Exploring Prague

Prague is one of Europe’s most charming and stunning cities. With its fascinating centuries-long history and picturesque architectural landmarks, the capital of Czech Republic has attracted and fascinated a lot of tourists drawing 4 million visitors every year.

Prague is a visual delight for any tourist. It’s appealing any season and every visit is surely a unique experience any time of the year. Flights to Prague are offered by major airlines so finding the best deals is easy.

  1. Explore the Old Town Square

Your walk aroundOld Town Square filled with cobblestones, gothic cathedrals, and baroque palaces is a walk into Prague’s rich and vibrant history. The Old Town Square is the heart of the city and one of the most beautiful historical sites in Europe. It’s home to the most historical attractions like the Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock.


Source: Nitinvyas


  1. Visit the Astronomical Clock

When starting your journey in the Old Town Square, check out their famous astronomical clock, a medieval timepiece installed over 600 years ago. Watch the procession of Apostles, which draws huge crowds and other mechanical performance every hour between 9am to 9pm.


Source: MoyanBrenn

  1. Climb the Bell tower of the Old Town Hall

Get your cameras ready because a spectacular 360-degree view of Prague awaits at the top of the 14th century Bell Tower of the Old Town Hall. Climb this 228-foot-tall tower and take in theamazing view of red roofs, church domes and the Vltava River.


Source: Brian


  1. Cross the Charles Bridge

This stone Gothic bridge, connecting Old Town and Lesser Town over Vltava River is at the must-see list for every traveller. This spot tends to be crowded during the day because of tourists and a lot of vendors, artists and musicians which makes for a lively attraction. You can also visit Charles Bridge in the early evening to witness the breath taking view of the Prague castle against the starlit sky.


Source: Martin Hanus

  1. Enter the Prague Castle

Just like the royalties, spend your time wandering around Prague Castle, Europe’s biggest medieval castle. Inside this huge castle,enjoy the experience of walking around different palaces, churches, galleries such as the St. George’s Basilica, Castle Picture Gallery and St. Vitus Cathedral which is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. Also, explore the Royal Garden and smell the scent of flowers donned in a beautiful landscape!


Source: Lowcola

  1. Have a museums tour

With Prague’s rich history, yourvisit in the city will not be as fulfilling unless you decide to visit some of their best museums. Between visiting Prague’s main attractions, you can drop by the National Museum and Jewish Museum that houses the best collections in the city.


Source: JaroBartak

  1. Climb the Petrin Hill

Do you want to see a mini Eiffel Tower? Try visiting the1,000-foot tallPetrinHill where a telecommunication Tower that resembles Paris’ iconic structure is!  To get to the top of the tower, climb the 299 steps and enjoy the amazing panoramic view of Prague. But if you just want to stay around the hill, check out Prague’s famous Mirror Maze which is like a mini castle. You can also walk around the lovely Rose Garden that has almost 12,000 rose species, shapes and colours.


Source: Selin Celen

  1. Eat inside the Dancing House

With its curvy outlines, unique architecture and the fine location near Vltava River, you will surely be struck by The Dancing House of Prague. Dine at the famous Ginger and Fred Restaurant, set at the top floor of the building offering a magnificent view of Prague any time of day and serves great food delivered in a luxurious setting.



  1. Speak words of wisdom at the Lennon Wall

See John Lennon-inspired graffiti and inspiring lyrics from Beatles songs in this alluring wall which has also become a symbol of freedom and resistance against the former Communist regime in the 1980s. You can bring your own spray paint and put your feelings into the wall to experience being part of Prague’s street art scene.


Source: Robert Lio



  1. Take a sip of world’s cheapest beer

In Prague, beer is cheaper than water. (Yes, you’ve read that right!) Beers are served on just about every corner and the local pubs and joints usually have the cheapest ones.  Make sure to grab bottles ofPivo, Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar.


Source: SabinoParente

Take this list with you when planning that great trip to Prague! When are you planning to visit this beautiful city? Share with me on the comments below.


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