10 Ultimate Travel Destinations for Adventure Seekers

Rather than a traditional list of New Year’s resolutions that usually gets broken in a months’ time, how about creating travel plans with adrenaline-charged adventures this 2017?

Your vacation doesn’t always need to be in the beach, or in a tourist destination with main attractions that draw huge crowds. You can always try something different like bungee jumping, rafting, mountain climbing or walking safaris.

Check out this list of travel destinations to feed your inner thrill seeker self!




Located in Western Norway, the Preikestolen or also known as The Preacher’s Pulpit, is one of Norway’s main tourists attractions and is popular among thrill-seekers. It stands 604 meters (1,982 ft) above sea level with its plateau at 25 meter squared (82 feet). Unless you are experienced in base jumping, you might want to settle with standing on top of its flat squareor peering over the cliff which is enough to give you a spine-tingling experience.

1 Markus Tischler

Source: Markus Tischler

Abu Dhabi

In case of a long flight and happen to have a stopover in Abu Dhabi, maybe you can swing down at Ferrari Worldand ride the world’s fastest roller coaster – the Formula Rossa. This world-breaking ride speeds up to 240 km/h simulating the rush of what it’s like to drive a Ferrari F1 racer. Prepare to have your skin pulled back on your face!

2 Edd72

Source: Edd72


South Africa

Fly to South Africa if walking with lions or shark cage diving is your ultimate adrenaline rush! The country is blessed with breathtakingly beautiful surroundings and offers a lot of adventures to get your blood pumping. The thrills you can do are endless – from bungee jumping, white water rafting, skydiving, rock climbing, rhino tracking and even crocodile cage diving!

3 G&T


Source: G&T


The Futaleufu River in Chile is one of the premier and most-demanding whitewater runs in the world. With its rough stretches and hard rapids, surrounded by towering peaks of snow-capped mountains, the experience will surely be unlike any river you rafted before. There’s also mountain biking and kayaking options available.


4 Jenna Bullis

Source: Jenna Bullis

New Zealand

When it comes to heart-stopping adventures in one destination, there’s nothing quite like what New Zealand can offer. Every extreme sport you can think of can be found here. Try Zorbing, where you get into an inflatable ball and rolled into down hills. Enjoy the incredible views with skydiving and bungee jumping in Queenstown. Aside from that, there’s also caving, jet-boating and water rafting.

5 Tim Welbourne

Source: Tim Welbourne



Get your adrenaline fix and try Rio de Janeiro’s hang gliding and paragliding!  Soar over Rio and indulge yourself in the spectacular viewsof green forests andstunning beaches! Get to see famous attractions like the SãoConrado beach and Two Brothers Mountains in Ipanema. Other activities in Brazil include rappelling in Barra de Guaratiba, horse riding safaris in Pantanal and canyoning through waterfalls.

6 Marcio Santos

Source: Marcio Santos



If you want to try something “wild”in Europe, how about joining the bull run in Pamplona, Spain during the fiesta of Saint Fermín? Taking part in the festival is no joke as there had been a lot of casualties over the years. You can also climb the Caminito del Rey, Spain’s most terrifying mountain path. Its steep walls are pinned near the El Chorro village and is over 100 years old and 350 ft. high. Its path of missing sections and holes is surely not for the faint-hearted!

7 volkskrant

Source: volkskrant




Climbing the highest mountain is no longer the ultimate feat, skydiving over it, is! Leap from a helicopter from a 23,000 ft height and take in the breathtaking scenery as you float towards a drop zone. Start saving as the cost is at 35,000 USD per person!

8 Ace the Himalaya

Source: Ace the Himalaya


Have you ever heard about volcanic boarding? Include this amazing experience in your bucket list this year! Schedule your trip to Nicaragua and hike at one of their active volcanoes, the Cerro Negro for about 45 minutes. Upon reaching the peak, strap yourselves and slide down the 728-meter-high volcano! Reach the bottom in less than 3 minutes and enjoy the exhilarating speed!

9 Nayarr Butt

Source: Nayarr Butt


Let loose and get your pulse racing with extreme adventures that you can try in France. Go paragliding over the French Alps, ski in the La Grave also known as the “Death Mountain” or ride the 8-15 metre monster Belharra wave.

10 Eric Faurisson

Source: Eric Faurisson

Are your palms sweaty and itching to book a flight to these destinations now? What would you like to experience first? Share with me on the comments below.


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