5 Biggest Differences Between Eating and Smoking Cannabis


Which is the better experience? Eating or smoking your cannabis? “Better” is in the mind of the user, but the experiences are clearly different. They’ll both get you high in different ways, and there is no reason you cannot do both.

Old school stoners have trouble getting past smoking. They might vary their strains or smoking technology, but they generally lack interest in edibles. On the other hand, an increasing number of consumers opt for edibles because they serve their medical needs and/or because they don’t like to smoke in principle.

It’s certainly easier to smoke than it is to prepare a recipe, but there are at least five bigger differences between eating and smoking cannabis.




Your body and brain process cannabis differently when you smoke and when you eat. When you smoke marijuana, the chemical compounds are absorbed through the lungs to the bloodstream. The psychoactive THC expands the blood vessels and increases the blood pressure rushing the effects to the brain.

Edibles, on the other hand, take longer to process in the liver tempting users to unwisely increase the dose. The liver processes the THC into 11-hydroxy-THC which produces a much more intense high, and this complicates the dosing, too.



Depending on the individual’s physical constitution, the smoked grass hits sooner while the edible takes from 30-minutes to two hours to hit and lasts much longer, a subtler stable high. Compared to the inhaled cannabis, edibles deliver a smaller concentration of cannabinoids to the user’s neuro-chemistry thus delaying the effects.



2 Dosage

Inhaled cannabis produces a quick buzz, and with experience, users come to know what they want in terms of an effect. They can raise or lower the dose to suit their taste for high. At the same time, they run the risk of reaching a level of tolerance where they want something more or something different. And, there are enough strains out there to vary the palate.

Commercially available edibles should have the dosage on the label. That helps you understand what works best for you. But, because the effect takes longer, you must avoid doubling up on the dosage to trigger the high. It is not hard to overdose on edibles.

In homemade edibles, you must follow instructions on the cannabis ingredient. Recipes that include chocolate, fruit, and other flavors may hide the hashish, diesel, and skunk flavors. But, that should not tempt you to increase the quantity of grass.

The wide variety of edibles – from candies to bake goods – lets you consume your ganja casually and discretely during the day and in environments where the prohibit smoking.




The cost of cannabis has a leveling influence on smokers. They are likely to smoke with others, but they are also likely to limit their reputation because the grass doesn’t come cheap. Like it or not, they are aware of the cost of each joint they burn.

Edibles offer a different temptation. They taste so good, and who wants just one brownie or one piece of candy? So, users must stay aware of what they are doing with repeated use. If a candy is correctly labeled as having 10 milligrams of cannabis, you shouldn’t be popping one after another in your mouth.

Experienced consumers recommend starting small and being patient. If 10 milligrams are a standard norm, you can portion foods with larger doses. Trouble is that once you prepare a recipe, it is not clear what the potency is or where it lies.

In many cases, commercially sold edibles come in small packages of five or ten pieces, a caution not to indulge too much too soon.




3 Smoke

Edibles do not provide or cause you the harsh sensation and effects of smoking. There is no cough, no smoke-related aftertaste, or potential damage to the lungs, tongue, or gums. They are, therefore, a preferred option for those with asthma, allergies, or respiratory problems.

Edibles come in many forms besides the proverbial brownies. In addition to the candies, lozenges, and beverages, cannabis can be a core ingredient in soups, breads, pastries, and more. Cannabis butters, oils, and grains can supplement granola, salads, and smoothies.

This is a great solace to medical patients who may have difficulty with appetite, nausea, or swallowing. The longer lasting effect is a great help to those suffering from chronic pain, problems related to AIDS and following chemotherapy, and autoimmune conditions like arthritis, Lupus, and Chron’s disease.



The takeaway

There are clear differences between eating and smoking cannabis. When smoking, you will feel the highest THC hit in brain and body in 15 to 30 minutes, and it will slack off over the next two hours. When consuming cannabis edibles, you won’t feel that high in the brain as much as body for up to two to four hours, but it will last up to eight.

You will more likely cough after smoking, but you are more likely to mistake the dosage in edibles. So, moderation is recommended whether inhaling or ingesting.

