Red Ferrari – Sam Gnotes x J.Figz x Junior D x Codyine Full HD


Hook- “I Was Tryin’ Ta Cope Myself a Red Ferrari/ Stick Shift Dat Whip Like I Played Atari.” -Sam “Gnotes”

Torontos Summer ’16 “New Generation Entertainment” Presents “RED FERRARI”

Visuals Shot/Edited: Samureye Films @SamureyeFilms

Directed: Sam “Gnotes” x Samureye Films

Produced:Young Forever Beats @Young4everBeats

Engineer:Cugini Records

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Project x – Last Day Of School Party (The Party Continues with Chance The Rapper)

Its the last day of school and what do we do. Attend a project x type party. Best last they of school party. Guess who was there? Chance the rapper. Watch the whole video to see what happens as the party continues.

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