Spring Break Without The Crowds

Books closed. Beach wear ready. Luggage all set. This can only mean one thing – spring break has come! This is one of the most awaited times of the year especially when you’ve been drowning in school requirements and work for the past few months. Surely you would want to spend time in a place where you can unwind and relax – a place that has less than the usual hustle and bustle of people.

To help you plan your perfect spring break escapade – here is a list of some of the best spring break destinations that you will help you recharge and have fun minus the crowds.




Source: Mike Vondran

Get to experience nature’s raw beauty at its finest. Explore Nicaragua, an island filled with swaying trees,huge volcanoes and pristine beaches that are less developed but can still be considered as the best. Nicaragua has a number of under-the-radar boutique hotels and properties that you can choose from and that boast of good services and great hospitality. These range from the eco-conscious, the homey, and the artsy. A number of flights to Nicaragua are available so visit this paradise and get to enjoy its untouched beauty before developers catch sight of it.




Source: Greg Walters

Be a literal beach bum and spend a whole day – or more – on the beaches of Jamaica. Feel the sand bury your feet, the cool waters splash you on both sides and the heat of the sun warm your face up. Especially if you want a good taste of the tropical life, Jamaica has a lot more to offer from the sunny weather to the unique food. You can also avail of other rest and relaxation treats such as spa rituals, seaweed wraps and coffee scrubs by the sea. Don’t miss the chance to pamper yourself and book flights to Jamaica, which are available year-round.



Turks and Caicos


Source: Tim Sackton

Take your pick between inhabited and uninhabited islands in the wonderful destination of Turks and Caicos. This paradise has 40 islands and only 8 of these are inhabited. Get buried deep in beautiful resorts and wellness spas that allow you to rest, reflect, and relax with privacy. You can also busy yourself by exploring what the clear and warm waters have to offer. Go scuba diving and snorkeling with the creatures of the sea. Or you can opt to stay above sea and go sailing, kayaking and parasailing.


Tulum, Mexico


Source: Stefano Ravalli

Known as a beach paradise, get to do that and much more when you decide to spend a few days in the tiny and quiet place called Tulum, Mexico. Tear yourself away from the soft white sand beaches and get involved in water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and wind surfing. Challenge yourself to more daring activities like climbing the ruins of some of the best-preserved Mayan ruins (with the cerulean waters of the Caribbean Sea as the backdrop), or exploring out-of-this-world wonders like underground caves and bio reserves. Flights to Mexico are readily available so book one now and get to experience eating a big lunch and sleeping it off at siesta time.




Source: Navin Rajagopalan

Maui (known for fun and families), Oahu (top picks of surfers, partygoers and adventurers) and Kauai (best for romance and luxury) are the favorite and popular destinations; but the Big Island of Hawaii, which is often left to memory, is just as majestic. Feast your eyes on a different kind of beauty as you see black sand beaches, snow-covered peaks, hardened lava deserts and lush rainforests. Up the excitement when you get on the hiking trails and state parks, and double it when you behold of the active Kilauea volcano.

Spring break is the best time to get your groove back together, recharge and re-energize for the rest of the year. Visiting any of the destinations will surely help you do just that minus the stress and the hassle of bumping into throngs of people. So start planning your spring break getaways as early as now to motivate you for the final push before that much needed break.


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