For more details checkout also here :- https://www.allbud.com/learn/story/5-biggest-differences-between-eating-and-smoking-c

The Underrated Side of America

When one thinks of the United States of America, these images and cities come to mind – the sunny weather of Los Angeles, the bustling streets of New York, the theme park extravaganza in Orlando, the sprawling views in San Francisco and the coffeehouse scene in Seattle. These are the popular and most often visited cities in the USA that, more often than not, saying the word America is almost synonymous to the cities mentioned. Since flights to USA are frequent and readily available at the click of a button, give yourself a chance to discover a different part of America by visiting any of these 5 underrated yet wonderful cities.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

 1 John Fowler


Source: John Fowler

Known as the most populous metropolis in New Mexico, Albuquerque is home to picturesque mountains that act as the skyline’s backdrop and an Old Town that holds remnants of adobe buildings. This city is considered an affordable destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to the almost perfect weather and the chance to hike Sandia Mountains, which has more than 100 miles of hiking trails and the Sandia Peak ski area. One can also opt to take the Sandia Peak tramway, the world’s second longest tramway, to the summit of the range for an epic view of over 11,000 square miles of New Mexico terrain. Pedestrian friendly and lively with a booming restaurant, art and cultural attractions scene. Book your flights to Albuquerque in the fall when they celebrate the hot air balloon festival.




San Diego, California


 2 Jason Rosenberg

Source: Jason Rosenberg

With Los Angeles and San Francisco taking the spotlight in the golden state of California, San Diego is often left in the shadows. This city can be found between the jutting peaks of the Rockies on one side and the North Pacific on the other. You get the best of both worlds since you have the choice to hike or to spend a day on the beach on any given day. In fact, you are guaranteed a breezy and laidback visit and a great tan to boot since you have unrivaled access to the best beaches in the state. You also have the option to spend the time in world famous museums and zoos. As for food choices, get to try an authentic Mexican meal since this city is close to the Mexican border.




Buffalo, New York


 3 Doug Kerr

Source: Doug Kerr

This is an upstate city in New York which is best known for its vibrant arts and nightlife scene with a ramped up festival calendar and streets filled with amazing architecture. In terms of food and drinks, Buffalo is the leading craft-beer producer and the locals are known to have perfected the pizza pie (a mix of the New York thin crust and the Chicago deep dish) which makes the local variety of craft beer and pizza a must-try. Let’s not forget the legend of Buffalo being the home of the chicken wing, hence Buffalo wing sauce. If you’re up for a side trip, another good thing about Buffalo is that it is a short trip away from Canada, particularly the Niagara Falls. So spend a few hours just to see this famed tourist destination.




Nashville, Tennessee


 4 Rschnaible

Source: Rschnaible


Dubbed as the Music City, Nashville is the stomping ground for America’s country music icons and deserves to be recognized for its concerts and live music scene. This city is good fusion of the old and the new with established acts available at the legendary Grand Ole Opry and rising singer-songwriters at open mic nights. In terms of local warmth and welcome, Nashville locals are low-key, kind and friendly people with a deep-seeded love for music. As for food, this is the best city to get amazing barbecue food complete with the Nashville experience of a lively nightlife scene – cowboy boot-clad people, neon lights and red brick buildings on historical streets.




Providence, Rhode Island


 5 Timothy Burling

Source: Timothy Burling

Far from the hustle and bustle of the New York life is the quaint next-door neighbor of Providence in Rhode Island. The most recommended stops in this city are the quality bakeries, craft breweries, food trucks and innovative bars aka a food trip extravaganza. Considering the city’s size, exploring by foot is the best option as you can discover more about the historic neighborhoods and waterfront. Be one with the locals as you drink their favorite fuel, coffee milk – their take on chocolate milk that dates back to the 19th century.


Theme parks, shrines, local markets, tall and large structures – these are just some of the places that one usually goes to when taking time off in a new travel destination. What is often forgotten or left last on the list are places that make one closer to nature, specifically gardens. Walking through a beautiful garden leaves you with a special and refreshed feeling. You get peace of mind, undeniable joy and a deeper sense of appreciation for nature. Aside from the rows of beautiful flowers and lush green plants plus the chirping of birds and fresh breeze, gardens are a wonder to behold considering the history that comes with it. Give yourself a chance to experience their beauty and relive history by visiting one (if not all) of 5 of the world’s best gardens.

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

 1 Artotem

Source: Artotem

Flights to the USA are as readily available as entrance to this world-renowned desert garden. Founded by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society in 1937 and established at its site in 1939, the Desert Botanical Garden displays a large collection of arid-land plants mainly from the deserts of Southwestern North America. It has also been designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride that offers a unique glimpse of a variety of desert flora. It spans 140 acres and has more than 21,000 desert plants from 139 different species. It is also renowned for its collection of 169 rare species of desert plants and 1350 different types of cactus plant.

Walking is made easier for visitors since there are well-maintained paved trails, but be prepared for the heat and dryness. It is good to note that the desert garden welcomes plenty of beautiful butterflies every spring season.

Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, Northern France

 2 Harvey Barrison

Source: Harvey Barrison

Located in the property of Oscar Claude-Monet, a well-known painter and the founder of French Impressionist painting, this magnificent garden was designed by the painter himself as inspired by his Japanese paintings – brightly colored patches that are messy yet balanced. Claude-Monet started designing his new garden in 1890, where he diverted the river near his house into a beautiful pond garden filled with water lilies. He also built a bridge across the bridge.

If you plan to book a flight to France soon, make sure that you get to visit thegarden that is divided into two parts, a flower garden and a water garden. The flower garden, located in front of Claude-Monet’s house is mixed with lots of flowers from different species. The climbing roses and the number of fruit trees are two of the main attractions in this garden. The water garden contains a lot of willows on the bank of the pond. The small bridge covered with beautiful wisterias and the clear water in the pond are breathtaking scenes you should not miss.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

 3 Katie Hannan

Source: Katie Hannan

Originally designed by Princess Augusta (Mother of King George III) in 1759, the impressive Royal Botanic Gardens encompasses 326 acres of land and has more than 50,000 different species of plants.

Visit the palm house, the most attractive green house in the gardens. It is an impressive glass house that is home to many tropical rainforest plants.Make it a point to drop by the Princess Wales conservatory –a greenhouse that contains 10 different climate zones controlled by computers. You can find desert plants, carnivorous plants and different types of orchids in this conservatory. There is also a 59 feet high treetop walkway that brings a beautiful view of the surrounding places. Also, get a chance to explore the art galleries, greenhouses, unique edifices and climatic zones.

NongNooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya City, Thailand

 4 Thrillseekr

Source: Thrillseekr

Make it a point to visitNongNoochTropical Botanical Garden – a popular tourist attraction in Pattaya City. This is a 500-acre botanical garden with a symmetrical design,which displays the largest collection of flowering plants in the country from more than 670 native species.

Get to explore its beauty by taking the 1.1-km long walkway. Be in awe of the bonsai, ferns, palms, cactuses and orchids as they are distributed in separate sections in the garden. You can also see perfectly trimmed shrubs while walking through the garden.

Apart from beautiful gardens,it also offers a Thai cultural show, car museum, fishing pond and elephant show for the visitors. You can also enjoy cycling, elephant riding and boat paddling in the garden.

Gardens of Versailles, France

 5 Jason Burmeister

Source: Jason Burmeister

Known as one of the most beautiful and largest gardens in the world and as an outstanding example of formal French garden design, the Gardens of Versailles is a magnificent garden that spans across 800 hectares of land. This was commissioned by Louis XIV in 1661 and took forty years to complete. UNESCO recognized the gardens of Versailles and the palace as a world heritage site in 1979. It contains 300 hectares of forest, hundreds of acres of flower beds, 35 kilometers of canals, 600 fountains and 372 statues. It is also home to 200,000 trees and more than 210,000 flowering plants.

There is a 1.5-kilometer long Grand Canal located in the lower level of the garden, where you can see many oak trees, wild cherry trees and ash trees on the bank. Take note that the boat trip in the Grand Canal offers a magical view of the vast Gardens of Versailles.The fountains are another attraction at the gardens of Versailles. All main fountains in the garden feature colossal statues that depict mythological characters including Saturn, Cupid, Ceres, Flora and Neptune.

Flights to France are readily available so missing the beauty of this garden is not an option. In fact, be one of the more than six million visitors that this garden has in a year – making it one of the most visited public sites in France.

Why ESL Teachers Should Make Class Jobs for All Elementary Students

As an ESL teacher, you’re not the only one who needs to be cleaning up the class. Getting your students included from the start is the method to go. Even if you’re teaching overseas, does not imply that your students do not need to find out obligation. When I was teaching in China, I utilized this with my students.

The very best method to make sure that students take an active function in protecting the class is to designate class tasks on a rotating basis. Class tasks have actually the consisted of advantage of offering students crucial obligations and ownership in the class. Turning a variety of jobs amongst students will ensure that everybody is sharing these obligations and will help prevent jealousy over preferred jobs. Publishing the list of class tasks with portable student names, as displayed in the Community of Helpers board noted below, will clarify which student is responsible for which job.

Take a look at these twenty-two job ideas, and bear in mind to set aside time early in the year to demonstrate how each of the different jobs is done. Students simply have no idea methods to put brand-new staples in the stapler, fill up the tape dispensers, and tap a stack of documents on the table to line up pages. When you reveal them, they’re pleased to wind up being the in-class professionals.



