Exclusive: Your First Look At DH MALE By Daniel Hernandez Couturier


Famed Colombian women’s wear designer Daniel Hernández took to the runway at “Spring Colors 2018” in Providence, Rhode Island to preview his first-ever menswear collection for the brand. The collection is a classically trendy fusion of versatility and convenience.

The new “DH Male” comes at a time when functional fashion is more important than ever as an expression of personal style, whether the look is natural, classic, or fashion-forward. Hernández teamed up key wardrobe basics such as slim cut pants and textured overcoats, adopting classic cuts and simple styling. The result? A minimalist and maximalist appeal garnering rave social reviews, promotions, and endorsements by Hollywood Actors Steve Howey (Showtime’s Shameless), Todd Lowe (HBO’s True Blood), Jeremy Tardy (Netflix’s Dear White People) and Shawn Vance (Netflix’s The Green Beret’s Guide To Surviving The Apocalypse by Matt Damon).


Steve Howey in “DH Male” for Wingman Magazine

Hosted at the Providence Marriott Downtown, guests — including the likes of Mayor Jorge Elorza and Univision Boston’s Emildo Cordero — were welcome to catch the latest Hernández must-haves, a series of trademark pieces that drew inspiration from history, utilizing a number of prints and patterns from the golden age of glamour to evoke a sense of modern timelessness.


Photos Courtesy of Dan Minicucci Photography

Commending Hernández on his works, Mayor Jorge Elorza issued the following statement in the form of a Citizen Citation: “Your passion for designs has enabled you to present your collections in New York City and Los Angeles, CA, making you a tremendous source of pride for the Colombian Community. Your success and devotion are applauded by the City of Providence on the offcation of the ‘Spring Colors 2018’ Fashion Show.”

Daniel Hernández Couturier has plans to open a brick-and-mortar location in Providence, finalizing its move from Beantown to Little Rhody. An official in-house launch event for “DH Male” will occur later this spring to reveal the progressive collection of 50+ looks, kicking off a new era of masculine fashion.


Learn more about Daniel Hernández and Daniel Hernández Couturier by visiting www.dhstudios.com

Icons Celebrating the 100 Celebration of the 1916 Uprising in Ireland

The Irish Museum in Albany NY is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the freedom for the Irish with a permanent display of classi-sized memorial portraits of the patriots that began the 1916 Uprising in Ireland. The portraits were painted by renown artist Maureen Gaffney Wolfson.


On tour in Ireland, the paintings were displayed and heralded in the city of Roscommon, at the legislature building organized by Counsillor Orla Leyden and Terry Leyden Trade Minister of Ireland at the time.


Here in the US, the memorial project and the quality art were applauded internationally by the Honorary Consulate General Finbar Hill and Consulate General of Ireland, The Honorable Daniel Mulhall


From left to right : Honorary Consulate General Finbar Hill
Middle is artist Maureen Gaffney Wolfson and on the right is:
Honorable Daniel Mulhall Consulate General of Ireland.


And the icons commemorate the 100 Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising

The artist, Maureen Wolfson’s fame began within the modeling world which opened the door to a reoccurring role on the Red Skelton Show, which she kept for four years. Leaving in 1968 while being a regular on the show, Maureen’s movie career began to blossom. She landed roles in “Swinging Summer” with Raquel Welch, “Harlow” with Carol Lindley, and “Guide for a Married Man” directed by Gene Kelley and staring Sid Caesar and Wally Cox. In between movies, she returned to television, making appearances on the Perry Mason, Raymond Burr and Danny Kay shows.

In 1978, Maureen moved from Los Angeles to New York and enrolled at the Art Students League under Thomas Fogerty and David Laffell where she learned the basic techniques of lighting and working with live models that laid the foundation for a lifelong career in painting. In 1983, Maureen received the Woman Artist of the Year Award from the International Beaux Arts Inc. Her artwork is praised and in the collections of high government officials in the US and Ireland, of the Hollywood elite and numerous public collections.

