Norma Hollis I Can’t Take It Anymore

I can’t take it anymore! I’ve been holding my opinion throughout the political campaign, listening to the candidates and the pundits. I’ve laughed, shouted, called a few people stupid and found some unspent passion that I didn’t even know was there.

I’m really tired of Trump and the unexpected things that come out of his mouth. And I’m also tired of all the email and foundation scandal surrounding Hillary. Trump trying a new way to play the game, Hillary hoping that her way of doing business doesn’t get in the way of her success.

I will admit that my vote will go to Hillary. Trump scares me as it relates to foreign policy and his words about African-Americans most recently just make me shake my head.

We are witnessing the usual banter that goes on between candidates every four years as we go through the political campaign process. This year it just seems to be a little more interesting. But none of this is what I can’t take anymore. And I’m getting frustrated.

My frustration is because in spite of all the bantering back and forth, the promises of each candidate, the pundit speculation and criticism, and the surprising ways that the candidates promise to ‘change’ the system, none of this will make a difference. It’s all band aids.

The suggested solutions remind me of the optic of a single person attempting to plug multiple water leaks. As soon as he gets his hand over one leak another one pops up, then another and another. After a while the man doesn’t have enough limbs or fingers to stop all the leaks.

This is what I see. Lots of band aids being applied to gaping wounds and the band aids are just not enough. I’m reminded of the health advice that we receive – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The band aid cures that the politicians are suggesting represent pounds of cure that will be essentially ineffective because the root of the problem, the ounce of prevention is not being addressed.

What is the root of the problem? It has to do with our values as a nation. What is the primary value that our nation represents? Other than the ten commandments and the constitution, what do we have that we agree upon that guides our daily lives, our values, how we treat one another?

If we take our cue from TV we learn that violence is the way to solve any disagreement. This also occurs on children’s cartoons. If it is so prevalent on our entertainment screens, how can we not expect life to reflect the screen?

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is a concept I learned four decades ago in college and confirmed by multiple studies along the way. This means that if you show people violence you are going to get violence, especially when you expose violence to young children. Children become what they are exposed to.

No band aid can heal decades of values that glamorize violence, applaud greed, align with discrimination and belittle those who were born with the least. Until politicians are willing to address the root of our growing problems as a society, no amount of band aid is going to fix a problem whose roots are decaying.

Will we ever become a society living in collaboration rather than the constant banter that divides us? Will we ever be able to engage in passionate yet evolving communication that builds upon itself rather than keeps us separated? Will we ever find a way to live in harmony, agree on common values and build a society based on something we all agree with?

The longer I live the more I doubt it.

What I do know is that I can make my life as authentic as possible. I can remove all band aids that I find and look for the root of my issues. Some roots I can adjust and others are so much a part of me that I don’t think they will ever change. For those that I can’t seem to change when I know change will be good for me, I can find ways to fill the gap and eventually remove the band aid.

It is my responsibility to live my life to the fullest. But we all have the responsibility to help our society reject violence and greed, collaborate, respect each other, raise children to be solid citizens, embrace peace and be more authentic. What will you do?

Norma Hollis is an authority on authenticity as it relates to self-awareness and communication. After researching authenticity for over 30 years from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives, Norma developed the Authenticity Assessment and the Authenticity Grid, all part of her Authentic Voice System, a process for deep self-awareness. She uses these tools to develop authentic leaders, communicators and teams as a consultant, speaker, trainer and coach. Take her Authenticity Assessment at

You can reach Norma at

Help Finding a Local Emergency Locksmith and What to Expect

Having break-in or burglary can be a nightmare, imagine coming home after a night out or a few days away and finding that your window is broken or your door broken and ajar and then there is the fear of thinking that someone might actually still be inside your home laying in wait after being disturbed by you suddenly coming home, what do you do?

The first thing to do of course is to call the police and report the break-in right away, most people in this day and age carry around a mobile phone anyway so this isn’t the major obstacle it used to be where people had to call on a neighbour or find a pay phone. However, if you are on your own it’s advisable that you do call on a neighbour you can trust who will wait with you until the police arrive.

Most recent burglary statistics from the Crime Survey for England & Wales (CSEW) show that there were an estimated 6.5 million incidents of crime against households last year so if it’s any comfort at all you are not alone and people go through this on a daily basis.