Area Maintenance Jobs

Supply Chief: keeps products organized and restores them as required

Sweeper: sweeps flooring

Spill Crew: offers calmly and efficiently with spills of little items, juice, paint, and so on

Board Eraser/Board Washer: tidies up all boards at the end of the day

Animal Caretaker: feeds family pets and keeps cages or aquarium, with teacher’s aid when required

Plant Caretaker: waters and keeps plants

Recycling Chief: warranties bins are cleared regularly and advises students to recycle whenever possible

Bits and Pieces Helper: crawls around under desks at the end of the day, gathering products that have in fact been dropped (i.e., paper clips, scrap paper, pencils, mathematics manipulatives) and returns them to their rightful area


Teacher’s Helpers

Paper Handler: passes out and/or collects class work, research study, blank paper, etc

. Alphabetizer: puts stacks of note pads or documents in alphabetical order so record-keeping is easier and much quicker for the teacher

Messenger: supplies notes to other instructors or to the office

Show Helper: “frames” deal with building and building and construction paper; assists style display screens, adds them up, and takes them down



Peer Support and Leadership Roles

Nurse Buddy: accompanies students to the nurse’s office if they are ill or hurt

Manager: keeps library cool and suggests a favored book throughout an early morning conference

Ambassador: assists visitors or new students discover their approach around and keeps them organisation at lunch and recess; discusses class jobs or screens to mother and fathers or visitors with concerns

Unique Meeting Leader: selects a subject for the class to speak about or disagreement, and moderates the conversation

Current-Events Reporter: chooses, with teacher and moms and dad approval, a news article to follow and reveal the class throughout the week

Class Journal Writer: records weekly’s most impressive class celebrations or activities


Jobs That Benefit the Greater School Community

Visitor Reader: checks out to a partner in kindergarten or first-grade class

Recycling Expert: teaches more vibrant students about class recycling

Custodians and Decorators: protects school normal locations (like the lobby or lunchroom), or embellishes normal areas in preparation for getaways or special celebrations

Secret Admirer: makes up a confidential note of thanks and thankfulness to a school worker (custodian, workplace employee, snack bar worker) whose contribution the school depends on.

Where to go this 2017?

Only a few days have passed since the start of year and you’re probably still an eager beaver working on your new year’s resolution. One of the things present in everyone’s list is traveling, more traveling, and even more traveling. Imagine experiencing foreign cultures, making new adventures with friends, having a family getaway and eating various authentic specialties- exciting, right? So why not claim 2017 as your year of discovering many exciting destinations around the globe!

We won’t be able to plan your vacation itineraries for the whole year in detail, but we can help narrow down the most amazing and breathtaking vacation spots all year round.

Check this list now, try to book your flights early, and fill your 2017 with new memories!


January-Bangkok, Thailand

Start your 2017 right with a quick tour of Asia’s land of smiles! January is a good time to visit Bangkok, since its dry and warm climate makes it very conducive to explore museums, parks, andtemples like the Lumpini Park, Wat Arun, Grand Palace and the Bangkok National Museum. Try visiting on the last week of January and take part in their weeklong Chinese New Year celebration where Thai-Chinese people gather and celebrate through dragon parades, acrobat performances and firework shows


 1 JeZZada M

Source: JeZZada M



February –  Maldives

Are you seeking for a romantic getaway during the love month? Feel the heat of Maldives in time for Valentine’s day! February is the sunniest month in Maldives making it perfect for beach sunbathing and water sports activities like parasailing, snorkeling and island hopping.  Maldives is also one of the world’s premier scuba diving resorts so definitely try diving in their clear blue waters and marvel at the incredible beauty of the underworld filled with coral reefs, captivating marine life species and golden sand beaches!

2 Eric

Source: Eric


March – Tokyo, Japan

If you’ve been planning to visit Japan for the longest time, spring season in March is the best time! Fall in love with thebreathtakingbeauty of cherry blossoms as they start to bloom all over the city. You should also witness the biggest and most celebrated festivals that reflect Japan’s beliefs and traditions like the Awashima Doll Floating Festival, OmizutoriFestival and St. Patrick’s Day. If you get to visit Hokkaido where snow is still present, experience skiing and snowboarding too!

3 cpo57

Source: cpo57

April –Seoul,South Korea

Be amazed with South Koreaonce the vast green surroundings start to bepainted with pink cherry blossoms in April. The blooming of these cherry blossoms is one of South Korea’s main highlights. This is also the perfect time to go around the city’s main attractions like Seoul Tower, Nami Island and Changdeokgung Palace. If you happen to be in South Korea within the last week of Mach, try catching The Ultra Korean Music Festival happening on March 24-26 this year.Secure your tickets and watch the world’s hottest DJs play their music live!

