See a doctor to identify your pain and get a proper migraine cure!

Amongst the common disturbing health issues, one problem that is most annoying is headache. Every person, at some point of time in his or her life, must have had a headache. Even the kids are not spared from this condition. Some are fortunate that the headache or pain is not too severe. But, some have to face real trouble even in managing daily activities.

While talking about these debilitating headaches, one name that demands special mention is migraine. Another important aspect that gravely contributes to this problem is lack of migraine cure!


About migraine:

As per medical research, this migraine pain is caused by certain imbalances in the brain chemicals and disturbances in the brain stream associated with trigeminal nerves and their impact on the brain can be quite distressing.

Though they are usually concentrated on one side of the brain, it often travels to the other side. The production of certain neuropeptides that can travel across the meninges can be deemed responsible for this pain shift.

As the pain is not properly identified in many cases, the treatment for migraine cureis also delayed. Seeing a doctor and seeking medical attention and proper preventive measures is a must.


Seeing a doctor:

Treating migraine is an elaborate process that only a skilled and experienced doctor can ensure. For that, you must see a doctor at first. The doctor will identify and confirm if your headache or condition is migraine or not.

After taking complete medical history of the pain, the doctor will run certain tests to determine exact reason for this pain. Only after these details are checked, can a proper solution be given to the patient.

Also, while doing these tests, certain triggers that accentuate this attack also need to be understood and on the basis of that he or she will recommend you the proper migraine cure. Some will be preventive measures; some will be therapies, and some will be based on medicines that only an experienced doctor will be able to recommend for you.


Preventive measures:

  • Avoid triggers:

The best preventive measure for migraine cure is to avoid as many triggers of migraine as much possible. This will include the processed foods, foods with preservatives, certain medicines, stress or exhaustion, sleeping patterns, etc. But of course, certain triggers cannot be avoided; such as hormonal changes that you have no control on.

Prior to consumption of any such food items, one needs to be careful of contents of that food item to avoid any trigger.

  • Follow a routine:

Change in routine is often a prominent trigger behind migraine. Hence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and routine is a great way to prevent migraine attacks. This would include having enough and regular sleep, eating meals at a proper time, following a regular exercise pattern and taking minimum stress.


  • Exercise:

Mild exercises like yoga, meditation, and muscle relaxation exercises that can relieve off stress can prevent migraine to a great extent. When in stress, relaxing for a while and resting the head backwards can help.

  • Applying ice pack:

Often placing an ice pack and mildly pressing it in the painzones of head and neck helps in reducing migraine pain.

Apart from these usual, but effective migraine prevention methods, another very useful migraine cure method is not to use oestrogen medicines. As hormones are a prominent trigger for migraine, avoiding this medication will help.


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