After the police finally arrive, which can take a while especially in rural areas, and have inspected your premises to make sure that no one is still inside and your home is safe for you to enter they will expect you to give them a list of everything that is missing or broken and finally after telling you that they rarely catch burglars they will give you a crime reference number and be on their way, but what now?

Now you need to secure your home as you can’t sleep in house all night with a broken door or window. You need to find yourself a local emergency locksmith who offers a 24 hour call-out service in your area, a majority will do both boarding up and Lock replacement.

Our course no one uses telephone or business directories anymore and why anyone would use a £3 a minute directory enquiry number when a Google search is free is beyond me so you need to turn to the internet and do a search for things like emergency locksmith or 24 hour locksmith, you can add your area to the search but most search engines whether on a computer or smartphone will know your location and should show you the nearest results.

Beware of sponsored or paid results as these are usually large Locksmith Barnstaple call centres who will then contact a locksmiths on their books on your behalf, the price is typically more that you would pay going direct as the call centre needs to take their cut and many will give you the run-around making you wait hours or even until the morning because they either have no one on call during the night or they don’t actually have a locksmith in your area and don’t want to lose your business.

Many people are unaware that they have contacted a national call centre because they came up in local searches and their telephone number looked local so when browsing the search engine results look for a genuine, local, independent locksmith in your area who says on their website that they are on call 24/7, many independents won’t even charge a call out fee and will just bill you for the work carried out.

Devon Locksmith are a 24 hour  emergency locksmith based in North Devon covering all the major towns and cities including Exeter, Taunton, Barnstaple, Tiverton, Bideford, Ilfracombe, Bude, Braunton, South Molton and Chulmleigh

Sofa Furniture and Mattress in Singapore – Wihardja.Com

Just got your new home and very excited to renovate it to make it your dream home? Remember to find the right interior design company to help you design the look that you want. Be careful of interior designers who overpromise and overcharge. There are many design ideas in the internet and you can engage a contractor to get the necessary renovation work done.

A home would not be complete without a family; just like a house or apartment cannot be full without any furniture. A complete home that you go will definitely be filled with furniture. After stepping through the main door of a apartment, you will be welcomed into the living room which in most cases, there would be furniture like sofa, coffee table, TV console  or shoe cabinet.  Walking further into the home, you will come to the bedrooms where you will find more furniture like beds, dressing table, study table, chest of drawers, wardrobe. Another place not to be missed would be the kitchen, there will be kitchen cabinets and dining table.

Wihardja Furniture Singapore is an retail furniture company based in Singapore. With an online portal, we can be classified as an online furniture store as well. Our retail operations caters to clients in Singapore for both outdoor and indoor furniture. This Singapore furniture online site was created to give the lowest price obtained in town for its unique design and also catering to the convenience for our friends and customers to shop at their spare time from their busy schedule, anywhere in Singapore.  With hectic work schedules, customers in Singapore can hardly find the time to travel between furniture shops or shopping malls to shop for furniture. We at Wihardja aims to provide our customers an online and offline shopping experience by having both platforms; online furniture store as well as physical furniture showrooms.

Friends and customers can search any for any furniture they desire for your new home at Wihardja Furniture Singapore. We carry exclusive made in Singapore brand, Magic Koil mattress to match with wood bed frame, bunk beds, children beds and even double decker beds. Our range of teak furniture is wide and extensive for almost every variety. We also have suarwood dining tables and furniture. We pride ourselves to have new products every month for the growing demand for new home furnishing and furniture needs of Singapore.

For more details checkout here: mattress Singapore, sofa Singapore

This is what everyone should know about Online Reverse Auction for E-currency

Who wouldn’t like to make money the easy way if ever there was one? A lot of us are searching for superior ways to make money and quickly as possible.

All of us at one time or the other have heard of making money online. I know many who have probably tried the numerous get rich or make money online schemes, but end it quickly as they are just a hoax. Let me remind you while there may be hoax there also some true and tested means to make money online.

One such real possibility is online auctions. One does not need a lot of money, just the right combination of brains and some luck. Got a few more minutes, just read and follow these steps presented by MavWealth to assist you to achieve your FINANCIAL FREEDOM via E-currency reverse auction.


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Step 6: Earn

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Now you know the process to kick start you journey, here is a little bit more on reverse auction and what you got to do to win. A reverse auction is like a regular auction except instead of several buyers submitting increasingly higher bids, here people submit increasingly low bids. To win with MavWealth your bid needs to satisfy two conditions:

  1. The most unique bid
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Wondering why you should start with Mavwealth? Simple everyone who plays the digital money game knows that ecurrencies is the biggest player of the market. So here you get to join the world’s first e-currency reverse auction site and be on your way to unlimited wealth. Don’t wait, SIGN-IN with your SOCIALLOGIN and earn 10 FREE bid points to get you started. Visit for more info.