4 Dietmar Krauss

Source: Dietmar Krauss

May- Santorini, Greece

If you’re into swimming, sightseeing and island hopping, Santorini is the perfect destination for you. Santorini experiences the warmest weather in this month – perfect for island hopping and feeling refreshed while exploring the city’s best beaches like Kamari, Perissa and Amoudi Bay.  Hiking is also a good idea this month -reach the peak of Trail Fira and take as much photos of the amazing 360-degree view of blue waters, mountains and different towns. Also, don’t miss the much talked about sunset in the town of Oia! Can’t wait to book your flights to Greece for May?

5 MintsTime




June- Norway

Get your swimsuits ready and experience a warm and sunny June in Norway! Join Norwegians in their own version of summer as they go skinny dipping in beaches and enjoy eatingtheir typical summer dish of mackerel with sour cream and fresh potatoes. At night, join the locals in their bonfires and merriment while drinking bottles of beer. Also, watch out for their upcoming festivals like North Norway Festival, Norwegian Wood and MidnightSun Marathon!

6 Robert Schoenfeld

Source: Robert Schoenfeld

July- Iceland

July in Iceland can only mean two things -summer time and s long days.Take this chance to admire the city’s beautiful natural landscape. Enjoy discovering the outdoors such as swimming in the blue lagoon, berry-picking and exploring the highlands of Landmannalaugar and Kerlingarfjöll. July also features a lot of activities and festivals like Laugavegur Ultra Marathon, The Golden Circle Challenge and Music Festival Reykholt.

7 Fabrice Trinite

Source: Fabrice Trinite

August- Hawaii

With the numerous beaches, falls and water activities that Hawaii flaunts, it is best to explore this country on its warmest season – August! Soak under the sun and sport your swim wears in Hawaii’s beaches and falls like Waikiki beach, Ala Moana beach park and Rainforest falls. Interact with marine life species through snorkeling in Sea Life Park and Hanauma Bay. Cap your tour with the annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament which is typically held in August.

 8 Katya Watchel Journalist

Source: Katya Watchel Journalist

September – Lisbon, Portugal

Discover the best of Portugal under its warm weather this September! Join a tour and be charmed with its famous attractions like the Braga’s baroque churches, Coimbra and the district of Alfama.

Adventures are also conducive during this season, so try exploring their amazing cliffs like the Cabo de São Vicente where a spectacular view of windswept beaches can be seen. Valleys like The Douro Valley, where marvelous vineyardslie, is also a great sight to behold! You can also catch some of Portugal’s religious events like the Our Lady of Nazaré Festival and Minor pilgrimage to Fátima.

9 Francisco Aragao

Source: Francisco Aragao

October- Bali, Indonesia

Bali is quiet in October which makes it the perfect time to savor the peace and tranquility of the island. Hotels are also cheap and easy to book during these days! Experience the best of Bali and meditate in temples like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu. Visit the area of Ubud and check out the Tegallalang Rice Terraces and art market. Their annual festivals like Bali Vegan Festival and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival are also a must see!

10 Uwe Schwarzbach

Source:Uwe Schwarzbach




November- New York

Aside from the usual landmarks and attractions to see in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, NYC has a lot more in store for you in the city’s November 2017 events calendar!  Spend the first day of the month in NYC’s nightclubs wearing your scariest costume in time for the Halloween. Shop on your favorite stores and avail great discounts during the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Day sale. You could also join their famous outdoor events such as the Veteran’s Day and New York Marathon!

 11 Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Source:Metropolitan Transportation Authority




December –London

Spend your Christmas holidays in a winter wonderland! Glide around London’s famous ice skating rinks filled with festive lights like Hampton Court Palace and Wembley Park. Feel the holiday spirit even more as you watch one of many musical concerts held in Royal Albert Hall. You should also go museum hopping and check out the traditional Christmas attractions for the year! A lot of great finds are on discount (sale alert!) so don’t miss the Christmas markets too!

12 David Davidian

Source: David Davidian

Feeling hyped now? Can you feel the waves, mountains, and various elements of nature calling out your name? Are you ready to soak in the numerous experiences the world has to offer? Plan your trip with family and friends now and create lasting memories while exploring the best wonders of the world!

The Ultimate Kochi Escapade

One of the criteria that most people have in choosing their next travel destination is that of a country filled with rich history and culture. One of the places that make it to everyone’s list is India. And one of the places in India that has just that and more is Kochi – the largest city and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala.

For centuries, Kochi has been a gathering place for merchants and tourists from various nations with it being situated in the South West Coast overlooking the Arabian Sea. Today, flights to Kochi, India are readily available and it is a destination that offers history and tradition woven together with modernization from beaches and backwaters to tea plantations and spice estates. To help you plan your Indian escapade, here is a list of some of the wonderful places and fun activities you can visit and enjoy while in Kochi.

