Muslim Woman Fashion Abaya for Year 2018!

The road to modest thoughts is by dressing modestly. An Abaya and hijab are a major symbol of the identification of Muslim women and are an essential part of Muslim women clothes. Most of the Muslim women do not leave their houses without wearing them. They help in covering the whole body. These essentials represent the symbol of morality.

Beside this, it has become a major trend within the Muslim women of Arab countries and other Asian countries to wear Abaya’s before leaving their house. As the fashion and trends keeps on changing, women demands regarding abayas varies as well and because of this various designers of the countries come up with variety of trendy and stylish abaya’s which not only looks beautiful on women but also provide them an ease in covering their body with recent fashion trends. However, the year 2017 proved very productive in terms of the production of various Abaya designs. The designers from over world came up with new ideas and new look for adding a unique touch in Muslim women clothes.

As the year 2018 started, the designers, from the very first day started working on bringing many new Abaya style, with different colours, and designs. Before even the year started pre-hype already took place within the countries. Since January 2018, the abaya’s winter collection was launched in various parts of the world which caught the eye of Muslim women because of their out gracious designs and styles. Such designs not only covered the body but also helped the women in keeping themselves safe from cold weather.

However, there are many other upcoming and already existing Abaya styles of 2018. From plain and simple abayas to embroidered and laced ones, all holds a uniqueness of their own. Some of the most popular ones that are liked by the young generation as well as married women include:

-Open Abaya Cardigan

-The Floral style Abaya

-The Open Style Abaya

-Fancy Lace Abaya Designs

-The Kaftan Style Abaya

-The Standard A-line Abaya

-The Butterfly Abaya

-Khaleeji Abaya

-Arabic Abaya

-Wedding Abaya

-Overhead Abaya

With the change in fashion, the designers keep on changing, the pattern, fabric materials and the hues of abayas. One of the major trends in terms of Abaya fashion seen in 2018 is the utilization of buttons of dark colour on the front side and polished folds. Along with these, the facility of designing you own abaya is also proved by the designers which enables the women in showing their creativity.

Coming up with such trendy and stylish abayas not only makes a Muslim woman to wear them but also non-muslim women. In addition to this, the Muslim women are no longer bound to wear the old back abayas and all thanks goes to the outclass designers present, who understands the needs of them. They can, now go to any wedding or party by wearing them and can look no less than any other girl.

Do not miss out the chance to grab an amazing Abaya design from with a secure payment and fast shipping, grab the attention of everyone around you.

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Ventura, Santa Barbara Thomas Fire Smoke Damage and Montecito Mudslide Restoration of Artwork, Antiques and Collectibles

By Scott M. Haskins, Art Conservator




The situation was horrific and lasted for more than a month. Now that the danger is past, the entire area is recouping. After family members and pets are accounted for, the next items of concern are the family’s valuables and family history heritage items that make up the family’s memories. If insurance is going to meet the demands of the damage, then these items, sometimes of little financial value and cannot be replaced, become of great concern.


Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL) experts haveprofessional methods, knowledge and a special division of services to offer families, business’, insurance claim adjusters and disaster response contractors to help respond professionally to the care, restoration and conservation of artwork, collectibles, keepsakes and antiques: Here’s a quick video (click on this link):



Disaster Response Art Restoration Experts





There are family heirlooms, art, antiques, family history items and treasures that can still be saved and preserved in very good condition in a house that is in this situation! Use care in the removal process. Their preservation can make all the difference for the owners in emotionally recouping from this disaster for years/decades to come. Wow, what a photo above!

Don’t know what to do, need help with questions about insurance claims?


ProBono, expert art conservation advice.


Call Andrew Jacobs on his mobile. 812 639 3681


Over 1000 structures were lost in the firestorm driven by 40-70 mph winds in the backcountry of Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA at the end of 2017. The Thomas Fire was classified as the largest wildfire (acreage) in the history of California. which threatened densely populated areas prompting the mandatory evacuation of more than 16,000 residents with many more voluntarily leaving for more than a couple of weeks. Even though the fire was not driven into the cities, the wind blew smoke and ash onto 100,000s of local residents and polluted skies northward past San Francisco, 600 miles away where I was visiting and saw first hand.


After a few days of the most aggressive advancement of the fire, 6″ of rain fell in a few hours in the mountains causing a catastrophic mudslide which pushed before it 10’ diameter boulders, autos, trees through houses in the Montecito suburb all the way to the beaches and closed the main artery 101 freeway for weeks. The final toll was 23 dead and billions of dollars of damage.


This mudslide in Montecito, CA was the result of extensive fires in the mountains above the city. When the rains came soon after, all of this came down onto the residential area.


Dozens of insurance claims to reclaim these types of items have been settled with the help of evaluations and inspections by FACL of smoked artwork, sculptures, family photos, model train sets, ceramics and collectibles… all of the cherished items that make up a family’s heritage and history.


Once such family has been in the railroad business for 4 generations and you can image that connection they feel with their family’s memorabilia! What a heartbreak to see the damage but what a wonderful moment to share with them how everything can be cleaned up to good and new.




We are prepared to handle the logistics and treatments of many items at once. We help compile inventories and reports for insurance reporting. We can re-hang the artwork and secure art objects for seismic safety.We are easy to communicate with and we can provide door to door service even over long distances.


