I Love the Nightlife

Nothing spells fun more than experiencing nightlife fun. It is also often said that the best way to immerse into a destination’s local culture is to do what the locals do. So why not combine the two – have fun while immersing in local culture? To help you decide which destinations to visit, here are the top 10 places with the best nightlife experiences.

Las Vegas

 1 David Stanley

Source: David Stanley

Flights to Las Vegas are as abundant as the number of nightlife activities present in the so-called Sin City. It is said that new clubs sprout up almost daily, and there are bars and casinos at almost every corner. There is a good mix of upscale bars with sophisticated setting – from extensive cocktail choices to an elegant ambience – to hip bars with lively setting – from multiple club rooms to the latest dance music. You also have the option to let the buzz die down in one of the many casinos this city is known for. Try your luck at any card game or in one of the slot machines – the winner gets dibs on the next round of drinks.



 2 Swaminathan

Source: Swaminathan

With a reputation for being rowdy after-hours, Bangkok is still a nightlife wonder. There are a number of flights to Bangkok just as there a number of within budget and upscale local bars that offer a sophisticated late-night experience. There are downtown bars situated on rooftops that offer a great panoramic view of the city while enjoying a drink or two. If music and dancing until the wee hours is you kind of thing, go for the rock clubs near Ratchathewi or the dance clubs just off Sukhumvit. If you prefer trendy pubs, go to Thlonglor and Ekamai. You get the best of both worlds in Bangkok.




 3 Pedro Szekely

Source: Pedro Szekely

If you want a little of everything, book a flight to London because its nightlife scene is just for you. There are comedy cabarets and swanky boutique bars where you can enjoy late-night revelry with class. Be entertained by soothing live music and surrounded by romantic décor as you sip one of the drinks from the cocktail menu. If you want something more comfortable and simple, visit a pub to get the traditional pub experience of beers, ale, and a laid-back atmosphere. If you want to something more on the arts and culture side, spend time in the opera houses to witness nightly performances as you enjoy a drink. Indeed, you get to stay classy as you enjoy a drink in London.




 4 GanMed64

Source: GanMed64

Party all night is what Ibiza is all about. Book a flight to Spain if you want to experience the much-talked about party circuit that lasts all day. Why? Because in Ibiza, you attend beach parties in the day, go to hotel bars in the evening and dance to the best DJs in the world all night. There is no place like Ibiza as this is the only place where you can slide on dance floors covered in soapsuds or be, one with pool revelers under a suspended DJ cabin. Also, don’t be in shock when you find a wind tunnel built into a dance floor, or parade floats and foams dropped from the ceiling. Again, this is Ibiza – where everything goes.



Buenos Aires

 5 Nestor Galina

Source: Nestor Galina

Called the “Paris of the South”, Buenos Aires is not for the faint of heart. Book that flight to Argentina when you can keep up with the nightlife experience of eating dinner at midnight, heading to the bar at 1 or 2 am, and returning home in the morning. There are bars that offer music, dancing and food all at once. You can go for the upscale bars, where you might be lucky to catch a tango cabaret show complete with live orchestra and a three-course meal. If you want a more relaxed experience, visit local bars that double up as record stores or restaurants. Get to experience good music, good food and good drinks all in one night. Definitely a bargain!




 6 Rodrigo Soldon

Source: Rodrigo Soldon

When you book a flight and get to Brazil, you have two choices: Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. If you choose Sao Paulo, you get to visit the cultural hub of Brazil. Walk to the nearest club or joint and start shaking the night away to samba, bossa nova or Brazilian thrash punk music. Don’t forget to grab a meal and drink before you do so as these dances last a long time. If you opt for Rio de Janeiro, you get to visit the city of Samba in Brazil. There are upscale bars that offer a pristine view of the sea while you finish one of their well-crafted cocktails. Take note that there is a chance you get to mingle with some of Rio’s most elite as they frequent these bars. If you want a spot of culture to go with your drink, spend the night in one of the cultural center where art exhibitions, theater performance and music recitals are held. Culture, drinks and fun all in one!




 7 Hussein Abdallah

Source: Hussein Abdallah

The cold doesn’t bother the locals of Montreal from having a good nightlife experience. Book a flight to Canada and get to be a part of a vibrant nightlife scene even when temperatures dip below freezing. If you prefer drinks of all kinds, visit bars that offer creative drinks made by an expert mixologist. Aside from the cocktails being handcrafted to fit every taste, the menu is these bars change to reflect seasonal ingredients. If you prefer wine, there are sophisticated wine bars. Finish a glass or a bottle while surrounded by wine glass chandeliers, fur-covered bar stools, and wooden tables. New or classic – both are available in Montreal.



New York City

 8 Kolitha De Silva

Source: Kolitha De Silva

Dubbed as the city that never sleeps, booking a flight to New York literally means just that as this city has a lot of options to offer for its nightlife experience. There are warehouse parties in Brooklyn where you get to mingle with the low-key crowd, and there are mega-clubs in the Meatpacking District where you get to rub elbows with the in-crowd. Also present are trendy hipster joints in the East Village, hotel lounges, loft parties and college bars. If you want a good mix of music and drinks, there are indie rock shows, hip hop and jazz clubs, plus heavy metal and opera bars. There is no limit to the number of ways this city can entertain you, which is what makes it New York.




 9 Alexander Chalenstein

Source: Alexander Chalenstein

The parties never end in Berlin. If you want to experience partying all days of the week, then book a flight to Germany as soon as possible. There are late night venues that are open until the early hours of the morning – with a line of people still waiting to get in. Don’t freak out when you find clubs with beds installed on its bottom floor (so customers can sleep without having to leave), clubs with ceilings completely made of LED lights, or clubs with a swimming pool next to the dance floor. Quirky is the way to go in Berlin




 10 Pug Girl

Source: Pug Girl

The City of Lights continues to light up after hours. After booking a flight to France, one of the first places to visit when it comes to the nightlife experience is Moulin Rouge. Get the chance to watch a cabaret show while sipping champagne and tasting the sample cuisine from one of the gourmet tasting menus. If you want something more exclusive, visit one of the most exclusive nightclubs created by a movie director. Club Silencio is a secret club that only allows members and guests until midnight; but then admits the general public right. Take the chance and you might be lucky enough to mingle with some of the Parisian society and Hollywood’s elite. If you want something more low-key, visit any of the local Parisian pubs or bars. All the lights never go out in Paris.


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