  1. Visit Mattancherry Palace


 1 Mark Hills

Source: Mark Hills


Considered to be one of the most important places to visit in Kochi and popularly known as Dutch Palace, Mattancherry Palace has the style and architecture that resembles a typical traditional Kerala house. Get to view a collection of frescos and paintings that cover the palace walls and visit the beautiful temples of Bhagavati, Shiva and Krishna. Also, take photos with the famous sprawling gardens and manicured lawns as your background and have evidence that you have visited one of the best tourist places in Kochi.

  1. See the Chinese Fishing Nets


 2 Elroy Serrao

Source: Elroy Serrao


These iconic Chinese Fishing Nets are one of the most recognizable sights in Kochi and have been there since the 14th century. Legends say that the Chinese Fishing Nets were a gift from the famous Chinese King, Kublai Khan. Local fishermen still use it to this day making Kochi the only other destination, other than China, to have and use these fishing nets. You can visit Fort Kochi to get a glimpse of these fishing nets. If you happen to pass by late in the afternoon, head to the waterfront where the nets line shore and enjoy a seafood meal cooked by one of the fishmongers as you watch the sun set.

  1. Spend time in Jew Town


 3 Prashant Ram

Source: Prashant Ram


Treat your senses by spending time at Jew Town, a quaint aromatic area in the heart of Mattancherry. It’s the center of the spice trade in Kochi which is evident with the air being filled with the heady waft of masala. Wander through the streets and lanes to take fabulous photos. Explore the antique stores to get authentic finds. You can also spend a minute or two in the Synagogue and marvel at the chandeliers, gold pulpt and imported floor tiles. This Synagogue remains in use and is the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth.

  1. Take Kerala Food and Cooking Lessons


 4 Stuart Spivack

Source: Stuart Spivack


Enjoying local cuisine is a part of every tourist’s to-do list. Kerala, in particular, is renowned for its cuisine featuring delicious seafood and coconut flavors. In Kochi, seafood has a pride of place in one’s daily meal. People here take pleasure not only in what they eat, but also in how they cook it. Learn from hosts of homestays or take quick lessons in known cooking schools in the area. Just take note that the traditional way of cooking in Kochi involves the use of clay pots on firewood – just to add an additional smoky flavor.

  1. Watch a Kathakali Performance


 5 Yogendra Joshi

Source: Yogendra Joshi


Kathakali is the traditional dance performance in Kerala. For a tourist, it is a very unusual and ancient form of dance-drama. The movements of the dance are subtle yet they tell a meaningful mythological story. The look of the performers borders on grotesque with the signature red bloodshot eyes. Performers are required to undergo intense training, including hours of eye exercises when learning the art of Kathakali. Catch performancesin the Cochin Cultural Center, Kerala Kathakali Center, or Greenix Village.

  1. Walk along Cherai Beach


 6 Sudheesh

Source: Sudheesh


When you want to spend some alone time with yourself or with your loved ones, go to Cherai Beach. Located on the north end of Vypeen Island, this is a tranquil and pristine beach popular for its golden sand beaches, palm trees and wide expanse of blue water. Be adventurous and explore the surroundings, especially the backwater, fishing nets, thick coconut groves and paddy fields. You might even be one of the lucky ones who get to spot dancing dolphins. What makes this beach even better is that it is accessible 24/7 – just remember to refrain from entering water during high tides.

The Dublin Tourist Experience

Dublin, the capital and largest city, may be small; but this city’s reputation exceeds its size. Dublin is an interesting blend of the old and the contemporary- from its cobblestoned streets, old historic sites and medieval castles to the international hubs, grand theatres and modern-day structures. And this is what makes it a popular tourist destination

You may already be itching to book flights to Dublin. To help you plan for this trip, we give you a rundown of the experiences that await you on your journey to this famed city. Whether it be your first trip or not, this can serve as your guide to make the most out of your trip.

Visit Dublin’s diverse museums

Dublin boasts of an impressive and diverse collection of museums and galleries. Take a trip and learn more about Irish tradition, folklore and mythology in the National Museum, National Gallery of Ireland and National Leprechaun Museum to name a few.If you are a chocolate lover, a visit to Butlers Chocolate will be a delight. Learn about how different types of chocolate are produced, and take home a chocolate souvenir which you personally decorated. For Irish popular music, you can visit the Irish Rock n’ Roll Museum; and to get that genuine experience on Irish whiskey distilling, you can check out the Teeling Whiskey Distillery.

1 Museum - Dublin

Source: Museum – Dublin

Stroll around Trinity College

Founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest and most notable college since it is home to renowned writers like Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde. Wander around its elegant gardens and take time admiring grand, old buildings around the campus. Book lovers can also get inside the Old library and be amazed with its massive collection of literature.

