Bitcoin Passive Income Freedom

10-year-old company registered in Dubai. Registration No: ICC20160282 Real products and Software Owners are very transparent and accessible. ONLY $60 to get started. Passive Income: NO recruiting & NO experience needed. Average 1% Daily payout 5 days per week. Paid Twice Daily. Withdraw directly to BITCOIN wallet. Option to Auto Re-buy to COMPOUND earnings. ProfitsContinue reading “Bitcoin Passive Income Freedom”

How to Choose the Best iPhone Case?

Choosing an iphone case depends on your personal needs. Whether you are a fashion lover or a pragmatist, you will always find what you need in the market. Typically, there are four types plastic, leather, rubber and metal. Follow us and you will know how to pick up the best phone case for yourself. IfContinue reading “How to Choose the Best iPhone Case?”

Wholesale Destinations warns of the online travel duopoly Expedia Inc and Priceline Group

DALLAS, Texas (August 8, 2017) – Wholesale Destinations Inc.- One of America’s top travel wholesalers, headquartered in Tampa Florida shared a frightening warning with  travel consumers Thursday at the International Travel Brokers (ITB) convention in Dallas, Texas. Wholesale Destinations is now regarded by many travel industry executives to be the whistle blower in the travelContinue reading “Wholesale Destinations warns of the online travel duopoly Expedia Inc and Priceline Group”

Rip Repair on Historic Oil Painting by Henry Chapman Ford, Santa Barbara, California

Vintage, historical oil painting Bishop Ranch – Glen Annie, Santa Barbara, CA 1875 by Henry Chapman Ford was very dirty, ripped and trashed. Click on SEE MORE Why we do NOT patch ripped paintings: Contact info Art conservators: Scott M. Haskins, Oriana Montemurro, Virginia Panizzon 805 570 4140 Historical notes Lots ofContinue reading “Rip Repair on Historic Oil Painting by Henry Chapman Ford, Santa Barbara, California”

Best Cannabis Web Design

Why buy the best cannabis web design and internet marketing? With the clock counting down to January, investors flock to California as the state prepares to legalize the recreational sales of cannabis. Cultivation, transportation, dispensary, distribution, and other licenses are going to be available to businesses that are complaint to state and local laws. AsContinue reading “Best Cannabis Web Design”

The End Of Jeff Session

How Could The End Of Jeff Sessions Create A Cannabis Boom? Sessions Under Fire: If you pay attention to what is going on with the Trump Administration, we understand if you don’t, you probably know about all the tension between Trump and Sessions. It is also very clear that people can easily be removed fromContinue reading “The End Of Jeff Session”