The prospect of and energy for the creation of this monumental tribute to Irish Independence was a natural passion the artist lives for her ancestral homeland and the expression of gratitude for her history. Every aspect of the creation of her paintings is carefully detailed in composition and construction. It is the quality of her passionate efforts that have defined her very well deserved public image and career.

For example, Ms. Wolfson sought out the services of one of the most well known art conservation labs in the country, Fine Art Conservation Laboratories to assist her in the varnishing and final touches of her artwork to make sure they looked perfect and would last generations. Here is an example of the decision making process and testing she undertook for quality control:


The Easter Rising was the most significant uprising in Ireland against the British since the rebellion of 1798. Also known as the Easter Rebellion, the 1916 armed insurrection in Ireland was launched by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland and establish an independent Irish Republic while the United Kingdom was heavily engaged in the First World War.

This series of commemorative paintings celebrates the martyrs of independence.

The Irish American Heritage Museum has an educational mission that preserving one’s heritage is vital to providing a cultural and historical foundation to future generations of Americans. It was organized in 1986 by the New York State American-Irish Legislators Society and was initially financed by the State Natural Heritage Trust, the State Council on the Arts, and numerous private donations. In 1992, the museum was permanently chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York as a non-profit. The museum was relocated to downtown Albany in 2012 where the 3,250 square foot space includes the Paul O’Dwyer Library and the Ancient Order of Hibernians’ archives. The museum is currently a member of The North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association.



For more about Fine Art Conservation Laboratories: http://www.FineArtConservationLab.com


805 564 3438

Click here for more information about the artwork of Maureen Gaffney Wolfson





Elvis Mbonde and NgondiDrieder is a Dirty Scammer

NgondiDrieder / Elvis Mbonde Scam-Artist Selling fake iboga or not shipping orders at all!


I came across this idiot some time ago, I guess he messaged me via email because he realized we are selling iboga products so he simply wanted to jump into it to sell us some of his. As almost always, the first trade worked, it was very very small scale but then he immediately started getting tricky. We bought seeds from this guy, paid him and some weeks later we first realized that what he sold us was actually not iboga but cheap Voacanga seeds which actually look very similar. Since my first impression was that he’ll be serious, I also connected him to some business partners of mine. They also did a purchase with him, for Iboga seeds as well as for iboga root and actually they have received a parcel from this guy. But same here too, or even worse, what they have received was not iboga rootbark but actually any other rootbark which was massively treated with any strange and poisonous chemical for whatever reason. My friends actually ended up in hospital where they were told that they show signs of an being poisoned with Atropine in combination with several heavy metal traces in their blood. This scam actually turned out to be very very dangerous and thousand times more harmful then some lost money. From this day on he actually disappeared completely and never got in contact with any of us again. However I heared from other people having been contacted via email from this dirty asshole trying to scam and harm them, what actually is the reason why I am going to make this information public now. If you ever get contacted by the following person, then simply ignore him:


His email address is: driederseed@gmail.com

The email actually shows the name NgondiDrieder“ buti doubt it is his real name since money was always transferred tothe following name, address and phone numbers:


Mbonde Elvis
P.o.box 28 buea
South West region
Molyko.cheif street

I’d imagine the name NgondiDrieder is simply made up for scamming purposes while Elvis Mbonde is his real name. Second option would be that this is actually not a simple one man show but two scamming assholes working together.

Cardboard Display Stands Melbourne

Cardboard Display Stands Melbourne have the potential to provide a very practical choice, with a warm, versatile appearance. In addition, it applies to full control of the products displayed in retail stores. Here are some of the most attractive advantages of cardboard displays:

Low cost: A major advantage is that cardboard for creating reliable displays for all types of goods is relatively inexpensive.

Lightweight: This material is very light, and compared to other display options (such as wood or glass), this material is very simple to transport and cost-effective. In addition, once the display enters the store, it is easy to handle and locate.

Versatile: The actual production costs for making cardboard displays are very low. The process of forming, cutting, or bending cardboard can be easily achieved through AutoCAD design. Once the preferred design is configured, tens of thousands of monitors can be rapidly generated using the right machine and a small amount of manual input.

Unique design: Cardboard offers complete flexibility in the design process, with good choices in color, shape and layout. They can even include promotions or discount stickers to make the showcase stand out.