2 Antonio Camelo

Source: Antonio Camelo

Relax at Phoenix Park and St. Stephen’s Green

For a quick escape from the bustling city rush, take a nice trip to Dublin’s largest public park, the Phoenix Park or at the St. Stephen’s Green. You can enjoy a run, have a picnic or rent a bike to tour around these beautiful parks. A 70-acre zoo is close to the Phoenix Park for some family fun! Enjoy seeing some Humboldt penguins and western gorillas!

3 Sebastiaan van Venetiën

Source: Sebastiaan van Venetiën

Wander aroundDublin’s castles

Start your castle hopping by visiting Dublin Castle, where many functions like foreign dignitaries gatherings, state dinners, concerts and other private events took place. Other castles that you can check out are theMalahide Castle & Gardens, Rathfarnham Castle and Howth Castle.

If you have extra budget, indulge yourself in a luxurious overnight stay at the 800-year-old Barberstown Castle.

4 jdbaer100

Source: jdbaer100



ExperienceTemple Bar

Experience the best of Dublin’s lively nightlifealong Temple Bar, one of the city’s charming neighbourhoods! Taste authentic Irish specialties and other cuisines in some of tourists’ high rated restaurantssuch as The Quays Irish Restaurant, Il Vicoletto and Elephant & Castle.The place is a major spot for tourists and locals alike.

5 Josh Scully

Source: Josh Scully

Shop at the Loft Market

Check out latest fashion trends, souvenir items and other great finds at the Loft Market. Dress yourself from top to bottom with the various stalls that offer designer clothes, bags, shoes, jewelries and some vintage items!

6 Loft Market

Source: Loft Market

Dublin has its own allure and beauty. If you get to visit the city, experience the bustle in itsrustic streets, soak in culture in the historic buildings, and marvel at the wondrous sights, Dublin will surely leave you in awe.  Take this list with you once you visit this charm filled city to make it all worth it.

Get Romantic in Johannesburg

If you and your special someone wants to travel, so why not visit a place that thousands of tourists don’t flock to? Take a break from the usual tourist destinations and experience a romantic weekend in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, is known for exotic wildlife and unparalleled adventure. Aside from that, it is also a city filled with romantic spots and beautiful sceneries that will surely make your weekend a trip to remember.

We give you a list of activities perfect for your romantic weekend in paradise.Flights to Johannesburg are offered by major airlines so booking would be easy.


Day 1

  1. Explore a cave

Start your day with an exciting activity that will get both of your adrenalines up and pumping. Explore the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site by going on a boat ride for an underground tour of the Sterkfontein Caves. This is a world-famous site where interactive displays of the discovery of fire, extinction and DNA, plus the fossils of the earlier ancestors can be found. Take note that this tour lasts for around 3.5 hours so don’t forget to reward yourself with a meal and an original fossil cast once you go above ground.

1 South African Tourism

Source: South African Tourism

  1. Ride a cableway

Get a few minutes of alone time with your loved one – complete with some aerial suspense and a view. Ride a cableway to the top of the Harties Cableway in Hartbeespoort. This might be a terrifying experience so calm both of your nerves by watching the sunset over the Hartbeespoort Dam, which happens to be a popular weekend getaway for families and water sports enthusiasts.Enjoy the majestic view of the Magaliesberg Mountain while sipping your favorite cocktail.

2 Harties Cableway

Source: Harties Cableway

  1. Go on a movie date

Cap off the day by going on a movie date. Catch an indie flick in The Bioscope, an independent cinema. It offers a range of alternative and independent movies – films which you wouldn’t be watching on an everyday basis. This can be found in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct, and is a favourite among Gauteng hipsters. Treat yourselves to delicious pizza and a variety of craft beer. Take note that you might be lucky to catch their run of the Noodle Box Cinema, where you get both a Chinese dinner and a kung-fu movie.

3 South African Tourism

Source: South African Tourism


Day 2

  1. Get on a cycle


If you love kicking things off with energetic activities, then cycling first thing in the morning is for you. Go on a bicycle tour through Soweto with local guides on bikes. Get to explore the community and get to know what makes the town unique. You have the option to rent a bike or purchase your own – the choice is yours. Choose from multiple tour options that range from two hours, four hours to a full day cycle tour. Don’t fret though because you get to stop and relax at a local sheebeen (traditional pub) and grab a bite from a corner café.

4 Impact Hub Global Network

Source: Impact Hub Global Network

  1. Enjoy a picnic


Relax your muscles and senses by being one with nature at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden in Roodepoort. This is one of South Africa’s eight botanical gardens. Feast your eyes on rolling lawns, multi-coloured flowerbeds, 600+ indigenous plants, a glimpse of the pair of nesting Verreaux’s eagles above the waterfall. You can even enjoy a picnic under a shade of trees; just be sure to follow the garden’s picnic-in, litter-out rule.