Travel Guide to Johannesburg

Johannesburg, often called Jo’burg or Jozi, is a vibrant city that infuses history and culture to give you a unique travel experience. It is also the biggest city in South Africa, and was once home to people like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

It’s also becoming one of the top tourist destinations in South Africa, and this is most evident from the growing number flights to Johannesburg from all major cities in the world. While in Johannesburg, here are some things you can see and do.

Apartheid Museum

South Africa is most remembered for its apartheid practices, and you can find all you need to know about this era right in this museum. The many videos, text, films, and pictures depict the rise and fall of South Africa’s era of segregation and oppression.

 1 Molo Nomsa

Source: Molo Nomsa


Constitution Hill

One of the most inspiring and must-see places in Johannesburg is the Constitution Hill. It gives you a glimpse into South Africa’s struggle, history, and its evolution as one of the most modern states in Africa. It also encompasses the Old Prison where people like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were once imprisoned.

 2 Paulo Martins

Source: Paulo Martins

Wits Art Museum

If you love arts, then a trip to Johannesburg is never complete without a visit to the famous Wits Art Museum. With more than 10,000 and an extensive list of events and programs, this leading museum for arts in Africa is sure to mesmerize you.

 3 Gus Silber

Source: Gus Silber

Carlton Center

Carlton Centre has been the largest building in Africa for more than 40 years. The basement has a bustling shopping mall where you can find a range of different items. The observation deck at the top offers a panoramic view of Johannesburg’s skyline.

 4 Peter Adley

Source: Peter Adley

SAB World of Beer

Love beer? Visit the SAB World of Beer to learn about the history of beer in South Africa. You can also taste the famous Chibuku in a mock African village or a half-pint at a recreated Victoria pub, both of which are located within this place.

 5 Olaf Olgiati

Source: Olaf Olgiati

We hope these places inspire you to visit this bustling city, that is sure to offer you an experience like none other.

How To Choose The Right 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

Lots of locksmiths advertise 24 hour emergency locksmith and boarding up services  in and around Nottingham and throughout Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire for that matter, but how many are fully qualified in the said skill and how many are actually on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week when your really need them.

Being a locksmith and especially an emergency 24 hour call out locksmith can be a very lucrative and rewarding career that isn’t really effected by a turn down in the economy or the stock markets, people will always need locksmiths because people will forever lose or misplace their house , office or cars keys, get locked out of their house or office and regrettably buildings will still get broken into and burgled whether its a residential or commercial building.

Unfortunately the locksmith industry isn’t really a regulated industry, sure their are groups you can be members of but there is nothing in the law that stops un-skilled people watching a few youtube videos and then touting themselves as a professional Locksmith Nottingham, these people will probably successfully gain entry to you home, office or vehicle but usually take a while and cause lots of damage in the process.

So what should you be looking for when choosing a Locksmith Nottingham?

Look for any recognised bodies that they are members of and see if their website states who trained them and what level of training they received. One of the top Locksmith training colleges in the UK is the Train Locksmiths, Training College in Manchester who train locksmith to a high Level 3 Enhanced recognised standard, if their website states this, then you are usually in good hands, although a quick telephone call to the training college can confirm the validity of their claim.

A good locksmith will tend to advertise ‘non destructive entry’ as one of their services meaning if you are locked out they can gain entry to your home, office or vehicle without breaking your locks, thus saving you money, remember, anyone can break a lock but it takes a highly skilled professional to pick a lock and gain non destructive entry, also beware of the unscrupulous charlatans who will break your locks on purpose just so they can sell you new ones, usually at higher than retail prices.

So what about 24 hour call out?

This is a term that you see on almost all locksmith websites and in fact it has become a bit of a trend to display this claim, yet a large number of local locksmith do not actually offer this service, some will out right tell you that they can come out first thing in the morning while the worst ones will keep on answering the phone and stringing you along telling you they are busy and on another call. Locksmith call centres do this a lot, stringing you along while they themselves ring local locksmiths on their books trying to find one that will come out to you at 3am. Some locksmiths have started to put messages like “Speak directly with the locksmith and business owner, No call centre means no delays” on their website due to bad experiences many people have had with large call centres.

