7 of the Most Underrated Beaches

Beach trips are always fun, but finding a quiet place can be a difficult task, especially if you’re planning to visit some of the most popular beaches in the world.

Here are some beaches where you can have fun without having to battle for space.

Anamur, Turkey

This hidden gem is located in the city of Iskele in Turkey. It is relatively unknown to the outside world because it is surrounded by high rise resorts. Also, the lack of a main road makes this place inaccessible to many people. To get here, take a flight to Istanbul, and local transportation from there. This experience is totally worth it as you get to stay in family-run hotels that offer the most delicious Turkish food.

 1 emresinanoglu

Source: emresinanoglu

Pentire Steps, UK

Pentire Steps is a remote beach located at the National Trust site of Bedruthan, and it forms a part of the scenic stretch at the Portcothan Bay Walk. To enjoy this beach, take a flight to London, and from there take a train to Cornwall.

 2 Worthing Wanderer

Source: Worthing Wanderer

Melide, Spain

Most times you hear only about Spanish beaches located on the Mediterranean, but the ones on the Atlantic side are breathtaking as well. Melide beach, located in Pontevedre, Galicia, is one such jewel that is beautiful and sparsely crowded. You can take a flight to Madrid, and from there a train to the city of Lugano to get to this beach.

 3 Manuel Boo

Source: Manuel Boo


Virgin Island’s Creek, Brittany, France

Nestled in an island off the coast of Finestere in France, this beach offers complete seclusion from the rest of the world. Only a few people know about its existence, so if you’re looking for a private beach trip, this is the right one. The closest city is Brittany, and to get here, take a flight to Paris and a train from there.

 4 Isabelle Chauvel

Source: Isabelle Chauvel

Cala Xarraca, Spain

Ibiza has always been a favorite tourist destination, so it’s hard to find underrated beaches here. The only exception is Cala Xarraca, a picture perfect beach at the opposite end of the town of Ibiza.

 5 Paula Fernandez

Source: Paula Fernandez

Kampen Beach

Located in the northernmost Island of Sylt in Germany, Kampen Beach is surrounded by red cliffs and clear water that is sure to take your breath away. You can take a flight to Dusseldorf or Hamburg, and take the local transportation to get to this beach.



Carana Beach

People flock to Seychelles to enjoy its beautiful beaches, so there are only a few untapped ones that remain, and one such beach is the Carana Beach in northeastern Mahe. This sandy beach fringed by granite boulders is sure to make your trip complete. With the availability of many flights to Seychelles, getting here should be easy too.

 7 Out of..Paradise

Source: Out of..Paradise

Let us know which is your favorite by commenting below.

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