5 Derek Keats

Source: Derek Keats

  1. Experience a boat cruise

Nothing says romance more than a boat cruise. Go to Stonehaven on Vaal in Vanderbiklpark to experience just that. There are four riverboats currently in service. Each one departs from Stonehaven Harbour to cruise along the Vaal River. Choose among various cruise types such as a lunch cruise, a sunset cruise, a party cruise, or just about any type pf cruise you can imagine. Sipping champagne as you sail into the sunset is the perfect and most romantic end for a weekend getaway.

6 Ivan Fourle

Source: Ivan Fourle

Johannesburg is a paradise in itself, so not much is needed to make your weekend getaway romantic and memorable. Combining and shuffling the different activities mentioned, plus adding your signature tender loving care will make your weekend even more romantic!

When in Brussels

Don’t judge a place by its size. There’s more to Brussels than being that small capital of Belgium, the principal seat of the Belgian Royal Family, and the capital of the European Union.Known for the restaurant and café culture, Brussels offers an authentic feel of the Belgian life as you visit world-class museums and art galleries, amazing old architecture and quirky attractions. Numerous major airlines offer flights to Brussels but it is good to take note that it is best visited between the month of March and May. To give you a closer look at what Brussels has to offer, here are some of the attractions you can visit.


 1 Gianis Pitarokilis

Source: Gianis Pitarokilis

Formerly the location for the executions of prisoners and a market where textiles and wines were being sold, Grand-Place is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the main tourist attraction in Brussels. A cobble-stoned town square surrounded by old buildings and elegant guild houses, Grand-Place is now the main market square where daily business is done and where the quality restaurant and café culture can be experienced – with numerous local bars and cafes. It is also often used as a venue for cultural festivals and events. Chance upon the daily flower market between March and October and maybe even enjoy concerts and a light show when you decide to spend the evening there.


Hotel de Ville

 2 Oleg Brevko

Source: Oleg Brevko

Once at the Grand Place, it is a must to visit the most recognizable building on the square – the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall). This is a gothic style building which was built back in the 13th century and is the current seat of the civic government. It has arched windows, towers and sculptures with the statue of St. Michael slaying demons at the top. Go on a tour of the interiors and marvel at magnificent rooms like the Maximillian Chamber (hung with Brussels tapestries) and or the large Council Chamber (with a superb ceiling and tapestries by Victor Janssens).



Manneken Pis

 3 Nigel Swales

Source: Nigel Swales

A few steps away from the Grand Place is one of Brussels’ icons and most photographed statues, a small bronze fountain called the Manneken Pis. According to local folklore, the little urinating boy is said to represent the child of a visiting nobleman who lost his son in the city, and then found him again urinating happily at that spot. Take a photo or more with this famed statue. Just take note that he is usually naked, but he does get dressed during festive occasions (in fact, he has an impressive wardrobe of over 600 outfits) when he’s urinating beer instead of water.



The Atomium

 4 Howard Gadsby

Source: Howard Gadsby

One of the highlights in Heysel Park and one of the best known landmarks in Brussels is the Atomium. Built for the 1958 World Fair to symbolize a new atomic age, this 102-meter high model of an atom is made out of chrome and steel and is an accurate depiction of an iron molecule magnified 165 times. Some say that it is more impressive on the outside than the inside, but see for yourself as there is a high seed glass-roofed lift that can take you to the top in just 23 seconds. Stop for a snack and appreciate the panoramic view of Brussels before going down through the escalator to experience the 9 spheres that make up an atom.



 5 William Murphy

Source: William Murphy

Once you get off the Atomium, visit its next door neighbor – the miniature park of Europe situated in Bruparck. This park represents roughly 80 cities and 350 buildings with numerous live action models such as trains, mills, and even the eruption of Mount Vesuvius among others. At the end of your visit, get to see the “Spirit of Europe” exhibition which gives you an interactive overview of the European Union through multimedia games.

Galeries Royales St. Hubert

 6 Shemsu Hor

Source: Shemsu Hor

A trip is never complete without a day or two for shopping. Visit Europe’s first covered shopping gallery (build and opened in 1847) that now houses a collection of upmarket stores – from clothes and leather goods to theaters and cafes – beneath vaulted glass ceilings. There are three interconnecting galleries (Galeries du Prince, Galeries du Roi, and Galeries de la Reine) which allow you to gaze at beautiful handbags, feast on mouth-watering treats at Belgium’s premier chocolatiers, or sip a cocktail in one of the cafes.

Sometimes the smallest things and places hold the most beauty and wonder. Brussels is just that – and more.

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