Let’s Talk! Contact us:

Andrew Jacobs, Disaster Response Services Coordinator

812 639 3681 mobile




This painting required a double cleaning in order to remove the smoke and debris “safely.” No original paint was removed and the full value was returned.


Here are some testimonials and examples

of our work with other disaster response companies:


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Andrew Jacobs, Disaster Response Services Coordinator

812 639 3681 mobile


We got our first call from a resident in the mudslide area today; 3 ft of mud… in the house! Unbelievably, they got out with the bare minimum… and their favorite painting… but there is a house of family memories to save as soon as they (and we) are let back in.

The mud on this painting smells like sewage. Its always a good precaution to protect your health when handling items from a mudslide in inhabited areas.




The mud etc can be removed safely from this artwork and is completely recoverable. Another day has passed and I’ve inspected about 25 works of art, all cleanable and can be returned to pre-disaster condition.


Scott M. Haskins, Virginia Panizzon, Oriana Montemurro

Art Conservators

805 564 3438 office

An Extensive Range of Blinds

When it comes to window coverings, blinds have become the latest trend. They not only increase the value of your home and/or office but also add an aesthetic appeal to it. Furthermore, blinds also ensure enhanced privacy and protection from UV rays of the sun. Another advantage of blinds you can control the sunlight that enters your home with them.With their widespread popularity, you can easily find the type of blinds you desire online. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular types and styles of blinds.

Venetian Blinds

This type of blinds is categorized among the most versatile blinds. They have a distinct appeal and look. Moreover, they are easier to install. Their maintenance and cleanliness isn’t much of an issue and the best part is that they can suit different types of windows. Due to these benefits, numerous blinds manufacturers have started to offer buy venetian blinds online feature so that homeowners can buy them right from the comfort of their home.

If you have selected venetian blinds for your home or office, you have two choices at your disposal. You can either go for aluminium or wooden style. Aluminium venetian blinds are suggested for the rooms that have neutral colours and boast of high tech equipment. You can also use them in your kitchen and bathrooms. The added benefit with aluminium is that it requires less maintenance as compared to wood. Furthermore, they can last for a longer time without losing its shine and mettle.

For offices, aluminium venetian blinds are recommended due to its extensive properties. You can easily buy aluminium venetian blinds online at reasonable rates.

When it comes to wooden venetian blinds,they are more suitable if you want to give your room a light and airy look. You can have a number of choices if you are opting for wooden venetian blinds. Among the sea of options, timber venetian blinds hold a special place as they are the most stylish yet give a simple and sophisticated look.

Roller Blinds

Among the different types of blinds, roller blinds are considered to be the most popular with homeowners as they add an artistic flair to a room they are installed in. Not only they look beautiful but also add give easy adjustment options to the homeowners. Whether you have a conventional window installed in your room or a modern, roller blinds can perfectly suit them. They are typically composed of natural materials.

Roller blinds also have this ability to resist the regular wear and tear. They are easy to be installed. Moreover, you can select any type of fabric, colour, and style for installing them in your home.

Honeycomb Blinds

If you are looking for blinds that can help to reduce electricity costs, honeycomb blinds make for an ideal choice. Due to their thickness and design, honeycomb can prove to be the most energy efficient blinds. Their thickness helps to filter incoming light. Furthermore, they are designed in such a way so that warm air in winters and cold air in summers doesn’t sneak out of the windows. The air gets trapped in honeycomb blinds’ cells. Thus, they offer enhanced insulation.

If you are looking to buy honeycomb blinds online, you must be aware of their different types i.e. single, double, and triple honeycombs. Triple honeycombs are suggested the most energy-efficient as they are the thickest ones. Hence, they are suggested to be used on old windows. Simply put, they offer three times more insulation as compared to a single honeycomb blind.

Honeycomb blinds are advised to be used in homes that are located in colder areas. With their enhanced insulation feature, they would allow cold air to enter your home through the windows. Furthermore, energy costs will also get reduced.

Roman Blinds

These are composed of a soft fabric. Therefore, they give a soothing touch and appeal to the ambience of your home. They also offer enhanced privacy and allow the homeowners to control the light that enters their home. Due to the aesthetic appeal they bring, they are suitable for French doors, patio doors, and bedroom windows.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are available different sizes and colours. This type of blinds is recommended to be used on sliding glass or tall windows. Their adjustable panels can be controlled by strings or turn switches. The best part of these blinds is that they are budget-friendly. Considered to be one of the most inexpensive blinds out there, you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy them. If these blinds are handing perpendicularly, sunlight can enter your home. On the other hand, when they are closed, panels overlap. Thus, sunlight can be blocked.

A Final Word

Each blinds type discussed above have its own features and benefits. Therefore, while selecting any type of them, it is important to consider the overall décor and colour scheme of your home. Some of these blinds are costlier than others; thus, you need to prepare your budget accordingly. Make sure you are buying them from a renowned manufacturer in order to get high quality blinds.

Whether you are looking for timber venetian blinds online or any other type, you can find them at Theyhave been in the industry for over 50 years.They usepremium quality material for manufacturing of different types of blinds and offer them at the most affordable rates.

Smoke Damaged Art Restoration PuroClean Paramedics Testimonial

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PuroClean works with art restoration specialist Scott M. Haskins to properly handle and treat sensitive collectibles and art.

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