Red Ferrari – Sam Gnotes x J.Figz x Junior D x Codyine Full HD


Hook- “I Was Tryin’ Ta Cope Myself a Red Ferrari/ Stick Shift Dat Whip Like I Played Atari.” -Sam “Gnotes”

Torontos Summer ’16 “New Generation Entertainment” Presents “RED FERRARI”

Visuals Shot/Edited: Samureye Films @SamureyeFilms

Directed: Sam “Gnotes” x Samureye Films

Produced:Young Forever Beats @Young4everBeats

Engineer:Cugini Records

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Project x – Last Day Of School Party (The Party Continues with Chance The Rapper)

Its the last day of school and what do we do. Attend a project x type party. Best last they of school party. Guess who was there? Chance the rapper. Watch the whole video to see what happens as the party continues.

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Marijuana Expos Are the Bomb: 9 Things You Can Expect to See at An Expo


Cannabis expositions are eclectic events. There is always a little bit of everything.

For 2017, everything indicates the now hundreds of local, state, regional, and national events will keep a low profile as President Trump’s Washington finds its way.

Some believe Trump will leave marijuana issues to the states as he suggested during the campaign. But, his Attorney General Jeff Sessions swears he will enforce the law.

In addition, federal budget fights may leverage compliance with restrictions on federal aid to state infrastructure and law enforcement. So, some cannabis industry powers-that-be fears making waves with too much celebration or too loud activism.

First things first

As yet, there is no definitive Expo. People of like mind have gathered for generations in one location or another to smoke, share, listen, eat, talk, and beat drums. Certainly since, the Summer of Love (1967) and Woodstock (1969), folks have been less shy and more willing to use in public.

Those mega events continue in places like festivals at Coachella, Burning Man, and Oregon Country Fair. Cannabis industry leaders and advocacy groups host now annual expos in multiple locations. And, citizen users in states newly legalized will be testing freedom and limits throughout the next 24 months.

Full-fledged expositions are costly operations. And, capital hungry cannabis businesses are still finding their footing. So, you won’t find anything consistent yet.

9 Things you can (likely) expect to see at an Expo.

If you go by recent years, you’ll likely find similarities from one expo to another:

  1. Food Sales:Expos have rather uninspiring food courts. You’ll find 2nd-rate pizza, caramel popcorn, and perhaps some local favorites. But, businesses like Cheeto’s and BBQ chips are likely to give away samples.

Depending on the size of the exhibit area, there will be one or more bars selling coffee, wine, beer, cocktails, and soft drinks. Other exhibitors may offer free beverages and snacks as promotions in booths on the exhibit floor.

  1. Food Demonstration: Most expos have a test kitchen where a chef prepares recipes using cannabis or hemp ingredients. The chef works with a microphone and describes process. The demonstration may promote packaged ingredients available for sale where legal.

If you’re lucky, the chef may hand out samples for tasting as the food is made.

  1. Advocacy Campaigns: Pro-marijuana advocates will staff many of the exhibit booths. They provide significant information about marijuana, its benefits, and the reasons to liberalize laws. They also seek to recruit members and donations to continue their work.

Advocates will also conduct informative workshops and seminars and deliver speeches on the social and medical values of cannabis, the parameters of upcoming legislative efforts, and the strategies to follow in the grass roots (no pun intended).

  1. Vaping Supplies: Vaping represents a significant block of marijuana users. It attracts a large cross-demographic market, and many of the customers see it socially preferable to smoking habits.

Providers of vaping devices, oils, and other paraphernalia compete heavily with presentations and product display. Customers can legally buy most of those products because depending on cannabis content and local law.

  1. Medical Aid: Medical marijuana patients take part in health tests, educational workshops, and expert lectures on application and dosage.

Visitors, who are unsure about how medical marijuana might serve their needs, have chances to learn and comparison shop. Where regulations permit, they may even taste or take home samples of edibles.

For example, at last year’s Lift Canadian Expo, “Attendees can expect several panels looking at issues as diverse as legalization models around the world, parent’s experience with using medical cannabis with children, cannabis and cancer, the future of medical cannabis in a post-legalization world, and much more.”

  1. Music: Some expositions run simultaneously with music festivals. With or without the festival, the expo provides incidental live music to contribute to the theme or mood.