Regular updates: The initial low investment in cardboard products means that the appearance can be creatively updated every few months to keep the display looking new and up-to-date.

Extremely strong: The highest quality corrugated cardboard is very strong and can easily retain its shape even when subjected to high loads.

Easy to assemble: This type of display is designed to be easily assembled by retailers. In addition, if you plan to place your monitor in a space-constrained area, you can make minor changes, such as cutting the material for the best fit.

Recyclable materials: Cardboard is a completely recyclable material that can be easily handled when the monitor is no longer needed. This means that very little garbage is dumped into landfills. In addition, paperboards using non-contaminating inks, such as plant-based inks, are easily separated or washed off during the recycling process.

Get Ripped In 30 Days Without Hitting A Gym

Get Ripped In 30 Days Without Hitting A Gym :- https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=IBG_KM_OWek :- Want to get ripped without doing High Intensity Interval Training? H.I.I.T is great to get a chiseled physique. But if you have a bad knee, hip, or other lower body injury, you may not want or be able to do it.

Printing Services: Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures and More

Zest Printing Services

For the past 2 decades the printing industry continues to be evolving in the act of transferring images of printed text and color graphic design onto paper. The rise in popularity of offset printing (rotary and sheet fed) presses from the late 1950’s was technology industry way to bring fine quality print at high speeds. Thirty years would pass prior to the offset whole world of printing would start a forced morphing in a new era.

The difference between the technologies; With offset printing, the whole picture is burned onto a plate after which is transferred (offset) onto a rubber blanket plus an impression of this image is squeezed onto paper. With digital printing, images are created using computer generated graphics which might be programmed in the digital printer, usually an computer printer where tiny spray nozzles are widely-used to distribute the ink onto paper. With digital printers it is possible to reproduce quality images or affect the format and graphics on each page.

With the arrival on the desktop computer along with the manipulation of web data in programs, a trend would control you the printing industry and slowly but surely alter the face on the printing industry. New digital technologies would produce an overwhelming argument which the old kinds of composition (prepress) would be a technique of used.

Along with changing technologies plus the conversion to digital printing, came the sharp surge in popularity from the small quick print companies for instance Sir Speedy, offering advances in desktop publishing, quick computerized data transfers to and in the the business customer and print facility with good speed laser and ink-jet printers. Targeting their marketing services mainly to smaller businesses, the fast print companies realized increases from the market share in the production of short runs.

This made a shrinking market for the tiny, medium and big printing houses using their lineup of expensive and maintenance hungry offset printing equipment along with the large facilities that house them. Also, the purchase price to man along with the energy familiar with keep these presses rolling can make it difficult to compete for the little customer. But for that medium to large runs, offset printing is a viable market.

Along using the down turn within the popularity in the offset press came the lower existence of skilled offset printing press operators. Though there may a certainly be a need to the printed word and graphics from the high speed, medium and larger run offset printing production arena, the price and maintenance in the medium and big offset printing presses combined together with the new age customers hiring his or her in-house desktop publishers and graphic designers is noted taking its toll inside the offset printing world to the short run business.

Today, camera ready copy could be generated on the customers’ location and quickly uploaded into a quick print facility. Documents and files might be shared web changes made quickly eliminating costly trips towards the printing facilities. Make ready time is reduced with digital printing in comparison to offset printing presses in every aspect of production runs.

Printing services: Zest Printing

Zest Printing Services include a selection of quality booklet printing options for catalogues, programs, training manuals, technical manuals, diaries, record book resources and many more.

Dual-jurisdiction Lawyer Vancouver BC

As a lawyer in British Columbia and Washington, we understand the nuances of law in multiple jurisdictions and the impact of insurance coverage. Cross-border law will take a deliberate and resolved approach to your case. Whether we can reach a settlement with the insurance company or the matter needs to be resolved through arbitration or a court in the United States or Canada, we are confident that we will represent our customers through all stages of the litigation.

Of course, this is our business, but we are not just for money. We enable our customers to seek affordable care and help to heal injuries and repair losses. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people, even thousands of wounded people, and we know that people need to reintegrate their lives and we do everything possible to help this process. We look forward to welcoming you as our customer.

