies in the SEO business front.

Now, considering the fact that Google’s broad core algorithm update would be a continuous activity, we may not have seen the end to major modifications like this. Thus, it may be advisable that the SEO experts begin the preparations from now on.

Skinni Snax – Healthy & Nutritious Snack – Great for Diets & Fitness


SKINNI SNAX is high in fibre and plant protein, low in salt and fat, SKINNI SNAX is the perfect, healthy snack.  These crunchy and nutritious balls are doubled baked, with a crispy, soya, outer biscuit crunch.

Most of us are impulsive buyers, snacking on the go and seeking

convenient, healthy snacking.  SKINNI SNAX is healthy and suitable for vegetarians. With our fast-paced life style, more than 60% of consumers consider health as a key decision maker for the purchase of snacking.

Eating a healthy SKINNI SNAX allows you to add to your intake of essential nutrients.  SKINNI SNAX contains fibre and fills your stomach for very few calories. The plant protein from chickpeas, is necessary for healthy muscles, skin, cells and hair. SKINNI SNAX is a healthy carbohydrate with additional fibre which is excellent for digestion and curbs hunger. As a healthy alternative to crisps and nuts, a handful of SKINNI SNAX at snack time adds healthy nutrients to your diet, which protects your heart and brain.

SKINNI SNAX is a  healthy snack made up of complex carbohydrates, high in protein and healthy nutrients. SKINNI SNAX increase your energy levels for a longer period of time than sugary or fatty snacks do. This is because sugar will cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash, leaving you hungry and lethargic. The complex carbohydrates in SKINNI SNAX are a stable source of energy and including them in as a healthy snack helps you power through your day between meals and keeps you fuller for longer.

SKINNI SNAX, single serve potion, assists with portion control and is a macronutrient solution that keeps you fuller for longer and powers you through the day. Made from chickpeas and soya, SKINNI SNAX is a smart carb food that contains calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Snacking with SKINNI SNAX is an effective way to fit extra nutrients into your diet. Eating SKINNI SNAX, a carbohydrate-rich, protein snack is an ideal snack solution for all the family.


PBS Kids


9 out of 10 times if a fire was to break out a child as early as 3 or 4 years old would immediately know what to do. If it was to transpire in school children’s young ears would either be startled by the bell or amused and some maybe even a combination of the two. Regardless of either response children would then immediately seek out a Teacher/s that will in return lead them to safety which would be the nearest EXIT. Similarly if a fire was to break out in the home younger children would immediately seek out a parent or caretaker to lead them to safety. How is it that children this young know what to do if they are ever put in that predicament? Fire prevention is the answer that you are looking for.


As early as preschool children are drilled on the basics of fire safety tips. They know what to do, who to search out for safety, and that magical 911 number that is etched in their preschool memories. This is what prevention does it teaches and trains children for the unexpected.


Similarly to fire prevention being priority as a lesson children are drilled to know, PBS for kids also known as Personal Body Safety prevention should be a lesson children are drilled to know as well. Not to say anything will happen but the goal of prevention is to prepare children for the what IF’s.

Fire safety tips teaches prevention from fire PBS teaches children prevention from predators. Let’s start off with P and name some Personal Body Safety tips:

P is for personal protection. Children should learn the safety tips for protecting themselves.

B is for Boundaries regarding their bodies. Children should learn and know that their bodies belong to them.They should also learn their bodies actual private parts and not “nicknames” for them. In addition they should also know how to listen to what their body is telling them. If they are feeling nervous, afraid, sad or any other feeling that says someone or something is not right they should go to an adult immediately to lead them to safety.

S is for Safety. Children should know who the “Safe” adults are in their life at least 4-5 that they can go to, trust and confide in.They should also be educated on the difference between good and bad secrets. And learn the words to keep them safe such as “stop” or “no.”

Personal Body Safety prevention and tips are as equally as important as fire prevention and safety tips. Children should be educated as early on as possible on what to do and who to go to if the what IF was to happen. There are many resources to begin the discussion on Personal Body Safety such as the one listed below.


This book uses a simple direct and age appropriate approach it teaches children a variety of topics such as:

  • The difference between good and bad secrets
  • Who to turn to for help if they are keeping a bad secret
  • The difference between an appropriate and inappropriate touch

Designed for ages 4 and up you can rest assured that concerned Parents, Caretakers and Educators can approach this topic with ease. Children would be able to receive guidance that they can understand, practice and put to use.

Feel free to check out my newest children’s book entitled No More Bad Secrets A kid-to-kid guide on safe body touch. AVAILABLE NOW!