But, it’s also true that enterprising vendors will see music related to marijuana. They sell CDs or vinyl recorded by famed artists of yesterday identified with the subculture, and they will promote music perceived as going well with a toke. Some booths may focus on the music of the Marleys, The Grateful Dead, Snoop Dogg and other Rap musicians, Louis Armstrong and famous Jazz musician users, and more.

  1. Clothing and Souvenirs: Bob Marley introduced the great sound of smoke, but he also indirectly defined the color scheme of the culture. So, visitors can browse among thousands of Jamaican themed shirts, hats, and other clothing lines.

If you want something different, there are always the colorful tie-dyed looks in shirts, dresses, skirts, and more. Still other shoppers go for anything green in clothing, accessories, and collectables.

  1. Vendor Booths: Cannabis businesses are making their presence felt in bigger and more dramatic ways. Expos are fundamentally trade shows, so you’ll find every aspect of the industry represented.

Booths will promote their farms and seeds. Distributors and dispensaries will trade information. Lighting and irrigation contractors will demonstrate products. As the businesses pocket more revenue, they will invest more in their inventive and attractive marketing presentations.

The huge variety of goods will open your eyes to plant heritage, breeding, cultivation, storage, smoking, marketing, tools, processing, organics, and a great deal more. For instance, exhibitors at CannaGrow Expothis year include Grotech Systems, Sylvania Lighting Solutions, Hydrobuilder, Mad Farmer, and many others.

  1. Smoking Marijuana: In most cases, you won’t find guests smoking because the facility is nonsmoking and/or because the law forbids. What you will find are a lot of amiable people willing to chat, compare notes, and create social circles for the evening. Where weather invites as it will in California, you’ll find smokers and drum circles in any nearby green space.

What’s coming?

Those states that recently approved marijuana possession and use will celebrate their freedoms this year. That presents concerns that some attendees will abuse the rights. So, you may see self-policing. After all, in some cases, the legalization passed by slim margins, and no one is game for upsetting the status quo.

You may also be surprised at hangers on. While the business interests seek to throw entertaining and informative events, you’ll find representatives of every fringe interest group piggybacking on the cannabis culture.

Marijuana expos as the bomb, more interesting than you think. They’re popping up everywhere, so check one out soon and bring home a bag of swag. is your comprehensive guide to recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries and strains where you could find nearby dispensaries with reviews and/or explore over 3,000 strains with photos, videos and reviews.”

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Weed Prohibition Around the World: The List of Weed Friendly Countries to Visit


There’s nothing particularly rational about what countries prohibit weed. Those nations perceived as repressive live up to their reputation. But, the list of nations where marijuana is illegal in every form has a surprising number of countries considered “open” and “progressive.”

For example, you might not be surprised at prohibition in China, Philippines, or the Arab nations. But, at the moment, pot is also officially prohibited in Denmark Finland France, Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom, and more.

Weed-friendly nations

So, if you are going to travel internationally, you better consider where weed is prohibited and where countries are weed-friendly.

  • The Netherlands has become the psychological destination for cannabis tourists. People may hold up to 5 grams of grass for use in public or their “coffee shops” without fear of criminal charge although it can be confiscated under police emergency. Sale has been decriminalized in their coffee shops. And, residents can raise up to five plants, but transport of the product is illegal in unenforced in the coffee shops.
  • Spain has decriminalized possession and use of weed in certain autonomous areas, but you may be cited with an administrative fine. Possession of 70 – 100 grams is deemed possession with the intent to deal. Selling in public is a criminal offense, but you can buy in Spain’s private “420 Clubs.” Carrying has been decriminalized, and you can raise cannabis for your own use – if the plants are not visible from the street.
  • South Africa has no restrictions on personal use or home cultivation. But, sale and transport remain illegal. And, Chile and Jamaica permit residents to grow marijuana.
  • Uruguay is the only nation where possession and use of medical and recreational marijuana is fully legal. It does restrict purchase to those residents of Uruguay who are over 18. The grass must be raised by authorized farmers, and buyers must register with authorities. The LA Timesreported, “The country now has many legal cannabis clubs, which pool resources to grow copious amounts of marijuana and distribute it to registered, paying members — no doctor’s note required — who can then smoke where they please.” But, tourists cannot secure the legal registration and will be turned away from clubs.

Largely-friendly nations

All other nations have some restrictions, whether enforced or not, that you’ll want to know about before planning your tour.