At the end of the day its up to you to do your research, check out a locksmiths website, does it have all the information you need, is the locksmith local, professionally trained, does the locksmith have feedback, being vigilant is paramount.

How to Choose the Best Tracking Application

Choosing the correct time to hand the children a mobile phone is one of the hardest things for the parents. Nonetheless, with regards to ensuring the children’s mobile phone protection and undesirable exercises on the mobile, picking the right application can be very troublesome. But, watching out for what the children’s mobile exercises every day is anything, yet simple.

In any case, parents ought to have a capable tool in hand to guarantee the kid is not tormented or threatened. When choosing an application to track the children, look for the following features:

  • Offers higher level of security:

Parents should have the benefit of enabling a pattern lock for the application so that the kid won’t have the access to the application and turn off any of the permissions. For further security, there ought to be an option to hide the application from the application drawer and a dial code to access it. Parents could introduce this application on the children’s mobile phone and they would have no clue. In any case, obviously, parents ought to let them know that they are following their activities.

  • Easy to use:

The mobile application should be really simple, from the download procedure to the installation and on to its utilization. It shouldn’t include troublesome steps which make it hard for even the parents to access. When it is up and running on the device, parents should have the capacity to monitor without anybody ever knowing. The mobile application should be straightforward and instinctive, making it simple for the parents to track their kids’ activities.

  • Offers Access to different applications:

The mobile phone tracking application should give the parents a chance to monitor the instant messages, searching history, listen in on calls, track a cell phone through a GPS, and check call logs, online networking activity and more. It should provide an extensive variety of services for both Android and iPhone users and permits to monitor a few unique different mobiles through a safe account.

  • Monitor driving speed:

Besides tracking online networking use and messaging, the mobile applications should likewise have the capacity to monitor how fast somebody is driving or moving in a vehicle as a passenger. The application can further be utilized to link whole families and send cautions when somebody is driving over the speed limit or has wandered outside a pre-decided limit.

Parents can’t be all over the place for the children, nor would they be able to shield them from everything. Be that as it may, by introducing a reliable mobile tracking application which incorporates the mentioned features, parents can extend the protective circle around the children and sleep easily knowing that they have them secured regardless of where they are.

Top 5 Places to Visit to be Close to Wildlife

Animals continue to fascinate and surprise us with their behavior, natural instincts, and way of life. If you love wildlife, here are some places that give you an opportunity to get up close and personal with them in their natural habitats.


Killer whales or orcas are one of the most majestic ocean creatures. Much of their social behavior and communication are similar to humans, and this is probably what draws us to them. To get a close view of these killer whales, take a flight to Madrid, and from there head to the city of Tarifa, located on the southernmost part of Spain. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society offers daily whale watching trips.

 1 Annemieke Podt

Source: Annemieke Podt


The population of wild boars has soared all over Germany, thanks to intense conservation efforts. This is why you can catch a glimpse of these wild creatures as you hike through the forests and landscapes of Central Franconia, located between the rivers of Main and Danube. To get to this place, take a flight to Frankfurt and a two-hour ride to Schillingsfurst.

 2 Hank van den brink

Source: Hank van den brink


Lundy, located on the edge of Bristol Channel, is well-known for its birdlife. More than 35 different species of birds such as Puffins and Falcons visit this island every year. If you love birds, this is the most fascinating holiday destination for you. As a bonus, the UK’s only Marine Reserve is in Lundy, so don’t be surprised if you catch sight of sharks basking in the sun! The best way to get to Lundy is to take a flight to London, and local transportation from there.

 3 Tony Llewellyn

Source: Tony Llewellyn


Besides the Eiffel Tower and Cannes Film Festival, there are tons of wildlife viewing spots in France. Take a flight to Paris, and then local transportation to different parts of the country to see varying wildlife. If you go to Pyrenees, you can catch sight of deer, bears, foxes, and otters; Camargue has hoards of flamingoes, boars, and beavers; and Ibex abounds in the mountains of Eastern France.

 4 Maria Grazia Schiapparelli

Source: Maria Grazia Schiapparelli


If you want to see porcupines, hares, Persian squirrels, lynx, badgers, and tons of lizards, take the next flight to Istanbul and a train to the city of Lycia. You can also find monk seals, dolphins, and endangered sea turtles on its shores.

 5 ba7hr

Source: ba7hr

Have you been to any of these places? Do share your experience with our readers by commenting below.