A Trial-Focused Approach

In cross-border laws, we are prepared to try each case in court. With our profound experience as litigators, we will build an effective case strategy based on thorough investigation and careful research. Our focus has always been on cases that effectively address the best interests of our customers.

Schedule A Consultation

For many people, contacting a lawyer can seem like a daunting task. In cross-border laws, we make every effort to be approachable and graceful. We understand the pressures and worries faced by injured people. Call our office or send an email to arrange a free consultation.

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Panic Bar Installation Washington DC

If you have already entered this page, you may be a construction project, warehouse or school manager or staff staring at an economical and convenient Panic Bar Installation Washington DC who can come to your location and bring your live answers to your controversy.


The MDC Key Locksmith Security Solution implements Panic Bar Installation’s complete line of search, adjustment and restoration services in Washington, DC. Our well-trained security structure planning manpower can provide high quality help for stadiums, restaurants, and government offices, or may want to test extensions to these business panic bars to install keylock devices.

Exit locksmith

No matter what kind of real estate we have, no matter what kind of real estate we have, we need to pay close attention to safe ingredients, and surprisingly, it includes the choice of defending the exquisite environment and robbers by fixing the exit bar. Although the collision device is almost impossible to unlock by thieves and outsiders, their construction is very suitable, allowing you to escape from the house. Do you want to install and install a commercial collision device in Washington, DC? Our portfolio has a large amount of background output and installation panic devices. We provide a wide range of panic bars for almost all commercial security exit doors, and our keymiths are truly well-trained to assess and implement our clients and provide decent goods for their businesses.

Damaged car key

What if your lock has a damaged key? Call MDC Key Locksmith! The answer time is 25 minutes. We will send our sharp ignition workers to your moment. With 24-hour locksmith services and locomotive work cars, we are always on hand to help you wherever you are, whether you are in Washington, DC or in the country. Our courtesy and speedy car locksmith can support you to lose the ignition key and key cuts also implement a dozen chances.

Emergency lock

With our mobile trucks, we can transfer all access and entry tools, keys and locks to locks that may require us to re-lock, set up or pop up, which means we will save you a lot of time. Do not open the window. For your benefit, you obviously will place yourself in an unstable and high price situation; our professionals will come out in your place every day to unlock your biometric, magnetic or collision-free lock in 25 minutes. twice.

Relock the lock

Our key professionals will work to create the same key mechanisms as your existing machine, and will repair your model to give your center the sole right to be prescribed. We cooperate with numerous flea markets, office buildings, collages and medical centers to create a business environment. Our lock key and master key mechanism can be integrated with any actual electronic, smart key or key card reader device, regardless of the size of your center, and ensure that we can provide all key and lock prescription recommendations.

Automatic locking and fixing

If you are setting up automatic locking of the lock, please maintain your buzz and then call our refurbishment in addition to locking the electronic lock, our direct lock professional trainer. We are concerned about the entire set of Maglock locksmith services in Washington, DC and surrounding areas. Our keysmiths are ultimately bound, licensed and insured, and are able to cast all types of locks and key and lock obstacles. Our services are available Monday to Sunday, 24/7, to ensure your rehabilitated. . If you are looking for panic bar installation services in Washington, our local professional locksmith can reach your office, business or shop, install or repair various types of putters, fire doors and springs.

Is my property safe? Your Guide: Evaluating the Security of your Property

Evanston Locksmith

This is a very important subject that I would like all of my Evanston residents to be aware of. Nothing is more personal and important to us as the place where we and our loved ones live. When things get personal, people tend to instinctually get protective. Consider this article your crash course on security planning and tips on securing your property. Our locksmiths want to educate you to know your risks and benefits of the security you choose. As a starting point, you know be aware of the general security offered to most properties in the USA. Who can assist you to learn more? Who can evaluate your home? What questions do you need to ask to make sure all bases are covered? With our complete property safety evaluation, we will help you create a plan you can clearly follow to provide optimum security for your property and keep criminals away. Find out what you need to know to be prepared regarding evaluating the security of your property.

