5 Biggest Differences Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis

Which is the better experience? Eating or smoking your cannabis? “Better” is in the mind of the user, but the experiences are clearly different. They’ll both get you high in different ways, and there is no reason you cannot do both. Old school stoners have trouble getting past smoking. They might vary their strains orContinue reading “5 Biggest Differences Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis”

The Underrated Side of America

When one thinks of the United States of America, these images and cities come to mind – the sunny weather of Los Angeles, the bustling streets of New York, the theme park extravaganza in Orlando, the sprawling views in San Francisco and the coffeehouse scene in Seattle. These are the popular and most often visitedContinue reading “The Underrated Side of America”


Theme parks, shrines, local markets, tall and large structures – these are just some of the places that one usually goes to when taking time off in a new travel destination. What is often forgotten or left last on the list are places that make one closer to nature, specifically gardens. Walking through a beautifulContinue reading “GIVE GARDENS A CHANCE”

Why ESL Teachers Should Make Class Jobs for All Elementary Students

As an ESL teacher, you’re not the only one who needs to be cleaning up the class. Getting your students included from the start is the method to go. Even if you’re teaching overseas, does not imply that your students do not need to find out obligation. When I was teaching in China, I utilizedContinue reading “Why ESL Teachers Should Make Class Jobs for All Elementary Students”

Where to go this 2017?

Only a few days have passed since the start of year and you’re probably still an eager beaver working on your new year’s resolution. One of the things present in everyone’s list is traveling, more traveling, and even more traveling. Imagine experiencing foreign cultures, making new adventures with friends, having a family getaway and eatingContinue reading “Where to go this 2017?”

The Ultimate Kochi Escapade

One of the criteria that most people have in choosing their next travel destination is that of a country filled with rich history and culture. One of the places that make it to everyone’s list is India. And one of the places in India that has just that and more is Kochi – the largestContinue reading “The Ultimate Kochi Escapade”

The Dublin Tourist Experience

Dublin, the capital and largest city, may be small; but this city’s reputation exceeds its size. Dublin is an interesting blend of the old and the contemporary- from its cobblestoned streets, old historic sites and medieval castles to the international hubs, grand theatres and modern-day structures. And this is what makes it a popular touristContinue reading “The Dublin Tourist Experience”

Get Romantic in Johannesburg

If you and your special someone wants to travel, so why not visit a place that thousands of tourists don’t flock to? Take a break from the usual tourist destinations and experience a romantic weekend in Johannesburg. Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, is known for exotic wildlife and unparalleled adventure. Aside from that,Continue reading “Get Romantic in Johannesburg”

When in Brussels

Don’t judge a place by its size. There’s more to Brussels than being that small capital of Belgium, the principal seat of the Belgian Royal Family, and the capital of the European Union.Known for the restaurant and café culture, Brussels offers an authentic feel of the Belgian life as you visit world-class museums and artContinue reading “When in Brussels”

Ukraine Dating – Ukraine Personals – Ukraine Singles

http://ukrainefriendfinder.com/ – one of the leading Ukrainian dating agencies specializing in introducing European and American men to beautiful Ukrainian Women from Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Nikolaev, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Poltava, Yalta, Krivoy Rog, Vinnitsa, Evpatoriya, Kerch and other Ukrainian Cities. We have over 80,000 Ukrainian Women who want to become Ukrainian brides. WeContinue reading “Ukraine Dating – Ukraine Personals – Ukraine Singles”