  • Australia bans sale and transportation of marijuana across the country. But, medical and scientific uses are legal, and personal use and cultivation of one or two plants for personal use have been decriminalized – in Northern Territory, South Australia, and Australian Capital Territory. These territories cover most tourist destinations, and enforcement across the vast nation beyond these designated areas is virtually impossible.
  • Brazil prohibits, “The possession of cannabis in any amount (even the smallest quantity for personal usage), smoking, trading, and cultivation” according to Marijuana Tours. Highly placed judicial powers are pushing for stronger laws, but depending on the location, the police may or may not be lenient in implementing laws that lead to arrest, fine, and/or imprisonment.
  • Czech Republic has become a favorite destination for millennials, but it has restrictions on marijuana possession and use. Inside or outside Prague, you can carry up to 15 grams in a decriminalized climate. Sale of medical marijuana is legal; sale for other purposes is still illegal. Transportation and farming are illegal. But, they have decriminalized transport of up to 15 grams of licensed medical marijuana and up to 5 plants for licensed personal medical use. Kushtourism says, “it’s generally easy for individuals to find people at bars, clubs, or concerts that will discreetly sell small amount of marijuana…there is not a big cause for concern about arrest.”
  • India officially bans marijuana, but it has been legalized or decriminalized in the states of Bihar, Gujrat, Odisha, West Benghal, and the North East. And, these are the states that attract most travelers.

Any canna-tourist knows that some places are very tolerant even though their stance is officially prohibitive. You will find smokers fairly common in Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, and Puerto Rico where it has been decriminalized.


Most nations prohibit the possession, use, sale, transport, and cultivation of pot officially. But, taking a risk in certain cultures is not worth the trip. You certainly don’t want to wind up in prison in:

  • North Korea is so secretive we don’t know the government’s position on weed. Considering they have imprisoned an American to hard labor just for stealing a poster, theirs is not a judiciary you want to mess with.
  • Philippines has its share of users and some outspoken advocates, but under the current government “shoot first, ask later” policy on drugs, it’s not worth the risk in bringing weed in and/or using it in public.
  • Singapore has a no-nonsense police presence and inflexible penal code. High Times reported on the November 18, 2016 execution of a Nigerian national. Admittedly, Chijioke Stephen Obioha was caught in possession of 2.6 kilograms, well above the 500-gram quantity benchmark for a presumption of dealing.
  • Myanmar, too, bans marijuana. Its unpredictable government delivers its autocratic policies through a tough police force where foreigners’ infractions can make them hostages to the regime. The situation parallels that in Cambodia, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

As world politics fluctuate dynamically, you owe to yourself to stay informed. Repressive governments in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, and others are not place to mess with the police.

Countries on the edge of political volatility like Bangladesh, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey have high traditional high tolerance for weed use, but they also have a history of government changes that can be severely regressive.

How to travel well

If you intend to travel internationally, you must do two things:

  1. Educate yourself. You must do research on what is permitted in terms of usage and possession in the country you want to visit. And, frankly, you can’t depend on the anecdotal reports on weed forums. Just because one guy got away with one trick, doesn’t mean you can or should.
  2. Be sensible. If you’re holding and using under 18, you’re asking for bad treatment. With research in mind, you can plan a canna-tour for the best time by pacing your buying and usage where it is legal or acceptable among people you trust.

Long story short: just because you’re traveling out of Boulder, the world may not welcome your habits. is your comprehensive guide to recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries and strains where you could find nearby dispensaries with reviews and/or explore over 3,000 strains with photos, videos and reviews.”

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6 Tips for Safe Consumption of Cannabis Concentrates You Need to Follow


Dabs, wax, marbles, melts, and what have you? What are marijuana concentrates? And, why should you care how they’re consumed?

According to Dave Stancliff writing for Times-Standard, “There is an argument for using dabs. The hit is so intense it’ll immediately help your condition (especially if you’re in pain), and it lasts most of the day as opposed to conventional delivery systems (pipes, bongs, etc.) that may require multiple smoking sessions during the day.” But, he also worries about the risks involved.