The door is the entry point to the house, to the business, to a variety of places that may be attempted robbery. However according to numerous statistics developed by multiple companies, when the thief fails to force the lock of the door with great ease, he desists from his attempted robbery. And for this reason it is necessary to know if our property is safe or is an unsafe property and the first place where we should start is in the lock. For this reason, a good lock for any door is so important. It is necessary to know if the lock that has our property is a lock of optimum quality, this can be done by an expert Evanston Locksmith IL, who will be able to evaluate if the lock that owns our property is an optimal lock. They do this by evaluating under a series of methods and tactics to evaluate the reliability of the lock. It is also necessary to know the material with which the lock is made, as there are certain materials that suffer greater deterioration than others, in addition to certain materials in the lock are easier to force than others because they are more malleable. For this reason the stainless steel or iron locks are the most durable.

In the same way it is necessary to know another series of aspects about the lock to know if you have the best lock on the market. Aspects such as what type of lock it is if it is a multi-lock or a multi-point lock. These two types of locks are sub-classifications of the surface locks and are characterized by the fact that the multi-seal lock has between 3 and 5 lateral closures, while the multipoint lock has from 2 to 3 lateral points, in addition to having several closing points. in the upper part and the lower part. Both locks are equally effective, the power of a lock is not measured in the number of cylinders it has, but in the capacity it has to endure over the years, as well as the quality of the lock is evaluated at the time to avoid the locks of the lock, that is to say that at the moment of inserting the key the lock does not get out of phase and starts to turn towards the opposite side.

These aspects are necessary to evaluate them in the lock to know if we are in the presence of a reliable lock, which will protect our home from any unforeseen event. Another aspect to consider is the type of lock and the type of keys that the property owns. Since there are conventional locks and electronic locks, in the same way there are conventional keys or electronic keys. Both locks have their advantages and their own disadvantages of each lock and each key, however both keys and locks are equally useful to maintain a secure property, the important thing is that it complies with the characteristics mentioned above. In the same way, it can be admitted that there is a great variety of conventional locks and electronic locks in the market, which offer different advantages and different disadvantages among the different locks offered in the market. As well as we can also find that the locks in the market have different sizes and different materials, as well as different functioning. It is necessary to know as a client what type of lock you have on the property to know the characteristics, benefits and disadvantages of that lock.

The importance to emphasize if the property is a safe property, the existence of alarms in the property must be evaluated, since the alarms help to improve the security system of the property and therefore make it a safer property. Do you know the requirements when it comes to your security cameras and alarms? Evaluating the security of your property is more crucial and importance to have knowledge about than you may think. Alarms can be installed alarms to detect fires, alarms to prevent theft, among a host of alarms that exist in the market and can be installed to improve the security conditions of the property. Another aspect to take into account when evaluating if a property is safe is the presence of lattice. In many localities of different countries, especially in high risk areas it is common to observe properties with external lattice, as well as lattice windows as a safety measure, in certain areas of different countries this is an indication of whether the property is safe or not. In these areas, if you see a property without an external lattice or in the windows, it is considered that the property is not safe.

So as a summary so far to know if a property is safe, it is necessary to know the materials of which the lock is made, as well as aspects such as the type of lock and the model of the lock to know if it is a Lock with greater security than other models. In the same way an alarm system, as well as a lattice system in the property help to improve the security of a property with respect to other properties. Other aspects that can be taken to say if a property is safe, is the fact that it has external or internal surveillance systems, that is, with security cameras that can record anything that happens in the interior or in the vicinity of the property. Also in certain regions around the world it is considered that a property has a high safety index when it has safe deposit boxes or safes inside to protect certain documents or items of great value. However, the use of external or internal surveillance systems such as surveillance cameras or security guards, as well as the existence of a safe or a safe are considered to be extreme security measures and properties that have it they are considered very safe properties, since they have a very low rate of thefts in their establishments or in their properties.

Mainly the factors to consider if a property is safe are those previously mentioned, such as locks, lattice systems and alarm systems, however there are other security methods that can be used in the properties and indicate if they are high properties. degree of security or not.

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