Risks of consuming marijuana concentrates

  • Cooking: The do-it-yourself production of dabs can be dangerous. Butane gas cooks the stuff down to a thick concentrate. Without considerable experience, the butane vapors can lead to burns and explosions.
  • Fire: The butane used to torch the oil rig to vaporize the dab presents an added risk, especially to novice users or those firing under the influence.
  • Nail: The nail used to hold the extract will deteriorate in repeated use, and its debris will leach into the final product.
  • Potency: Users like extracts because the THC potency is quick and powerful. They’re not always ready for the rush of blackouts, hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis. And, some feel the increasing need to up the dose may portend its role as a gateway drug.
  • Toxins: Heating the nail also releases gasses and contaminants.
  • Youth: Pediatricians are seriously concerned about the effect of such potency on the developing brains of adolescents.

6 Tips for Safe Consumption of Marijuana Concentrates You Need to Follow


1 – Care for your dabber.

A dabber be can just about any instrument to pick up some concentrate and place it on the nail. Users move the dry concentrates with tiny spoons. But, narrow and pointed tools work better to pick up oils and shatter.  Some use nail files, dental picks, and narrow screwdrivers. But, it makes more sense to purchase a dabber specific to the purpose, keep it clean and separate from other household tools.

2 – Choose your rig.

Oil rigs come in hundreds of varieties, styles, and materials. Some are offered as works of art.

The rig is fundamentally a water pipe. You heat the nail, position the concentrate on the nail, and inhale the vapors.

They come in different sizes and simple or complex architecture. If you want portability, you’ll also get less water volume, and that powers the rush. Larger rigs smooth the hit with less punch. So, many users have more than one.

If you’re new to this, you need help. There is a learning curve in its use and in how to shop for what you want and what you need. You don’t want to go cheap on a rig purchase, but you may not need the high-end rigs eithers. Budtenders in legal retail stores can help you shop.

3 – Cool your carb cap.

A carb cap improves the flavor retention. After you heat the nail, you want it to cool a little. You don’t want to suck in the vapor at the highest temperature. The carb cap covers just enough of nail’s surface enough to for an oven.

The “oven” helps the concentrate vaporize at lower temperature without the smell and flavor disperse. But, hot as it is, you do not touch until it cools to room temperature.

4 – Pick your nail.

The Cannabilist recommends, “Stay away from borosilicate glass nails entirely, as they break easily and can chatter under intense heat, which would be dangerous.”

That leaves you with many choices. You don’t see domeless nails (bangers) much anymore. They’re a bit complicated and require too much coordination on the user’s part. Nowadays, you simply suck the vapor through its opening.

The titanium nail is subject to oxidation when not cared for, and that puts toxins into your vapor. And, quartz can break if dropped. So, you might look for a hybrid of titanium and quartz, and you need to properly maintain the rig and all its parts.

5 – Sanitize the equipment.

If you know what you are doing, you can reclaim some of the residue, but that’s for another discussion. Otherwise, wash all parts in clean warm water without soap or detergent

Mix two parts isopropyl alcohol with one part Epsom salts to create a cleaning solution. You can place small parts and solution in zip lock bags. And, filling the bowl with solution, you can swirl and shake it around vigorously.

Q-tips and cotton balls will help you reach and rub off stubborn stains. Rinse again completely with warm water. And, repeat the washing process until satisfied. You need to do this so water borne and other bacteria do not spread when activated by heat.

6 – Use Good Accessories.

Do not use a cigarette lighter. You can shop for a decent torch with safety features including a grip and directional nozzle. The TobaccoHub Butane and Blow Torch Lighter, SMŌQ Afficio Culinary Butane Torch, Keon Butane Torch with Safety Lock, and Elephant XuJet Torch Butane Gas Lighter are readily available and affordable.

You can buy butane at any convenience store. But, you want to invest in purified gas if you can and in containers with nozzles that fit your torch reservoir correctly. You should consider the Newport Ultra Purified Butane which has been refined seven times. FasFil 5x Refined comes with assorted nozzle tips. And, Vector Quintuple Refined comes with five adapters in its cap.

E-nails are the ultimate, but they don’t come cheap. Quality nails come in ceramic, glass, quartz, and titanium, all of them resistant to deterioration.

Final Warning!

Most of the problems and accidents that have come from using concentrates arise from users messing with their equipment while already stoned. The deeper you go under the influence the more you raise the risk of fire and burns.

So, you’re smart to never dab alone! is your comprehensive guide to recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries and strains where you could find nearby dispensaries with reviews and/or explore over 3,000 strains with photos, videos and reviews.”

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